Leicester City. What a story for world club and international football.

George Kasengele
By George Kasengele It has boiled down to various edicts of professional sports. Belief, discipline, dedication and hard work with a measure of luck and capitalising on that luck. It's the same story of the AFCON 2012 Zambian victory. To win championships you need the five key...

Barotseland issue needs serious attention!

  Mr Speaker Sir, Mr Speaker Sir,allow me to ask the house to pay attentively and report correctly to their masters,as I quantitatively deliberate on the Barotseland question. First and foremost Mr. Speaker I would like to bring to the attention of the house how revolutions in...

SERIES 5: IMPEACHMENT MOTION – How should voting be done on the impeachment motion?

SERIES 1: IMPEACHMENT MOTION: President Lungu To Be Impeached For Debt Which Parliament Approved SERIES 2: IMPEACHMENT MOTION – Did Government break financial regulations and the law on the monies from Mukula logs? SERIES 3: IMPEACHMENT MOTION – Is The Frustrated Fire Tender...

Analysis of the cat and mouse relationship between Bemba politicians and Bemba chiefs- Part 3

President Lungu being welcomed by newly crowned Paramount Chief Chitimukulu at Mwende Ngombe, Mungwi District
By Henry Kanyanta Sosala Analysis of the cat and mouse relationship between Bemba politicians and Bemba chiefs Part 1 Analysis of the cat and mouse relationship between Bemba politicians and Bemba chiefs Part 2 Examining Events during President Michael Chilufya Sata’s Reign This was the darkest epoch in...

Comrade Rupiah Banda Does Not Deserve to Be Re-Elected

President Rupiah Banda’s 7-point plan launched recently as his platform in his bid to seek another term of office is a joke at best. In this regard, Mr. Banda and the MMD intend to deliver development for all Zambians through a 7-point plan aimed at: (a) Increasing agricultural production and food security for all Zambians; (b) Building better schools for our children; (a) Creating a better health service for our people; (b) More jobs for all our people; (c) Building quality infrastructure throughout the

Sumaili is wrong – Let the Nyami Nyami be consulted too!!

Chieftainess Nkomeshya prays for rains during the Chakwela Makumbi traditional ceremony
The latest act by the Minister of Religious Affairs and National Guidance Reverend Godfridah Sumaili only confirms that she lacks common analytical understanding of what religion is, and what it is all about. Some circles of the Zambian enterprise are wondering whether there are...

Zambian women: A detriment to themselves?

By Nubian Princess It’s a feeding frenzy out here. Women devouring other women’s dignities with such viciousness and disregard for privacy it is driving victims to suicide. By this time, we have all heard about or seen the video of a Lusaka woman in her glorious...

Government should negotiate for a Tax Progressive IMF Bailout Package

ZCSD Executive Director Lewis Mwape
By Lewis Mwape Zambia Tax Platform Chairman The Zambia Tax Platform notes that Zambia’s fiscal deficit has expanded from 5.5% of GDP to 8.1% of GDP in 2015 which has caused negative economic effects as seen from the double digit inflation and high interest rates....

Zambia 49th Independence – A beautiful piece

At independence, I never thought I would be around when Zambia would be 49. This was too distant to an unknown future. I am thrilled and blessed and feel very lucky. Our currency was so powerful that I remember my father and I going to...

Why the Copperbelt remains Zambia’s factory of political change

Dr Sishuwa Sishuwa
By Sishuwa Sishuwa Since its emergence in the 1920s as the site of Africa’s most rapid and large-scale industrialisation and urbanisation outside of South Africa, the Copperbelt has occupied a central place in Zambia’s political imagination. Its importance stemmed from the revenue generated by copper...

Day of reckoning 9/19: Devotees vs Skeptics, who won?

By Field Ruwe While it is improper to begin a narrative with a question, circumstances at hand have forced me to flout the rule. The question is: Who won the battle between Devotees and Skeptics on 9/19? I read some of the comments by bloggers...

What is happening with Zambia Police?

The Law dictionary defines the police force as a branch of the government that is responsible for the preservation of public order and tranquillity, promotion of public safety, health and morals and the prevention, detection and punishment of crimes. It is a profession in...

Hunt for Successor 55: Sata, our insensitive leader

By Field Ruwe Sata's failure to attend Mandela's memorial Anxiously, I waited as Cyril Ramaphosa announced the names of leaders present, but before he got to Zambia, I saw Guy Scott in the VIP locale and my heart sank into the pit of my stomach. When...

Can Zambia learn from South Africa Hosting FIFA world Cup?

The 2010 FIFA world cup has ended with Spain crowned as the world champions after beating the Dutch in the final game. After so much criticism especially from the foreign media, South Africa has hosted this edition of world cup with resounding success. South Africa has spent in excess of R33 billion to put together this global show piece. According to President Zuma the 2010 FIFA world cup has brought ‘priceless’ benefits to South Africa.

The Law Makers of Zambia must give the Diaspora Zambian his country back!

There is no place like home The relevance of having Dual citizenship in Zambia, far outweighs the downside to the enforcement of that statute. One of the most fundamental purposes of governance- every kind of governance, but more so, a democracy, is to serve the...