Thursday, July 25, 2024

Mufulira Mayor Applauds Town’s Cleanliness


Mayor Tanaeli Kamanga expressed his delight at seeing the streets of Mufulira’s Central Business District (CBD) free of litter, praising the town’s dedication to cleanliness and civic pride.

“I am thrilled to see Mufulira Town receiving the recognition it deserves for its cleanliness and civic pride,” Mayor Kamanga stated. He attributed the town’s exemplary condition to the collective efforts of the municipality, community members, and stakeholders who have worked tirelessly to maintain a clean and healthy environment.

The Mayor emphasized the town’s commitment to continuing these efforts, ensuring a pleasant environment for both residents and visitors. He also encouraged other towns to follow Mufulira’s example.

“Together, let us build a cleaner, healthier, and more prosperous Mufulira for all,” he concluded.


    • This how to use CDF.
      These are stories we want to read.
      Not CDF paid to ma college of MPs, ati scholarships. What do gain from “scholarships” mwe mbwa mwe?? Atleast 150 MPs should be in jail over CDF.

  1. Who is the mayor of Ndola & Lusaka please? These unexposed freaks don’t know which is their right hand or left hand.

    • Those mayors you thought of are dirty too. They go to office to eat.
      08:00 am Breakfast at office.
      10:00 am Tea break at office
      12:00pm – 14hrs Lunch at a lodge.
      16:00 Tea/mazoi at office.
      Every single day is like that…
      When do you think they go out to supervise cleaning?

  2. IFIKO, our leaders qualification MUST be that for one to be a political leader MUST HAVE FIRST lived overseas for them to live with cleanliness & have a passion to develop our nation period!!!!

  3. It is so embarrassing when you visit Zambia to see how backward our nation is, you will only understand this once you have lived in the west for a while. My God what happened to us!!!! You haters here do not even comment here

  4. Mayor of Lusaka, Kitwe, Ndola and Kabwe please take a leaf. I am saddened to how Thabo Mbeki road and area around Acardes has deteriorated

  5. hope its done in Monze too.
    Thats how towns should look like.
    we sometimes don’t understand what cdf is used for.
    great job team Mafuken

  6. Was in Ndola few months ago when i visited mother Zambia, i cried, everything we grew up enjoying are completely gone & dead, the Broadway Cinema, Plaza 5, the roads, street lights, Kafubu bridge, the Zoo, the golf club, shops in the cbd etc.. all gone man. Question is what happened? Do people who grew up in Ndola see these things? And yet this small town brought 2 presidents.. FTJ & Mwanawasa

  7. Africa has the most educated people academically but see how dirty, poor infrastructure, people are hungry & yet you see the so called educated fat cats boast of their degrees they got at some universities overseas with nothing to show for it. How ca a president with a degree in economics fail to run a proper profitable economy .. how? …..The West are in control… wisdom come only from God not from university lecture rooms

  8. Great job Mufulira Mayor and everyone who contributed in making this town so clean. Keep up the good work. And hopefully lazy mayors from other towns and cities will learn from this and begin to clean up their places too. Actually all the towns and cities in Zambia need to be cleaned up. Again thanks Mr. Mayor. Clean loving Zambians are proud of you. MAKE ZAMBIA CLEAN. KEEP ZAMBIA CLEAN.

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