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China gives Zambia $39 million loan for floods disaster


President Levy Mwanawasa announced Thursday that Zambia had secured a loan of 39 million dollars from China to be used for repairing infrastructure that has been destroyed by floods.

Mwanawasa said the money from Beijing will be used to procure earth-moving equipments that will be used in the construction of roads and bridges, which were destroyed by heavy rains.

“We have secured a 39 million dollar loan from China to be used for the procurement of earth moving equipment,” Mwanawasa said during a swearing-in ceremony for the new Chinese ambassador to Zambia, Li Qiangmin.

He said the machinery will be in Zambia by June this year.

Heavy rains earlier this year displaced hundreds of thousands of people and destroyed roads, bridges and schools in mainly rural areas.


  1. Mwayamba inkongole…just when you have been forgiven by the west(HIPIC). I wonder if this money will really fix these bridges. These earth movers will be working full time on MMD cadres’s farms. Were the opposition or civil society ever consulted before this loan was obtained? I think we need to discuss as a nation how the country secures loans. Was parliament ever consulted? $39 million dollars is a lot of money. Remember ‘the vulture’ fund’s was only 3 million and you know the rest of the story.

    I think we need to legislate how the country should be getting these loans.

  2. it was just last week, we were questioning the Zambia-China relationship. We thought so, that there must be some discussions about loans. And here we go again. I thought we learnt a lesson from last debts. Where is the equipment going to work? We are in another problem. Now we have all seen that Chinas visits were not for nothing.

  3. Birds of the same feather’s…..Zambia-China, then tommorrow, people complain the Chinese are ill-treating the local people’s when it’s our govt that inviting them.No wonder they do not complain about human rights abuse from the Chinese. Where else shall we get more money if we complain. You Govt who are elected to BEG on behalf of people. I really wish for a change of govt, that should be back to colonial rule,or we are seeing ourselves in the Chinese rule.

  4. What a country we live in, we have started jumping into the frying pan,Chinese are conmen, they will bring 4m chinese to construct these disaster areas claiming the machines are so sophsiticated in the mean time those prisoners released from prisons will have found themselves jobs.Its a shame Levy Mwandi.

  5. Guyz,this is called the Chinese colonization of Zambia,and Africa.Yes,China has started the colonization of the whole of Africa.That is why America is unrestful coz it knows that these Chin Chows are very sly and clever..
    We got out of HIPC.Soon,we’ll bounce back,coz it ain’t only China we getting loans from..We’ll get from other countries too.You see,these developed countries don’t want to see us free.They still want us to be their slaves.We are so stupid that we are blinded by the money they are offering coz LPm will probably get,say a $1 mil,from this same amount.People are always benefitting from our suffering.That’s why Africa will neva develop.We don’t want to use our own resources.We don’t want to work with developed countries.We want to work for them.Chinas’ economy has bloomed more than Americas’ economy in the last one year.Watch Euronews,BBC,or CNN,or surf the net.They are developing over our stupidness.Once beggers,always beggers.Our GRZ sucks………………

  6. U C ,China doesn’t give a damn bout Zed.They need a dumping ground for their cheap ,recycled things.They need us as their door mats.We get economically independent,they won’t have a door mat.To keep us,they give us money,as kaloba.Bena LPM don’t have a foresight.Twalibelela ukuchula..Guys,I feel bad.We haven’t even had the chance to enjoy attainment of the HIPC level and we back again in debts….

  7. Zambians we going to pay for the China partnership because they have hidden motives. Sata told you to vote out MMD now we are being sold to China. Watch and see what will happen. I watched a video documentary about the plight of Zambian Miners in Zambia due to Chinese negligence. If any one is interested go to and click the video link. Sad day for Zambin miners and their families.

  8. Oooh Lord Jesus, help us our country has been sold again by LPM to chinese, we will for ever be slaves of this chinese. LPM, pleeze! have a human heart dont let this happen to God’s people. Remember you are just a custodian of the Zambian people on behalf of God. We are God’s people and we shall cry to our God and I can assure you LPM, He will hear us, serve and it shall not be good for you. How much chekeleko are you getting? or one of the earth-moving equipment will go to Teka farm, because we know, no loans has come to Zambia without kickbacks or thats a Top State Secret, its between you and Maureen, nobody is suppose to know, but remember God knows every thing you do in State Secret (private).

  9. I dont understand the logic behind LPM’s taking of Zambians for granted. LPM, how do you negotiate ‘Kaloba’ for us without consultations? Did you consider other alternatives or you were acting on ‘I know what is best for the Zambians’misguided stance. We have had it with you politicians and i think its time you started consulting before enganging the already overburdened Zambians with unnecessary debts from your chinese friends. I also would like to challenge you to tell the Zambians the interest that we are going to pay back and over what period!

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