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I will not take a populist approach, Mwanawasa

Headlines I will not take a populist approach, Mwanawasa

President Mwanawasa says he would not adopt a populist approach in addressing issues of national importance.

Mr Mwanawasa says he will work hard in order to promote national interest  and
develop the economy.

Mr Mwanawasa  said he has no intention  of adopting a leadership approach that would
give short term benefits and create long term economic misery to the people.

”I could very easily engage in populist behaviour by doing things that would make
you people happy today and sorry tomorrow,” he said.

Mr. Mwanawasa  further advised people to continue working hard in order to sustain
the economic achievements that the country has attained.

And President Mwanawasa has  thanked the people of Petauke for supporting him and
MMD government in last’s year general elections.

He said the support given to his administrations was due to the commitment shown by
the government through  improvements in the economy.

Mr. Mwanawasa however advised the people of Petauke not to listen to lies  from
opposition leaders.

He said some opposition leaders promise better living standards to the people, when
they failed to provide services when they were in the government.

He said he will personally not require so many years to start delivering better
services to the people saying 10 years is adequate to deliver services.

He told the meeting that  the second term of his office will be dedicated to  implementing developmental projects in order to fully achieve the vision of developing the country.

President Mwanawasa letter held a closed door meeting with traditional leaders.

The president was speaking on arrival at Petauke  boarding school grounds this morning.

President Mwanawasa  is in Petauke  to drum up support for  the MMD candidate,
Fashion Phiri in the June 5 Kapoche Parliamentary by elections.


  1. Levy is trying to prove and leave a Legacy of good governance and listening to the cries of the people.But Making such prononcements on a campaign platform makes the statement ill timed and just to make us believe that it is true. MMD will be in power for 20 yr by the end of 2011. The people have cried and no one listened.We are almost approaching half way in to LPM’s last tenure without the national cake being shared equally.

  2. #1,Kelvin, FTJ once said,”MMD will rule for 50 years and everyone thought he was refering to himself because he had said power is sweet”

  3. Is this vision clear to see the on coming Zion train? Or LPM is on the rails without seeing the approaching train?Our leaders are very elusive.He told us about the 5th NDP but has not explained how this will be done, the tools ,the resources and indeed the time frame.This man has almost 3years left, he has wasted 7years chasing stealing civil servants and finding none except his allies,relatives and FTJ, so what is he telling you easterners?Mwalishishita sana mwebantu imwe,no wonder Cifire is Deputy Minister of Sports

  4. This is a problem with our african leaders, LPM thinks he is intelligent when he is not, he talks too much on camapign rallies and airports.

    You remember the national Indaba? he talked a lot about this but nothing has happened.

    Easteners wake up? How can Angela accept such a low position?

  5. LPM should not play to the gallery with his cosmetic talk. Look, Levy you were in Chama during the 2001 elections and promised those people electricity connectivity to the district from Malawi. The Malawian authorities have done their work and brought the lines up to the border. You havent done anything on the Zambian side. Now you are promising the easterners through the byelection in Kapoche of cattle restocking, cattle drugs and other heavens on earth. Look critically at the manner you apportion the national cake among the nine provinces. It is not fair you collect taxes from people of Eastern province in their province and develop Kabulonga, Woodlands, Parklands, Northmead, etc.

    People of the east and Kapoche to be specific do not be cheated by LPM ‘s twisted mouth that would say one thing and do exactly the opposite.

    Be careful…..

  6. He refers (though he didnt the guts to say it) to, among other items, enacting a sensible people-based constitution that the MMD had hijacked in 1995 as a populist idea. Sick.
    He already has had 6 of the 10 years he’s referring to and has achieved very, very little (check all the UN indicators). Coming in on the end of a restructured economy and massive donor (including chinese) money is not as difficult as doing what his predessors had to face!

  7. there is nothing that LPM has done & will do.he has totally failed to win the famous fight againt corruption.now that he has 4 years to go what is he going todo.

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