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Sondashi takes his ”Sondashi Formula” abroad

Headlines Sondashi takes his ''Sondashi Formula'' abroad

Former Works and Supply Minister Ludwig Sondashi says he is determined to break through the international market with his herbal HIV/AIDS remedy the ”Sondashi Formula” which he maintains can cure HIV/AIDS.

The former cabinet minister disclosed that he has since dispatched his medicine to South Africa for further analysis by experts in that country.

Dr. Sondashi told ZANIS in an interview that he has also received numerous requests from internationally acclaimed researchers who want to test his medicine.

He maintained that the efficacy of his traditional remedy should not be doubted saying recent reports suggesting that the Sondashi formula, can not cure HIV/AIDS were misleading.

Dr. Sondashi maintains that he has so far healed over 65 patients suffering from the deadly pandemic using his herbal traditional remedy.

He has also accused the Zambian media of not doing enough to investigate the potency of his drug by finding time to talk to former HIV/AIDS patients who have been cured from his drugs.

Dr. Sondashi noted that the media should undertake an independent and impartial investigation over claims that the drug could cure HIV/AIDS.

The former cabinet minister said a number of people especially those involved in the marketing of ARVs were afraid of telling the truth on the efficacy of his medicine because they feared that they could lose business.


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  1. The problem with the Zambian People is one of lack of self confidence which,in more ways than one, has led to erosion of self identity.Give Dr. Sondashi all the support and encouragement he needs in developing and marketing his “herbal remedy”. It doesn’t have to be a white man from God knows where, or A South African that should bring out some concoction in order for Zambians to believe in its potency. Let’s have open minds and avoid skepticism and cynicism always poked at something Zambian. Our Forebears have used herbal medicines to cure all sorts of ailments for time immemorial,however complicated. These herbal remedies were never and have not been subjected to so-called modern clinical trials or scientific tests in some Western Laboratories. What is Science, anyway? It’s simply about Methodology to reach a predetermined result. Our Herbalists do have their own Methodology in the selection,application/mixture and treatment of these herbs.Talk of Chinese Medicine? Get Serious!!

  2. Ya give the guy a chance. We behave like people in the 17th century. Marcon had his friends check him into a psychiatry center when he told them he could transmit voice through air ( Radio). Give the guy credit for even trying to solve the problem

  3. Theres no problem as long as we see the evidence of those that have been healed and what they were like before. where are those that have been healed of AIDs in zambia, this is a real killer and blackmailing people emotionally who are already on the death bed must be a crime, if he himself gets the bug am sure he will be on some retrovir because hes seen those who have pooped from the dead. lets not politicize everything in terms of white or black.
    if hes done a study on 2 people fine wheres the evidence, has any of the readers seen the evidence?

  4. Is it allowed to use the Sondashi Formula in Zambia? If not, then Dr. Sondashi may cry out loudly if he feels that he is just being denied a chance of proclaiming his discovery as the answer/cure to HIV/AIDS. If as at now, he is allowed to use it on patients that are willing to try it out then we should wait to hear from those that have been ‘cured’ of the disease.
    Its also important to wait and see the long term effects of the use of this herbal medicine. Go on Dr. Sondashi, let your formula be tried in as many places as you wish, Just follow the acceptable procedures in all that you do during the trials.

  5. No sensible Zambia will take Sondashi seriously. The man need to go to South Africa for proper medical check ups rather than his concoction. If anything the environmentalist team should sue him for destroying indigenious plants. Dr Sondashi is not a medical doctor but a herbalist who is now known to cure STDs using his ‘muti’ from the forest. Sondashi got his doctorate degree during KK’s time and he was sponsored by UNIP. Two months after obtaining his Phd his dished KK and joined MMD. During the first term of Chiluba tenature he called Chiluba as dagga smoker, a week later he apologised with one knee down to Chiluba. Oh no, please take this man to R.SA. sooner.

    • My Dear, such statements would be very unfair. Here we are talking about Medicine and not politics. No one is perfect. Lets look at the matter at hand & not the overall person. People have different strenghths and also different weaknesses. Let us not judge so that we will not be judged!

  6. Certainly Dr Sondashi is doing a great job and he deserve some credit for that. We really do not need to believe only western medicine as being credible. I personally would love to see such breakthrough in Zambia and obviously the media should take a more positive approach towards this subject. Africa is badly hit by HIV/AIDS Zambia in particular and waiting for western medicines to serve us, is’nt the solution. Viva! to Dr Sondashi, Government should give a green light to his formula.

  7. I dont want to burn more oxygen on this issue. I clearly stated “no sensible Zambian will take Sondashi seriously”. May it be so.

  8. Sam K is entitled to his opinion and so are others’ to theirs. If Ludwig has any claims even after the failed trials, why cant he provide the proof. His dilemma is most of his patients would want to remain anonymous because of stigma. On the other hand, HIV is such a complex condition that i doubt the capacity at UTH could exhaustively analyse his concortion-the easy out is obviously to dispel it.
    But for a desperate HIV patient, anything is worth their life.

  9. Sam you are behaving like you have something against Dr Sondashi not just on his herbs.This man is trying to suggest something to the already defunct research and developmnet centres at Mt Makulu and else where in the country.The point that should be stressed is on evidence from those he has administered his concortion and let conventional medical professionals carry out extensive tests on these people to justify this man’s claims.What happened to that Chinese medicine in Kabulonga? Its people like you Sam who are bent to destroy development by being so negative without counter suggestions.The question still goes back to Sondashi, has ever tried working alongside UTH to ascertain his claims,If today he has a patient let him have a starting point in the presence of medical personnel,carry out CD4, check Viral load and let us see how he will progress from there. Africans you lack innovativeness no wonder you continue dying like flies.Gambian president is another one trying his concortion

  10. Wake up Zambians. People like Sam are just good at criticizing others without properly considering what he himself has done to the nation. Are you sure Sam that a Comedian man can never come up with something that can be of use to the nation? Because even a comedian makes people laugh and in the long run healing people from loneliness and so on.Tell me is Sondashi a mental patient. According to you comedian people never come up with something sensible as though they are mentally ill. Does it mean that to be a comedian you cease thinking or you are useless where you cant be of use? Come on Sam lets encourage and support Sondashi to prove his healing of HIV/ADS. Let us be proud of our own people coming up with such building ideas. Out of what Sondashi has done something very effective can come out if only people team up together and try and analyse Sondashi’s concortions and may be some additions from different people to what is already there.Stop dependency on whites and their medicine

  11. The world is looking for the answer for the problem of HIV/AIDs. Dr Sondashi is one of the concern people who are making efforts.We will do ourselves a great favour us Zambians to give the man a chance to prove the potency of his claims even if his formula can not cure but I believe it can do something if not better than “the west formula” ARVs in which you people have somuch faith.In our nation we are promoting buy zambian and be proud, no one will ever accept discoveries from Africa until we ourselves believe in ourselves.Lets help Dr Sondashi before some muzungu steals his formula.

  12. The Zambian Government gave Sondashi a chance by testing his medicine on HIV Positive people and the results were that the sondashi formular is not efficacious(As announced by Angela Cifire in Parliament). This in itself implies that Sondashi with his formular are out of business.Its good that he has taken his formular to SA,maybe we can have some basis for comparisons.

  13. In times of desparation, the last things to throw away are logic and caution. Yes HIV/AIDS are deadly and we are all desparate. As a starter, why doesn’t Sondashi give us the numbers as well as verification of those cured. We all know HIV/AIDS is a chronic condition and may vary from day to day, but this doesn’t count as a cure, cure can only be confirmed by eradication of viral matter, anything else is Palliative, as are ARV’s, that is only slow down the condition, making one feel better and well, than otherwise would be

  14. I really dont find any problem regarding Sondashi’s HIV/AIDS herbal cure formular. People should know that all diseases have cures. Natural remedies have proved to be effective in curing many of the diseases which the orthodox drugs have failed to. Many people even in the western worlds have turned to homeopathic treatments which are non-toxic and have no side effects.For instance there are nine known cure drugs for HIV/AIDS some of them were manufactured in USA and they have since been patented. If you need more details get in touch with me and you will stop this misleading debate. The west has told you that there is no cure for AIDS and Cancereous diseases. This is misleading. The HIV/AIDS cure was discovered in the late 1990’s. There is also an anecdote used to cure the HIV which the western governments have suppressed for fear of losing billions of money on ARVs. Remember AIDS, Diabetes and Cancer are the world’s biggest billion dollar pharmaceautical industry.

  15. Here is Dr. Sondashi’s contact numbers from his business places not personal numbers, you will be able to get the help you need.
    08-821130 in Solwezi, just ask for his company number in Lusaka.
    Good lucky.

  16. Congradulations Dr SONDASHI, you are the man of Africa. I am in Botswana, but willing to come to you any time from now. Please, i need your location and contacts and willing to take many to you depending on…….

  17. When the muzungu created the Virus(HIV),he along side made cures that have been kept hidden to man kind not untile the Arican continet is drastically depopulated.people like sam who just want to shoot down the efforts of Dr Sondashi are the same people who work for HIV/AIDS NGO and earn huge salaries.They worry about jobs and not about lives of people.please sam dont be a coward.Be objective.Dr Sondashi, we applaud you for the efforts you have made in finding a cure.Carry on with the good works.

  18. When the muzungu created the Virus(HIV),he along side made cures that have been kept hidden to man kind not untile the African continet is drastically depopulated.people like sam who just want to shoot down the efforts of Dr Sondashi are the same people who work for HIV/AIDS NGO and earn huge salaries.They worry about jobs and not about lives of people.please sam dont be a coward.Be objective.Dr Sondashi, we applaud you for the efforts you have made in finding a cure.Carry on with the good works

  19. i have had a chance to personally see someone start the sondashi formula and i believe that ther is an element of truth in what the man is claiming. If “dr” sondashi knew that his herbs were crap would he want its efficacy tested independently? what happened to the herbal trials carried out in zambia?the results i have never seen!!give the man a chance and let science prove him wrong. one thing is for sure the large multinational pharmaceutical companies manufacturing ARVs do not want their profits cut by cheap remedies especially one from Africa

  20. I believe that the western countries have a cure already, it is just hidden somewhere. SO Africans neeed people like dr.Sondashi who will give about everything to help the nation. at this time we dont need criticism, but we need to work together as Africans to seek cure.

  21. Its only the sick who need a doctor, doc sondashi thumbs up! U guyz lets give this man the support those who are disputing i believe they don’t have a relative who has died from Aids coz if they had they have understood that u’re a saint frm heaven ¡viva doc go for presidency!

  22. The medicine may indeed be effective. The problem is that it has not been proven and Dr Sondashi is asking too much already. Start by doing some trials and write your findings in professional publications. Get independent credible scientists to review and repeat the trials and let them publish their findings. All drug companies do this before putting their medicines on the market. They spend millions on trials and tests before they start selling the products. There’s no point fighting the system and making accusations. Do your things correctly. These procedures are there to keep people from abusing disadvantaged and helpless sick people.

  23. Doc is a man,the guy isn’t mad 2 make such heavy claims.Us africans lets give him our full support.The west already have a cure ever since the the epidemic erupted but hid it to make the billions of dollars from the sells they make out of the arvs. on the expense of heavly impoverished from the third world countries. especialy africans.So viva sondash viva! Forget about trashes like sam-k.

  24. Hello,

    I was wondering if you have as yet found the type of cure you were looking for HIV/AIDS.

    I have found a herbal solution at long last and if you are interested and want to give it a try, please get back to me so we discuss. It is a total solution backed by laboratory results and you begin to see positive signs from week 2 and total cure 2 to 5 months depending on level (viral load). Let me know if this would interest you.

    The solution really works and I have seen people it has worked for.

    (233) 266432254

  25. People like sam they are a retrogressive type so let’s not follow his stupidness by insulting the Doc, he come rashing to the Doc wen he gets sic, cure for Aids is there and has alwez bin there but has been supressed by the Big pharmer and the Fda, wake up people why the whites are not dyng in massive like us, Doc you have my full support and I need your number so that I can speak to you.


  27. I’m happy to hear that an African having a cure for aids. I needs no prove to believe this than to speak with the doctor. I promise if it work out as he claimed, the Nigeria government /masses will give you full suport. Please, I need your phone number.

  28. Good news for us people. hope he can treat many hil-neses. Doctor make your contact available to people.God has blessed us with knowledge.


  30. We Zambians are good at criticism.here comes a Zambian with a formula that not only cures but can bring business in zambia, it doesnt have to be Obama to show us we are seating on a gold mine…let the government build a sondashi factory to make tablets…ul see how many muzungus will come.think twapapata

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