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Sata sues Mpombo

Headlines Sata sues Mpombo

sata.jpgOpposition Patriotic Front (PF) President Micheal Sata has sued Defence Minister George Mpombo for libel in the Zambian High court.

Mr. Sata has sued Mr.Mpombo for damages contained in the Post NewsPaper dated May 18 2007 headed Zambia won’t transer Political Terrorism to Malawi on page 3 while another one headed “we wont let political misfits misbehave in Malawi” on the front of the Zambia Daily Mail.

This is contained in a writ of summons filed in the Lusaka High Court.

Mr. Mpombo is quoted as having said the government would not allow the Zambian soil
to be used by misguided politicians.

He is further quoted as having said over the past few months, there have been attempts to interfere with peace through political conduits to Malawi.

Mr. Sata claims that the ordinary and natural meaning of the words uttered by the
defendant are understood to mean that the plaintiff is a political terrorist and a bandit.

The Plaintiff also says the words means that Mr Sata had attempted to interfere with
peace in Malawi,and also involved in illicit or illegal activities in Zambia which he also attempted to extend to Malawi.

The Plaintiff also points out that the statement also attributes him as a political misfit who has no credibility to be a leader and is unpatriotic and lacks integrity by reason of his terrorist and banditry activities.

Mr. sata said these words were published to the general public who include electorates and are damaging to his character, reputation in both his private and personal capacity as well as in his political life as a president of a Patriotic party.

He claims to have suffered loss and damage because he heads a political party with a
large following in Zambia which has been brought into public scandal, odium and contempt.



  1. Haha ha! Sata is too desperate for cash after realizing that shortie and Chungu who have been bankrolling his futile divisive tribal agenda are under siege and sustained pursuit of the Global anti plunder Machinery.He has tried to leak Mugabe to supply him cash and subversive outfits being our accessible neighbor, but the consequences and odds Mugabe knows better leaves Sata and his crewless trolls hallucinating in desperations in blogs and front NGOS.

    Listen Sata trolls, as the sun rises and settles Sata and all front organisations will never taste Statehouse henceforth. They will all vanish as trolls untill Heaven come. Tolerating you to insult the people’s Government does not mean you have space to ever reign in Zambia. Year after year you are cursed to see yourselves perpetually trolling laden with insults only. That is normal, for Zambia to accommodate
    such runatics their fantasy and weird dreams aside.

    Sata is the Kadansa of our time. Kadansa ranted for 27 years so is sata.

  2. Mpombo was right on the mark. Sata went to Taiwan to mortgage our Country, hatcheted those that opposed the third term drive for the plunder.

    Having lost the cause of his sponsors from plundered resources on semptember 28 to MMD, Sata has resorted to sending emissaries across Africa in solicitation of material and logistical support to destabilize Zambia but all in vain.The civilized world will continue to watch and exchange real time information on all terrorists regardless of their locus of point.Malawi’s Muluzi has been approached for funds. Recently Given Lubinda was in Uganda ranting yet there for fund raising to destabilise Zambia.

    Thank God we have sound and dependable friendships every where.Museveni had a closed door meeting with Levy in London. He knows Sata as Zambia’s John Koni. So no apologies Hon Mpombo no apologies for terrorists and misfits. You called them by their names. No money to fund terrorists desperate to usher their terror gamble on Zambian for blood.

  3. Too late our minister without portifolio come I give you a bronze medal the silver you got last september doesnt suit you. No wonder he has survived the FTJ saga because he was always outliner. Mr.Sata what do you want to tell the nation now sueing the defense minister.Plz go and finish the project if buiding house in Chilenge south you abonded when you were local and housing minister. Instead paying a lawyer you do more good in finishing that project so that Zambians will remember you. Please dont bring us John Koni of Uganda. Behave like Gen. Tembo who asked money from south africa he admited and apologized he then quit politics and he now he is enjoying life in Zambia and is still being respected. Zambians woke up peace cannot be taken for granted. When Sata loses this case reposses all is assets.

  4. Only stupid and un cultured pipo like you paparazi and Easy can open your rotten mouth to support Mpombo a bush product like yourselves.Any opposition leader deserve respect. Levy was given millions by the Chinese govt during last years elections.Did anyone insult Levy? Deporting an opposition leader was shameful by the Malawi govt.If you think Sata will never enter plot 1 you are just hallucinating.Why do you think pipo want to change the costitution? 2001 late Mazika won but pipo like you and vj spoilled the out. Stupid shame upon you outcast. Sata teach mpombo a lesson so that he will never open his rotten mouth.

  5. Mbozi,
    Mature and sober up insults asides. What demon has been comforting you in your deception mode that Sata will ever rule Zambia? You learn to be a critical analyst then waffle.

    On Zambia Online’s Dear Mr President we had another maniac in your line of dreams called Bwana. He too was that fanatical that he could not use his head to understand politics and trends. He hallucinated too much until one MMD Spin Doctor called Bwembya appeared to take him on. It was all an interest and heated era where Bwembya started predicting developments that absolutely tallied after elections.
    That led Bwana into a serious stroke and mental lapse. Yet politics has remained. Its necessary to do a critical analysis and build your hope right.

    Take it or leave it,MMD is too sophisticated with game making mafias in the background.Sata no sophisticated to beat these guys.Bwembya just stunned me with accuracy on all he posted articles not one mismatched. That reveals we have two types of people in politi

  6. Mbozi take it easy King Cobra will never rule Zambia they will remain a small entity in Zambia because they behave like dictators. Why u fuming like this. I send the Kachepas and investgate you for your sentiement the LPM got money from China it seems you have evidence.Come new constitution we shall make clauses that parties not democratically elected shall not be allowed to take part in politics. So your PF is vanish. Sata is a failure why did he run away from MMD they say if you want to change a system fight it from within. By 2011 he will 75 years old Zambia will be then looking for new fresh blood no old. I know Mbozi you cried foul online Zambia because you wanted Sata to rule Zambia. This will not take to hell he is good at opposing everything whether good or bad so long its not coming from his mouth

  7. # 1,3,5, you seem to take Zedians for granted. UNIP was more sophisticated than MMD but once KK agreed to the constitution change the Zedians rose and made a change . The same will happen once the MMD goes with the constitution change , Sata will be the leader of Z. So Mr Sata go ahead and sue Mpombo he has no respect for the president in waiting

  8. Mr Mpombo should have been cautious when addressing Mr Sata’s issue. Mr Sata is a leader of Zambia’s main opposition party, in many democratic countries he should be on Government payroll and consulted on state issues.I believe Mr Sata is within his right to sue Mr Mpombo and the Government of Malawi. Politics of hatred should be done away with,just because someone is in the opposition does not make him an enemy

  9. Paparazi FYI Museveni is known for funding opposition parties or rebels, so if you consider him a friend you have a surprise coming your way. Sourcing for funds for countries that believe in your leadership is not a crime.Go ahead Sata and sue Mpombo,he needs to have courtesy when speaking about the leader of the main opposition party.

  10. Lets go SATA!! Lets go!!! Lets shame aKatili pliz lets do so. COME 2011 NI PABWATO nakabili PF 4 life age aint nothing only deeds count.

  11. #1 you will be surprised how things turn around in life, especially in politics. Margaret Thatcher once said South Africa Would never be led by a black man.Kaunda never imagined he would lose to Kafupi, and you will be surprised that come 2011 Sata will be in State House. #8 is right, Mpombo was careless with his sentiments in a democratic society Sata is an opposition party leader and he should be treated as such.if anything Mpombo should have been on Sata’s side when dealing with the Malawi incident.Sata is a Zambian and if mistreated in another country , the Zambian Government should stand up and protect him. I would advise Sata to go ahead and sue Mpombo for implying that Sata is a bandit and a terrorist

  12. Mpombo is in shit! You dont play with Mr President and think you can go scot free. He was given an option of apologising, but he refused. So ba president Sata continue with your good work. Sort out Mpombo now and then in 2011 set up a task force on lpm. Zambia is waiting for your good leadership. We need social and economic development and not spending ones entire term to fight pipo on a constitution and witchhunting.

    For Mpondo, true to his name let him jump up and down until he drops to his size. NIPABWATO MU 2011 BAKAAMBA!! GO SATA GO!!

  13. Paparazzi u are hallucinating too much. Do want us to ruled by mmd for another 27 yrs + 27 yrs of unip = 54 yrs of two parties will have ruled this country, why are u allerged to multi party. Without Sata this country is as good as one party state. Sata is the only opposition leader who is making Chuchu to wake up from his day & night dreaming maniacs and helping him not to go into mental stroke again. Other opposition political parties are as quite as running water. You can laugh ur head off, Sata is exercising his dermocratic rights. Let him take the Cadre to court of law, because the Cadre is using public office to suppress him, let Sata him to court.

  14. All you Sata dreamers seems to be in the dark that PF is heading into a worst ever leadership crisis and democratic ripples than UPND and defunct UNIP comparatively. FYI Sata will undoubtedly be either worse off mentally retarded or 6 feet down rotting before October 27,2009.Forewarning is forearming. Wait for time you will stunned as usual seeing Mpombo carrying the day. There is empirical evidence that Sata is a Terrorist in his opportunistic life. In the run up to September 28 Nawakwi at Crisma Hotel Just exhibited the same evidence of his party members’ hatcheted by Sata for their opposition to his pro third term crusade. What do you call a fool who go with machetes for the blood of opposing citizens. That is the thuggery he was laboring to export into Malawi. Had the Zambia-Malawi JMC been weak, he could have been gotten away with it. This is why you see him leaking and worshiping Mugabe’s terror. His PF is a derivative or extension of Mugabe’s Zanu-PF in case you don’t know.

  15. Compartriot You are a shame to your family and in particular MMD.I do believe you do not understand the word terrorist at all. Chuchu when ever he hears the name of Sata he fears and panics because he is the only opposition leader who can stand up and challege the present govt.Mpombo must respect the opposition leader and say sorry.Pride doesn’t pay.Paparazi and you are Kamucha bakepaya bantu thru your brutal training in Sondela. I know you very well

  16. Mbozi you better cut your beak short. Sata will never rule Zedi. Ha ha ha ha. This reminds me of ZOL party last year. There you go again hallucinating that da ckobra will be president. Never Never Never….Never!!

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