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Lands Minister Elijah Muchima Revokes Kafue Town Council’s Land Agency


Lands and Natural Resources Minister Elijah Muchima has revoked the land agency of Kafue Town Council with immediate effect following reports of illegal land allocations in the Lusaka South National Park.

Dr. Muchima stated that the Kafue Town Council had been allocating land fraudulently to developers without adhering to the stipulated procedures. He disclosed that the Council used a site plan acquired fraudulently to carry out these allocations.

The Minister announced that the suspension would remain in effect until the Council complies with the administrative procedures outlined in Circular No. 1 of 1985. He emphasized that the Council must adhere to the proper procedures before the land agency can be reinstated.

Dr. Muchima also issued a stern warning to both former and current councillors, urging them to cease fraudulent land allocations. He advised the public to avoid procuring land from unauthorized individuals, commonly referred to as cadres, to avoid potential losses.

This decisive action aims to uphold the integrity of land allocation processes and ensure adherence to legal procedures.


  1. Are we going to demolish the illegal structures of those rich people in the game park as we did with the structures of the poor people at Kasompe airport in chingola

    • @Umuntu, we are a nation known for selective application of the law.

      So there will be no demolitions in Lusaka South National Park, just like there were none in Forest 27.

  2. Nga mwaumfwa ifi it means someone connected to someone was denied land. Now that the council has no power, this someone will now get the land he/she asked for.

  3. Well done Minister. Sort out your officer Mpotwa. He is a culprit in illegal land dealings. Works with cadres. Did it with PF Cadres

  4. I don’t think that to revoke the land agency of the entire council is correct. While authority over land is with the Ministry of Lands, the town & county planning function is with local authorities. Site plans are approved by full council meetings in which cadres and former councilors don’t sit. Reports indicate that the council met and approved the alienation of that land. It’d be better for the Minister to isolate the problem and deal with it because this wholesale decision will affect in areas not involved. Kafue is vast and misdeeds in that small area shouldn’t be made to affect the whole council. That’s a lack of leadership

  5. While authority over land is with the Ministry of Lands, country and town planning is with local authorities. This seems to be a source of conflict. Council meetings approve site plans and it seems that was done. Cadres and former councilors don’t sit in council meetings. What has Garry Nkombo got to say?

  6. Silly, virtual signalling.
    If anyone was serious about this, people would be appearing in court for this. People would have been fired. But because the beneficiaries are linked to the powers that be, there is only cosmetic cleanup. The land will still remain in the power of the corrupt people that have allocated it to themselves. If you think UPND is any better than PF, you are truly blind. And the fact that we are only 3yrs into their rule and they are just as bad as PF is scary. How bad will things get by the time they are removed from power? Think about that.

  7. So sir since you demolished property for we the people near the railines in roma, and near the airstrip…let us see you demolish the property of the rich people in the game park and oh Forest 27 which houses homes of powerful people and those linked to the ‘you are on your own’ …we are watching 2026!!!

  8. What happened to the forest 27 story? It has died an natural just like many songs Hichilema sings. All we have a statements. We have very empty suits.

  9. This is not punishment enough. If anything the whole council should have been dissolved and a local government administrator put in place to teach them a lesson.

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