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Beauty on a plate

We all want to look gorgeous, even 10 years younger sometimes! One has to exercise sufficiently to look good but it is also important to eat the right kind of food to look beautiful. Isn’t it a wonder how naturally...

Prunning Tips

Good garden maintenance is essential- that doesn't mean simply watering regularly. You need the right products and tools to get the most out of your garden. Here are some handy pruning tips. Why should you prune? Careful pruning results in healthier...


The statistics are shocking 8 out of 10 women are wearing the wrong bra .Yes, you are most likely wearing the wrong bra this minute! A bra can be a woman’s “best” friend. A good fitting bra will accentuate...
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A few good men

By Nkonkomalimba Kafunda While it is undoubtedly healthy, right and proper for citizens to take keen interest in affairs of...