The William ” Tiger boy ” Wrestling Foundation has appealed to President Mwanawasa, bushiness houses and individuals to support its HIV/AIDS sensitization programme through wrestling for youths in the country.

Speaking in an interview with ZANIS today, Nkandu said President Mwanawasa should
come to the aid of his foundation by supporting its programme of HIV/AIDS
sensitisation among youths in Zambia.

Nkandu said his foundation has set up a deliberate programme of sensitising youths
on the dangers of HIV/AIDS, alcohol and substance abuse.

Nkandu said his foundation was concerned at the high youth unemployment rate in
Zambia which has made youths to resort to beer drinking, promiscuity and other
anti-social vices that are breeding grounds for acquiring HIV/AIDS.

” It is for this reason that the Foundation has initiated a sensitization programme
through wrestling because the sport is good for self discipline and esteem,” he

The country’s long standing wrestler who started the sport in the early sixties,
said his foundation was also aiming to use wrestling to create jobs for the majority
of the unemployed youths in the country.

Nkandu , who said wrestling was now a growing sport among youths in Zambia, added
that his foundation cannot carry out  its  programme because of lack of support.

He explained that the general public, corporate world and the general public should
stop thinking and saying his foundation was a one man foundation as it was a
registered foundation, with six executive members and four committee members.

The wrestler cum wrestling coach has also appealed to business houses with unused
ware houses to consider letting out the structures to his foundation for gymnasiums.

He said any concerned company, government department and individuals could contact
his foundation on mobile number 097 534 560 or 095 871 058.

And Nkandu has appealed to the Sport, Youth and Child Development minister Gabriel
Namulambe to sanction his re-match against Congo DR wrestler Mulonji Mulonji.

Nkandu said it is unfair for the government and the country as a whole not allow a
re-match with Mulonji on suspicion that he would get  killed.

He said he was ready to face Mulonji adding that if the minister sanctions the
re-match he would teach Mulonji a lesson that would convert him to Christianity in
the end.

The match last year between the two rival wrestlers was discontinued after the
Congolese wrestler had allegedly used suspected juju that made Nkandu appear

He said the re-match would also allow his foundation to build on its finances for
its HIV/AIDS sensitization through wrestling.

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  1. am a zambian profesional wrestlar looking to revive wrestling in zambia in 2014,i will be on media after i renew my liecence,so am apealing to tiger boy foundation upcoming wrestlars to get ready.nkonjera kojas kitwe based wrestlar.


  2. am apealing to zambians and to my funs that am stil active and fit am busy in gym,you be seen me in the ring very very happy for active minister of sport kambwili is the one who makes me back in the ring.



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