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Urgent meeting kicks off in Mazabuka to address the Albidon Mine expansion overtures

Economy Urgent meeting kicks off in Mazabuka to address the Albidon Mine expansion...
A meeting aimed at resolving the controversy surrounding the approval of a land application for Munali Nickel Mine by councillors has kicked
off in Mazabuka. 

The urgent meeting which has been called by the United Party for National Development, Southern Province executive committee is being held at Mazabuka Youth

In attendance is Mazabuka Central Member of Parliament Gary Nkombo, Chikankata Member of Parliament Munji Hbeenzu and Bennie Mweemba of Magoye constituency.

Others in attendance are UPND National Vice Chairman for Elections Philip Maambo and all area the councillors. 

UPND Provincial secretary Mayaba Hanseluka confirmed the development to ZANIS in Mazabuka today. 

Mr Hanseluka said the provincial leadership's role is to harmonise the differences among party members in a bid to foster unity in the party. 

Three days ago, Mazabuka Mayor Edmund Cheelo complained to ZANIS that some high handed politicians are lobbying for his expulsion from the party for allowing
councillors to support the motion to approve the entire 2,100 hactares of land to Albidon Zambia Limited, Munali Nickel mine. 

18 councillors voted in support of the motion while Six lost. 

During the ground breaking ceremony of the construction of the Albidon Zambia Limited, Munali Nickel mine, President Mwanawasa praised the eighteen councillors
for supporting the investment.


  1. As much as we are in support of the land allocated to Albidon Mining in Munali area we should as well consider our people who occupied that area before. Has Albidon Mining, Munali Nickel Mine met there needs for inconviniently moving our people? If so why not give Albidon a chance to develop our country. BUT let it be to the goodness of our economy. This is now up to the Government to put up measures to protect our beautiful country from being used for the benefit of investors. Let these investors save their profits in our country other than sending money back to their countries.

  2. There should be ways of how the local people should benefit. They should not just push people away by only giving them short term benefits. They should benefit in someway as long as the mines will exist in the area, especially environmental and social protections.

  3. I think this kind of resettlemnt should be taken by weighing all the factors inloved. Development/families,

    If the activies of MNM will not faovour the livelihood of the local people, it should be revisited with the higher authorities like The president to handle such issues that border on the safety of the local community and their welfare.

    Let this be not like the KARIBA DAM displacement of people but it should faovour all parties involved.

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