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Levy wins kudos over decision to let NEC choose successor

Headlines Levy wins kudos over decision to let NEC choose successor

A Lusaka clergyman is happy that President Levy Mwanawasa has given a go ahead to the ruling Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) National Executive Committee (NEC) to choose his successor before the next general

Christ Impact Ministries Prophet Hastings M’zumara said Mr. Mwanawasa’s decision is
a positive step in efforts of enhancing the country’s democracy.

Prophet M’zumara is optimistic that Mr. Mwanawasa’s decision not to interfere with
the selection process of his successor, would improve transparency in the ruling

He advised the party to select a leader that would carry on with the fight against
corruption in order to achieve improved economic welfare for the people.

He also advised the MMD not to choose recycled politicians for the party leadership
and promote people with frewsh ideas of pushing forward the country’s economic


  1. Well yes that is good I give him credit for that. This is where Chiluba messed up. I guess LPM has learnt a lesson or two. Start preparing for retirement now. Way to go mate. You have my respect although I have never voted for you in both elections. But again that is democracy

  2. For those people that know LPM, he tries to mean good. His fight against corruption has been long and hard earned him names in MMD, forced him to resign as Vice President when Chiluba refused to prosecute Sata for corruption when there was clear evidence of Sata corruption at Medical stores. So he will leave after these coming 5 years and the next question is who will take over? At least he has set some standards, no recycled leaders and those who fight against corruption. well thats a toll order in MMD at the moment when one looks at the top leadership. We have some standing for trial in corrupt related matters, others have been tried in the courts. what MMD needs is a leader with a vision for both the party and teh country. Th next elections will be very interesting and very challenging for MMD so the begining is now. Let us see leaders with a vision coming up in Zambia. Guess we should wait and see

  3. I wish to adivise the MMD not to consider anybody whose name is tarnished to take over from Mr LPM. The President has brought discipline in the country. Iam now proud to say I am ZAmbian in this foreign country I am living. There are energetic men and women who can take over from Mr Mwanawasa. Why can’t we try a lady this time? Who could it be be? Not unionists again, please. Joyce is far away from being a good candidate. Her mentality is like Sata’s. Nawakwi has a dented history. Possible names in MMD that are clean are: Felix Mutati; Speaker Mwanamwambwa; Lupando Mwape; Vice-President RB; Mutale Nalumango; Inonge Mbikusita-Lewanika and Aka. I concur that the next elections will be challenging for the MMD. They will either build or break the party if members are not careful. Then, plunderers will be back to continue looting the economy. Beware of Sata and his bunch of crooks and criminals

  4. It’s not about the successor but about development of the country. We are so much taken with who goes to state house and forget about the real things. I have a problem in choosing someone who is so called clean and yet does not have an agenda for the country. The problem is that many of our politicians have never even sat in a political science class such that all they see is a big fat cheque and recognition in public that those are the leaders. We have a very small population to fail to meet the needs of our people. If the government can not look after its own people then they are not worthy being there.

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