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ACC direct declares Katete as corrupt free

Headlines ACC direct declares Katete as corrupt free

The Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) Director General Nixon Banda has declared Katete as one of the districts with the lowest corruption prevalence in the country.

Speaking during the ACC meeting with heads of departments from various government
and non governmental organizations in Katete today, Mr. Banda said there has been no
reports of crime and corruption cases in the district in a long time.

And Mr. Banda ACC has put a strategy to enhance quick prosecution of corruption
cases by letting the commission handle small cases through its administration and
only leave big cases to courts.

And speaking at the same function, ACC board Chairperson, Justice Valentine Chileshe
called on people in the district to support the commission in fighting corruption to
promote development.

Justice Chileshe called on people to effectively report corruption cases unlike reporting on conditions of anonymity because the prosecution process needed witnesses.

He said if corruption is not reduced, the country will not attain the Millennium Development Goals as the scourge affects all sectors of the economy.

And a USAID ACC consultant Sydney Watae said if Zambia does not attain the MDGs
thresh hold level due to high corruption, the country will lose US$500 million, which the USA government intends to release through the USAID after the expiry of its current support to the ACC in June this year.

Mr. Watae said if the country attains the target in the MDGs, it will receive US$500
million not for the ACC but for various developmental programmes.

He said the USAI was working in collaboration with the commission to ensure that
corruption is curbed.

He said highly corrupt porous institutions have been identified and an integrity
commission team has been established to help detect cases to prevent the increase of
the scourge.

And acting Katete Council Secretary, Mukiti Lukonga said Katete District will join the Republic President Levy Mwanawasa in fighting corruption to enhance development
in the country.

He also appealed to ACC supporting partners to continue funding the commission until
corruption is completely cleared.


  1. ACC forgot to tell us the leading district.

    An index of some sort would help guide all concerned to better utilise the meagre resources.

  2. What is in Katete for corruption to take place there? Solwezi was once least of corrupt places, but opportunities opened up,and now we are seeing the worst corruption in Zambia, fourth in the country. We have seen the worst town planning in Solwezi due to corruption,and what is ACC doing about it? Why do these ACC boys run away from where the problem is? Sort out employment for the people of Zambia then you can tackle and talk about Corruption. We all know the main reason of corruption, so lets not hide away from it.

  3. Greedness and selfishness are the root cause of corruption. I agree with Kayata that in areas where there are fewer and nothing to lay hands on like Katete there can be little corruption. But i dont think that ACC guy has asked the people if they had bribed any one to get a sch place for a kid or amy other corrupt and secret combinataions that we can not know about. Chief and headmen can also be sources of corruption in the rural areas due to the little poer that they poses.

  4. Nixon Banda obviously doesn’t much to do than give out useless information. What about telling us what they (ACC) are doing that can go beyond what the POST has done.

  5. is it because the ACC is not doing a good job so their prosecution and conviction figures are low in Katete or is it corrupt practices are not recorded? please clarify

  6. The headline is misleading!!

    “Lowest level of corruption” and “Corrupt free” are two different things.

  7. Mr.Nixon Banda please corruption is in big cities rather than in rural areas.Crooked chaps are in large towns and mostly top officials like PS.Therefore,try by all means to add more efforts in your fight against corruption in big towns unlike rushing to Katete.What is there in Katete?I understand you as you’re a Chipata man!!But clean Lusaka and CB first because that is where much dirty is.It is amazing to note that in Zambia nothing is news until it appears in The Post.What are you guys doing?Work hard.You’re the watchdogs of the public.Let us get rid of these ills.Corruption will never do Zed any good.Levy must be greatly supported in this war while Kafupi-FTJ should be sent to jail and seize his properties!!!

  8. Anti Corruption Commission in a corrupt free zone is worse than the apt name Corruption Commission(CC). CC just at its door step corruption is taking place and the best is to report the most corrupt districts in the country and map up strategy of curbing it down. CC, do you measure corruption by using statistical data from cases reported to police or press? If that is the case then you better go to UTH and apprehend Dr Miti who’s just a few metres from your offices.

  9. i wonder if ACC has sensitised people of Katete to report corruption. The report could be a reflection of no information rather than the effectiveness of this so called anti corruption commission. lets be serious guys.

  10. In fact there are no ministeries or govn departments, like passport office, zra, customs and lands + police headquarters. Moreover corrupt pipo have more from rural towns to area like chipata, lusaka and copperbelt.

  11. Nixon wants to be seen as working.Non performing characters,cant provide trends and facts.Let him sit and just go to siavonga for a seminar on POOR TAX PAYERS MONEY.


  12. ACC if the area has no corruption , then your clamours are really a non-issue! You didn’t need to be there,as the Tax payer is paying you to be in the thick of things & NOT FAR REMOVED for the problem. Has Katete made the headlines becoz of your efforts or is it simply the nature of the place. If the latter, please stop wasting our time & headlines.
    As a good citizen,I’ll give you a hint of where to go: MINISTRY OF HEALTH! The Auditor Generals office has failed to close the books there. Secretary to the Cabinet(Hope my info is correct) appears to be clouding issues! Am sure this will be an interesting case for which you could provide us with some scintillating headlines!!

  13. I almost fainted with shock. I thought the headline read
    “ACC director declares Katele(Kalumba)corrupt free”

    I am sure Nixon Banda is begining to realise that detecting corruption is very difficult. Parties involved benefit hence no one is willing to report. The anti-money laundering unit of DEC appears more succesful on the other hand because the normally trace using benefits of corruption such as money and property. They then work backwards to trace the culprits.

    Intergration of the ACC into the anti- money landering unit of DEC would be logical, cost effective and more efficient. The only usefulness of the ACC at the moment are its ACTS and regulations which the anti-money laundering unit uses to prosecute

  14. Anti corrption Commission is a shadow of its own and half the time doesnot know whether they are going or coming.Its core emphasis must be to prevent rather than persecute and must use the cases they encounter as an input to check other areas found wnating.But they have just been too passive just looking thru the windows for whistle blowers for them to rise up to the occassion.I sympathise there short comings because most of the culprits involved are big fishes like Kashiwa who are perpetrators and these have serious links to their paymaster LPM.That is why even today cabinet ministers can not risk telling off LPM when errs cos of the paymaster benefits attached to their appointments.We need the new constitition for all these things to be removed and encourage individuals who wont be ‘yes bwanas’, people who are more accountable.The President is the most feared character in Africa than anywhere else in the world

  15. my impression is he was talking about Low levels of corruption in katete…statistically. This might help other districts to work hard on combating corruption if they are seen to be the worst.
    Its basically a good thing, but if you have to condemn anything, all you see is negative.

  16. Musanga you also left out lack of opportunities as one of the major factor that help pepetrate corruption and nepotism. Look at the passport office for instance, you can line up there for a year and still not get a passport. Yet you find chaps from J’burg who have to get new passports because they overstayed. will get it in five minutes why? because they have some change to through at the poverty stricken civil servants. Most of the problems we have in Zambia are man made. Honestly how hard is it clean up passport office?

  17. Hey #18, Jesus specifically came for the wrong doers and not the the righteous ones. Thus, ACC should have not wasted money by going to Katete where common sense would acquaint with us that low levels of corruption is found in rural area. It would have been better for if ACC had made follow ups in Katete and report to us how much they have reduced corruption in Katete rather than them telling us the state of corruption in Katete. ACC, next time you must go to Nshangombe and inform us about the state of corruption in that area.

    Justice Valentine Chileshe, you must take your gang just there in Lusaka to one of govt offices especially transport office and come and tells us how many drivers’ licenses go behind the counter.

  18. out 72, there could be at least 50 rural districts, Katete is just one of them. ACC has to be in all of them,since corruption can take place anywhere. Offcourse if you rank them only one can have the lowest levels of corruption and it turned out to be katete in this case. Dont pretend you already knew this fact.
    DONT READ TOO MUCH into simple statements.

  19. CITIZEN(#16) you are right, I had a similiar experience when I read that headline.

    Hey(#21&22) you might as well talk about my village or any other, in which case his declaration is null and void! The point most of the bloggers are trying to make is, making a headline simply for the sake of it is pointless, he could have made it objective by naming the worst place, or given a list showing either direction the best to worst! He lacks objectivity. He hasn’t even given us the methodology he used to come to this conclusion.

    Using you line of justification, we might as well start making headlines by naming law abiding citizens and praise them endlessly.

  20. Bauze #23, you are correct, i think Kayata should be declared the most law abiding citizen on the blog,and Ba Joze and Mudala as the worst law abiding bloggers on lusakatimes. hahahahahahahhahahahahha

  21. Parley committee takes ECZ to task
    By Times Reporter

    A Parliamentary watchdog committee on energy yesterday took to task Environmental Council of Zambia (ECZ) director Edward Zulu for allowing the Kafue steel project and the National Milling Corporation (NMC) plants to be erected in undesignated places.
    But Mr Zulu told the committee that the ECZ had objected to the Kafue Iron and Steel and NMC plants being situated where they were but it had no authority to override a decision passed by a minister as provided for under the council’s act section 26.
    The committee, chaired by Livingstone Member of Parliament (MP) Sakwiba Sikota (ULP) wondered why NMC had not relocated its plant, which was right in the centre of the central business district of Lusaka, in breach of ECZ regulations.
    Namwala MP Major Richard Chizyuka (UPND) said the Kafue Iron Steel Plant and the NMC paused a danger to the lives of the residents if they were left to operate from where they were currently located

  22. Ladies and Gentlemen see how corrupt LPM’s wings are.
    Read the times extract in#25
    ACC where are you? Can you show cause why your exist?

  23. Kayata #24, I like your humour!

    Kuku #26, now will you just hold your horses b4 clamouring corruption. The info we have is that, the minister over-rode the decision of ECZ, we have no evidence of any corrupt practice yet, unless you tell me otherwise – I know it is probable, but the only thing we can put our hands on is that the minister has most likely abused his authority, considering that his decision is very ill-informed, as he has ignored the govt appointed experts who have made an informed judgement about the pros & cons of the siting of these facilities. We just have to tease out facts of whether “naba musuba minister!”

  24. #27, its the norm in our land, our country is full of mystics which live with in our closets until these come out our closets shal we…. but you are right I was just speculating ‘ati balimusuba mutati’ after all he used to corrupt practices.But now that watch dog has brought it out heads will roll very soon,tefyo Bauze Ngozi

  25. “I am aware of decisions the ECZ took over the Kafue Iron and Steel plant and the NMC. We rejected them but the minister has powers to overrule ECZ and direct otherwise. Our hands are tied,” Mr Zulu explained.
    Maj Chizyuka, at this point reminded Mr Zulu that Parliament had empowered the ECZ and not the minister, with the authority to pass final decisions in such matters. Mr Zulu he said he was not aware of such a legal provision.
    “A minister cannot override ECZ decisions, as endorsed by Parliament. You are protected by law and I wondered why you have allowed ministers to override your decisions,” Maj Chizyuka observed.
    When asked by Mr Sinyinda if he would feel better if the council was given full autonomy, Mr Zulu answered in the affirmative.”

    I hope that after the above exchange, ECZ will go back & quash the ministers decision, as they are protected by parliament.

    The only problem I forsee, is the “Min of Health scenario,” where Sec 2 Cabinet seems to be clouding issues

  26. Gentlemen, this a highly sophsicated syndicate.Mutembo Ncito is Chairman of NMC, does this give a clue? He owns shares in Post?Does it ring a bell about over zealous reporting? Finally he owns Zambian Airways with govt being minority share holders? Does this give an idea on the fight against corruption? Ba Joze says mufubafuba, that is term we zambians can be likedned to, we have sunk so low condeming one man’FTJ’ leaving others to appear like saints?Were is the trasparency and cleanliness by the so called Levy crusade?
    Bauze mwaice iwe walipounda shade some light.Iam at pains to understand zambia’s events

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