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Chiluba’s condition has stabilised

Headlines Chiluba's condition has stabilised

1003_zambia_02.jpgFormer Zambian president Frederick Chiluba’s condition has stabilised after he was rushed to the University Teaching Hospital in Lusaka shortly after collapsing at his home on Thursday. Dr.Chiluba will remain in hospital for treatment and further medical tests.

“Dr Chiluba will remain in hospital until doctors advise when he should be discharged. However, his condition is now stable,” Mwamba said on Friday.

Chiluba, 64, was due to appear before a team of Zambian doctors on Monday to determine whether he is fit enough for a corruption trial which stalled in May last year due to his ill health.

Three weeks ago British judge Peter Smith said Chiluba must personally pay back $41 million of the $46 million he and 19 other former senior government officials are accused of siphoning from the Treasury.

Smith gave his ruling in a case that Zambia brought in a British court, a move officials said was aimed at recovering properties Chiluba and his associates bought in that country, Belgium and other European nations using stolen public funds.

Chiluba has denied he or his associates stole funds during his decade-long rule and accuses and accuses his successor Levy Mwanawasa of a political witch hunt.


  1. FTJ, you have our prayers, those who wish you bad, they will go before you.praying for your speedy and quick recovery

  2. Dr Chiluba i wish you a speedy recovary. Its true that man will never appreciate what they have untill its gone.Its sad how we are judging you when it is us who supported you in your true democracy crusade.May the good Lord grant you His healing mercies as in life its not over untill GOD says so, praying for your speedy recovery, chitambo [on the street]

  3. So now we have it, unless our doctors are seriously unqualified FTJ was not faking his illness. What we would like to know is what exactly is his problem. Did he suffer a stroke, heart attack, shortness of breath, hyper- glycemia, hbp or what?
    May god grant him good health and may justice come to pass. After all is said and done all we want is whats best for mother Zambia and the ill health of FTJ does nothing to further this cuase.
    loadist out!

  4. Unlike all the hypocrites above, I want Chiluba to be well so he can face justice! Think about all the poor people who lost their lives due to lack of medicine in hospitals, etc, and compare it with how much money these Kaponyas stole and bought designer cloths.

  5. God of Abraham,nothing is impossible with you,your deeds are not of men but of the holy spirit.We applaude you, we glorify you and you are highly exhalted,let peace prevail in our hearts and help FTJ in this trying time.FTJ I wish you quick recovery.God wants the best for you and if you always heed what is said in his word,the bible ,it will guide you successfully through these fearful times-Isaiah 48:17-18 and also Isaiah 41:10

  6. Levy watch out who are your real friends are, WHEN the second stroke comes, everyone will run away from you. See how the person you once called “my sister Chiluba” is only surrounded by doctors not in the capacity as friends but to testify that FTJ is not faking the sickness.

    FTJ, recover fully.

  7. Zambians never learn from their short history. All this hysterical attack on Chiluba is largely a waste of national time, energy and resources. There are better ways of getting justice and energising the corruption fight than this costly pursuit of one man.
    FTJ–35% D
    KK–59% B
    LPM–40% C (provisional)

  8. NO 5, who is an hypocrit?maybe some you even benefited from the plunder of chiluba or you are benefiting from the present plunder and you are hiding in the veil of justice. some of us are professionals who love mother zambia and seek for development. are people not dying today?are they living better lives?more jobs, etcI dont think so if the jailing of chiluba will bring jobs to zambian people or give them jobs. Let us not waste time on issues which will not change our lives. we shall see after 2011 if the present regime is as clean it presents itself

  9. Sylvester #9,why wait for 2011? If he is doing anything wrong,the AG,ACC and govt organs especially parliament should impeach him. Time never waits for anyone.

  10. There is nothing to start pointing fingers at each other and calling others all saught of names,like what my brother #5 is calling others hypocrites.We are all against what Chiluba’s regime did .The above guys are just sympathizing with the man’s current situation.And most of people who are now loudly critisising Chiluba are the ones who benefited from the plunder of chiluba as mentioned by Silvester.Any person who has a trully heart of a christian,should be ready to forgive others,just as christ forgave sinners.We jail Chiluba or not,nothing will ever change.




    BIG BYE!!!

  12. #11, Kayata Parliament is underepresented how do you effect an impeachment process when the ruling MPs outnumber the opposition? Unless a rebellion occurs within MMD otherwise its a far fetched exercise.That is why the opposition must co-exist to offer strong checks and balances, but they are fragmented beyond repair to counter anything because of their selfish motives.
    So the only way out of any situation is either 2011 or rebellion within MMD like FTJ’s third term quash.
    On a second thot how many MPs are informed?People like Mulyata are misguided,the PAC guys are good but still dont add up to anything?What a country we are in….God bring back Jesus to liberate us

  13. Its amazing to see people Offering fake prayers and insulting at the same, just read #1.
    FTJ did not collapse, he is simply engineering the monday appointment. If he collapsed in the morning , he could have been at the hospital in the morning, but he only went at 16:30 hrs(post).
    Think before you pray blindly, for non existant situations.
    FTJ please, get to court!

  14. I’ve always known that our doctors are just as capable. They were the first point of call when FTJ really needed help. If FTJ had remembered to equip our hospitals there would have been no need to fly him to RSA every now and then. The lesson for all our leaders is that fix our hospitals. Don’t be in a hurry to get medical attention abroad. You never know what happens tomorrow.

    FTJ get well soon. You’ve told Zambia you did not steal. Come back and proof in in court.

  15. #14,Chilumba. Do you mean to tell me that an impeachment can not take place,how come parley wanted to impeach FTJ whilst he was still in power?

  16. A lot of people on this forum have said that prosecuting Chiluba is a waste of valuable time and national resources. I can see that point of view and I respect it. However, people are tired and they have had enough. At a time when countries in Asia and South America are getting richer, Africa is getting poorer. Life expectance, literacy rates and poverty have all worsened. Chiluba and his ‘friends’ stole a lot money, but that is not the full story – he is arrogant, unrepentent, extravagant and heartless. We must remember that Kaunda is not being persued simply because although he did a lot of wrong and made a lot of mistakes, he did those things in the mistaken belief that he was doing the right thing for the country. On the other hand, Chiluba knew that he was breaking the law but he also believed that he was above the law. You cannot make exceptions. In future LPM and George Kunda will also need to explain why they wanted to discontinue Bulaya’s case. Remember Sokoni’s letter?

  17. Kayata, FTJ was losing popularity exponentially when he was to be impeached…Some peopel where even willing to pump some copper nails in his small head if he insisted to continue with the third term foolishness.The sooner he dies the better..after all he is 64 yrs old, Zed Life Expectancy is lower than 40. How many would have been saved if UTH was well funded. How many lives where lost by him firing us Doctors when we demanded for good working envirolment and tools for befit of our patients.
    He knew JOZE(Joberg) would be there for him..Now he is in AMALUSHI–UTH which he never supported. Let the burger die

  18. #18,Chitapankwa.In any society,for life to balance,there has to be poor and rich people.So is the case with Africa,if it became rich,how will the rest of the world know that they are rich,it is important that Africa remains poor,so the rest of the world can know that they are rich.
    #19,HK. You see the problem with African politics is we react only when we are affected, and thats what Zambian politician’s are like.

  19. It seems that this forum has turned to be a Chiluba discourse.Let the man fully recover and then he can stand trial.Some of your comments here is wishful thinking. Remember the ZCBC,Mwaiseni,UBZ, and the vigilantees all under the shackles of KK.Chiluba’s regime brought change to the social sector.LPM is just doing theings that Chiluba started.It is the same party.ACC and DEC were instituted by FTJ.Open your eyes and see. “Mutasha fili mukanwa”

  20. Hold yur emotions. No need for hysteria. Chiluba is a sick man but he is also facing criminal charges of transfering millions of dollars to a boutique in France among others. How can any decent person say charging a criminal does not change things? Let the doctors do their job and let justice take its course right to the end so that he proves his inocence. Its alright to pray for any sick man but not to condemn the system of justice in the same breath. I wish Chiluba quick and complete recovery to face the termerity of the law. I also wish him success in defending himself.

  21. #17,Kayata,I stated that unless there is a rebellion amongst MMD MPs who shifts their loyalty and this what happened in FTJ’s case, he fell out of favour with most of his MPs, another example where numbers carry weight was the impeachment process for Clinton after his adultery case.As long as the marjority are from the ruling party anything against their leader is far fetched.
    and for#18 you are contradicting yourself to explain both scenarios of KK vs FTJ, a sin is a sin irrespective how it is committed,KK got away with it because people were brainwashed and had their freedoms curtailed but today everyone is awake,Kuku,Ba joze inclusive to see that someone has committed a crime and this is the level of development in both awareness and understanding ,which was not the case in KK’s time.He had hench men like Kamalondo,Sikasula etc who worshiped him day and night,they would say anything to impress this master.We are now one step ahead in comprehending things around us.

  22. Ba Hk, is it tru nimwe ba DOCTOR. Your vocabulary is not indicative of the profession you profess to be in. Uchinje

  23. How can you thank someone who has stolen and is arrogant about it. its totally absurd. The issue is chiluba’s court tricks, please see headline above. comparisons with levy or kk are clearly out of question here.

  24. #23,Chilumba.Now thats the biggest problem,why should only a rebellion cause a President to be “impeached”?
    In America,they wanted to nail Bill,for refusing on some actions and they took Monica to him.National interest at stake,but our politician’s it’s a different scenario.

  25. Zambia overwhelmed by free health care
    As the World Health Organization reports that poor countries need an extra 4m health workers, the BBC’s Said Penda reports from Zambia, one of the worst affected countries.
    Despite the lack of doctors and nurses, clinics in rural areas have started offering free health care starting this week, thanks to savings that have come through debt relief but the clinics have been overwhelmed by the demand.

    Nurses are dealing with ever-increasing numbers of patients
    Miria Mware is waiting on a bench outside the consulting room at Kafue hospital, her eyes red with tears.

    “I’ve been here more than eight hours and I still haven’t managed to see a doctor.”

    In rural areas like Kafue, 45 km south of the capital, Lusaka, “doctor” can mean simply a nurse.

    Miria Mware’s situation is not the result of free health care, but it does illustrate the problems that can result when millions of poor people, who in the past were unable to go to hospital, arrive at rural clinics.


    In Kafue district, there are only seven doctors for a population of more than 250,000, says Dr Mwila Kaunda Lembalemba, who is in charge of health services in the district.

    Dr Lembalemba is optimistic that the health services will be able to deal with the greater case load
    “It’s true that it’s a difficult challenge, particularly because of the shortage of health personnel,” he says.

    “We operate with 50 to 60% of the staff we need, but we’re doing everything to relieve the shortfall,” he says.

    Most Zambians, particularly those in the countryside, are still unaware that they can now seek free health care.

    Only 300m from Kafue hospital, a teenage mother who was harvesting maize knew nothing about free treatment.

    But others do know. “Turnout has been exceptional since Monday – it’s people who weren’t coming before because they had no means of paying: often it’s the poorest of the poor,” Dr Safare of Kafue hospital told the BBC.

    “We risk becoming overwhelmed as soon as everyone in the countryside learns that it’s already free,” Dr Safare says.


    A Heath Ministry official, who did not want to be named, expressed similar fears: “Under the pressure of the flood of patients who are going to take the opportunity of free health care, health personnel risk giving patients less time and less attention, putting quantity ahead of quality.”

    The government is trying to encourage new nursing recruits
    But Dr Lembalemba does not share these worries, believing the Zambian government is working in good faith and that “the measures that have been taken are a cause for optimism”.

    He points to measures taken by the government in the last few years, either to keep health workers in the profession, or to recruit new staff.

    Yet the figures do not encourage optimism. The country has one doctor for every 14,000 people, as compared with one in 600 in the United Kingdom, for example.

    In a country that is home to 11m people, there are only 600 doctors, 24 pharmacists and not a single psychiatrist.

    In July last year, Zambia secured $4bn in debt relief during the G8 summit at Gleneagles in the United Kingdom.

    According to a World Health Organization official who is in the country to mark World Health Day on 7 April:

    “If a good part of the money that Zambia was having to pay in debt repayments is effectively invested in health, the country can meet the enormous challenge that it faces in delivering free care.”

  26. #26,kayata,democracy sounds simple from its definition but is a complex subject in its application.Impeachment comes in because something has grossly gone wrong and it takes courageous persons to spearhead it,you see most of the guys we appoint to be MPs are chancers not that they have will,desire and principle to serve the people, if this notion was greatly appreciated,Presidents would be made to sweat to maintain this loyalty amongst their followers but the opposite is what we see especially in Africa.Its like everything is owed to the President and not the people who voted for them.I wonder if these MPs consult with their electorates on matters of governance.
    The wonderful example is Obama in USA who put his foot down during the Iraq war and what goes on in the house of commons, people must come first before your own.
    Sorry bloggers we have digraced abit but we are back to the FTJ crisis.What is happening to our Smith day of judgement in Zambia

  27. In a country that is home to 11m people, there are only 600 doctors, 24 pharmacists and not a single psychiatrist. with this shameful statistics we are busy wasting energy for issues we do not improve our lives,shame for those who support regimes blindly

  28. #28,Chilumba,Democracy is simple,what i believe is difficult is the way we fail to change with time especially on the side of our culture.Leadership in our culture has it that we owe our obedience to the ruler (chief,headman,king) as we see with the Litunga and others worst still was Shaka.And through that,is how it has extended now to political office.In the homes, everyone should oblige to the head of the house(father).

  29. What we yearn to see in our nation. We yearn to see a nation that is self governed and that freely shapes its own destiny. Although, we are not an island, we can collaborate with others but to shape our own destiny is imputed into ourselves. No other person from outside, strictly speaking, will build Zambia for us but ourselves although, understandably, friends can assist. To see ourselves quarrel goes further to reinforce the stereotype that Africans cannot solve matters amicably but always kill one another! We often “kill” friends’ innovative ideas; we kill those that we see are doing well and never would want to see our friend rise! This we need to change if we are to be a great people, we are. We stone to death our own heroes! The ones we applauded and appreciated only the other day, we kill today! We “killed” Kalusha! We “killed” KK! We are “killing” Sondashi formula!” And we are “killing” Frederick! If all these people hailed from elsewhere, I am sure they could still be our heroes! Our victory will begin to show when at the table of brotherhood we finally choose to sit that our knowledge freely we may share. Our triumph will begin when we begin to appreciate one another’s differences and to complement one another’s weaknesses with our strengths. That is teamwork. That is the reason why it takes the goalkeeper, the defenders, the strikers, the coach and possibly the supporters to win a game. This we must recognize as Zambians. This we must live and die for and we shall never be the same as a nation.

  30. I have lived in the USA for 10 years. We have powerful people who defrauded others or the government. All of them have faced justice with no exceptions and others are serving jail terms. Its shocking to read people suggesting Chiluba should be let free because its a waste of time. This is a dangerous foolish thinking. In the USA, wheather you are healthy or not does not matter as long as you a suspected criminal. Wake up Zambians, thats why some of us dont want to come back home because of this foolish thinking. Remember justice delayed is justice denied for Chiluba and the people he stole from.

  31. #29,Silvester many thanks for this update and its a sorry state of affairs, but share it with your fellow Dr HK#19.His mind has been overtaken with emotions and his great hate for FTJ and is on the bench like Miria Mwere at Kafue Hospital.Drs are the most remorseful people on earth because of the nature of their job.Am getting worried with the receiption HK gives his patients unless he found himself in a wrong career,may be his call is at Zambia Police or ACC.
    #28,Kayata yes partly to blame, is our culture and partly our own personalities.We find it difficult to adapt to change and this is what is leading us down in growing our young democracies.Leaders must always be servants of their followers not Masters of their subjects

  32. Iwe#15 you are calling your self Hey,Leka ukulota finshi ulesabaila? Kalwalile uko! you stone hearted.What do you know about sufering?

  33. #32, wht you are bringing on the fora is in retrospect,things have moved miles?Are you aware that Judgement in a civil case was passed by QC Smith?That formed phase one of the jurisdiction, what is remaining now is twinning this judgement with our incompetent courts to move on to phase 2.Dont write of out emotion,you will be left behind if you dont update yourself with latest happenings.Its this 2nd phase we are all anxiously waiting for and hence our solidarity in prayer for FTJ to quickly recover and see the end of this judgement.
    Coming back home, my dear home is home unless you have financially secured yourself and your family up there otherwise your choice of returning must not tie you down because of FTJ’s misdemenours.Wish you luck in the USA

  34. #32,saw5, In the US and A,the Enron saga and many financial scandals,have been witnessed in which we all know that partially their Govts are to blame. But do the people complain,or wait and see.?Thats the direction or position that we want Zambia to be in,the arms of govt should operate freely.So,to ensure justice in time,since you’re aware of how systems there operate,it’d be nice if you implemented it in Zambia too. We’d love to be in such a free judicial system.

  35. Sylverster, what has the public health system got to fear about patients flocking to crowded facilites? Would you rather have those patients die at home?

  36. At least we should be informed what disease our beloved former President suffers from. When LPM was rushed to UK, The nation was briefly informed, he had a mild stroke. Or else like many others, i ll conclude
    that maybe fyakulya ubushiku, filetulila kumalushi. If thats the case he may as well join hands with Winston Zulu and be a good citizen for once and save lives he neglected. Who knows, i might even forgive.

  37. At least we should be informed what disease our beloved former President suffers from. When LPM was rushed to UK, The nation was briefly informed, he had a mild stroke. Or else like many others, i ll conclude
    that maybe fyakulya ubushiku, filetulila kumalushi. If thats the case he may as well join hands with Winston Zulu and be a good citizen for once and save lives he neglected. Who knows, i might even forgive him.

  38. #19 HK, are you a really doctor? sorry didn’t know that you work for Dr Vongo, then it’s ok. But try to improve your English Dr HK next time.

  39. #37 Francis you missed the point Sylvester is trying to put across,itsnot about the problem that has been caused by free medical services but the inadequate health personnel to attend to these people because all our decision makers efforts and minds have been swayed into areas that can be dealt with not as urgent matters but along side urgent issues like health falicility provision.One such area to mention is the fight against corruption and the desire to see results overnight at the expense of other developmental issues.

  40. Kayata, nabwelako ku UTH, awe bamudala balifye bwino,your prayers you guys are doing miracles,I was with other Kaponyas like Willie Nsanda,Nakawala,etc and Born Rich umwaice acendesha uleta non GMO fruits from TeKa,nomba uyu mwaice HK nakonkanyapo ifyabukopo napali iyi page?Ba Joze bushe kanshi were are you?This boy HK must be haunted with some unknown spooky, now I gather he is a medical doctor?I cant believe it,tone down HK mwaice and use a language like Sylvester.Abauletuka bafyashi babanobe,pamo noyu Mala#39 &#40 bushe mwatula kwisa baice imwe ababula umucinshi?Nasakama the kind of Doctors UTH is producing,these are the chaps who extract blood from dead corpses to go and sell to insecure wives(Kabotolo) or Satanists in Kabwe.HK cinja pakukula tapalila ingoma

  41. #20 Kayata. You are not seriously suggesting that Africa’s poverty is some sort of self sacrifice that the people of Africa have willingly signed up to in order to bring balance to the world economic system? The truth is that we as Africans have low standards. We are willing to tolerate graft and appalling behaviour from our politicians. In contries like the UK politicians have been forced to resign when it has emerged that they have been sending their children to private schools. This is because it shows that they have no confidence in government schools. In Zambia not only do our policians show lack confidence in UTH, but we as tax payers even pay for them and their relatives to be treated abroad while our women and children die from lack nurses and doctors. People, including politicians, will only respect the law if the consequences of breaking the law are severe. As I said before, even LPM’s anti-corruption drive is selective and he will be made to explain in the future.

  42. #19, Dr HK, I think Chiluba fired you for the following reasons:
    1. you English is bad
    2. incompetence
    3. chickness
    5. insubordination
    6. lack of ethics
    7. no morals
    8. poor judgement
    9. you’re stiff necked
    10. may be stupid

    I don’t know how many patients you killed with that temper of yours.

  43. JOb #34, I certainly do not know anything about self inflicted suffering and i wouldnt want to sympathise with it.
    You must learn that stealing is wrong, i know in your culture its probably NOT and thats how you find it amusing and reward it.
    Yes, praying and Insulting do not go together, so choose which one you want to be doing on this blog.Except dont do both.

  44. #46You know youngman when you find annoying comments on the blog english becomes irrelevant,you express yourself in a language you are comfortable with.Even in the olden times people spoke in tongues not like (gk,HK and yours)and they were able to communicate.Atleast you read the comment and has answered in way most comfortable with you.I give you credit for that,Am actually the blog assistant monitor to BaJoze(Bajoze,Kayata,Kuku) in that order.So educate your friends on the need to regulate their choice of words especially if directed at the former Head of state.Bad habits die hard baice bandi.A leopard doesnot hide its spots.

  45. #48,who are your friends?Kanshi baice mukakula lilali?
    I ahve just told in#48 to choose appropriate words and you are doing completely opposite?Crucify who and what basis?Mala make a difference dont be like HK.We are waiting for the interpretation of the queens consel(QC)Smith in our Zambian courts its either FTJ is declared bankrupt or assests are recovered from wherever and what the anti fraud squad of UK have done so far on Der Meer ( Madibas lawyer)who is co jointly charged.Eifyo mwaice Mala learn something stop day dreaming

  46. some of us are truly fu*ked up in our heads but you’ll never here us use GOD’S name in vain.
    niggaz, shoti is making you stupid again.
    use you prayers for something else.

  47. By the way, I’m also a doctor.
    a LOVE DOCTOR just like your main man F.T.J. the only difference between us is that I’m taller, darker, and more handsome than him.

  48. philip, mercy, lisa and lilly.

    king Luca$ is drunk, but you can’t blame him. can you?

    its friday night eJozie ziyawa

  49. From USA again. My brothers and sisters the other thing we need to consider is updating and revising our current criminal laws. Remember upon assuming power Chiluba ablished SITET so that he could steal unoticed. Some of the laws date back to the pre-independence era. I am so happy to have seen the laws amended to severly punish child defilers in Zambia. Good job to all who advocated for this change. I also happen to be a former OP and I know where Chiluba took most of the money. The problem is with the current laws, so outdated and not able to deal with the latest computer related crimes. Greetings my fellow countrymen.

  50. Come on Kuku..English is not my first Language and I will never speak or write it as a native.. I stopped learning English at G 12 which I barely passed..English is not a pre-requiste to earn a Degree in Human Biology and Medicine and Surgery ..
    A doctor is not a slave but a worker just like an economist or Engineer when money is concerned.. The differnece is he/she deals with all kinds of humans, Dead or Alive…Chiluba’s diagnosis is the easiest any silly intern Doctor can do..Lift the charges..Chiluba will be running the street and possibly grab another man’s wife.

  51. Firstly HK you have no moral right to proclaim and determine who should die and who shouldn’t.You have never created life and l doubt saved any.From your language l can tell that you are not a medical doctor because your tone fits in the range of Koponyas and a minibus conductors.Chiluba,however,bad hearted you may think he is,and deserves health care and love which he denied many.Two wrongs will NEVER make a right.So pliz drHK never condemn people to death,for the Judgement you pronouce to others will be given to you.My guess is you do not want the latter to happen to you.Respect other people and you too, will be respected.

  52. How can a fellow doctor,be saying things like “even a silly intern can make such a diagnosis”.Truly you are a disgrace to Zambia and the medical profession and that is why in my earlier submission l doubted your credentials.You should read and acquire knowledge on work ethics….you moron!!!.

  53. #59 Mala mwaice wandi nacicelela ku chipatala nasanga satana umo pa blog alenjeba ati I like sleeping why should I stop writing at 22hrs.Awe our FTJ is recuperating and doing well.Mwaice Mala am sure you are neighbours with HK why dont talk to his wife over is unbecoming behaviour on this blog?Doesnt he know that Clinton and Jimmy carter visit this site?Alefwaya bakatampe ukututana aid mulndu wafikopo kwati HK?
    elo futi#59 unknown na Chi Banda#60 finshi mwacilya akacelo?Chi Banda waba fikoswe mu cabin,those rats you are eating in your cabin will give you plague ,come on Chi Banda ifimenso ububi.Mala mwaice contribute something better not like HK.This chap HK if at all he is a doctor he must have forged the credentials.How dare he calls interns silly??????
    Any way lessons are being arranged by Ba chilumba to teach these drug addicts HK and Hagler Citizenship lessons,I think Hk has gone too far.

  54. #61, Kuku mwa iche,
    Why did you have to report to #59 Mala over your sleeping early? Was I telling lies? If Mala does the same, then I understand why Ndola is developing in a reverse way. Go and get an over night licence and start practicing.

  55. 59&60 you should learn manners,if you dont have anything to contribute to this blog just do something else rather than insulting Bembas.And you ka Banda your english grammer is so poor.You should try to concentrate when your high school teacher is teaching.Any way,since you are still going to school i cant blame you,coz you dont know much about nation afairs.

  56. #63, Job, In reference to #34 and #63, I feel you are a mad person. You warrant not to make any contribution on this blog but to only read the sense that we are contributing. Your personality tells me that you can not appreciate others but confrotation. If you are a bemba, I wish to retaliate that both #59 and #60 are right and I would urge them to educate you beyond what they did. Foolish man.

  57. #63, Job, In reference to #34 and #63, I feel you are a mad person. You warrant not to make any contribution on this blog but to only read the sense that we are contributing. Your personality tells me that you can not appreciate others but confrotation. If you are a bemba, I wish to retaliate that both #59 and #60 are right and I would urge them to educate you beyond what they did. Foolish man icluding Kuku and Mala.

  58. HK #55. To say that Chiluba denied health to the people is to speak not the truth. Having worked in the Ministry of Health the time of President Chiluba I witnessed great strides in medicine acquisition, cleanliness in hospitals, and staff enumerations especially during Mr. Sata as the Minister of Health. I note with regret that Dr. HK’s contributions does not befit a learned person that society expects him to be and unfortunately makes any patient be wary to be under his care. I have great respect for our UNZA School of Medicine but it appears you are failing us in as far as morals and ethics of our great institution is concerned. Your hatred, reactionary outbursts and judgment further enforces the fact that being educated does not necessary mean being wise. This is the reason why the Bible prods people to ask for wisdom as Solomon did and this would make us complete. I wish you and your patients the best.

  59. #27, Silvester Mwanza,
    I regeret to say that I never read your article because it was too long for me though the topic appeared to be essential. The approach had no tactic. Learn to summarise issues. If I had been on the panel of short listing for a job, I would have sent your letter to the trash bin at a glance. people have no time to waste on long articles. I managed to read 20 articles which time I could have spent only on your article. Watch out and resend a summarised copy of your item..

  60. #65,Hippototomous ,i cant even go any further,just your name one can even tell that your head is not up to date.You are just an internet user wanna be.If this is the first time you are learning on how to use the net,emulate from what other guys’ educating comments, not those rubbish,stinking comments.Is that what you are taught by your parents to insult other tribes.If you really come from a descent family,you cant comment like that .Am sure even your parents cant allow such a lunguage.Anyway “an apple dont fall far away from the tree” This has to do with your family back ground. You are a foolish,mad tribalist indeed!!!

  61. Let us refrain from making comments about tribes and ethinc related.I know how it happened in Rwanda,hence my humble advice to the learned forum is let us stick to issues at hand and debate intellecutally as WE ARE ALL ZAMBIANS WITH A COMMON TARGET.

  62. its a preverage for the Lusaka times to give people an oppotunity to leave comments, on ways to improve on issues affecting our country.But its a pity to learn that people are mis using this blog. Guys lets leave educating comments on this blog.

  63. #69,K95
    Have you just woken up? Wash out that hunger over of your dreams before posting anything on this blog. Ethinicity has got nothing to do with the way you are taking it. The bembas and ngonis have a cousin joking relationship. Are you telling me you are 2 years old that you do not about this for you to start talking about Rwanda. What common target do you have as Zambians which has no room for jokes. Hopless man.

  64. #69,K95
    Have you just woken up? Wash out that hang over of your dreams on your face before you start posting anything on this blog. Ethinicity has got nothing to do with the way you are taking it. The bembas and ngonis have a cousin joking relationship. Are you telling me you are 2 years old that you do not know about this for you to start talking about Rwanda. What common target do you have as Zambians which has no room for jokes. Hopless man.

  65. You Bembas are my mbuyas & most of u are truly good at tricking others but chiluba’s case should not divide us, I really cant imagin how zed would be whithout you guys.
    and yes, thank you very much, the population of monkeys is shrinkin in chirundu. farming isnt as risky as it used to be.

  66. #75, Lucas
    Being a love Doctor, I wish to know how much you know about Saki. A man I take to be a seller out who sold his collegue Sata during the tripartite elections. Do you think he is a right man to make any comment on Chiluba this time around? He also has bruises of corruption but he has already forgotten. May be he has moved from living in a glass house for him to start throwing stones.

  67. #62,64,65,67,71,I thot you were a priveldged learned man?why do want to behave like HK?Go in the archives and read all contributions by Dr. HK .This chap is very shrewed and unrepententant in his presentations, I take it he has grown up like that.Ifyamba fyena alapepa uyu HK.I dont want you to get carried away and lose your senses.
    Nkataboy ,my advice to you, have you seen what FTJ is going through today?Its because of a woman(Vera)this woman sold alot of information to Levy and there is no way FTJ can escape.So if you have extra income in your Zamtroop account dont tell your wife mwaice wandi banamayo ni nsoka balapilibuka kwati nimukashimi.Keep priveledged info to yourself no matter how much you love your wife,this must be a lesson to you.
    Ichi unkown #76 icimugolegole cifuma ku RSA chilefwaya chitupange busy.Disclose your i.d us in Zambia are honest people who work normal hours not 24/7 like you are made of steel.you are the cahps engaged in child labour.

  68. hey#76 i didnt know that you are my mbuya from Easten.I thought its one of these rwandanes tribalists.Dont forget to passby my place i just killed a rat.Good day!

  69. Whatever people are saying, I am so much happy that the condition of the former President has improved. May God guide all those that wished him well during this trying moment. Continue doing the same even to other people, let it be Dr. kaunda, Levy Mwanawasa and any other person. As some literature says “you have been created in God’s image” Therefore, let this come to an end by letting the former president represent himself other than the beakering we are getting from various categories of people.

  70. We expect LPM to be more merciful because he knows how diseases work. He has had three occasions of serious illnesses. Do you remember how he was rushed to London after that stroke? It seems he has not considered that when he is mistreating Chiluba. LPM wanted Chiluba to go alone to RSA with Regina.

    Sata is right when he says LPM wants to inflict maximum pain.

  71. Hey! kuku,job,anony..,luca$ etc hold your fire and stop insulting each other palwangala katyetye. Talking about mercy, fake zambian #80 do you know how many sickly and terminaly ill criminals and accused persons are in prisons right now? whats so special about FTJ. Should he be found wanting, justice will take its course and no one will stand in its path, not even you fake one. What do you know about mercy? Did you know that God is merciful? And that he’ll still punish unrepentant souls like you and FTJ. So just keep quiet if you have got nothing to contribute.

  72. #81, Mala,
    Who tells you we are insulting each other. We are merely advising one another. Shut up if you have nothing to contribute.

  73. Say whatever you want to say Kuku.CHiluba does not have a chronic heart disease. His HIV diagnostic is questionable..The man is on ARV’s and it is still State secret bit at the rate we are going, we shall soon get publication about his LIFESTYLE DISEASE.

  74. #82 You seem to be a hysterical, reactional, quarrelsome dude. Maybe that explains why you are anonymous. Do you know who i am? ask your friend kuku. I have shares in this blog and if you aggrivate me further, i’ll take the ball(ichimpombwa) and you will have nothing to play.

  75. #82, mala,
    What is wrong with you bemba chaps? When are you going to grow? Get your shares and I will end up buying all to monopolise the ownership. I do not need to know who you are. You are just one of the young bemba chaps whose name is not even Mala. Tommorrow I will give you my real name. How does one get to be known? One has first to jump on nearly everyone’s toe. At least I have a rough idea of the people I am dealing with now. You will see more of my useful contribution in the coming topics. Good afternoon cousin. Greet Ka Kuku as well. And tell him to stop sleeping carelessly.

  76. #85 l knew it, you got no respect for other tribes, worse you are insulting even ba kuku. You are lucky internet cafes are closed today, he,ll defend himself tommorrow. Seriously get a name for yourself and start debating intelligently. I wont sell my shares, i will just put a blazing tyre round you neck if you continue annoying me.



  78. #84,85 Mala mwaice ulishani lelo? Iwe chi unknown, ninkubika mu cabinet but change your id ulimpofu sana.
    How can you say Iam still sleeping when I was busy drafting my first cabinet in 2011?
    First iwe chi#85, I went to church so that FTJ can receive the holy spirit,today is PENTECOST DAY when Jesus Apostles received muzimu woyera(holy spirit),not mizimu yamene ili ku eastern province yamu cinyau.Mulifikopo sana mweba ku eastern province that is why Levy keeps singing the same lalabais when its vote time and you believe him.Us serious men we are busy inveting power stations when you are busy be fooled ati Katete is corruption free and yet you buy passports and title deeds where to farm rats.Chi unknown wapusuka sana Am very busy drafting office bearers for 2011,Oct 18.Find time to send me mail for people you think are of great intellect not Dr HK, this must be finalised by August 2007.Instead of going to run those brothels(24/7) spare some time and rethink the names

  79. O those wishing well ate & dined with him
    wishing u the slowest recovery ever wished on man
    kind be strong for the up coming case good luck
    thief you need it.

  80. Let`s get things right Zambia was not meant 4 bembas
    alone is it still hurting that levy is in power well
    he has done a very good jod,tough luck hope the next is not from the north.

  81. Let him get well soon so that he may face the justice of the courts. We are sick (sic) and tired of him hiding behind illnesses that I suspect are as a result of over-indulgence from ill-gotten proceeds of corruption.


    We have no power to take your life,only the GOD that you serve and the one that created can do so.But we can only hope and trust that justice has to be done.THE DEAD STAY DUMB.So the more life you have,the more hope of us getting our money back.

  83. Any one who has stidied psychology of learning will know that students who are not prepared for an exam will complain of all sorts of ailments and sicknesses once they know that exams are near. They are afraid of the results of the exam……

    This is exactly what is happening to Chiluba, despite the brave face he puts up the short man is gravely frightened.Hence feigning sickness just before his medical assesment on Monday.What timing…

    He seems to have run out of delaying tactics..
    The wheels of Justice grind slowly but the grind.

    O how the mighty have fallen.

  84. Its a pity that FTJ is unwell. no doubt this has been brought on by the stress of facing the wrath of the law. admittedly it is not a pleasant thing and coupled with his already ill health makes it almpost unbearable. these are lessons to all of us, we need not experience such situs to learn. i urge FTJ to be strong and bask in the support of those that are ready to give it to him-like abena kuku.


    But lets pray all is put inorder until justice is attained.

  86. I think $59 & #60 are Satanist. but my dear tawakamukwashe umu Bemba. Whether u like it or not he supreme over all you, thats the fact.

  87. I think $59 & #60 are Satanist. but my dear tawakamukwashe umu Bemba. Whether u like it or not he supreme over all you, thats the fact. Especial iwe chi Joseph Banda uluchikopo sana. Just go and crop yr kwindis at home be4 u stave to dead.

  88. I did not see comment #59 and #60 until now,please ladies and gentlemen coming after me,kindly DO NOT RESPOND TO THE HOGUES as they want to divert the whole attention of this.Am not Bemba,but in NO WAY can I term Bembas like that.These 2 have a hidden agenda.They are failures.Not in modern Zambia.

    At this point I can support Ba JOZE ,where he called ANONYMOUS ati IWE CHI UN KNOWN.

  89. #5. Kelvin M
    You sound mature and wise. Chiluba must recover quickly

    1. Because as a person, good health is what he needs.
    2. so that he can face justice (conviction for what he did and aquital for what he did not do)

    Richard went through the process and is now a free man.

  90. nolo apole alalwa futi,its beter this so called fight against corruption be directed to the people who are misapropriating funds in government.LPM has stated that govt has lost money, what is he doing about it if he is fighting corruption bcoz this corruption is more than chilus works

  91. hahahahahaaaa!! Kafupi is a crook and you guys believe he collapsed!! never…he was scared of facing the Docs.TJ is ok and very well.let him appear in court.we want justice to prevail.the pipo that died due to ur poor policies.depression and stress were unknown things in our Zedian society…You deserve to be at Mukobeko clinic and prison.

Comments are closed.

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