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Esther Phiri receives world recognition for her boxing talents

Sports Esther Phiri receives world recognition for her boxing talents

World Women International Boxing Federation (WWIBF) flyweight boxing champion Esther Phiri has received international acclaim from different world women boxing organizations.

Phiri has been rated eighth in the world lightweight category.

Her promoter and trainer Anthony Mwamba told ZANIS in an interview that Phiri has
been rated 8th by the World Women Professional Boxing Federation ( WPBF) of the
United States.

However, Mwamba said it is disappointing to note that Kelly Cofer, the U.S boxer
beaten by Phiri is rated third on the latest WPFP rating.

The table is led by U.S boxers Valanna Mcgee and Chevel Hallback as first and second
contenders for the vacant title of the WPBF lightweight category.

Phiri has also been recognised by other major world women boxing organisations such
as the Women Unification Boxing Organisation who have ranked the Zambian female
boxer,  fourth.

Phiri who was found in a relaxed mood at the Mumana Pleasure Resort along Great East
Road is preparing her first title defence against Bulgarian challenger Monika
Valentinova Petinova who recently said Phiri was keeping the WWIBF flyweight belt.

Mwamba however said while her boxer has accepted Petrova’s challenge, he has
prepared his boxer so well that the belt would remain in Zambia and not in any other

” Zambia has to lead while others follow. In fact after this I want Esther to grab
three other women boxing titles in the world, ” he said.

He said his boxer was covering 21 kilometers every morning and later does various
trainings such as shadow boxing and sparring including 16 minutes of skipping before
her title defence.

And  Phiri has urged fellow Zambian women to take up boxing saying they should not
fear punches because its like any other sports.

Phiri has encouraged adolescent Zambians especially young women to engage in various
sports activities not only to guard against unplanned pregnancies and have sexually
transmitted infections (STIs) but become disciplined and focused.

” I would advise my fellow young Zambians to engage in sports as it would take up
most of their time which they would spend drinking and engaging in many anti social

She urged government through the Local government and Housing and the ministry of
Education to jointly set up funds to construct new and rehabilitate existing sports
infrastructures and community halls to enable the general public  engage in sports.

Meanwhile,  Mwamba has thanked government for the support rendered to Phiri as she
prepares her title defence.

Mwamba said it was because of this support that the private sector like National
Milling and Holiday Inn that others have also joined to support the local boxer in
preparing for her defense.


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  1. “However, Mwamba said it is disappointing to note that Kelly Cofer, the U.S boxer
    beaten by Phiri is rated third on the latest WPFP rating”
    It’s so pleasing to the ear that Phiri is rated 8th in the boxing propaganda.That is a challenging action to take.
    Let our sister psychologically prepare fr that.Just continue to train with vigour and full morale to prove to them you aren’t the person they graded on the paper but the one in the BOXING RING.That’s it.Courage is FAITH and Faith ia you know can move mountains.
    We are so confident that the government will put much concern on sports and the building of sports utilities utilities to encourage the youth in the full participation of strengthening their body immunity system whilst enjoying themselves.
    Entertainment and arts are also emproving remarkably in Zambia.Unfortunately there seems to be no laws to protect especially musicians from crooked distributors,leading to poor outcome in the realization of what they always suffer for.
    Zambia…Mother Zambia,please screen the distributors,i feel zamcops alone cannot do this but with the help of artists themselves,producers,police and all law inforcers.
    Wolud one try to sreen the agreements artists make with some distributers ,then a full understanding of what i mean here ,would be manifested and the results would definatetly be the oozing of tears from one eyes.
    Artists,Zambians,Get and stand up for your rights.Don’t give up the fight.You are a gifted people.Your music is simply hot,but the way you handle it is too primitive.You get cheated and put signatures on the lies.
    Oh my God….

  2. Esther Phiri is rated #4 in the world by the WIBA.

    Womens International Boxing Association

    i am in discussions with Anthony Mwamba to have Esther fight Chevelle Hallback in May, in Zambia, for Chevelle’s WIBA Super Featherweight World Title.
    WIBA President

  3. Anthony Mwamba, as a former boxer should know better about rankings. When one defeats a higher ranked opponent, they do not swap positions. It’s just like in any other rankings in sport and games, you kinda accumulate points, or slowly rise to the top.
    For instance, the last fight surely did something to Esther Phiri’s ranking.

  4. Thanks for collection about the rankings,Esther Phiri will fight Chevelle Hallback next year l think my boxer is raedy now

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