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Kawana ,Matembo Condemn JJ Banda Unauthorized Recording


Information and Media Permanent Secretary Thabo Kawana together with Home Affairs and Internal Security counterpart Dickson Matembo have strongly condemned the recording and distribution of the audio recording of their conversation with Petauke Member of Parliament JJ Banda.

The two have since disclosed that they are constituting legal action against the member of Parliament for recording their conversation without their consent.

Information and Media Minister Thabo Kawana stated that the two went to visit Mr Banda at the hospital upon invitation from Mr Banda and his uncle Chief Mumbi of Eastern Province.

Mr Kawana said the visit was made in good faith and regretted that the other party seemed to have otherwise intentions.

He disclosed that Mr Banda proposed to disclose the truth regarding his alleged abduction in exchange for an MoU to be signed with his lawyers and for all his charges to be dropped and that the proposal was rejected by the two Permanent Secretaries.

And Home Affairs and Internal Security Permanent secretary Dickson Matembo has tasked the media and the general public to question details of Mr Banda’s alleged abduction, which he said do not correlate.
Mr Matembo added that it was very unfortunate that some citizens including Mr Banda’s lawyers made false statements on the matter, which have a legal implication on the Member of Parliament and are causing alarm in the country.

ZANIS reports that the two Permanent Secretaries said this during a press briefing at the Ministry of Information and Media in Lusaka today.


  1. It happened but you have been denying all along. You guys are jokers. There’s no decency in you. JJ is not your relative so why did you go to visit him. You are damn too amateurish and careless to be in charge of government institutions.

    • Is this what Civil Servants do in Zambia? Resolve-No – mess with political issues? Permanent Secretaries interfering with criminal cases that they have no jurisdiction over? So in this government anyone can do anything? Thats why we are a lost country owing billions that we cant put to utility. We are clearly mispending our taxes on these PSes and they are messing up our government’s operations

  2. Who cursed us with this government. JJ Banda has not been given an opportunity to speak to what exactly happen. He has been in the hands of the police ever since he was found. All this government is good at is subjecting it citizens to misery.

  3. But if he didn’t record you guys would have continued denying that this meeting ever took place or that you said what you said. At least he has proof now to show the public who are the liars. You suing him doesn’t take away the truth. If anything both of you should be fired.

  4. When we say this Govt is full of thugs this is what we mean. What happened to integrity? These guys are shameless and now they are fighting something else ( the recording) instead of the substance. And we expect this country to develop under such empty tins. And they have a “boss” they report to who is even worse than his pons.

  5. It’s shocking that this government has decided to criminalize the act of recording and not the overture to silence a potential witness in a serious matter of abduction. It stinks and the back stops at HH. When Chansa Kabwela alerted RB about the dire situation at UTH due to a strike by nurses, he decided to arrest her and charged her for circulation of po-graphy. HH has seen Jay Jay as a thug and not the people that kidnapped and tortured him. He’s out of his mind

  6. The Upnd gangsters who stoned Mr Konga in Solwezi appeared once in court but after elections they were allowed to leave the town. Some are actually in Lusaka. If the president can resurrect a case of one person urinating on another person why has he been ignoring our call to rearrest these murderers? Is he not president for all of us? Or is he president for Upnd members only? He’s running a country and so he should accept all of us as citizens of the country and treat us as such.

  7. Because of the Lungu case the network is being interfered with. Some of us use phones for business. For two days we haven’t run our affairs fully.


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