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London judgment on Dr. Chiluba a merit to the fight against corruption – Harrison

Headlines London judgment on Dr. Chiluba a merit to the fight against corruption...

British High Commissioner to Zambia Alister Harrison says the London High Court judgment on Zambia’s Second Republican President Dr. Frederick Chiluba is a merit to the fight against corruption.

Mr. Harrison says the judgment serves as a reminder to all that corruption has grave consequences.

The British envoy further says the fight against corruption should not be left to
President Levy Mwanawasa and government alone, but should be the concern of every citizen.

He told the Zambia News and Information Services in Lusaka today that if left
unchecked, corruption could negate national development.

Mr. Harrison has since said it is imperative that the judiciary world-wide is free
from political interference and strives to settle court cases as quickly as

London High Court Judge Peter Smith found Dr. Chiluba of  liable of having embezzled over US$41 billion public funds and has since been ordered to pay back  85 percent of the funds.



  1. Chiluba should be allowed to logoff of yet on life’s website till he settles the debt. Please doctors apply even if using artificial lungs and heart. Its not yet time to leave.

  2. After all Chiluba hired Scotland Yard to investigate Kaunda. Is Scotland Yard based in Chilenje? The court rulling came from where he got Scotland Yard investigators -UK. So the outcome is valid as was the case with Kaunda. Nkwasha vu baba

  3. Okay, The British you did your part and now leave it to us to do our part. We gave you a mandate to prosecute full stop. Stop talking about it now. We have our own ideas about the whole thing. The crdit is ours and we don’t want along the line in history to appear as though Zambia failed to adjudicate on this case.I think your comments are no longer well come.

  4. #4 Nkataboy mwaice this is very good, continue proving to me that your are leader material.I like your sense of reasoning.The fact that you no longer move with gk you thinking has become upright, keep it up.
    This Harrison chap should just shut his bearded mouth up.He is taking us back when we are 66 steps ahead,he is behaving like he has just woken up from slumber.Things have moved, had he wanted to comment he should have done it on the 7th or 8th of May as for now there is new angle to the curvature
    Well done Nkataboy, but continue teaching your friends gk and HK, Hagler about good blog manners

  5. #4, Kuku, thank you for your comment. I hope you are enjoying yourself in Ndola. His excellency Harrison is talking about something in retrospect. Above all, I would love at this juncture that as Dr. Chiluba and others are paying back according to the judgement of Judge Smith, let the British also pay back what they got from Zambia. It is a pity because when you look at Lusaka city you will find that it can not march Harare. Meanwhile copper was coming from Zambia which developed Harare to that magnitutude. If Harare as a transit point developed like that, what of the final destinantion where copper was going which is UK. Please Britain pay back what belongs to Zambia. Judgement alone is not enough.

  6. Well its only logic that one has to pay back whats not his,no matter how long you hold on to it it does not make you the owner.Dr Chiluba must pay back for his concius sake.How does he sleep when he reads the figue of people who died during his rule by curable sickness like malaria and so on due to lack of accessible medicine or those who died due to lack of food coze the fertilizer was late for 10 years? I wish him a speedy recovery. No need to cry over spilled milk,be stress free,Face your dribbling chalenge like a master dribbler,PAY THE MONEY BACK,sir!

  7. #7, Manchita,
    I agree with you that it is a matter of “logic to pay back what is not yours, not matter how long you hold on to it because it does not make you the owner”. if only the British brought back what belongs to Zambia at this time when Chiluba and others are to pay back it would make more sense. We need for example in simple terms our broken hill to be put in our Museum at Kamwala to mention but one out of a bundle of items to be returned to Zambia.

  8. #7, Manchita,
    I agree with you that it is a matter of “logic to pay back what is not yours, not matter how long you hold on to it because it does not make you the owner”. if only the British brought back what belongs to Zambia at this time when Chiluba and others are to pay back it would make more sense. We need for example in simple terms our broken hill to be put in our Museum at Kamwala to mention but one out of a bundle of items to be returned to Zambia. So you #7, do not only be one sided to pin point on Chiluba alone, look at it from a bigger picture. Wherever you came from? Out.

  9. Kuku, if Chiluba is your Uncle, hard luack for you. You will not cow us by discrediting us and our credentials. Kuku just to educate you, you are not here to censor anybody or issue persoanl attacks. The topic we are discussing is Chiluba and his cronies which I hope you are not one of them. Can you give me a logical answer on why
    1. Chiluba only crumbles when he is about to answers to his cases.
    2. Would you explain why chiluba only attended hospital at 16:30 when he collapsed in the morning.

    You dont need any experienced House(Doctor), to tell you this man is playing tricks on us and you are ther showing compassion or a liar. He keeps doing it and u keep on jumping.

    Chiluba could have fired us at UTH, but we are the ones laughing last, and we dont need Kuku to remind us to show compassion to a thief and immoral being who can lie with a bible in his hands..Dont play with God

  10. #10, HK,
    So you do not know to date why Kuku is behaving like that. He benefited from the council houses that Chiluba was dishing out on a silver plate. Above all, what do you expect from momony who resides in Ndola. Allegency to Dr. Chiluba of course. So do not lose heart. No matter what you say, Kuku is for Chiluba. He might not only have benefited from the council house but many other things as well. Where do you think he got the capital to start his business. He is not the nly one above all. All those that are exhibiting kaponya language on this blog are a bird of a feather. Try them and they will make you fall. Can’t you see how they are monopolising the blog? As if they are the only ones. Shame to you and shame to them.

  11. #HK 10,you are a fake Dr.FTJ has got a doctor, there is always that resuscitation period, this Dr Mwamba must have applied his paramedic assistance to just how things go since he has history of his patient then when he saw that there was no improvement, he saw it fit to transfer FTJ to more specialised care.Ulichikopo sana chi HK.Secondly its just a coincidence that things happen when there is a court case, you being a Dr must know that STRESS to a heart or hypertensive patient agrivates their peace and I guess FTJ always undergoes that stress EACH TIME COURT attendance comes on, this man must be dealt with delicately unless you have forgotten your medical ethics.Are sure HK you passed your medical exams?
    #11 iwe chi unknown why are hiding your i.d?Dont insult us Kaponyas we are human like you the educated the only difference is that we have more humour than some of you the learned.I believe in fairness not that Iam for FTJ, my conscious tells me that this man has been ill treated .

  12. Hi, am one of those that benefited from Chiluba’s housing on the copperbelt and the rent from that has enabled me to put my young brothers & sisters through school and the house keep providing for their day to day living. Am happy of the fact that chiluba did this move rather than give the houses to the so called investors for the little money they paid for the mines.

    This was a good act and am not ashamed to praise Chiluba for that and wont apologise for it. Yes Chiluba stole and even helped LPM with stolen money to win him his presidency. If LPM is the holy one why did he not resign and call for fresh elections that were clean. All those attacking Chiluba are doing it when it suits Them. Even KK stole ..who run ZCCM into the ground? Where did the Money for the Maureen Foundation come from. These guys had only $15 000 when they came into power and now they have all these farms.

    What we are saying is let Chiluba get well and GIVE HIM his day in Court. Give him JUSTICE

  13. COntinued..and words for this Briton diplomat. Man, if we call each other Niggers don’t get in on the act. You are an outsider. Look at your country, you have created enough sins and you continue to plunder from the poor Africans, for example an African studying in your country is made to pay 3 times education fees compared to your people..and you come here to show that that you care. Ala uko, give us a break. You have all these companies making weapons to sell to Africans to kill themselves and then show up and say let us negotiate to stop wars. Magarate Thatcher’s son last year was found guilty in SOuth Africa of supporting criminals to topple governments in Africa and today he is a free man in the UK. What do you say about that ..shame on you British. Why didn’t your best judicial system deal with him, does your law support such activities.Oh because he is British..dear me. Stay out of affairs. You have enough sins of your own to deal with.

  14. #10 HK, I urge you to do English toeff courses, otherwise you are yet to kill more patients with wrong prescriptions of medicines (like meningitis for quinine). Are you the last chaps KK sent to Russin to do medicine on the ticket of being a UNIP youth league members? I think so, coz doctors from UNZA medical school they put patients’ lives first then money second which is opposite in your case.

    Dr HK,your second question is irrelevant coz Dr Mweetwa and other cardiac specialists testify to the nation about the condition of FTJ heart of which they concluded to be resulted from stress. Which medical school did you go to? HK, M’Kulupe listed 10 pts for you and I do agree with him for you are now exhibiting them. HK, be a humanist and keep your medical ethics.

  15. #15,SamK , DR HK must be scrapped off register, hold on, he is lucky ,I have just spoken with Pauline Mbangweta and she tells me he only work with Dr Garg,that is the relief but Iam worried about the accuracy of his postmortem results.This chap is a crook and can swap results people must pay attention with their postmortem results.
    HK you were fired by FTJ because of your mischievous behaviour, who with a right frame of mind can retain such a crude half baked russian/bulgarian trained Dr?We shall make sure Dr Lambart fires you at all costs, because you are putting the professional in desrepute.

  16. Hello,
    Suprising that his excellancy finds it appropriate to comment on such an important and sensitive issue especially consedering that it has not completely been discarded of. The consequences of this deliberation are so far reaching that the mother Empire is now back in our process of governance. We are thankful for the help we recieved in handling this case however that is where the buck should stop. Democracy and jsutice should not be at the cost of soveriegnty. Anyother British official or common can say what they want but for the ambassador to be quoted by the Zambian press with such statements can be mistaken for that being an official stand of the British government. This provides FTJ with the excuse of saying the court was only serving to promote British intrest.
    Can this matter please be delt with so we can all move on.
    loadist out.

  17. Sam K #15, Kuku #16 and everyone,Forgive this “chura” called HK.These are the Doctors Swahili’s call the “baya,bichi,bovu daktari” which is “bad,miserable,nasty,unripe,bad and rotten doctor” He is fit to be a farasi(horse) or fisi (hyena) doctor.
    Those should be his patients.
    Gani Daktari? ie “What kind of doctor is he?” He does not even know the ABC of First Aid.
    Dont embarass Zambian Doctors HK? We love you but it’s better we give you a job in the Vet,but you might transfer the Mad Cow Disease to human’s considering your attitude like yo colleagues in Libya.

  18. HK,
    First and foremost, I wish to know whether you are a practicing doctor of medicine in Zambia. you are the right individual who should have guided us properly in this topic but alas you have failed us all. A similar thing happened to a certain race. Because of having similar names it was discovered that the degree in medicine that was obtained by their grand grand parent who died a long time ago was seen to be used by the current generation through fake inheritance. I hope you did not do the same as well to inherit what you did not train for at school. Beacuse doctors are held with high esteem. They follow a certain code of ethics which from your pronouncements, one can tell that you are a fake doctor and above all not even a clinical officer nor nurse.I agree with Sam K #15, Kuku #16 and #18, Kayata that we should forgive you as you do not know what you are doing.Take back that degree to wherever you stole it. Kawalala. Meanwhile, I’d like to urge my friend to refouss our topic.

  19. #4 The brits give Zambia billions of kwacha, when the money is being stolen, they have the right to speak out.
    If we don’t want them interfering with how we steal and missuse the donations, we should not accept money from them. The british and french and also nordic countries are too noisy, they want to know were every ngwee is used. Only the americans don’t look too much. We should only take money from them.

  20. Before we fool ourselves how much of donor pledges are fulfilled? Africa would be developed if truly funding were coming to Zambia. Zambia needs a Marshall plan not where clinic is built in Kalingalinga and LPM is very happy with that.

    Donors should build huge industries not a mother’s shelter at UTH and you call that help.

  21. Lets try not to look forward to and depend on handouts.
    We are a rich country. Why should we need to depend on donars building industries ? are we that usless ?.

  22. remember this was a civil matter not a criminal matter so there was no prosecution it was just a breach of f iduciary duty. criminal matters cannot be used in a civil matter so we cannot even call him a thief yet just a dihonest leader who breached the duty entrusted to him. only when the courts in zed decide the criminall matters can we refer to him as such. let as differentiate.

  23. #21,Truly Zambian, it took a public holiday and a President to open a bridge “Manda Hill Bridge”

  24. Paprika stop boring us with your half baked legal knowledge. We dont need to be told by the courts that FTJ stole. where do you think his kids used to get bundles of money. His children used to change posh cars like shirts. By the way do you know how much a new Defender or BMW costs? bought in the morning with our hard earned tax money and smashed in the afternoon by his stupid spoiled dozen.

  25. #14 well said,
    Paprika, you are missing the point.FTJ breached our trust. He is a thief. And for Alister Harrison,stay out of it.You represent the British Govt so any comments made represent those that Govt.We are beginning to think HM Govt influenced the judgement

  26. What ever it takes,what belongs to ceaser belongs to ceaser,in the name of our LORD MAY FREDRICK please give our money BACK.WE need it so much.PLEASE PLEASE.

    pLEASE fredrick bring back the MONEY you embezzled from us.

    Please DOCTORS(see CHIBAVU #2)apply all artficial life saving to save FREDRICK s life until he appologises and gives back our money.

  27. paprika is right actually. civil and criminal matters are distinct from one another. mala get off your high horse and learn from others.

  28. #27 gk, iyee naufwa uluse!!! this boy gk is sick not these common sickness but ingulu nasho shimusonda na shimakumba. plz pastors come and cast out demons from this boy before talayiposa mu Zambezi river. gk ulindoshi te?

  29. #27 JOZE,DAMN FFFF-IS YOU.Un learned,distorted,icorigible,disgruntled,uncouth,lost,all the LEAST MEANING WORDS PUT TOGETHER.


  30. #28 Genius, you dont seem to be living upto your name.Please tell us in simple terms, WHAT DID FTJ DO WITH OUR MONEY?
    Paprika you can also help “Genius” with that question

  31. #30 gk, pipo mwamona ama symptoms ya ingulu kuli gk te? kuti nayimya nemishipa kumukoshi pakusabaila alesabusha namate pakupakala. Awe, gk ulifyakubantu. you must seek doctor sansakuwa not dr HK.

    Kuku, come and see gk is sweating like a fish and smelling like pig and twisting the eyes like chameleon. mwaice dont come pa Zed coz we dont accept ndoshi ne ingulu isho wakwata shimakumba.

  32. We are fed up of these british neo-colonialists. I doubt if the zambian high commisioner to the uk is so quoted in their press. I dont even think they know him. Problem with so called donrs is that they want to hide their failures in “corruption” when infact their prescriptions were not just working perod.

  33. So there are some zambians out there who feel heftjay should go scot free and im not personally for that idea.i would rather he renders to Ceasar what belongs to ceasar.I dont see anything racist with the judgement what i infact see is a victory for Zambia’s budding democracy and this is not a Chiluba vs Mwanawase’s fight.Public resources have got to be accounted for.

  34. judge smith & your supporters mwacepa uyu ni man chilu ask KK for more info.these are survivors and unsung great actors

  35. Kafupi stole and he has to be caged now!You had your time ka chiluba!!we need proper accountability now.you thought we would never catch up with you! Kuli bonesha ta !!

  36. Surprising how an entire head of state could steal $41 billion. That is just so selfish. How can you steal so much money from people who believed in you and voted you into office. That money should be paid back without fail. It is the reasonable thing to do. Zambia is not even asking for the whole amount, just 85% of the whole amount. You should be thankful for that FTJ.

  37. …has anyone else noticed…the first 5 comments on a new page are genuine..then the insults begin!!!…perhaps the administrators can set up a page just for insults!!!!

  38. Chiluba must for once show respect to Zambians. I am aware and very angry about how my professional colleagues died in their homes due to lack of medicine in hospitals or due to lack of proper experts to attend to them. Surely, $1.2m dollars can do a lot for Zambian Schools and Hospitals. 300 suits when Chiluba never even had a bicycle during his days as a sisal cutter in Tanzania. Never even his ays as a debt collector at Atlass Copco. The ***** must just surrender the money, don’t waste courts’ time and advise his thieving mates Xavier, Attan, Stella, Katoto and co to follow suit. Mwanawasa has proved one point and that it is important to be an independent professional. Chiluba is an illiterate fool who thought memorising big words was intelligence. The fool is far from it.

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