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President Lungu not for Zambians in diaspora voting in elections

The President chastised some Zambians in the diaspora for living in denial over his re-election, but has assured them that as Head of State he did not harbour evil feelings against them. “ You have me for President and I shall not hold a grudge...

What exactly is the Mixed Member Proportional representation that our MPs rejected?

The Zambian parliament last night overwhelmingly agreed to remove the mixed member proportional representation clause from the Constitution of Zambia (Amendment Bill) National Assembly Bill (NAB) Number 17 of 2015.So what is this mixed member proportional representation that Zambians initially wanted to be included...

All MPs Must Debate the Constitution Bill and not just Vote-Miyanda

Brigadier General Godfrey Miyanda has urged the Civil Society to insist that all the 158 MPs must debate the Constitutional Bills so we can hear them debate before voting. In a statement released to the media, Brig Gen Miyanda said that he disagreed that...

Nawakwi condemned for questioning where First Lady Esther Lungu is getting huge sums of money for donations

PF Media and Publicity Committee Vice chairperson Sunday Chanda has said it is shocking for FDD leader to question First Lady Esther Lungu,when she never questioned the former First ladies for their charitable work.This is in reference to an article published by the Post...