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The Weekend in Pictures



Vice president George Kunda listens to former president Kenneth Kaunda at the funeral of the late All People's Congress Party leader Ken Ngondo


First Lady Thandiwe Banda with South African First Lady Bongi Ngema-Zuma during the tour of the Freedom Park


President Jacob Zuma welcomes Zambian President Rupiah Banda during his two day state visit to South Africa.


South African President Jacob Zuma with President Rupiah Banda during Mr Banda's state visit to that country


President Introduces His delegation and other embassy staff to President Jacob Zuma in South Africa


Tourism Minister Catherine Namugala and South African Minister of Water and Environment Edina Mulewa exchange memorandums of understanding after a signing Ceremony


Heritage Party leader Godfrey Miyanda and Forum for Democracy and Development leader Edith Nawakwi meet vice president George Kunda at the funeral of the late All people's Congrees Party leader Ken Ngondo.


Mandevu Member of Parliamen Jean Kapata presents a donation of various groceries to Young Women's Christian Association representative Jucy Lungu in Lusaka


Foreign Affairs Deputy Minister Fashion Phiri shakes hands with Finnish Ambassador to Zambia Sinikka Antila at the commemoration of the Finland National Day in Lusaka


Foreign Affairs Deputy Minister Fashion Phiri toast with Finnish Ambassador to Zambia Sinikka Antila at the commemoration of the Finland National Day in Lusaka.


Pupils from St Maurice Community School hold trees for planting during a tree plaNting event organized by the LIONS club of Mulungushi in Lusaka.


Workers, management and board members at Bizonite firm in Ndola inspect works at the Wood processing plant


Vice president George Kunda and UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema shake hands.


Some female judges wait to be sworn-in by President Banda at State House


Some female judges and other judiciary staff pose for a photograph after a workshop in Lusaka


Cardinal Medardo Mazombwe celebrating his first mass as a Cardinal in Lusaka.


Cardinal Medardo Mazombwe celebrating his first mass as a cardinal in Lusaka


Chief Justice Ernest Sakala presents a gift to Cardinal Medardo Mazombwe during a celebration mass in Lusaka


Vice president George Kunda greets Cardinal Medardo Mazombwe during the cardinal celebration mass in Lusaka


Some catholic women pay traditional homage before cardinal Medardo Mazombwe during his first celebratory mass in Lusaka


Vice president George Kunda during body viewing of the late All People's Congress Party leader Ken Ngondo in Lusaka


Meanwood proprietor Mike Zulu (l) about to present a cheque to the Nc'wala traditional ceremony organising committee in Lusaka


LIONS club of Mulungushi president Nebert Mbewe plants a tree with Maurice Community School Coordinator Sister Cecilia Makasa in Lusaka.


  1. Umm Kachasu!!! I think thats Orange not Gold
    pic#1 Kunda looks older than KK, aya matenda yabwela mosiyana siyana, mbovu monga balina ma bubble gum mukamwa hehehe unga seke

    anyone on this blog who is a guru in VMWARE??

  2. #2, Thandiwe looks cute and confident in herself.
    #13, Those looks between Kunda and Hakainde reveal mistrust for each other.
    #14 & 15, It is very encouraging to see a large number of Zambian female justices coming up.
    #20, Can someone please help, Is it part of the catholic ritual to fall prostrate before a priest or anyone as those two women are doing?

  3. #20 That is the kind of attitude that led to the abuse of young children being swept under the carpet. Why prostrate in front of anybody? In fact it should be the cardinal who should be humbling himself in front of the people.

  4. Very intersting observations here. In trying to not remain behind I see the in pic# 5 Zuma looks smaller than the average man … Is he that small? Never seen him in real life!

  5. #10 Kodi ndi muntu wotani, omwe angaseke kudwala kwamzake?

    Osadabwa that another human being angaseke kudwala kwamzake? A Human brain ili complicated.

  6. Prostrating as the women have done has nothing to do with catholic tradition. Even the caption above has clearly stated that it has to do with the zambian traditional way of honouring an important person (not all tribes though). We see it all the time even when politicians do their visitations round the country. Number 9, demeaning others all the time is not right. Thank you.

  7. George Kunda looks humbled before Cardinal Mazombwe. The moment he leaves church its something else that comes from his mouth. May God deliver our Veep

  8. Polly there is nothing wrong with women prostrating that tradition is very common among the Lenje, Lambas and Kaondes. For them its very normal. Its like the praise singers. Those ladies got really excited about the whole occassion. Africans have their own way of expressing situations. Its not deamining as long as actor is not forced into such a situation. Duncan Mtonga Super Kens security detail looks aged. The man is very committed I saw during his young days when KK was in power racing along side the Presidential motorcade. I ve not seen doing so now. Duncan Keep it chap.

  9. kwena money can do wonders. Thandiwe is looking better with each billion RB adds to his acct. She wasn’t looking that beautiful in the first year. Anyway let RB beautify her, his shelf life is coming to an end. We shall pounce on the fruits of RB’s labour….no disrespect by the way- you can see I am only appreciating Thandi’s growing beauty.

  10. Its great to see Cardinal Mazombwe rise so high for sure it’s true when it is said that they shall be known by the fruits. The man did a lot of developmental projects as Bishop of Chipata and Archbishop of Lusaka. Not to mention his contribution for Zambia’s debt cancellation. It’s sad that there are characters who try by all means to make something out of nothing. Prostrating like rightly said by some bloggers is a Zambian tradtional thing. You see it being done even at Kitchen parties or amatebeto.

  11. Pic#1 – George looking as shifty as ever, never looking one in the eye.
    Pic#3 – baLT, don’t you ever read our contributions towards improving your ‘paper’, even Amos Malupenga reads bloggers’ contributions. It is not ‘First Lady’ with capital initials, this is not an establishment position. You’re inadvertently contributing to people grovelling before the first lady of Zambia.

  12. Pic # 5 How many delegation memebers RB took to SA just for two days state visit? excluding embassy emplyees how are just ten. Too much of GK pictures. Pic # 13 HH, its like he is telling GK that you are out my brother next year come rain come sunshine, kekekekeke

  13. Pic#18- bane Ernest Sakala ni mambala, I know why he is presenting a very thick blanket kuli ba cardinal! It’s bcoz ba cardinal sleeps akawilo alone every night so he assumes he feels very cold hence the gift of a thick blanket!
    Pic#16- ba cardinal looks scaring mwe! so ninshi ba cardinal tabalyapo gelo?awe alikosa mudala! so how does he deal with the situation akasaka ngakaisula mwebantu?

  14. Picture # 20
    And I fell at his feet to worship him. And he said unto me, See thou do it not: I am thy fellowservant, and of thy brethren that have the testimony of Jesus: worship God: for the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.(Revelation 19:10)

  15. # 17 nidwe kamu bemba iwe, osadabwa mazina yasu ya kamaba, welela tyala kwanu ukalye ma kolwe weo! (this is not tribalism am just having a light moment with my tribal cousin, but dont say such to one particular tribe in Zambia, they will consider it as tribalism.)
    Pic #13, i wonder who the leader is, G.Kunda seems to be humbled to meet HH. You can tell who is a natural leader between the two.

  16. Pic # 9-10. Please since when did the MMD change our National Flag to the one they are toasting to?
    The Zedian Eagle on a Black background, *****s; he he he, my sides are bursting.
    Pic # 4 Ha ha ha, walking around holding hands, ha ha ha. Are we queer, it is not Zedian Ha ha aha.
    Pic # 13 HH seems to be saying to GK, ” I can not wait to send you to Chimbokaila for corruption you Bozo.” Ha ha ha, nice pics LT keep it up.

  17. #14 I think the sexual abuse practised by the catholic church on young children is more demeaning than anything I have said and done. I am not a christian but remember the story of Jesus humbling himself and washing the feet of others. Women prostrating themselves at the cardinal’s feet goes against that teaching. This is further highlighted by the fact that the catholic church does not allow women priests, which means that no man will ever have to prostrate himself to a woman in authority in this backward organisation.

  18. No offence intended but HH should learn how to smile.I mean,I have never seen him smile,with his age,he suppose to be charming the masses with a smile.

  19. Hope fashion phiri’s wife keeps an eye on him muzungu women are slick. Mr. Phiri will first man in the ambassadors office in a minute.

  20. Insanity, because that kind of act is supposed to be accorded to your husband only in the privicy of your bedroom not so? Why are these women doing it to him? Why is not ukufukama not enough, can someone explain this to me please? In the days of the apostles of Jesus Christ, they refused to permit others to prostrate themselves before them. This was because, in the instances described, prostration was done as an attitude of worship, as though the power of the holy spirit in the apostles, which performed the healing and other powerful works, were their own. The apostles realized that the power was from God and that credit for these things should be given to him and all worship should be directed toward Jehovah through Jesus Christ, of whom they were merely the representatives.—Ac 10:25,…

  21. # 28: who tod u ati ninshi ba cardinal tabalyapo gelo? Ask Honda Zambia how he deals with the situation akasaka ngakaisula. Go to new Kasama, there’s a special temple there specifically for him and her to celebrate their special mass…..

    ….dont judge the book by it’s cover…..

  22. # 28: who tod u ati ninshi ba cardinal tabalyapo gelo? Ask Honda Zambia how he deals with the situation akasaka ngakaisula. Go to new Kasama, there’s a special temple there specifically for him and her to celebrate their special mass…..

    ….dont judge the book by it’s cover……….

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