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Govt warns immigration officers against engaging in corruption

Economy Govt warns immigration officers against engaging in corruption

Government says it will not hesitate to discipline immigration officers, who are defrauding government out of huge sums of money through corruption.

Home Affairs Acting Permanent Secretary, James Mfula, the immigrations department
should work hard to overcome the perception that  it is not transparent in its operations.

Mr. Mfula said this when he launched an official website for the Immigration Department in Lusaka today. 

He said the facility would help the institution to curb corrupt practices and ensure
that erring officers are held accountable to both government and the general public.

The website has been installed at a cost of K1 billion with assistance from USAID.

And speaking Chief  Immigration Officer, Ndiyoyi Mutiti, said the website would help
the department streamline operations and also to address queries from the public.

And USAID Zambia Senior Advisor, Jason Villa, reiterated against commitment to
supplementing government in fighting corruption.


  1. K1 billion for a website? The Americans must be laughing all the way to the bank. Well just shows you that some things can never change. Software used in Zambia must be very different from the rest of the world!

  2. http://www.zambiaimmigration.gov.zm is the website and guess what it does not work. Bwana PS how can you parade your self in front of the public and claim we have a website worth K1 Billion when it does not even exist. Paying so much for designing a website is ridiculous in any case.How long will it take for Zambia to wake up? It is true the Americans are laughing all the way to the Bank

  3. This surely is a joke. K1 Billion for a website? James Mfula, please clarify. If possible we need to hear it from your boss at plot 1.

  4. Chimwemwe… your comment 4. Check your internet connections again, the site is in existence. More clarification is need on the installation and running costs.

  5. This is pure wasatge of resources, even if it was donor funded let us be mindful that its other people’s tax money we are throwing into Kafue river.There is nothing so expensive in the design.It has limited hyper links, its just plain simple to cost K1bn equiv $250,000 or £125,000, its not worth it

  6. Chilumba, i agree it is a pure wastage of resources,but i think you know that the only way the govt officials steal money is through manipulating project funds and donor aids like these. If you were to ask them to clarify on the installation, maintenance and running costs, you’ll be amazed to discover how inflated the figures will be. Come December this year, the site will not even be in existence or the usual message “site under construction”. Cheap political gimmicks to excite the uneducated zambian that even zambia is on the internet. But ofcourse, we know that no website can cost that much in the world,not even white house or downing street. Ask the website developers how much it cost them and you’ll be amazed. Ask FTJ how much it costs to build that silly site Sakala’s relative constructed and FTJ’s portrait was replaced with a frog. The national assemble website is another rip off. It cost so much, but is it still in existence?Ministry Of Information has no website.

  7. These are issues that should be looked at from the corruption point of view.This an over exgerated design of a website.We should have spent this money buying medicines or refurbishing classrooms in rural areas than just protraying those three pictures of highly corrupt chaps and links to their boss at plot 1.

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