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The Last week in Pictures



Some Lusaka residents brave the rains to witness the opening of the new Soweto market in Lusaka


President Rupiah Banda receives okra from a merketeer during the opening of the new Soweto market


President Banda and European Union delegation leader Derek Fee cut a ribbon to open the new Soweto market in Lusaka


Marketeers brave the rain to go and witness the opening of Soweto market in Lusaka


Marketeers brave the rain to go and witness the opening of Soweto market in Lusaka.


Marketeers and other Lusaka residents captured under a downpour at Soweto market in Lusaka


Motorists drive through potholes and flooded roads in Makeni


The driver of a light truck ponders his move in flooded roads in Libala township


Cars parked in the submerged car park at Down Town shopping centre in Lusaka


A youthful dance troupe perform at the Mulungushi International conference centre in Lusaka


Willaim Banda dancing with MMD cadres during a party meeting in Lusaka's Mutendere township


Willaim Banda addressing MMD cadres during a party meeting in Lusaka's Mutendere township


Vice president George Kunda about to get into his official government vehicle


President Banda with Cardinal Medardo Mazombwe (l) Vatican Ambassador to Zambia Nicola Girassoli (M) and Arerican Ambassador to Zambia Mark Storrela(R) at State House


President Banda ushers Cardinal Medardo Mazombwe and Vatican Ambassador to Zambia Nicola Girassoli at State House


Cardinal Medardo Mazombwe (r) and Vatican Ambassador to Zambia Nicola Girassoli before meeting First Lady Thandiwe Banda at State House


First Lady Thandiwe Banda presents a bouquet to Cardinal Mazombwe at State House


First Lady Thandiwe Banda's clenched hands


Cardinal Medardo Mazombwe and Vatican Ambassador to Zambia Nicola Girassoli leave State House after meeting First Lady Thandiwe Banda


Vatican Ambassador to Zambia Nicola Girassoli about to get in his affocial vehicle after meeting First Lady Thandiwe Banda


Some journalists leave State House after a press event


Former AFRONET Executive director Ngande Mwanajiti stresses a point during a press briefing at his residence in Lusaka


Delegates at the Roll Back Malaria conference in Lusaka


Commerce Minister Felix Mutati listens to COMESA Secretary General Sindiso Ngwenya in Lusaka


  1. Jesus taught us to be humble and to worship God only. Not to make any graven image of the Lord either so I ask you all myfriends why do you watch hollywood movies potraying Jesus? I love the collies of the first pic. Also the blaugrana umbrella; Real fans are cringing.

  2. Pics #4-9.Zed spends $50 to shave a 50cts head.If you spend so much on roads and new markets you make darn sure the drainage system works as stagnant water weakens roads.It doesn’t make financial sense.OMG don’t we just love poverty?

  3. One day we will just hear ati William Banda is Cabinet Minister!
    #8 Dont care,manja ya dothi yakusokoneza ka!
    if you look closely,actually those nails are dirty,espacially the fourth finger

  4. Thandi’s hands and nails look like for an older woman. Does she need a make-over or are tehy beyond repair? LT thanks for the picture showing this much detail. :-)

  5. # 8 some of us like natural. Nakaja ka natural smell kafunika (not kosa suka, ka cheese). Duices my friend thats when the animal in me comes out. This is just an opinion just like yours.

  6. @ 12 Its becoz Zambia is all about Lusaka according to MMD thats why they see a lot of development that the rest of us dont see.

    Why do they have MATIPA MAD at a newly constructed market who did the planning???? or is the Object completed Just as someone mentioned we Love Poverty in Zambia!!

  7. Awe ine na papa sana..are those really Thandiwe’s hands? Hands look like a peasant woman who has spent her life weeding her Kandolo field with hands.

    There are so many MANICURE Boutiques in Lusaka, can’t the person in charge of Thandiwe looks just import one of the workers there into state house to work on those fingers? Awe ine naunfwa inso sana. Beauty ya pa menso fye and clothes..awe mwe.

  8. Thandi’s nails are ok. But same old story of dirty on state house drive way, flooded Lusaka roads, pot holes on roads. Banner has welcome message for RB only yet both RB & Fee cut the ribbon. New Soweto market surrounding not tarred & dirty like most of Lusaka. LT, thanks for showing us how things are in Lusaka.

  9. The only thing i miss pa zed is the fresh natural products like veggies, mushrooms, fish and all traditional dishes the rest of the staff is just irritating, depressing, pure comedy and crap. Am just being honest!!!!

  10. #9 RedCard SmoothCriminal
    You are the same chaps who will complain of misuse of tax if Thandi starts manicuring her nails.Natural is lucker,keep it up Thandi.You are the best first lady this nation has ever had.

  11. Soweto still looks like the same filthy market I left 1 year ago, one of my hobbies is touring markets around globe, the best market in africa so far is Nakasero Market in Kampala, Uganda! After watching all the disgusting pic’s i have decided to cancel my trip to Zambia before i go and catch cholera.
    @20 The Iluminati runs the show all over the globe my friend, you’re either in or out.

  12. I thought I will see the new Soweto market but the photographer concentrated on something that never seen in Zambia before, rains and floods and pot holes!

  13. imwe nanthu kuchita kukopa na manja ya thandiwe. hahahahahah here comes william chi color banda!! i hate his thuggish behaviour.

  14. The Lusaka floods are suposed to be a thing of the past. The residents of Lusaka are passive and the authroties are taking us for a ride. The whole city is cvery dirty apart from some areas in Kabulonga, and like that the rest even the bars we patronise is a real disgrace. I am sure we are used to dirty surroundings. To Lusaka residents its normal. There was at one time Keep Lusaka Clean Campaign, How its died there is no explantion from those involved or LCC. It was all wndow dressing exercise. To many con men in public office. This LCC is run by PF cadres and what Dr. Guy Scott, Given Lubinda etc tell us what has gone wrong?

  15. Only in Zambia.The people in power have smiles and some are dancing to the joys of life.While the common man is neck high in water, not knowing were next he shall lay is head. Good pics.

  16. Please make huge farrows in Lusaka to improve drainage! It appears that everyone knows Lusaka problem of being built on stone but no one has come up with a solution for a century! Also, the new buildings look good but do something about the pavements! Plant grass as well!

  17. LT, what is the point of showing us picture #18, who knows those could be somebody else’s hands and not Thandiwe’s, please try to be mature, otherwise the pictures of the potholes and floods are really depressing.

  18. If lusaka where the president lives has those trenches in the roads,, now consider kashikishi what do you find! valleys and rivers are the roads is that the development RBs govt has brought ?

  19. pic 10, the outfits on the dancing troupe are so cute! they are actually knitted/crocheted! I hope those drummers behind them dont have any designs on the young girls. Pantu bakamushi awe sure!


    In fact a woman with Thandiwe’s hands is a sure sign of a hard-working woman who is down to earth and fully understands and can be empathetic with what our women go through.

    I challenge all you attacking the first lady to post your mothers or even your wife’s hands and lets see how they stack up with our Thandiwe.

  21. #37 Thank you so much for that.We africans have MUCH MUCH BIGGER fish to fry and its really pathetic that no less than 10 bloggers put so much effort into discussing somebody’s hands.We have bad hospitals,roads,governance and poverty to address first.If we can focus on Thandi’s hands then why the hypocrisy when leaders focus on things of little value to zed.We africans ask for poverty and then express surprise it comes to us.

  22. 37, 38 the picture of the hands is there for all to see, is it then our fault to point out that they need proper grooming? In fact for me, its just a simple question of personal hygiene, this woman is a teacher for crying out loud, what is she showing in having dirty nails in her privileged position? The roads and other infrasructure are a daily song and the husband to this woman whose dirty hands are making headlines is well aware.

  23. Some national leader was busy trying to convince us to return and use our professions in Zambia, looking at these pics i’m thinking return to what???? to go and drive through those potholes????

    Exactly what about Soweto market is being opened? looking at PIC #4 and 5 the peole are still walking through mud to the supposed new market, PIC #6 I still see the same old wooden shack little stores under electrical poles that I left 10 years ago. What is it that is supposed to be new about the market??? Potholes story izakasilapo mu Zed?? president after president shuwa!!!

  24. Awe Zambia teti ichinje, pantu basakala bamu UNIP, there are the same leaders mu MMD and whatever party will take over the government will have the same people, bachinjafye ama party. How do you expect these people to improve the country? All what they want is to steal the funds other countries are donating and government money. It’s so shameful. Muleumfwako ne nsoni ulu muleseya seya mufyalo fyabanenu.

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