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PF youths provoke Youth Day commemoration

Headlines PF youths provoke Youth Day commemoration

Youth celebrations at the National Freedom Statue today were disrupted when opposition Patriotic Front-PF youths carrying a boy on a boat were stopped by police from marching past President Mwanawasa.

Confusion started after several other marchers and three opposition political
parties had made their way past the gathering and the President.
PF youths who were marching ahead of the ruling MMD youths and United Party for
National Development-UPND youths were stopped by police and asked to leave the boat
but refused to do so.

The uncompromising youths then started chanting anti- MMD slogans while shouting at
the police.

This drew the attention of the gathering with more police officers reinforced at the

All three speeches from a youth representative Dambire Moyo, the Minister of Sports
as well as that for the President were marred with disruption.

And Home Affairs Minister Ronnie Shikapwasha condemned the behaviour by PF youths
describing it as atrocious.

General Shikapwasha advised youths against being used saying the nation needs peace
and not confusion.

He pointed out that PF youths were not supposed to do as they wished saying carrying
a boat was beyond the required regulations.

He called upon political parties to follow regulations in their moves to avoid
confrontation with police.

Meanwhile, Forum for Leadership Search Country Director, Edwin Lifwekelo said it was
unacceptable for PF youths to behave the way they did.

Lifwekelo said it was clear that someone was using PF youths to embarrass the
President by bringing a boat at the Youth Day celebration.

He said it was unfortunate that the PF youths just came to provoke the peaceful
youth day celebration and urged them to end what he termed as uncalled for behaviour
especially during national events.

Lifwekelo challenged youths to desist from being used and learn to live above
partisan politics saying no one would be happy about what had happened.



  1. Peace breeds peace and vice versa.I think the youths are being misrepresented. But their expression of such mis representaion is wrong and may lead to many of such young people losing thier lives.The Head of State shoule be respected and such the youths and their opposition leader should have found another forum to express their freedoms. Press Freedom does not work and operate in this manner. Could thie be the mis use of such liberties?

  2. Too much peace is bad, they are many ways of challenging or delivering a message to the president, always youths on a such a day are always chanting pro MMD slogans.what’s wrong in them carring a boat? haven’t you you seen the poster of Bush being burned in Public? even in his presence.
    zambians are too peaceful thats way politicians take you for granted, rise up,and use any method to deliver your
    message.bravo youths.the only crime you committed is being PF.. fight on don’t stop.

  3. They say a good name is better than riches and ofcourse any other thing one could ever think of. I think PF can do better than that, why should it always be PF everytime there is disorder? Is this what we expect to reap after sowing you in our precious field, Zambia in this case? I’m not a politician neither do i want to politicise this matter no. But all i know is that, for any child to make any move it must be under the full authorisation of his parents. I’m a youth who wants change for my country so much and this change lies in the hands of us youths,yes you and I. My dear friends let as not be tools used by politicians in their fight for selfish ambitions. Money, beer, violence etc isn’t what we’re looking for. You and i have the same goal i.e. a beautiful and peaciful Zambia. Finally my dear friends,regardless of our political affiliations,we have the same goal which is one beautiful Zambia one peaciful nation!!!!!!!!!

  4. Whatever happened let the ruling Party forgive the youths from other political parties.
    The truth is that 12 march is not a campaign day.Its for the youths to show how much pride they have to build up the country’s economy thru activities such as; music,drama,fine arts,sports and so on.Slogans and related stuff just makes situations worse and so embarrassing.
    Zambians, if i were among you in Zambia,wanting to show something to the nation,i would be on stage doing music and drama.Smart people would get a message frm that one alone.The affected people would also respond diplomatically,then things would be smooth without any manifestations of friction,arrests and so on.
    Fellows,lets not work like computers.Lets work with our GOD GIVEN BRAINS

  5. I think speaking realistically, this action is a traverse of right morals. This occassion was youth day celebrating but what was the use of insultnig the President and being unruly. As much as the opposition has a message to deleiver the way it is done matters. One does not win support be exhibitnig unruly behaviour. In my view this action was uncalled for adn the FP should be condemned for exhibiting such cheap actions.
    I would shudder to imagine if the youths from the other parties had decided to become unrully, what would have happened? Advocating violence is not good encouraging violence is also not good and wishing for violence is not something we shuold never think about.

  6. Its high time reasoning youths in Zambia stopped to be used by unreasoning and selfish leaders has tools of causing chaos in the country. my dear friends even when the adivice is coming from some leaders you ought to think about it and do the right you know for the sake of peace.Am let down by those unreasoning youths who were used by leaders who also dont understand the meaning of YOUTH DAY.its now clear that PF is for chaos and not development and peace.My friend just accept the defeat and live as the Loser coz the mistake you are making is living like a winner you are now completely dirtening your name.Even if you want to deliver the message there are better channels you are suppose to use and not of causing confusion its the worst.Our nation is not developing due to the lack of young thinkers and divisions.

  7. I think that the boart is not tolerable in as far as the ruling party is concerned. what people should not forget is that PF are there and therefore should be allowed to express themselves without fear of anything. The president cannot be embarassed because of a boart unless he is not accomodating.
    The Police should be blamed for causing this situation. The trouble with us Zambian’s is that we think for the president even when he does not think otherwise. There are no sacred individuals, we only have elected officials who are our servants.

  8. bravo PNF, the only crime youths committed was being pf THAN carrying the boat.what stopped the MMD youths from carrying a big watch? OUR Politicians enjoy being worshiped, its time they got attacked from all angles so that they can wake up and help the youths with many problems which they keep to ignore.
    Rise and get what belongs to you.

  9. There is nothing wrong with carrying a boat past the President. Just as there is nothing wrong with carrying a clock past him. There is no law that the youth’s broke and they would have past without much disturbance had they been allowed. What is wrong with us Zambians? We worship the president as if he were a god. What is wrong with him seeing a Boat surely? He has seen and heard worse things in his life than a Boat. Are boats illegal in Zambia? Which law prohibits this?

  10. Chibale, you are right by asking: What is wrong with us Zambians? Truly, what damage would a bunch of party cadres parading a boat(symbol of their party) do to the entire Presidency? What’s that got to do with anything? We have let ruling party cadres feel like they make policy decisions. Zambian politics has become all about cadres. Please lets bring sanity to this nation. Let’s be focussed on more pressing issues. These cadres have nothing better to do. They sing the loudest for their underperforming politicians, yet they get the worst stick out of it all. Shameful. Is a black man ever going to do anything right? There’s some important piece that a black man misses. It is ironic how other races can be so focussed on more important issues. WE SHALL NEVER KNOW WHY

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