Thursday, June 13, 2024

Maamba Hospital employees work as casual workers


By Tovin Ngombe:-

Most workers at Maamba hospital have worked for 22 years, 10, six, five, three, and one year without being confirmed under the Ministry of Health.

ZANIS investigation and interviews with most health workers revealed that workers have been filling in the annual confidential forms and confirmation forms but they were stuck in the Hospital Administration Manager’s office.

The forms were not being submitted at the province for consideration of confirmation for employees that needed to be confirmed.

Mildred Chinene an enrolled midwife disclosed that she had been working at Maamba Hospital for 22 years without being confirmed.

Most nurses who refused to give their names complained that they were not motivated with the working environment prevailing at the hospital because their Hospital Administration Manager had no time to look into their plight.

They said that at times Mr Cosmas Michelo would tell them to fill in their forms for confirmation but he fails to deliver them.

“We are sick and tired of this working culture at Maamba Hospital we have been trying to air our views but we have no channel to deliver them being in the rural area and all we receive are intimidations” the nurses said.
Not only are the nurses and other health personnel affected but also the security officers, secretaries and other supporting staff have worked for many years without being confirmed.

Sinazongwe District Commissioner Laiven Apuleni said the delegation from the public Service Commission would be in the province and urged management to submit their forms for the employees that were due for confirmation.

Mr Apuleni said the issue of confirmation was now straight forward as an employee is supposed to be confirmed after working for six months.

Maamba hospital is going through difficult times as all the workers have passed a vote of no confidence in their Hospital Administration Manager Mr. Michelo.
Sinazongwe district Director Dr Kebby Musokotwane said he would not work with Mr, Michelo.
Dr Musokwatane told the meeting on Monday that Mr. Michelo called him on phone after he wrote a warning letter to him for failing to report for work for four days without any proper explanation that he was hurt and disappointed with the letter.

“Dr Musokwatane, I am hurt with your warning letter, now it’s either your life or my life at stake here,” Mr. Michelo warned the doctor.

The doctor said in another incident Mr. Michelo warned him that he was not surprised because Tokaleyas are known to fight Tongas.

“I have a problem with the office of the Hospital Administration manager since I joined the hospital he has never allowed me to do my work and my colleague who is an environmental officer,” one Health Inspector told the meeting.


  1. One would think that casualization of labour is what the govt has been trying to fight.How can the Chinese and other investors stop casualization when govt is leading the practie?

    Let us be examples and do as we preach.

  2. I think Mwanawasa should react about Maamba issue. Slavery and monkey days are gone. AS far as I know, casual workers do not get money for retirement. I am sure someone is pocketing the money on behalf of casual workers. This is a serious issue. We are suffering because of the people we vote for, thinking that they will solve our predicaments. Crime is not going to end because of poverty.Mwanawasa do something,we have given you another chance.

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