Friday, March 1, 2024

Poor Funding for Boxers disappointing says SPABA


By Tovin Ngombe:-
Southern Province Armature Boxing Association (SPABA) Secretary has expressed disappointment at the poor funding of sport in the Province.

Mr. Blackie Mantele told ZANIS that there has been poor response from the business organizations and government in funding the boxing clubs in the province.

He said boxing was the only sport were the country mint a lot of medals than any other sport and business organization should have the interest of uplifting the game to improve its lost standards.

Mr. Mantele noted that it was unfortunate that despite having good boxers in Southern province not even one was selected to represent the country at national tournaments.

The secretary hoped the selection of boxer this year would be given to the technical committee and the coaches rather than previously where the choosing of was done without any ground rules.

He said Southern Province boxers have problems of boxing kite such clothes, hand guards which costs around K300, 000 and with the high poverty levels that affect most boxers it was difficult for them to acquire them.

Mr. Mantele has also appealed to the SPABA boxing clubs to submit the names of the officials in preparation for this year’s boxing season.

He named the clubs as Nakabambala, Monze Armature boxing, Livingstone, Choma Raikways, and Maamba armature boxing club.

Mr. Mantele applauded Nakambala and Maamba for managing to finish the season without problems and for participating at all national and inter-provincial tournaments while the rest of the teams failed to finish.

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