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BY, Saki, Ngondo urge fellow opposition leaders not to shun national events

Headlines BY, Saki, Ngondo urge fellow opposition leaders not to shun national events

Three opposition political parties have urged other opposition parties not to boycott continental and national events held at State House once they were invited.

United Liberal Party (ULP) President, Sakwiba Sikota, National Democratic Focus leader Benjamin Mwila and All People’s Congress leader Kenneth Ngondo, told ZANIS  in separate interviews that non-partisan events such as African Freedom Day should be celebrated by everyone.

The trio, who were among many invited guest to the commemorative celebrations of
African Freedom Day at State House today, said this day was meant to only remember
the struggle for freedom in Africa.

Mr. Sikota said the event was not for a political party or an individual but for all Africans, that appreciated the role of freedom fighters in the continent.

“We should recognise those that fought for freedom in Africa. Let us make that dream
of those people who fought for freedom come true,” he said.

He said that everyone, regardless of one’s political affiliations, should unite and work towards achieving economic independence.

Mr. Mwila stated that African Freedom Day was a continental affair and therefore,
every African should take part in remembrance of those who fought for the continental freedom.

He urged all political party leaders and their members to reconcile their political difference and unite for the common good of Zambia and the African continent as a

Mr. Ngondo said political party leaders should respect invitations that come from the President by responding positively to them.

“This is a national event. Apart from receiving an invitation from cabinet office, I received a personal invitation from President Mwanawasa and I think we should respect the presidency,” he said.

He said African Freedom Day was a reminder of founding fathers and therefore, it should be commemorated by every peace loving African.

He however, urged cabinet office to identify all those people who contributed to the
liberation of African countries, and honour them.

In the recent past, most opposition political parties used to shun continental and national events held at State House, some demanding that such should be held at neutral venues.


  1. This is the hyupocrisy we are facing. Saki has his stains as well. Read the ICASA 1999 audit report. ZESCO fast-tracked the electrification of Teka farms at an undisclosed cost-we dont even know if the client paid in full. We still dont know what happened to the US$20 million Winter maize scandal. And there are many many other thinds going on.
    Lets not sensualinalize this prosecution. You judge a former president on overall contribution-net positive or net negative?

  2. Do we still have any living freedom fighters to honour? The event is very clear its context but it has been abused by adding issues of honouring boxers,Jane Orsbourne,Gen Mapala,Samuel Matete, and so many other living characters?Can cabinet office find another day for honoring these artists and athletes as opposed to lumping them with Freedom fighters just to color the occassion.If there is no one to honour from the old guards which I believe the list has now been wound.Do it the way we honour the first and second war veterans at the cenotaph.

  3. If i may ask what happened to the Republican Party for BY Mwila or is the National Democratic Focus leader refered to in the statement a different individual?

  4. You news paper poilitical parties just go and
    eat the food. Some of don’t even how you look
    like.Don’t lead as with memos. You are not on your
    feet.You can not tell as where we are headed
    to.leaders don’t just sit in their coner offices and
    write memos.Speaking to people to get them follow you
    is what leaders do.People have to follow you or
    you’re not leading.People have to follow you or
    you’re not leading. The leadership that you have
    Saki,By and Ngondo is not getting people to follow
    you,but it is memo one.

  5. these chaps are so much interested in pleasing lpm.it looks like they dont know the meaning of opposition.am glad non among them will b president

  6. Saki, BY and Ngondo are individuals and not politcal parties. They dont represent any body. If they want let them just join MMD and stop wasting our time.

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