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Viewpoint: Kaunda on Mugabe

Headlines Viewpoint: Kaunda on Mugabe

kkpic.jpgLeaders in the West say Robert Mugabe is a demon, that he has destroyed Zimbabwe and he must be gotten rid of – but this demonising is made by people who may not understand what Robert Gabriel Mugabe and his fellow freedom fighters went through, says former Zambian President Kenneth Kaunda.

In 1960, Harold Macmillan, then British prime minister, made a statement in Cape Town referring to what was taking place in southern

Africa as “the wind of change.” He had correctly read the feelings of the black masses.Eventually, the British government abolished the Federation of Rhodesia and

Nyasaland. In 1964, Northern Rhodesia became Zambia and Nyasaland became Malawi.But white people in

Rhodesia rejected that wind of change and, in November 1965, Ian Smith, by force, took over in a “Unilateral Declaration of Independence”. It was treason against the colonial ruler, the British monarchy. Soon Smith had arrested a number of African leaders, including Robert Mugabe and Joshua Nkomo. By now Harold Wilson was the British premier, but he showed signs of hopelessness. He called meetings aboard the Tiger and Fearless navy ships. But neither meeting showed tiger claws, and both were fearful of the rebels in Rhodesia. I spoke with Wilson myself, but there was no progress. And, sadly, Smith’s rebel regime went on. White train Meanwhile, the Zimbabwe freedom struggle was continuing, but handicapped because its key leaders were locked up. Even talks with another British prime minister, Edward Heath, did not help. I could see clearly that no matter who became prime minister of Britain, they would do nothing about the Rhodesia situation. It was South Africa that was in charge. I concluded that the settlers were interested in keeping Southern Rhodesia under white rule so that they could have a buffer against advancing African independent states. In 1974, I decided to meet John Vorster, South Africa’s then-prime minister. We met at the bridge between Zambia and then Southern Rhodesia, in Vorster’s white train, for three nights. He had to leave on the third night because he was not feeling well. But as a follow-up to our discussions, he freed our colleagues in Zimbabwe’s liberation movements. There was, of course, not a single dull moment in the struggle for independence in our region. In August 1979, Commonwealth countries from all over the world met in Lusaka to consider many issues – but the most serious one was the Zimbabwe situation. In the end it was Britain’s new prime minister, Margaret Thatcher, who agreed Britain would hold a conference on the future of Zimbabwe in London. She asked me to be around at what became known as the Lancaster House talks, in case difficulties arose in the negotiations. Waiting At the talks, the people of Zimbabwe were assured that they were going to be independent the following year, 1980. But that wonderful news was conditional. The new government of Zimbabwe was not to deal with land issues but was to “leave that in the hands of the British government”. Nationalists from Zimbabwe accepted this rather harsh and complicated condition. The Thatcher government had begun to deal with the land issue, as did her successor, John Major. But when Tony Blair took over in 1997, I understand that some young lady in charge of colonial issues within that government simply dropped doing anything about it. I ask you to consider the implications of the long struggle. The nationalists, who had the regaining of land as a key objective of their struggle, were now being told the British government, which promised to look after that issue themselves, was not going to go ahead with it. The Zimbabwean government waited patiently for more than 10 years, but the British government defaulted. We must remember the occupation by Cecil Rhodes. Rhodes removed African people from fertile lands to hilly and unfertile lands in favour of settlers. And remember that, later, while neighbours became independent, Southern Rhodesia was grabbed by white settlers, led by Smith. In the struggle, many people were killed. There have been allegations of corruption in relation to land allocation. Well, the corruption should have been dealt with by all. Stopping the land programme, and doing nothing, was not the solution. I do not believe it is right to demonise Robert Gabriel Mugabe. It is notable that he and his colleagues have not expelled from Zimbabwe people who did terrible things to them. A star is born Of course, there are some things which President Mugabe and his colleagues have done which I totally disagree with – for example, the police beating of Morgan Tsvangirai.

Thatcher began to deal with the land issue in


It is not that I think Tsvangirai can make a good leader – I see him as the [former Zambian leader] Frederick Chiluba of

Zimbabwe – but beating him or even sending him to prison will not be the right thing.On the other hand, given their experience, I can understand the fury that goes through President Mugabe and his colleagues. Now, let me reveal that when Blair was elected British prime minister, I wrote a poem in his favour, called A Star Is Born To Us. Indeed, his feelings for

Africa have been very good.But then came the two Bs, Blair and George Bush, and their terrifying act of March 2003 – the invasion and occupation of

Iraq. I condemned the two Bs publicly, denouncing the criminal invasion. Now my prayer is that the Zimbabwe issue will be treated differently by Blair’s successor, Gordon Brown. It is also my humble prayer that South African President Thabo Mbeki and his regional colleagues will meet Robert Gabriel Mugabe, who will be ready in his soul, mind, and body to respond to the advice they give him and the people of Zimbabwe.

How should Western leaders treat President Mugabe? Has he been demonised unfairly? A selection of your comments will appear below. Unfairly treated is an understatement and he and the Zimbabwean people are not isolated in this issue. If you’re not liked by Britain and the

US, then you and your people are in for a lot of suffering. This is the new form of bondage and colonialism that has always characterized the relationship between the west and the rest of the world. I firmly believe that just as minority voices gained momentum in centuries past to cry against slavery and other forms of bondage and just as we are appalled at the brutality of westerners of those years, so will future generations judge the Tony Blair and George Bushes of our time.
Saiku M Bah, Freetown, Sierra Leone I myself live in the west. The redistribution of the land seemed only to be done to provide the regime’s backers with a payoff for loyalty. But the Land issue is irrelevant now, and people that continue to discuss it only show how out of touch they are. The issue now is the security. The government has passed law after law restricting personal freedom. Reports coming out of the country are of a security forces out of control. With rape and murder everyday events for those who even hint of straying out of line. This, the clearance of the slums and the stifling of the opposition are what needs to be discussed now!
Nich Hill, Portsmouth UK
President Mugabe surely has been unfairly by the west, led by the UK over the land issue. Unfortunately the land has been given back to its rightful owners, the black majority. And for those who had a regime change agenda, Mr Blair has failed to affect it in Zimbabwe. The same for Mr Bush. What a combined failure by these two in Zimbabwe and Iraq. Simeone Rumhiba, Zimbabwe The comments by Kaunda are ramblings. How on earth can anyone in their right mind excuse what Mugabe has done? Let’s face it, the land deal with the British has never been withdrawn, but Mugabe will not abide by the conditions of fair and sustainable land distribution. Instead it is parcelled out to mostly government supporters, ministers and military officials in order to stay in power. It really is that simple. Mugabe has got off very lightly, and I pray that one day he will face justice for the thousands of (mainly black) victims of his Gukurahundi massacres and subsequent “clamp downs”. Let’s not mention the more than four million of us of have had to leave the country as a result of the madness going on there.
Alex Nhando, Zimbabwean in Budapest
If Mugabe had more than his share of troubles when fighting for independence, he should have learnt from his experiences and become wiser and more humane and just. Instead he has become far worse than his former colonial masters in mistreating and misruling his people. What is deeply disturbing is the deafening silence on part of other African leaders when it comes to criticising their counterparts and their misdeeds. One has the impression that black African leaders, in general, have entered a conspiracy to slowly send Africa to hell.
Jai Singh, Kaiseraugst, Switzerland
It is only people who have read the history of Zimbabwe in depth are able to understand the current situation in Zimbabwe. From the time Zimbabwe was occupied the issue of contention was land. The land was parcelled among the whites with impunity. The Africans were relocated to the wastelands. For your own information African cattle were not even allowed to mate with whites cattle or even allowed to graze in so called white lands. The only solution is to share the fertile lands equally.
Louis Mpande, Lusaka, Zambia


  1. Well, it seems a few, if not many need a bit of psychiatric assessment or psychological counselling.

    I am really disgusted that KK should justify what Mugabe is doing to his own brothers, sisters, children, nieces & nephews! This has nothing to do with what he went thru during the fight for independence, whatever argument one may try to put across!!!!!! If he purports to still be fighting the whites, why doen’t he take his fight to the white people instead of just rambling about it. This may lead one to conclude that KK is showning signs of senility – he is stuck in some bygone age and failing to see the human suffering mugabe is inflicting on the same people he is championed to have liberated!! What liberation – a farce beyond redemption. As a zambian, & for whom KK used our resources for a noble cause, I feel insulted that KK should ran to the defence of such evil, these are some of the things KK should realise led to his demise, lost touch with reality!!!!!

  2. Dr Kaunda has a too much hatred for the “muzungus” obviously because of colonialism and the like.

    Even when his brother Mugabe is busy brutalizing his country men, our good Doctor and former president will do whatever it takes to defend this dictator (Mugabe) just because Mugabe also preaches hatred against the west.

    Trully, ‘birds of the same feather fly together’.

    The simple truth is:

    THE MAN IS Sata Incarnate.
    He is a Demon.

  3. KK might just be ripe for an “Old peoples home”, he could make a good lead singer for the “Zimmers!”

  4. #2. Correction
    I meant to say Mugabe is SATAN Incarnate. Not Sata. Sorry for that.

    Mugabe is the devil in the flesh.

  5. latest news,

    Ba Joze has been arrested for staging a one man protest over FTJ house. Read time news paper page 1.

  6. Mugabe is right in principle but he has lost credibility in execution.The British have reneged on certain points in the Lancaster Agreement but what our brothers and sisters are going through to have this corrected is inhuman.It hurts to see a beautiful country being destroyed like this.Mugabe must rethink the methodology he employs…….for the sake of his people.

  7. HUhu I know that is why he has not be contributing of last. BA Joze how can you support Kamuntu who is thief. Now you will join him ku Mukobeko. Now back to the topic Kaunda doesnt harte white people he hartes the deeds which is in their favour. Born rich you have not been humilated at the hands of a whiteman they are bratual they dont forgive. Bob Marley sang Africa liberate Zimbabwe he foresaw this.Kaunda is good father of a nation that is why he is enjoying update and he can mix free with other Zambians. Any leader in Zimbabwe would have used force to save that country from destruction. If MDC can get money from US and Britain to disturise the Zimbabwe then they are not worth to in oppositiom. If you get money from Taiwan business´men to bring disorder in the country if the law catches up with you you are liable of punishment for others to learn. Mugabe has just done that he has challenged the west by no being a yes man. Yes there is price to pay..

  8. You can come up with a multitude to excuse a wrong or a misdeed. We can blame what is going on in Zimbabwe on an agreement that Britain reneged on. How long are we going to be blaming outsiders for our failures? We do not need to make excuses for Mugabe’s excesses of power – we are continually failing in doing what is right – Rwanda, Congo, Somalia, Darfur.. the list goes on. There is no upstanding African Leader who can provide a vision for his own country let alone the continent. They are interested in accumulating power plus wealth forgetting the little man. Why are Zimbabweans – whether belonging to ruling party or not – failing to do anything? Being a party member does excuse you from correcting the party when it goes wrong. I suppose this is due to the immature model of democracy used in Africa.

  9. It is a pity that some people fail to differentiate RACISM from PURELY UNACCEPTABLE HUMAN BEHAVIOURS. Indeed racism is one of them but it is not the whole!
    Killing your own kind simply for personal greed, might actually be worse than racism, becoz that was one evil that was incalcated into one from the day they were born, so there may be scope for forgiveness, whilst greed is simply intentional & calculated!! We should also open our minds to the fact that the world has moved on, we are no longer 2nd rate beings to people with lighter skins than ourselves – in the US, the CEO of American Express, is a blackman and this guy brushes shoulders with US presidents as much as he likes,since Clinton. The most powerful black woman in the world, is Condi Rice; Bob Marley did counsell us,”Emancipate ourselves from mental slavery!!” Look @ yourself on the same footing with a “muzungu”, as a human. Only the will you discard the inhibitions, that stop you from making that step forward in life..cont

  10. to do something for yourself, than rather crying about how evil the “muzungus” were, becoz lets face it , each & everyone of us has that capacity of evil in ourselves, it all down to what you do with it. A very noble motto is “Look to what you can do for yourself, rather than what others can do for you”, the latter is only secondary to the former!

  11. KK should just settle his legal fees and stop making useless comments in the press.We have had enough of his rule, and he was diverting funds for personal use in the name of liberation struggle.
    Has he grown so old that he can’t tell what is wrong with his colleague,Robert?
    Why should people be jumping off a moving train from Johannesburg and others been eaten alive in national parks in Botswana and still blame the British rule?
    Besides, he will soon start blaming the whites for not returning back to chinsali after his retirement that they have grabbed his farm.
    C’mon, KK enjoy your retirement like your friend Mandela,another embarrassment to Africa. You all leaders of the 50’s,60’s are thugs whom the white’s shold not have handed power to, because you have done more harm to your brothers and sisters than the white people did.

  12. Kayata #17, I beg to differ with you in that Mandela is another embarrassment to Africa, if you recollect, he just happened to be the unifying factor in the run up to that famous election, he did well to step forward for the challenge, he steered his country to when the dust had settled, and handed back the reins to his party in a very gentlemanly fashion, for them to see the country thru the next phase of it’s development, unless am missing something,I can’t really fault him in the way he has served his country and our continent. Please, do share with us your differing view.

  13. Bash Panji mucili mulelota ifipuku fya basungu fyapwa kale, kasungeni SHAMBALAKALE shikulu, mwale eba abanenu ati GO BACK TO LAND. Its u turn old man.

  14. I took time to read excerpts from the 1979 Lancaster Agreement before responding to this issue. Much of what KK says is true. There is a specific clause in the Lancaster Agreement (whic by the way became the part of the first constitution of the new Zimbabwe) prohibiting the government from initiating land reforms and redistribution for the first 10 years of independence. Britain and USA were to provide funds for land redistribution after the initial period (10 years), and this is were Tony Blair negated the agreement. For as long as Mugabe observed the agreement, he was the ‘blue-eyed’ boy of the West. When the time for land reforms came and Mugabe initiated land reform legislation, he was demonised. I am not justifying Mugabe’s actions on his own people and the way he has ‘redistributed’ to party supporters. When you look at this issue objectively, Tony Blair and Bush (Mpanga)were more interested in serving the interests on white people in Zim ONLY,nothing else.

  15. #20, with all due respect to your studiousness, you seem to be blind to what mugabe is doing to his own blood, I don’t think anyone here is arguing about the land reforms, it’s why the west accepted them as a just way forward for all parties concerned, if anything, it favoured mugabes own kith & keen, but this hasn’t made their lot any better, instead, they are having to run for dear life from their own; honestly, his actions against his own people have nothing to do with land – but pure personal evil!

  16. #21. ChandafKaunda USA
    I appreciate your ‘research’ buy you have missed the point.
    I for one do not condemn mugabe on his land policy, and i dont think that is the issue here. The issue is on Mugabe’s brutality on those with opposing views on the many issues of governance.

  17. #20. ChandafKaunda USA
    I appreciate your ‘research’ buy you have missed the point.
    I for one do not condemn mugabe on his land policy, and i dont think that is the issue here. The issue is on Mugabe’s brutality on those with opposing views on the many issues of governance.

  18. Those who dont see what Kaunda has done for Zambia and Africa, you must be embiciles. Read history and wash your mind out of mentle slavery. Echo mwibila because your memory are soooooo short like your Kafupi.
    You foolish dogs, Dont you know that the Bazungu all have been trying to distubalize our region by funding rebels. Mugabe did the right thing by purging the rebels.. kaunda did the right thing by purging the Lenshina and Mushalaz..Look at Angola and Mozambique who failed to purge the rebels.. In South Africa, look at how the BaZunguz are busy trying to derail the world cup 2010…Dont trust a Muzungu, just take time to work with them and learn faster than the chinese..U DOGS FULL OF RUBBISH MINDS

  19. Bauze #18,thats the good side,which was all planned before his release.Mandela promised that wants would become necessities in “soweto” but after his release,he started to divert funds meant for projects in “soweto” to procuring arms for his defence.Now despite having a “black” govt,people in soweto are still in the “wants”.Now he goes round the world begging instead of been in the forefront that “africans” have fought for their freedom,we dont need all these make poverty history and him been locked up for been a “rude boy” stories.
    The only reason we have not seen Mandela’s bad side, is because he was disciplined by been locked up for a long period of time,that would have happened of Mugabe,but him they know what they did best to him and thats why Robert is bitter with them

  20. I concur with Bauze(21),what this man is doing to his own people is unforgivable.I cannot imagine what excuse can be used to justify his over-the-top reactions.As for Ba Kayata….insinuating Mandela is an embarrassment !!??? Such a statement merits no response !!!I feel for all Zimbabweans (black and white) and i hope they will find a lasting solution soon,maybe patience, given Mugabe’s age??

  21. One thing the world should know is all African countries are sovereign countries. But, if we have problems the international community may step in certain countries to help. The irony of what is happening in Zimbabwe is that the western countries are talking so much, when they are doing nothing in Sudan where Africans are dying daily in thousands at the hands of the foreign Arabs who have forcibly taken away an African country from the Africans. Zimbabwe is a sovereign country and all its problems must be solved by Zimbabweans. If the Zimbabweans fail, they must call for help from their fellow Africans. When Mwanawasa said one of the African countries was sinking like a titanic-referring to Zimbabwe.It was right, but it was also an inside thing. A son of the soil was bringing the issue to a point of attention at an African insaka. Most of us Zambians do not understand the Zimbabwean situation. Almost the entire Zimbabwean economy, I mean heavy industry was in the hands of the Rhodesians. Even up to now , to a large extent they own almost everything.It was the basic agreement between England and Zimbabwe- the Lanchester agreement stated that England would provide funding for resettling blacks in the own country. The agreement was to be settled ten years after Zimbabwe’s independence. The British failed to honor their pledge and they stated raising opposition groups to remove Mugabe. It was at this point that Mugabe took matters into his own hands. It was not the right way but the only way out. Now the white people are punishing Mugabe. The Zimbabwean people now have access to their land which the white man was only promising to release. Great lesson for Zambia. Don’t trust too much those Rhodesians now running to Zambia. They are not there for us; they are there for themselves and the children

  22. well,kaunda is now irrelevant to issues of the region.he belongs to he past.still supporting brutality to be applied to those who oppose the party and its government, just like he did himself.
    How can he fail to support Mugabe.By the Mugabe was no friend of KK.After the killing of H.Chitepo by Mugabe and Tongogara in Lusaka,KK`s relationship with Mugabe went sour and Mugabe went to Mozambique while Nkomo stayed.Tongogara was killed in suspicious circumstances in Mozambique just before independence.

  23. HK #24, we can only feel so so so so sorry for you! You seem to have had a bad upbringing, inferiority has been incalcated into you, much the same as racism was incalcated into the boers. My friend, no not really, you need a psychiatric bed. But , that’s the least of your problems, what you need, is human loving! – as you seem to think you are living among dogs & em………, well you could be right , who am I to say you’re not?

  24. I strongly disagree with most comments indicating that Mugabe has inflicted misery on his own people. Ladies and gentlemen, lets learn to read between the lines!!!What is happening in Zimbabwe is no different from the happenings in Iraq. I dont expect a rational person to blame the late Saddam Hussein for Iraq’s problems today. The western countries have just squeezed the Zimbabwean economy to the point of suffocation. This then creates a pass-over effect to the ordinary Zimbabwean. In trying to punish Mugabe, who unfortunately is being persecuted for the common good, they end up inflicting pain to our once prosperous southern neighbours. Whilst i support Mugabe’s stance on land reforms, his time to leave office is long overdue. Unfortunately, the man can’t leave because he might just end up in Guatanamo bay prison!!!

  25. Bauze, feel sorry for yourself who cant see beyond your nose. From your talk I can see that you lack full understanding of history and the implication of the future for the current policies. Zimbabwe maybe in this turmoil now but it will pull through and then our people would have their own chance to make their own mistakes.Joze I am sure you were born and grew up as a beggar whose only hard work is to expect others to sacrifice and deliver.. Your support for Kafupi means a lot and I dont have to explain

  26. #31, your insight to what is happening in Iraq, seems to be very superficial, Iraq is occupied! Zimbabwe is not. The fight in Iraq, is against the occupiers and the colluders, it becomes more complex, in that the previously powerless Shias’, but numerically larger are now in power becoz of one man one vote, whilst the previously powerful Sunnis’, but numerically smaller, lost out in the vote and the tide turned. As human nature has it, akin to Rwanda, the Sunnis’ have every reason to be suspicious of what the Shias’ are up to, and as the current state of affairs stand, it happens to look ripe a time to claim a territorial or power stake hence the fighting – NOTHING similiar to what is happening in Zimbabwe!!!

  27. #4, you did not need to correct yourself. you made more sense in your original statement. The 2 are different sides of the same coin. good analysis

  28. 1.Minister of Defence Hon. George Mpombo, MP (BA)

    2.Minister of Finance and National Planning Hon. Ng’andu Magande, MP (MSC Applied Economics)

    3.Minister of Home Affairs Hon. Lt. Gen. Ronnie Shikapwasha, MP (BA Degree)

    4.Minister of Health Hon. Dr. Brian Chituwo, MP (PHD)

    5.Minister of Foreign Affairs Hon. Mundia Sikatana, MP (LL.M.)

    6.Minister of Agriculture & Co-operatives Hon. Ben Kapita, MP

    7.Minister of Justice Hon. George Kunda, MP (LL.M.)

    8. Minister of Local Government and Housing Hon. Sylvia T. Masebo, MP (BA)

    9.Minister of Gender and Development, Hon. Patricia Mulasikwanda, MP (MA)

    10.Minister of Commerce, Trade & Industry Hon. Felix Mutati , MP (MBA)

    11. Minister of Communication and Transport Hon. Sarah Sayifwanda MP (MA)

    12.Minister of Community Development and Social Services Hon. Catherine Namugala, MP (LLB)

    13.Minister of Education Hon. Prof. Geofrey Lungwangwa, MP (PHD)

    14.Minister of Energy and Water Development Hon. Kenn (MBA)
    15.Lands B.Machila(LL.M.)

  29. KK is right on Mugabe. These two Blair and Bush are simply out to dominate everybody. But time can catch up with such impunity. I dont believe that Mugabe is the one that has destryed Zim. To the contrary UK has destroyed Zim. UK’s interest is to have the white minority in Zim have it all while the black majority helplessly watch them enjoy their God given country. Look at this, a British University stripped Mugabe of an honorary degree, what use has it got even if Mugabe had to retain it? U can’t buy an entire counrty in exchange for an honarary degree. Its all racism. Guys like it or racism is at play in Zim. But you ‘LESA IN MALYOTOLA’. We will wait and see them. Their population is shrinking, too many old pipo with high dependency ratios, econnomically the balance of power is shifting to other countries like China,India and soon to Africa. They know these facts. But instead of accepting the situation they want to maintain status quo now by the barrel of the gun.

  30. Who I want to know about this Zimbabwean read New Africa Magizine from pulished im Arirl or May they are 72 pages of interview of all involved including Collins Paul the traitor of black Africans. He did the same for Iraq.

  31. Chiluba’s degree is not a standard measure of degrees. Chiluba is afake, starting from his name to his chains degrees. The degrees posted looks genuine and believe the characters under the names are bright people. Chiluba and Nevers Mumba are not characters who would earn a genuine degree. We should petition warwick to revoke Chiluba’s degree as it can be proved was not his work and if it was, he never believed or understood whatever he was presenting.

  32. Quote from ZIM GOVT

    The Lands Minister, who is one of President Robert Mugabe’s closest
    confidantes, did not say who was pressuring Harare to return seized farms or
    stop evicting remaining white farmers but he vowed “we would rather all die
    of hunger, but knowing full well that the land is in the hands of black


  33. #40. Ba HK
    You make things sound so difficult.
    Believe me, it is not difficult to have a ‘genuine’ Degree.
    Every person who can read and understand ABC can get a degree.

  34. Zimbabwe: The Spark
    …Claire Short’s letter of November 1997

    Read on you guys dont just blame your elders who brought you peace you are enjoying today.
    “5 November 1997
    From the Secretary of State

    Hon Kumbirai Kangai MP
    Minister of Agriculture and Land

    Dear Minister

    George Foulkes has reported to me on the meeting which you and Hon John Nkomo had with Tony Lloyd and him during your recent visit. I know that President Mugabe also discussed the land issue with the Prime Minister briefly during their meeting. It may be helpful if I record where matters now rest on the issue.

    At the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting, Tony Blair said that he looked forward to developing a new basis for relations with Commonwealth countries founded upon our government’s policies, not on the past.

    We will set out our agenda for international development in a White Paper to be published this week. The central thrust of this will be the development of partnerships with develop

  35. Hey people!
    We should all try to remember that anytime you have a shift in power and redistribution of resources the dominant sect of society will try to hold back. This is what is happening in Zim.According to the lancaster agreement the land issue should have been delt with by now. In a perfect world this process would have been easier unfortunately the reality of life is that there is no other way of dealing with this but the way Rob is handling it.
    Remember the fundamental Economic problem. Every nation during its development and empowerment of indigenous people stage goes thru this process. One day Zim will rise again with it’s own at the helm.
    Maybe true Rob is a harsh dictator but that is an issue for Zim people to rectify, however on the land issue I say take it and take it all, who he gives it to is upto the Zimbabweans to decide.
    Next stop RSA the wheels of change are in motion, true independence is with economic freedom and controling your own resources.
    loadist out.

  36. The suffering of the people in Zimbabwe is partly what the sanctions were meant to do. Bush and Blair hopped that this would lead to the demise of Mugabe, but it did not. Note that their focal point was the fall of Mugabe, not what happens to the poor people during this process. We see this in Iraq as well. I blame those who supported the sunctions regime against Zimbabwe. As to the way forward, I propose forcing Mugabe (by AU) to retire from power with security gurantees.

  37. development of partnerships with developing countries which are committed to eradicate poverty, and have their own proposals for achieving that which we and other donors can support.

    I very much hope that we will be able to develop such a relationship with Zimbabwe. I understand that you aim shortly to publish your own policies on economic management and poverty reduction. I hope that we can discuss them with you and identify areas where we are best able to help. I mentioned this in my letter on 31 August to Hon Herbert Murarwa.
    I should make it clear that we do not accept that Britain has a special responsibility to meet the costs of land purchase in Zimbabwe. We are a new Government from diverse backgrounds without links to former colonial interests. My own origins are Irish and as you know we were colonised not colonisers.

    We do, however, recognise the very real issues you face over land reform. We believe that land reform could be an important component of a Zimbabwe

  38. Zimbabwean programme designed to eliminate poverty. We would be prepared to support a programme of land reform that was part of a poverty eradication strategy but not on any other basis.

    I am told Britain provided a package of assistance for resettlement in the period immediately following independence. This was, I gather, carefully planned and implemented, and met most of its targets.

    Again, I am told there were discussions in 1989 and 1996 to explore the possibility of further assistance. However that is all in the past.

    If we look to the present, a number of specific issues are unresolved, including the way in which land would be acquired and compensation paid – clearly it would not help the poor of Zimbabwe if it was done in a way which undermined investor confidence.

    Other questions that would need to be settled would be to ensure that the process was completely open and transparent, including the establishment of a proper land register.

    Individual schemes

  39. would have to be economically justified to ensure that the process helped the poor, and for me the most important issue is that any programme must be planned as part of a programme to contribute to the goal of eliminating poverty. I would need to consider detailed proposals on these issues before confirming further British support for resettlement.

    I am sure that a carefully worked out programme of land reform that was part of a programme of poverty eradication which we could support would also bring in other donors, whose support would help ensure that a substantial land resettlement programme such as you clearly desire could be undertaken successfully. If is [sic] to do so, they too will need to be involved from the start.

    It follows from this that a programme of rapid land acquisition as you now seem to envisage would be impossible for us to support. I know that many of Zimbabwe’s friends share our concern about the damage which this might do to Zimbabwe’s agricultural outpu

  40. output and its prospects of attracting investment.

    I thought it best to be frank about where we are. If you think it would be helpful, my officials are ready to meet yours to discuss these issues.

    Yours sincerely

    Claire Short.”

  41. HK #24,#32,#40,#41. Doctor HK, is this what been a doctor in the Vet can do to you? Surely, where have you seen a Dog type.
    And HK, try to know when you are responding to animals and when you are talking to people.
    What benefit has it brought putting the land in the hands of the black people, i thought that if yu are citizen or resident of a country, your rights are the same as every one regardless of colour,religion etc.

  42. No Rich, it is either you dont have a degree or you bought one. oooooooooooooh, it also depends which university. Plenty online these dayz you can earn for 3,000dollars. I am sure pipo like you would find nothing wrong in lying as you it is in your culture to steal anything, starting from name, degrees, poor people money, peoples wives, and appear dressed smartly outsided with dirt under wear and nice perfume.

  43. Ms Clair
    The patience of the Zimbawean people and indeed all Africans has runout.We are not asking for land reform but wrather demanding it as is our right. You speak of investor and donor confidence, this is the reason we are were we are. You choose to undermine our empowerment and offer us handouts. Well the time has come for you to put your money were your mouths are teach us how to fish don’t give us fish, better still let us have our own river.
    You claim to support real development of empoverished countries and yet as you develop we seem to sink further in debt. The other reality is the west realises that they are loosing their economic dominance. Every empire shall fall, history has proven. With the rise of China and the east you are terrified.
    The only way Zim will trully develop is if the locals take control and make meanigful change not by your donor funds but by sustainable development. Hard as it may seem this is possible. Thank you for your help
    loadist out

  44. Kayata.. is right about KK. I think he should go back to shambalakale. Back to the Land was his song. He used to force people to go to the villege after retirement. My suprise is he is still in Lusaka 17 years after retirement. That man dont believe anything he says. The Lancaster house negotiators created the demon. They ignored the most important aspect of independence. How can you say you are a soveregn nation if you dont own title to the land. Mugabe has lost it. There is a lot of smart people in Rhodesia who can implement the land reforms with out creating anarchy and animosity. enough is enough. Bob is going wether he likes it or not. He is just replicating what KK did in Zambia with his Vigilantees. If he is not careful he will end up like Saddam.

  45. I agree with EASY, if everything was equal but it was and is not the case.
    The condition on the ground facilitated Mugabe to press the last button. Blair and his govt were in no mood to continue with the program.
    Remember Mugabe was losing popularity because of the land issue which he had promised to deliver under Lancaster agreement.People had waitied for too long.
    Starving today to have more tomorrow is wise decision making, than have abandant today and leave means of production to the fly by nights and those who can easily pack their bags and go.
    With or without Mugabe, Land has to go to the owners, then we can start talking about the future. Mugabe has my support but I dont support his brutality to ordianry ZIMs.But I dont mind him dealing with dissidents and saboteurs like the other one to show his funders that we mean business. The other one is just like Thief Chiluba.

  46. Sorry to bring up the FTJ issue on this page. But i was reading Zamnet news and it reads “Mr Malila said the court ordered that: The former president gives up possession of house number 12 Serval Road together with all chattels purchased on December 14, 2001, in the sum of US$297,580”
    My question is wasnt LPM president during this period? And if so how did FTJ lay his hands on government money when he was not president?…. I think we have to look deeper in this issue.

  47. #24 HK, i want to believe that you did not just call people on this blog all those nasty names.I think you are better than that.I will give you a benefit of doubt.However,if you did then it is very unfortunate.It will not improve the lives of Zimbabweans for Robert to be so adamant and ruthless.Whether the whites are influencing anything or not,he should not blame them for his stupidity.He has literally failed his people and needs to reassess his stay in power.This is not a colonial era where we should raise weapons against anybody critical of government.Leaders like Mugabe have no place in the current political dispensation.This is the 21st Century folks and Africa needs a new type of leadership,not a leadership with a political liberation mentality.We are way past that and what we need is leaders that are and will be abreast with economic progress.As you are aware,he messed up when he chased those white farmers.There definitely was a better way to apportion land.


  49. KC, I wish I could withdraw my Dog statement.. But I would let it stay for now, as I find it abominable for some Africans to turn a blind eye as long as they have bread, cooking oil and can go partying. think outside the box and starting piecing the pazzle. radicals like mugabe are good for all of us. Look at RSA, the people there knows that if they dont act as required, thing will go same way..The west is scared and will know, we are serious about our destiny, even if it means starving today

  50. It is regrettable to know that very few people understand the politics and economics at play in Zimbabwe. Dr. Kenneth Kaunda is well informed and has sound background to the Zimbabwe fiasco that few dare to investigate. Zimbabwe’s situation is reactionary by powerful economic forces whose motive is to see Mugabe humiliated and forced out of power. He is termed a dictator but there are several other dictators they have supported, Mobutu, Idi Amin and even Museveni! Please analyze #28, PezKu #31 Ba Lawre and #39 Easy. I would encourage you to read New African Magazine quoted, your perception will never be the same on Zimbabwe again. Let us not rejoice when our fellow African country is being destroyed but try to help one another, this is the only way we will be a strong Africa that acts as one. Three entities usually fuel unrest in the world, religion, (or with ethnicity), land (shelter) and food. It is not just “helping” the Zimbabwean common man that some people are after, but themselves!

  51. CK, thats a great point. What most pipo on this forum dont realize, there are sanctions on Zimbabwe going on.
    The common man will alwayz be a scape goat of the fight on both side. The Western countries have never cared about our common man, otherwise they would have been giving Visaz to those who dont have nothig to show about when applying.

  52. KC, please help satisfy my curiosity, what better way are you suggesting? There is is only one way to take back land that is yours, you have to grab it back. No occupation has ended without blood.
    We all seem to fantasize about a perfect and peaceful world, Reality check! aint no such thing. Even the children of Isreal with God on thier side had to fight a few battles before taking the promised land.
    Lets not have such short analytical skills look at the bigger picture.
    To some Mandela was a terrorist to most he is a hero!! We have to rise and take ours and take it we shall. I agree in a morden world we should have a better way to handle such matters but know this there is no other way to redistribute resources but by force.Jesus said Give unto Ceaser what belongs to Ceaser.
    Tk why should KK be quiet? He has a right to air his views like anyone else. Just because he is old and we all know wise doesn’t mean he should watch injustice and ignore it.
    loadist out!

  53. HK that is why Mugabe should care about his people. One thing I do not understand about some Presidents, not only in Africa but other parts of the world too, is that while workers have a retiring age, some Presidents want to rule until they die. Look at Mugabe hi is over 80 years but he still does not want to give power to the younger generation within his party, Shame, look at what Mandela did, he retired and he is respected by everybody, while many others wait until they die or are forced out of power. Our own former Dictator was forced from a one party politcal system that he imposed on Zambians systematically thru. cheating UPP and the ANC, only to eliminate them. If Kaunda wants to talk about history he should start by telling the history of Zambia as it happened. If u want to know who Kaunda was and is trying to read his book “HUMANISIM IN ZAMBIA”. (full of lies) No bare footed, no hunger, what is there now. KK destroyed Zed like Mugabe has done and is still doing to ZIM.

  54. Mr Robert Gabriel Mugabe is true son of Africa who has not betrayed his fellow countrymen. In comparison to LPM’s record, Mr Mugabe gave land to 12 Million landless Zimbabweans while LPM continues to give Zambia’s wealth to foreign nationals. Case in point is Zanaco and the ESCO complex being given to foreigners to buy at give away prices. LPM has failed to weigh issues especially when it has to do with national interest. Mr Mugabe’s vocation since independence has been to empower ordinary citizens and I am sure that when that country celebrates its grand finale, he will be remembered.

    Zambians themselves (especially those living in the country side) have to blame for the hunger and dehydration they continue to experience. They had a democrat choice to change governments in 2006 but failed lamentably.

  55. My other point is about this so called ZAMTROOP a/c, just when was this account opened?

    Can we have all the names of people that have used this account since it was opened.

    They might be many more other people hiding who may have used this account

  56. My other point is about this so called ZAMTROOP a/c, just when was this account opened?

    Can we have all the names of people that have used this account since it was opened.

    They might be many more other people hiding who may have used this account

  57. Ref 70: You are failing to debate issues as they are presented and that is the reason you are coming out to pour scorn on my person. Are you angry because LPM is your relative or because Ukudya Nabo?

    Anyway tell me one achievement of LPM’s government. Please don’t mention Zambia macro economic stability because FJT and the late Ronald Damson Siame Penza initiated that.

  58. #21, #22 AND #23, I bet it’s you who have missed the point. The problems of Zimbabwe today cannot be ‘divorced’ from the land reforms. The qusetions you should ask is Why the 10 year restriction was put in place? Why did Tony Blair and Bush repudiate the agreement. Like I said, for as long as Mugabe did not pursue the land issue, he was the best leader in Africa – to a point of him (Mugabe)being awarded a ‘Degree’ which they now want to withdraw. The West in manipulative -for their own interests. This does not mean I condone the injustices that Mugabe has inflicted on his own people. I hate to see how some of Mugabe’s policies have cause so much suffering to the people of Zimbabwe, but I must also recognise how treacherous Tony and Bush and the British in general have been on Zimbabwe. You need to look at this issue in whole and do not partial in your analysis.

  59. Justice Kafusha, I guess you are enjoying yourself in Denmark!!!Please learn enough and possibly come back with enough capital and skill. As soon as the wind blows against you, you will bandled out of their despite of your status( if u already got your Citizen).

    Kaunda is not a saint, but he is a manwho made it possible for a son/daughter of a fisherman, a cookie, a gardner to walk among kings and have hope in themseves. It is this hope which has made most Zedian to avoid conflict. They look for Change which can be effected by intellectaul enagagememt. We dont owe it to the west but to a solid foundatio created by our forefathers. Thank God, if it was not the kind of KAFUPI at first..I know you know what i mean.. When KK and other older statesmen of good standing speak listen.

  60. The Lancaster agreement had a 20 years period in which land redistribution was going to be paid for. UK was smart. They knew that after 20 years, certainly, there would be a new leader (smell the rat?), that could easily be dribbled without understanding fully what they had promised at independence in 1980. 75% of arable land is in the whites that are only 25% of population. This from start was a problem for those that liberated Zimbabwe but since they did not try to further upset the agreement conceded to the redistribution issue which UK had agreed to compensate the white farmers. But Mugabe who understood the agreement, (that what was true independence without land?) revisited it in 2000, but our “partners in development” did not want to talk about that or honor the agreement. Mugabe painfully took a hard way which of course was without repercussions. That brings me back to Zambia. Lest I am accused to be racist, far from it, our country should watch how much of this land it gives away indiscriminately at the expense of its locals. We may be fueling another time bomb for our future generation.

  61. People purport to know alot about Zims problems, yes the land issue is very important, no one would ever pour scorn on that. Independence, means taking your own destiny into your own hands, which means taking responsibility for all your deeds from that point onwards – you can no longer blame anyone 4 your misdeeds. Of course the West had interest in Zim, they had nationals, some still have their roots there, BUT you CAN’T lay the blame at their doorstep.
    Mugabes problems started with his blind belief that he could stand up to the west financially, hence embarking on his failed mission DRC, putting his army there at huge expense believing Late Kabila snr would give him Diamonds in return, unfortunately 4 him, we all know the story, hence the flying of a corpse all the way from DRC to Harare. This just happened to be the time his economy was taking a dive, & he was losing political ground to the urban masses – Solution, placate the rural masses & hang onto power, with success…..cont

  62. Ba KK bushe ekwafumina pressure yama legal fees.Awe batata kalipileni inkongole ici ci history cili boring to say the least naimwe ba Lusaka Times mulesala ifya kuleta pa blogg, the people on this blogg belong to the modern world ifyo ifyabena Voster tafikwete incinto ba Kaunda inganamupanga akanono for this story kalipileni ama legalfees elo mulepoka na receipts pantu kuti mwacita over pay even though its most unlikely pantu cash yena mwaliitemwa echo mwafililwa nokuya Shambalakale.You guys you even have guts to discuss such rubbish?

  63. #65 Loadist,you seem to possess an archaic way of thinking.Ichi bemba chi tila,”uku poka ichi nsenda ku nkoko,ku nakilila”.You cannot support a wanton attack to repossess land from the whites.Indeed they may have occupied large tracts of land,but if Robert and his cohorts implemented a piecemeal kind of arrangement,I am sure those white farmers would have given up part of their land.Look at the consequences of his behaviour now.Are you happy Zims’ inflation rate is 2770%.A Zim dollar is only worth what it can buy in a few seconds.The execution was very ill-concieved.Have you also heard about the “operation Murambasvina”.Mugabe ordered the execution od Ndebeles’just so he can wipe them out and enhance political power.Do you need white people to tell you how evil this devil is.Like I said,this is not a colonial liberation struggle, but should be a struggle for economic emancipation.Do you know that through a stupid policy,millions have been displaced in Zim.Would you still call this guy

  64. Of course the rural masses, now had their land but they needed help to manage this land, this opened their eyes too becoz he could no longer hoodwink them too. Why should a country which has given people all they craved for, not be a happy nation? Why is he so fearful of the opposition, knowing that the rural majority he placated would be behind him in a clean cut race? Fountains of knowledge on Zims problems plse educate me.

  65. HK we have to face facts. If u think that former dictators should come with comments of what is good or bad then I think u have a problem. Kaunda had 26 years in which to develop Zambia, single handedly as he wished but he failed. He did ont even have the guts to chase away the whites. Cause Zed was thriving on copper sales KK forgot about land land(agriculture), he only came up with RR (where a lot of families lost their relatives contrary to their wi with compasation I mean the mines were there. I am not enjoying myself here in Denmark but working hard, if at all I am enjoying well then I am enjoying Zambias contribution to the development of the greedy Western world. My dear this end is double hard but I still speak my mind out to the white pigs once they offend me. I will always speak for the oppressed. However the fact is why is Mugabe still President, in Zambia there have been change, even Uganda had change, so why not Mr. Mugabe Robert

  66. Yes we need a complete list of beneficiaries from ZAMTROP since inception so that all our money can come back.
    No 77 KC, dont call the big man devil, he is a big saint. Operation drive out rubbish was meant to clean towns, not to victimise any one. If you insist, then we can safely say the ‘make zambia clean campaign’ where houses for pipo in PF stronghold areas are being raised down is also meant to punish those who voted against MMD. This is why the British and Blair in particular find it very difficult. If Mugabe does it, it is abuse of human rights, If Mwanawasa and Kenyan govt does the same it is ‘lean up’. Wake up. racism is racism period.

  67. continued.

    a hero among his people.He doesn’t need to ill-treat his fellow Zimbabweans.To me he is just another Hitler who is scared of his own shadow.Leadership is ordained by GOD but not this tyrannical type of leadership.Robert should not take people for granted.He cannot brutalise people under the pretext that they are destablising the country.The only thing that they are destabilising is his rule,which in any right thinking person’s mind,is way overdue.

  68. KC where have people like u been. Good points, I like your comments. Ku ZIM is like the world economical depression that took place sometime back, money on a wilu-bala just to buy a piece of bread. Zimbabwe was roses after it godt independence and this ***** Mugabe even introduced VISAS for Zambians intending to travel there (maybe we should the same), just look at this guy. How many Zambian Miltary men lost lives to help him? many and I say many. Zambians never used to sleep cause of Kaunda and his simple mind. What did we gain from Zimbabwe, a slap in the face, sactions in form of ka visa to travel to a sinking TITANIC or is it Zimbapwe kabili nai pwa at least Zed twa li kwata ko ka democracy takuli more than 2 terms, ba lye sha balifilwa. To be honest a ama Zambians we are the most respected people in Africa and the world at large. The good thing is we use our brains
    Cheers guys and ladies keep it up

  69. #81,there you go again.Blaming whites for your own misdeeds.Africa is a continent that has no direction whatsoever.Ukwa lola umwela eko twa lola.We need to move away from this type of game.We need to hold ourselves accountable for our actions.Brutalising innocent people over evil pretexts is criminal.Robert will have his day and his old shrivelled crown jewels will feel the same brutality he is inflicting on other people.When are these tyrants going to learn to call it a day.

  70. #20..! you are right my friend. it’s sad that the whole redistribution issue lost direction. other wise mugabe was simply giving back what belongs to the people…their land…and not muzungu’s land.

  71. Land possession has been a major area of dispute for whites and blacks in Zimbabwe for decades. In 1965, upon independence from Britain, white Rhodesians seized control of the majority of fertile land within the country and forced blacks to use the poorer, arid, and unproductive ground. After minority rule ended in 1980 through the election of President Robert Gabriel Mugabe and the implementation of the Lancaster House Agreement, white landowners were granted ten years of protection from land distribution policies and reform. In addition, this agreement provided that land would not be seized without compensation.

    In 1990, after the government was no longer constrained by provisions of the Lancaster Agreement, the Constitution was amended in order to provide for the redistribution of land within the country. Throughout this time, various amendments have been instituted in order to provide for an adequate redistribution of the land, while allowing for the fair compensation of landowners.

  72. Sorry to bring up the FTJ issue on this page. But i was reading Zamnet news and it reads “Mr Malila said the court ordered that: The former president gives up possession of house number 12 Serval Road together with all chattels purchased on December 14, 2001, in the sum of US$297,580″
    My question is wasnt LPM president during this period? And if so how did FTJ lay his hands on government money when he was not president?…. I think we have to look deeper in this issue.

  73. KC, Firstly just because my view is different from yours does’nt render it arcaich. Firstly like I said there has never been an amicable way to take back a resource like land. Troubled times need strong leaders and perhaps Rob is that leader, perhaps he is not. That like I said is an issue for Zimbabweans to resolve.
    The problems in Zim were bound to arise anyway, they lost a lot of revenue from the collapse of the Tobbacco industry and there agricultural industry was slowly falling from luck of additional investment. The sunctions only experdited and compounded the situation.
    What you seem to overlook is there happened to be a knowledge gap between the locals and the settlers. Every nation goes through it. This is not unique Zim.
    I really can’t comment intelligently on Robs human Rights Record , all I know is from Press reports and some how I feel most these reports are exergarated by the western media.
    In any case the land issue was a reality that Zim had to face
    loadist out

  74. One thing Mugabe has succeeded in doing amongst a few myopics among us is convince them that his problems have their roots in the land reforms. For a long time Mugabe was not interested in proper land reforms. Instead he acquired land and gave it to his friends and supporters – incidentally there are some white Britons who never even lived in Zimbabwe but were given vast amounts of Land in return for certain dubious services. Land became a means of buying favour and patronage. By early 1990s when it became apparent to the west that Mugabe was subverting democracy, they (the west) started jumping on his back and criticising him constantly. In return he started using the threat of land reforms as a way of shutting then up. Whereas this worked against John Major, it did not work against Blair. Had the west continued supporting him and his henchmen, he would not have done anything about the land. Of course the sanctions are more responsible than the reforms for the economic collapse.

  75. Chitapankwa… Bob wasnt talking publicly about the land issues in ZIM because he was engaged in negotiations with the british government. He only came out when the talks failed , thats when he told the bwanas that and i quote ” Since you dont want to fulfill you obligations ,we will do it our way” that is when he started publiclt talking about the land reforms. You can not seperate the land reforms from the current economic hardships. All the other problems are just simptoms of the bigger disease. If you solve the land issue today the Zim dollar would go up by more than 50%.

  76. One-Party State and “African Socialism”
    Becoming increasingly intolerant of opposition, Kaunda banned all parties except UNIP, following violence during the 1968 elections. In 1972, he made Zambia a one-party state, probably because he was worried by Simon Kapwepwe’s decision to leave UNIP and found a rival party, the United Progressive Party, which Kaunda immediately banned. Next, he appointed the Chona Commission, which was set up under the chairmanship of Mainza Chona in February 1972. Its task was to make recommendations for the constitution of a ‘one-party participatory democracy’ (i.e. a one-party state). The Commission’s terms of reference did not permit it to discuss the pros and cons of Kaunda’s decision. The sole surviving opposition party, the ANC, boycotted the Commission and unsuccessfully challenged the constitutional change in the courts. The Chona report was based on four months of public hearings and was submitted in October 1972. It was widely regarded as a ‘liberal’ document. Finally, Kaunda neutralised Nkumbula by getting him to wind-up the ANC, join UNIP and sign a document called the Choma Declaration on 27 June 1973. The ANC ceased to exist after the dissolution of parliament in October 1973. Allegedly Kaunda “bought off” Nkumbula by offering him an emerald mine.
    With no more opposition against him, Kaunda allowed the creation of a personality cult. He developed a national ideology, called Zambian Humanism. This was based on what he considered basic African values: mutual aid, trust and loyalty to the community. Similar forms of African Socialism were introduced inter alia in Ghana by Kwame Nkrumah (“Consciencism”) and Tanzania by Julius Nyerere (“Ujamaa”). To elaborate his ideology, Kaunda published several books:

  77. … as for KK, I respect his right to an opinion, but he seems unable to condemn dictators – especially African ones. He was guest of honour at one of President Bashir’s conferences in Sudan whilst Bashir was busy killing Black Africans in Southern Sudan and protecting Arab Millitias who were also killing Black Africans in Dafur. KK had no problem calling Bashir ‘his brother’. He was steadfast in his support for Saddam – another head case. I am not surprised that Kaunda thinks that Mugabe’s suffering at the hands of the colonialists somehow entitles him to treat his countrymen badly. This fits in with what UNIP cadres used to espouse in those dark days. He seems to forget that there were a lot of ordinary Zimbabweans who also suffered.

  78. UNIP and Kaunda’s autocracy during the Second Republic
    After promulgation of the Second Republic, following Mainza Chona’s recommendations for the constitution of a “one-party participatory democracy”, Kaunda’s leadership took on more autocratic characteristics. He personally appointed the Central Committee of UNIP, although the process was given a veneer of legitimacy by being “approved” by a National Congress of the party. In theory, Kaunda’s nominations could be discarded by Congress, but in practice they were always accepted without modification. The argument used was that “the President knows the people who can work well with him, so if we modify the nominations we will end up with a less effective team”. In turn, the Central Committee nominated a sole candidate for the post of President of the party. Of course, since the members of the Central Committee had been nominated by him, Kaunda was always the sole presidential candidate.
    After that charade, the rest of the Zambian population was given the opportunity to express approval or disapproval of the sole candidate’s nomination by voting either “Yes” or “No”. Since the presidential “election” was always accompanied by parliamentary elections, there was great pressure placed on parliamentary candidates to “campaign” for the president’s “Yes” vote, in addition to their own campaigns. Parastatals companies (which were controlled through ZIMCO – Zambia Industrial and Mining Corporation) were also under pressure to “campaign” for Kaunda by buying advertising space in the two national newspapers (Times of Zambia and Zambia Daily Mail) exhorting the electorate to give the president a “massive ‘Yes’ vote”.

    The parliamentary elections were also controlled by Kaunda: the names of candidates had to be submitted to UNIP’s Central Committee, which then selected three people to stand for any particular constituency. Anyone could be vetoed without the Central Committee giving any reason, since UNIP was supreme and its decisions were unchallengeable. Using these methods, Kaunda kept any enemies at bay by ensuring that they never got into political power.

    This was the tactic he used when he saw off Nkumbula and Kapwepwe’s challenges to his sole candidacy for the 1978 UNIP elections. On that occasion, the UNIP’s constitution was “amended” overnight to bring in rules that invalidated the two challengers’ nominations: Kapwepwe was told he could not stand because only people who had been members for five years could be nominated to the presidency (he had only rejoined UNIP three years before); Nkumbula was outmaneuvered by introducing a new rule that said each candidate needed the signatures of 200 delegates from each province to back his candidacy. A third candidate called Chiluwe was beaten up by the UNIP Youth Wing, so that he was in no state to submit his nomination.

  79. Kaunda should be quite if he has nothing beneficial to talk about.
    SAGE #87, FTJ was selfish enough to only relinquish power in Jan, 2002. He sheduled elections on 27 dec 2001, and probably used the last month in office to wipe all the little he had left when he was still awaiting the 3rd term outcome. He is indeed a cheap thief!

  80. There is nothing wrong with the Mugabe’s land reform issue but there is everything wrong with the way he has been brutalising his own. As for those supporting Kafupi your minds are as ‘short’ as this man. This man has reduced the highest office of the land to nothing. Thats why we have all sorts of characters, mentally sick, thugs etc. standing for presidency every election. They all feel if this guy, a former bus conductor with stolen names and certificates can make into state house then they also can.

  81. Mugabe is right, the west are wrong, period. Problem comes in because the west are powerful at the moment. What i mean is he could have found ways of repossessing the land without straining his west links, at least not to this extent. The economy has been really ravaged and thats how he has become so desperate to start brutalizing his opponents.
    it makes no sense to support his original idea now when it has been messed up. Don’t eat a sweet which has fallen in the toilet.

  82. #90 SAGE. Initially Mugabe was naive enough to trust the British. However, somewhere along the way he started exploiting the land issue for his own selfish ends. He could have used a more orderly method to effect the land reforms. Instead he unleashed his party cadres on white farmers and their black workers. These cadres beat up innocent people and looted the farms. How can anyone seriously believe that this is the best way to carry out land reform? He was merely rewarding his cadres so that when the elections came, these cadres could do the same to the opposition supporters. Mugabe was stitched up by the British, but he has also stitched up the people of Zimbabwe!

  83. Ba KK we respect you old man. You have done a lot for the country and I suggest you rest and completely leave politics. You have your own bad history which I dont want to get into. The Mugabe brutality you are talked about also happened under your rule just in case you dont/didnt know. Thank you for your contribubution on Zimbabwe land history nevertheless.

  84. Bushe Ba Sata nabo bacili balelwa. This man has no morals, i am personally disappointed that Zambia can give this man a platform to say nonsense. Sata is part and parcel of all the wrong decisions that have contributed to country’s economy down fall. He has served in all previous governments supporting them religiously and it is because he is a mental case thats he feels he’s got a plan now. No wonder he supports Mugabe’s brutality.

  85. with due respect to our freedom fighter Dr KK,but hey what mugabe is doing is unthinkable.how on earth do u get land from a commercial farmer paying tax and feeding the country only to distribute to subsistance farmers who only keep dogs on their land and cant feed or pay tax to the govt.Mugabe did his part,he fought for independence bravo,but i think he has run out of ideas completely.lets not fight the west on the basis that its “the west”.remember they are the same guys we supposed to trade with and whether we like it or yes(whether we like it or not) theyare the ones dictating issues.Its time for new brains in ZIM.we cant afford to let another country in africa to go from being one of the richest 2poorest.NO DICTATORSHIP IN AFRICA

  86. Economic policies
    At independence Kaunda received a country with an economy that was completely under the control of foreigners. For example, the British South Africa Company (BSAC, originally setup by the British imperialist Cecil Rhodes) retained commercial assets and mineral rights that it claimed it acquired from a concession signed with the Litunga of Bulozi in 1890 (the Lochner Concession). Only by threatening to expropriate it, on the eve of independence, did Kaunda manage to get the BSAC to assign its mineral rights to the incoming Zambian government. During the Federation, Northern Rhodesia’s copper revenues were siphoned off by White Southern Rhodesians, since they were the dominant group in the polity. In their view, Southern Rhodesia was well-suited to providing managerial and administrative skills, Northern Rhodesia would provide the copper revenues, and Nyasaland would provide the labour. At independence, Salisbury, the capital of Southern Rhodesia, was much more developed than Lusaka, the capital of Zambia. This was what Northern Rhodesians called the “bamba zonke” (“grab everything” – Fanakalo) greed of White Southern Rhodesians.
    Following in the steps of the Soviet Union, Zambia instituted a program of national development plans, under the direction of the National Commission for Development Planning: the Transitional Development Plan) was followed by the First National Development Plan (1966–71). These two plans, which provided for major investment in infrastructure and manufacturing, were largely implemented and were generally successful. This was not true for subsequent plans.

    A major switch in the structure of Zambia’s economy came with the Mulungushi Reforms of April 1968: the government declared its intention to acquire an equity holding (usually 51% or more) in a number of key foreign-owned firms, to be controlled by the Industrial Development Corporation (INDECO). By January 1970, Zambia had acquired majority holding in the Zambian operations of the two major foreign mining corporations, the Anglo American Corporation and the Rhodesia Selection Trust (RST); the two became the Nchanga Consolidated Copper Mines (NCCM) and Roan Consolidated Mines (RCM), respectively. Kaunda announced the creation of a new parastatal body, the Mining Development Corporation (MINDECO). The Finance and Development Corporation (FINDECO) allowed the Zambian government to gain control of insurance companies and building societies. The foreign-owned banks, such as Barclays, Standard Chartered and Grindlays, successfully resisted takeover. In 1971, INDECO, MINDECO, and FINDECO were brought together under an omnibus parastatal, the Zambia Industrial and Mining Corporation (ZIMCO), to create one of the largest companies in sub-Saharan Africa, with Kaunda as Chairman of the Board. The management contracts under which day-to-day operations of the mines had been carried out by Anglo American and RST were ended in 1973. In 1982 NCCM and RCM were merged into the giant Zambia Consolidated Copper Mines Ltd (ZCCM).

    Unfortunately for Kaunda and Zambia, these programs of nationalization were ill-timed. Events that were beyond their control would wreck the country’s plans for national development. In 1973 the massive increase in the price of oil was followed by a slump in copper prices in 1975 and a diminution of export earnings. In 1973 the price of copper accounted for 95% of all export earnings; this halved in value on the world market in 1975. By 1976 Zambia had a balance-of-payments crisis, and rapidly became massively indebted to the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The Third National Development Plan (1978–83) had to be abandoned as crisis management replaced long-term planning.

    By the mid-1980s Zambia was one of the most indebted nations in the world, relative to its gross domestic product (GDP). The IMF was insisting that the Zambian government should introduce programs aimed at stabilizing the economy and restructuring it to reduce dependence on copper. The proposed measures included: the ending of price controls; devaluation of the kwacha (Zambia’s currency); cut-backs in government expenditure; cancellation of subsidies on food and fertilizer; and increased prices for farm produce. Kaunda’s removal of food subsidies caused massive increases in the prices of basic foodstuffs; the country’s urban population rioted in protest. In desperation, Kaunda broke with the IMF in May 1987 and introduced a New Economic Recovery Programme in 1988. However, this did not help him and he eventually moved toward a new understanding with the IMF in 1989. In 1990, with the collapse of the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe (on which Kaunda’s ideology, Zambian Humanism had been fashioned) , Kaunda was forced to make a major policy shift: he announced the intention to partially privatize the parastatals. However, these changes came too late to prevent his fall from power, which was largely the result of the economic troubles.

    One-Party State and “African Socialism”

  87. Educational policies
    At independence Zambia had just 109 university graduates and less than 0.5% of the population was estimated to have completed primary education. The nation’s educational system was one of the most poorly developed in all of Britain’s former colonies. Because of this, Zambia had to invest heavily in education at all levels. Kaunda instituted a policy where all children, irrespective of their parents’ ability to pay, were given free exercise books, pens and pencils. The parents’ main responsibility was to buy uniforms, pay a token “school fee” and ensure that the children attended school. This approach meant that the best pupils were promoted to achieve their best results, all the way from primary school to university level. Not every child could go to secondary school, for example, but those who did were well educated.
    The University of Zambia was opened in Lusaka in 1966, after Zambians all over the country had been encouraged to donate whatever they could afford

  88. Independence struggle
    In April 1949 Kaunda returned to Lubwa to become part-time teacher, but resigned in 1951. In that year he became Organising Secretary of the Northern Rhodesian African National Congress for Northern Province, which included at that time Luapula Province. On 11 November 1953 he moved to Lusaka to take up the post of Secretary General of the ANC, under the presidency of Harry Nkumbula. The combined efforts of Kaunda and Nkumbula were unsuccessful in mobilizing African people against the White-dominated Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland. In 1955 Kaunda and Nkumbula were imprisoned for two months (with hard labour) for distributing “subversive” literature. Such imprisonment and other forms of harassment were normal rites of passage for African nationalist leaders. The experience of imprisonment had a radicalizing impact on Kaunda. The two leaders drifted apart as Nkumbula became increasingly influenced by white liberals and was seen as being willing to compromise

  89. Ba Sage, you should do your research more, Brian Chituwo is NOT an Medical Doctor, but a PhD muli fimo fimo.

  90. #102 Bro SAGE, finally KK was brought to his knee’s eventually. How can “thugs” like him be allowed to ruin the economic and symphoning money out of the country in the name of “nationalization”. These are the people who have brought sufferings to an african, “old habits die hard”,whites should not have handed power to “thugs” like him.

  91. Bro Kayata… I just did some research on KK and the indy struggle so that when people are trying to hero worship this diposed tyrant they can atleast know the truth. The unfortunate thing is ‘Z’ thurs far either had a tyrant or a kaponya to run the coutry. I hope next time arround we will be deligent enough as citizens to choose someone who will serve the nation whole heartedly.

  92. Has anyone of you asked yourself why Mugabe emerged as a preferred leader for independent Zimbabwe. Read Tekere’s book and History of ZANU and ZAPU. It is only when you stand as a neutral that you will realize that, Mugabe was considered trustworthy, intellectual and moderate by both camps, the Whites and the two guerrila groups(ZAPU and ZANU).
    The Death of Muzenda and Tongogara, is still shrouded by mist. It is suspected that, the ZANU was infiltrated in its camp in ZED, and Mugabe and his crew had to relocate camp to Mozambique to keep the pressure on the Boers from two fronts, ZAPU(Zed) and ZANU(Moz). History and critical thinking bane. bazungu sibayibala, they are still chasing the NAZI’s remember. Smith is till in our backyard

  93. #105 Kalembe you are a kecepa, Dr Chituwo is a full fledged surgeon – ifyamafupa and the daughter is also a surgeon, why do you people tell lies? If you have nothing to write fungi kinwa, waba ubwipi

  94. The only reason Mugabe won is because of tribalism. 2 thirds of Zimbabweans are Shonas. It has nothing to do with ZANU-PF or Bob being smart or prefered. Its purely tribal.

  95. Kalembe Kafyuke in # 107 said “Ba Sage, you should do your research more, Brian Chituwo is NOT an Medical Doctor, but a PhD muli fimo fimo.”

    RESPONSE: Brigadier General Dr. Brian Chituwo MP minister of Health is a Qualified Medical Doctor. His Children have followed their dad professionally too. One of his Sons just Graduated with a medical degree this year. He served at Maina soko and Kabwe General Hospital as Director and Surgeon for many years from the Army Directorate.

  96. SAGE, without posting an argument on this fora to praise Kaunda. I can safely say, there will be a KK heros park and Monument erected to remember him. I am not so sure about your Kafupi. Maybe in SATA’s govt kafupi will get something. If so, then somone will bring it down again or people will be pissing on it

  97. Bro SAGE…nice research,”kajani?” ie Shona meaning how are you? atleast i hope alot of people will understand what people have gone thru,thru KK’s rule.Tribalism,Racism,Socialism and all other forms of ideologies are bad to human kind.If we removed these, the world will be a better place.
    The white man came with a Bible to Africa,he gave africans the Bible,they gave him the land. The african came to Europe,he still has the Bible,but the white man has both his land and the africans land till to date.
    Scramble for “A free Country”, Scramble for Africa

  98. HK.. Point of correction. I’m neither for Kafupi no for Sata. I follow and support progresive ideas and not personalities. You may have confussed my opposition to Bwana Smiths Jurisdictional concerns with supporting FTJ. I would careless about FTJ, but i care about Zambia and i want justice to be served. I dont like the way LPM does things but i dont hate him as a person. In my life if there is one thing i have learnt is to separete people from their ideologies. We can be on different sides of an issue but still be friends and go for a cold one after a heated debate. Such is the world i live in. I brought out this piece of history about KK so that those interested could try to understand KK based on his past and what he stand s for ideologically. I believe there is good in every human being KK included. But those that aspire for public office will be judged both by their actions and ideology.

  99. SAGE, what is democracy? Do you need to research on that one too?.SAGE, what is the difference between Zambia govt system and British govt system? Can you also research on how ZANU-PF came about, a simple google search would help you!!!

    To finish you with a weapon!!!! ZANU won more seats in parliament in first election More than 50% and could form a govt.Mugabe became the leader of govt why?(Not the sate). ZANU even won alot of seat in supposedly ZAPU stronghold. One more question–In Britain, how does a person become prime minister? Through a party majority or as an individual? I have leaked an answer right.
    SAGE, When did Zimbabwe covert to have an Executive President?
    SAGE if you can answer the above question in your google research, then you will know that, you have enough time in your life to learn especially the history of our fore fathers.

  100. Kalembe Kafyuke… mwaice ni internet age ino, data yonse ili pa net. uleyako na google.com nangu ask.com data epo ili. before taula asamuna wa chitako tu research, waunfwa.

  101. #50. I am very happy that today zim is the topic. Because I tried my best to bring to the attention of bloggers but no answer I got. But Kaunda has helped me to bring the topic on and so lets proceed. #50 please kayata dont continue thinking that your rights are the same when you live in a foreign land and thats why u cant be on frontline when war breaks for that country but be exported back. Rights are not the same and u must come to reality. u r blind folded with paperwork that tells u u have the same rights. FACE REALITY. This is life under the sun

  102. #53 The west is niot safe with economic growth in the east. Now they are talking of carbon dioxide. But look at how much sulper dioxide in kitwe mufulira and all that on the copperbelt???They have depleted ozne layer the most in northen parts of the globe.

  103. The Lancaster House Agreement ended biracial rule in Zimbabwe Rhodesia following negotiations between representatives of the Patriotic Front (PF), consisting of ZAPU (Zimbabwe African Peoples Union) and ZANU (Zimbabwe African National Union) and the Zimbabwe Rhodesia government, represented at that time by Bishop Abel Muzorewa and Ian Smith. It was signed on 21 December 1979.[1]

    Following the Meeting of Commonwealth Heads of Government held in Lusaka from August 1-7 1979, the British government invited Muzorewa and the leaders of the Patriotic Front to participate in a Constitutional Conference at Lancaster House. The purpose of the Conference was to discuss and reach agreement on the terms of an Independence Constitution, and that elections should be supervised under British authority to enable Rhodesia to proceed to legal independence and the parties to settle their differences by political means.

    Lord Carrington, Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs of the United Kingdom, chaired the Conference.[2] The conference took place from 10 September-15 December 1979 with 47 plenary sessions.

    In the course of its proceedings the conference reached agreement on the following issues:

    Summary of the Independence Constitution
    arrangements for the pre-independence period
    a cease-fire agreement signed by the parties
    In concluding this agreement and signing this report the parties undertook:

    to accept the authority of the Governor;
    to abide by the Independence Constitution;
    to comply with the pre-independence arrangements;
    to abide by the cease-fire agreement;
    to campaign peacefully and without intimidation;
    to renounce the use of force for political ends;
    to accept the outcome of the elections and instruct any forces under their authority to do the same.
    Under the Independence Constitution, 20% of seats in the country’s parliament were reserved for whites.

    The three-month long conference almost failed to reach an accord due to disagreements on land reform. Mugabe was pressured to sign and land was the key stumbling block. Both the British and American governments offered to buy land from willing white settlers who could not accept reconciliation (the “Willing buyer, Willing seller” principle) and a fund was established, to operate from 1980 to 1990.

    Lord Carrington, Sir Ian Gilmour, Robert Mugabe, Joshua Nkomo, Bishop Abel Muzorewa and Dr. S C Mundawarara signed the report.

    The British assisted in setting up the Zimbabwe conference on reconstruction and development in 1981. At that conference, more than £630 million of aid was pledged. The first phase of land reform in the 1980, which was partially funded by the United Kingdom, successfully resettled around 70,000 landless people on more than 20,000 km² of land.

  104. Bwana SAGE, Zimbabwe had a party based govt where a party which wins more parliamentary seats can form a govt. That is the same system in Britain isnt it? Therefore it is unfair to label Mugabe’s rise to power at indpendence to be tribal. Looking at statitics it is evident to see that, Mugabe’s ZANU, not ZANU-PF(ZANU-PF came letter on)had won Seats in Bulawayo and other places where ZAPU led Nkomo was strong.
    Therefore labelling Mugabe and his party triball at independence is quite malicious.

  105. Bro SAGE and Kalembe Kafyuke,..what makes a leader? Chituwo and LPM could be highly educated but they lack leadership qualities like FTJ and Blair.
    The world have seen leaders who were not educated but have taken their countries to high esteem,people like Hitler,Lincoln,Churchill etc.
    We need leaders who can strategise and have a vision for their followers.

  106. UK Support for Land Reform in Zimbabwe
    Between 1980 and 1985, the UK provided £47m for land reform: £20m as a specific Land Resettlement Grant and £27m in the form of budgetary support to help meet the Zimbabwe Government’s own contribution to the programme. The Land Resettlement Grant was signed in 1981, and substantially spent by 1988.
    An evaluation of land resettlement in 1988 by the then UK Overseas Development Administration (ODA) showed that real progress had been made. The report suggested measures for further improving the UK-funded programme. The 1988 report was sent to the Zimbabwe Government, but ODA received no response.
    The UK Land Resettlement Grant finally closed in 1996 with £3m still unspent. The UK Government sought proposals from the Zimbabwe Government on spending the remaining balance. A further technical mission by the ODA in 1996 resulted in new proposals for UK support for land reform. The Zimbabwe Government responded towards the end of 1996, but no agreemen

  107. Hk.. I’m stating my opinion. Did you know that part of Bulawayo is mashona land? If you know the political dynamics in ZIM you wouldnt argue on this poing. The only way a ndebele is going to be president in ZIM is only through devine intervention. Humanly speaking ZIM is polorized for a meaningful democracy.

  108. If real progress was made according to the ODA report, then why do you think the ZIM govt disputed and ignored the report?. 47M out of over 600M was just like change. Most of that money went back to the British in form of consultancy feez,accomodation expenses to experts and technical aid not necessarily machninery.
    By 1990, Zimbabwe wanted the land issue accelarated and England to honour the agreement in full which they refused citing corruption, and other vices.
    SAGE, thank God we have our Mugabe, almost all the land is now back to our people. Mugabe will step down after he has issued the remaing White farmers 99 year lease for land. Mugabe tactic is finaly going to WIN. The whites only respected us when we cocked our AK47’s, they wont relent again if we dont show them the door. They are always welcome when we have our land with us. They can then work for us.

  109. After independence, Kaunda made agreements with mining companies over copper royalties. He also had to deal with uprisings of the Lumpa religious sect under self-styled prophetess Alice Lenshina. His relations with neighboring white-ruled Rhodesia were unstable after the latter’s 1965 illegal break with Britain, but he resisted those within and without his government who urged military action. Instead, Kaunda sought aid for a rail line to a Tanzanian port. This would offer an alternate route for landlocked Zambia’s copper that prior to the rail line had to be exported through Rhodesia. These tensions heightened tribal differences and encouraged Kaunda’s socialist leanings.

    Kaunda, like other African leaders, faced the complex problems of independence and tribalism, although his diplomatic skills saved his country the trauma of civil war. However, political pressures within and without his borders led him to impose single-party rule in 1973. With civil war to the west in Angola in 1976 and continuing conflict in Rhodesia, Kaunda won, unopposed, a new five-year term. Pledging his government to enforce high standards of morality and concern for public welfare, he was able to put down several attempted coups over the next few years.

  110. For startas i’m for land redistribution. What i dont agree with are the means of achiving that goal. The british did not honour their promises to deal with the land issue equitably. We agree on all that. But Bob is president today because he is shona period.

  111. Bro SAGE…. Ok,Lincoln is not America’s greatest president but also it’s greatest lawyer.no wonder he used to trick.i have just always regarded Churchill to have been a soldier and not more of a journalist because England is more of war history,they say with a past of conquering but alas no future.

  112. HK what you are have written about Kaunda is correct. But also read #93. The man turned Zambia into a concentration camp. Not forgeting the linse at ZCBC. The mess he created out weighs his contribution. (my opinion)

  113. SAGE, Kaunda’s positive contribution, far outweighs his shortcoming. Otherwise, He would not have been celebrated World Wide. The man had principles. He used a heavy hands on those who bent in disturbilizing Zambia. And when time was right he handed our unbroken Zambia to us.
    Kaunda’s legacy is not all about lines at ZCBC. by the way, there was no ZCBC in colonial era, Your fore fathers had to buy from the window and could not hand the money directly to the shopkeeper, who mostly was a ‘Dona’.

    Read Zambia’s breakway from IMF and World Bank! kaunda has also written to this effect. Zambia suffered from Sanctions by the west. The aim was a regime change and install a Kamuzi type president who could appease the Rhodesia, South Africa, namibia, and the portuguese settlers.
    Kaunda kept our Zambia intact and handed it to us intact. Tubatwalile sembe bakayonauwile Sembe, tubatwalile, tubatwalile bene bakayoniwele..Kaunda delivered to us..he is legend.

  114. HK.. In english a heavy hand is autocracy or dictatorship. KK’s biggest problem was self preservation. The entire Zambias Government system was designed to serve one person. The entire national intelligence system was designed to spy on citizens. You couldnt even sit on a dinner table and discuss any politically related issues with your family. It got to a point where people couldnt even trust their brothers and sisters. You wouldnt know who was a kamucheka or not. If that is right then i dont know what wrong looks like. There is no difference between Kaunda and Kamuzu. may be Kamuzu was even better. Kaunda should just retire, pay up his bills and GO BACK TO THE LAND.

  115. While I agree with #14 on the point that we as black people should not rate ourselves as second best to the white man,I still feel this bloke has erred or rather critised himself by making reference to the American Express CEO and Condoleeza Rice’s positions.
    I mean so what if this CEO rubs shoulders with George bush.And I do not agree that Rice is the most powerful woman in the world. People are all the same no matter what positions they may hold in society.#14 raised a good point and at the same criticised himself by showing an inferiority complex that most of us Zambians have when it comes to relating with people from outside Africa, be it white,yellow, black american e.t.c.
    Remember people are all equal.Only God is above.I would rather admire someone who rubs shoulders with Jesus Christ and not mere flesh like George Bush.
    Remember the Bible says, Every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that Jesus Christ is Lord – George Bush,Condoleeza Rice etc included

  116. Kaunda makes a lot of sense in what he says and i do agree with him in this instance.Mugabe had been waiting for the land distribution for more than 10 years he was even too patient.So he did what he had to do. Its just like America and britain they wanted oil and they fore saw the future of Iraq controling the oil market and price and Sadam would not have allowed them to control him.So they attacked.Whats being done to america and britain,NO sanctions, nothing at all.For Zimbabwe Sanctions.Mugabe did the right thing But did not do it right(NOTE).He was suppose to distribute land fairly and peacefully and for both white and black.He should also have run free and fair elections No rigging.Beating of oppostion leaders is also not a good thing.One thing i do agree with Him for sure is he knows what soverignity is.Not to be controlled by the west, and that he has to pay the price for.There is one thing i believe he is staying in power for he could end up like Sadam,killed.Thats reality.

  117. None#135, you seem not to appreciate that the american individuals I gave as examples, are blacks who have gone beyond inferiority complexes, & as such, i was giving you examples of role models who should inspire us, how you interpret this as contradictory, is simply incomprehensible. I had said Condi is the most powerful black woman, which you contest, now let me tell you she is also actually the most powerful woman in the world in that her position she does summon/represents the most powerful state on earth , whose resources she can mobilise almost effortlessly, I invite you to counter this.

  118. SAGE kewna mune wacibondola iyi data wapela na KK balilaba icinecine.Nomba aya mafutu pa blog yalefwaikwa tuition.Ala wa propunda sana tushako.Necipela inkula cilatusha.Ala we caume inde indifye bwino , iciliyashi caleleta ubungangani pantu ba KK inkongole nashifula nagula balendeshani bafwile ukulipila.Uyu mwaice HK kanya mpuku

  119. Fuel to last only 7 days omly – Nsemukila
    MINISTRY of Energy and Water Development permanent secretary, Buleti Nsemukila, says the country only has seven days working stock of diesel in reserves and that Indeni Petroleum Refinery will shut down in September 2007 for service.
    Dr Nsemukila disclosed this when he appeared before the parliamentary committee on government assurances yesterday.

    “As at yesterday (June 11, 2007), the country had in its reserves, 40 days working stock of petrol, 33 days working stock of kerosene, 57 days working stock of Jet A1 fuel and only seven days working stock of diesel,” he said.

    By the time of the scheduled closure of Indeni, all petroleum products would have been built up to 30 days working stock in reserves.

    This was a normal requirement to avoid shortages.

    Only four marketing companies had complied with the directive to have 15 days working stock in their reserves while 13 smaller oil marketing companies (OMCs) had been allowed to store the little they had at the Ndola fuel terminal.

    Dr Nsemukila said some of the tanks at the terminal were not operational but that they would be worked on soon.

    Committee chairperson, Request Muntanga, wondered why the smaller OMCs were being allowed to store fuel at the terminal when they had all been charging an extra K57 per litre on petroleum products for the strategic fuel reserve fund.

    Energy Regulation Board (ERB) director, Sylvester Hibajeene, said OMCs that had been allowed to store fuel at the Ndola terminal were not market players.

    He said some of them had started building their own depots where they would be able to store the 15 days stock as per ERB directive.

    Lukulu West MP, Eileen Imbwae, said the nation needed to be assured that there would not be a fuel shortage when Indeni closes.

    Both Mr Hibajeene and Dr Nsemukila assured that there would be enough stocks of all petroleum products by the time of the scheduled shutdown.

    Neither of the two, however, could say exactly when the plant would reopen after routine maintenance.

  120. kuku, have you now become a freelance reporter?? Thanx anyway for the sense of dedication to this fraternity of bloggers, suffice to say it is headline news in most of the dailies. I would certainly want you in my clan when I become a mafia don!

  121. Bob giving land to his faithfuls only is tantamount to corruption and cannot be supported by any mentally balanced person. However, Africans (blacks) should not trust that a Muzungu will deal honestly with them. History abounds to this fact. A ‘Muzungu’ regards a blacky inferior to him/her.

    PW Botha’s infamous Rubicon Speech at the Durban City Hall on August 15 1985 said it all: “Pretoria has been made by the White mind for the White man. We are not obliged even the least to try to prove to anybody and to the Blacks that we are superior people. We have demonstrated that to the Blacks in a thousand and one ways. The Republic of South Africa that we know of today has not been created by wishful thinking. We have created it at the expense of intelligence, sweat and blood. Were they Afrikaners who tried to eliminate the Australian Aborigines? Are they Afrikaners who discriminate against Blacks and call them Nigge*rs in the States? Were they Afrikaners who started the slave trade?

  122. Continued…

    Where is the Black man appreciated? England discriminates against its Black and their “Sus” law is out to discipline the Blacks. Canada, France, Russia, and Japan all play their discrimination too. Why in the hell then is so much noise made about us? Why are they biased against us? I am simply trying to prove to you all that there is nothing unusual we are doing that the so called civilized worlds are not doing. We are simply an honest people who have come out aloud with a clear philosophy of how we want to live our own White life.

    We do not pretend like other Whites that we like Blacks. The fact that, Blacks look like human beings and act like human beings do not necessarily make them sensible human beings. Hedgehogs are not porcupines and lizards are not crocodiles simply because they look alike. If God wanted us to be equal to the Blacks, he would have created> us all of a uniform colour and intellect.

  123. Continued….

    We do not pretend like other Whites that we like Blacks. The fact that, Blacks look like human beings and act like human beings do not necessarily make them sensible human beings. Hedgehogs are not porcupines and lizards are not crocodiles simply because they look alike. If God wanted us to be equal to the Blacks, he would have created> us all of a uniform colour and intellect. But he created us differently: Whites, Blacks, Yellow, Rulers and the ruled. Intellectually, we are superior to the Blacks; that has been proven beyond any reasonable doubt over the years. I believe that the Afrikaner is an honest, God fearing person, who has demonstrated practically the right way of being. Nevertheless, it is comforting to know that behind the scenes, Europe, America, Canada, Australia-and all others are behind us in spite of what they say. For diplomatic relations, we all know what language should be used and where.

  124. Continued….

    To prove my point, Comrades, does anyone of you know a White country without an investment or interest in South Africa? Who buys our gold? Who buys our diamonds? Who trades with us? Who is helping us develop other nuclear weapon? The very truth is that we are their people and they are our people. It’s a big secret. The strength of our economy is backed by America, Britain, Germany. It is our strong conviction, therefore, that the Black is the raw material for the White man. So Brothers and Sisters, let us join hands together to fight against this Black devil. I appeal to all Afrikaners to come out with any creative means of fighting this war. Surely God cannot forsake his own people whom we are. By now every one of us has seen it practically that the Blacks cannot rule themselves. Give them guns and they will kill each other. They are good in nothing else but making noise, dancing, marrying
    many wives and indulging in sex.

  125. Windhoek 145# which is which you creatise Bob and then praise Condi Rice but just then you are complaining of th west descrimination of Blacks. For me Condi Rice and Collins are the waste blacks who have part of causing of misery to world inclding Zimbabwe. Condi Rice is the one who termed Iran, North Korea and Zimbabwe axe evil before the Iraq war. Collins Paul called for sanctions in 2004 against Zim. Paul was army Gen. who led the Gulf war making the unsafer place to leaving in today. He was the one who was accussing Iraq of WMDs yet none have been found. These are puppets and can anything because money even taking lives of people including yours. (MK)Windhoek you live in animal farm times. Color doesnt play any roll in humans we are equal in the eyes of God. I have seen a human with eyes,six ears. Why do you want to see yourself under.

  126. Continued…

    Let us all accept that the Black man is the symbol of poverty, mental inferiority, laziness and emotional incompetence. Isn’t it plausible? therefore that the White man is created to rule the Black man? Come to think of what would happen one day if you woke up and on the throne sat a Kaff*ir! Can you imagine what would happen to our women? Does anyone of you believe that the Blacks can rule this country?”

    Well, the black man is ruling now (politically), but the real economic power is vested elsewhere – in the hands of the west, the whites. Globalisation was instituted to consolidate that power. Anyone who can’t see that has missed the point. You can’t talk about modernity if you can’t put things into proper ccontext. Mugabe’s challenge is an affront to the interests of the west and he’s punished for that.

    It’s therefore easy to understand where KK is coming from on this one!

  127. #148, I believe it’s called divide and rule. Condi and Powell have been psyched to parrot their mastres music. Do you honestly believe Obama (a blackman) can be allowed to be the president of the US? Not in a lifetime!

    The fall-out btn Bob & Tsvangirai is precisely about that: the former wants to counter these tactics, while the latter is amenable to them. Result: the impasse in Zim. But guess who’s laughing all the way to the bank? the real power – the West.

  128. MK (Windhoek) I get your point but I cant accepted all what you said. Unfaily treatment of Blacks by whites is the casue root of this poverty you are talking about. Why should we treated like that because I cannot build Atom bomb or what. Africa has to do one thing stop get debts, grants, aid, loans from the west then will see this supriority will vanish. Its unfortunate that we have in our midst HIV is claiming lives of people in Africa. Evidently this Aids is man made to make communities and continue amassing wealth from poor countries. I dont need Abama to govern USA all what we need is Africa manage their own affiars. Look South America soon shall free themselves from this economical slavery. So we need more Mugabes who can say no. Once Africa creates it Bank on the Africa soil stop boiling from IMF and World Bank.You will who is a bagger here. The problem lies in the balance of payments which govts depend on to pay civil servants. Kabila told UNO and west he doesnt need credits.

  129. #150,MK “ngempi”,MK you are missing out on one thing.
    You mentioned one thing in your statement quote “Surely God cannot forsake his own people whom we are”.
    Point of correction,God does not forsake anyone,Black people have forsaken themselves and thats why they will always be ruled.When this white man came to africa, your ancestors took his relatives who were in prison and “SOLD” them to the whites,that meant he sold his soul and the rest of his descendants to come. NO ONE is superior on this earth, Blacks just lack knowledge and are good at nothing but stealing from others,
    hide money in a book,only whites will steal it if you know what i mean. We blame everything on racism, in your windhoek there where you are, why are people living separate as from khomasdale,katutura,soweto etc..
    Reality helps.
    “ngempi” “naaawa”

  130. Whatever Sage iwe! Nangu Dr. Chituwo is an MD, that does not make him a great leader because nomba ni puppet wakwa Chuchu. So, how is he applying his medical education? We want leaders who can liberate Zambia from poverty, corruption, unemployment, and much more leadership crisis. Limbi Sage kuti Chuchu akucita appoint as a Minister pantu wakosapo sana mukusapota chuchu. Look at Ba Sata, niba Police Officer but balabomba fyamoneka nabonse basekelamo.Inga iwe Sage, where are you education wise?For me, I have two Degrees, in Accounting and Administration, and I am graduating with an MBA in Finance in December 2007 kuno America not pa UNZA apama riots everyday. Talk to Chuchu limbi kuti ambika Minister of fimo fimo!!!!

  131. Ba Kafyuke(154),mwatu sebanya!! There is no substitute for education (hence you pursuing all those degrees)One of the benefits of education is that it ensures rational,objective and purposeful thinking and approach to everyday problems and issues.Ifyachita Ba Sata tebonse abasekelamo.A case in point, we now live in a democratic society and your policeman has never held elections in his own party!!This should tell you that he would have little respect for an electrol process let alone tolerance of divergent views.Word of caution, don’t under estimate Sage !!!

  132. Pndit155# what is education do you mean getting a degree or what??? Education are your abilities to understand and do good things for yourself and other. The problem is in Zambia we have so many educated fools. They cannot use the knowledge for the benefit of soceity.

  133. #156 Easy you are right, education is there to make us aware of what is around us be able to interpret and apply situations.Intellect and wisdom are not the same.Most intelligent persons are the worst in real life.For the lucky ones they have both wisdom and intellect like Bajoze and Jude.Moreover most learned people are the most big failures when it comes to managerial abilities but can be analytical in application.Look at Prof Mwauluka, mubanga Kashioki,Serpel ,Dr Mwanza Jacob ,Musokotwane,Sondashi,Dr Kashiwa bulaya(kabwalala),Prof Yamba, all these characters with their degrees are non starters.

  134. Kalembe Kafyuke..I’m not supporting Chituwo. You are the one who listed the cabinet ministers and classified him as a PHD holder. I was just correcting you on his qualifications. We all know alinwa ink but that does not automaticaly make him a good leader. The major component in developing Z is sound policies, and fixing our system of operations. Some of it can be fixed by amending the constitution. The main factor is peoples atitude towards life. In malaysia if you throw trash on the road you go to jail, while is Z thats acceptable. The change has to happen first at personal level. If individuals can change, its easy to change the nation and move forward.

  135. AM and KUKU

    You are just digressing people’s focus with your Jesting. If you have nothing substantive to contribute please keep away. To contribute on this one, you need a bit of research on this subject.This issue has depth it doesnt require a shallow approach

  136. Citizen#159, Dont be emotion Kuku is right tell me which minister in the current or former cabinets has made their own concepts. Everytime waiting for instruction from the head of state. Sometimes the village headmen or chiefs are far much better than our memebers of parliament. Look at the roads the last time they maintained was in 1980s. Once elected some dont even make a foot in their consituencies. Can you tell me whih MP has built a house his home village even shop that people are buy food stuffs. All what they know is get a loan buy a car maybe get land next to cities thru dubios means.

  137. A heap of degrees is no guarantee to being able to manage.KUKU(157) you are right in this regard.But a heap of degrees are evidence of reaching a particular level of understanding in a chosen field.Look at the technocrats who are perm secs now as opposed to those KK used to appoint.By virtue of advanced learning they are able to articulate and effectively implement policy made by Govt.Don’t you have a bit more confidence when you read that Magande is meeting with the IMF/World Bank than when KK sent a posa mabwe to discuss structural adjustment ?? LPM speaks confidently about the constitution because he has studied certain aspects of it in great depth and he has a piece of paper that shows he achieved a minimum competency level.Ba posa mabwe have had excellent ideas and the technocrats are there to refine and produce workable plans.It is a symbiotic existence between the two extremes and we must always strive for the perfect balance.Not all wisemen have degrees,but many do!!!

  138. MK in windhoek, I guess you despise yourself, your parents for having been born in this era, you rather would have during the slave trade – hardluck boy, you just have to tough it out, for we are on the march & nothing will stop us. Do you know what? if you don’t like the looks of us, there is always the moon, or mars, am sure those might be good alternatives for you to fulfill your dreams. Eat your heart out, we are still encroaching on the west, where their kids are so spoilt, all high on drugs, we are taking over the essential services that seem beneath you. When we move into neighbourhoods, your type pack up & leave – did you hear that – in their own countries!!! In Africa, we don’t run away from foreigners, we stand up to them & give them a good look in the eye – to make you swallow that hard lump in your throat, have a good day boy!

  139. #158 Sage, let me speak like ba FTJ(no bemba)
    …perhaps the attitude of the pipo to be changed needs to start somewhere. When ba sata was the minister of local govt he nearly initiated the rule of punishing all the pipo found peeing in public places but that “old system of reshaffle” halted all the good ideas the my man had together with arresting minibuses that whose passengers throw rubbish thru the windows and again he transformed Heath department for the better. Now tell me from the current MMD govt ministers if any has initiated some policies? They all wait directives from Chuchu. what a shame?

    #159 iwe ka citizen, dont sit there as a critic, read #157 from Kuku.
    #72 thats nonsense: i have done some research YOU ARE CHANDA FRANCIS KAUNDA jr from kabuluna lusaka (mwaba your sis alekuposha)
    Iwe LUMPA(EVES) you are from MUKONDOLA QUARE mufulira

    #150 MK,its sad we have pipo like you as Zedian. young man have pride in yourself regardless of race, religion, creek or colour.

  140. continue…so ba HK, you are HENRY K…. plz i beg you not to say anything on FTJ..deal? if not i will extract your skeleton from your wardrope.
    #154 kalembe, you are a man, welcome to the club and meet pipo like kuku, AM, pink, titus, KC,CK,kayata,sage?, pundtis etc.

    iwe ka born rich stop writing ama one line. go back to grade one pa lubengele primary school.

  141. Ka Joze, Idont know any FTJ, I only know Thief Lupundu Chiluba Kafupi. Is he one and the same..is the only H you know Henry, what about HAMMER.

  142. #165 OK, i will talk to Dr JK. stay tunned Ba Joze off air. meanwhile i need you to appologies to FTJ WITHIN 48 hrs, failure to that i will extract your skeleton from your wardrope.

  143. Sage #158 walanda ifya mano apa. Surely, the attitude of Zed pipo should change, otherwise no meaningful development will be there.Zed pipo can have the greatest leader this world has produced at their doorsteps, but if they don’t change their attitudes, nothing progressive and meaningful can come out there. Walasa mwaice Sage, but teine who listed the cabinet ministers and their qualifications. Inga pali chuchu what are your views in terms of wiping away poverty, unemployment, AIDS/HIV pa Zed?

  144. Kayata is a very amazing contributor because he thinks that white people love him. By the way Kayata when did apples and Coke Cola reappear in Zambia? Have you ever drank Tarino or used Sabina or Chikondya soap?

  145. Ka JAZE, dont start a war you cant finish. Just go on supporting your Ka Chiluba and stop threatening people here as you maybe shooting yourself in your left eye which is the only good eye.
    Ka Chiluba is going to go tired suing everyone, and everytime he sues will be milked by his lawyers SANGWA and SIMEZA . Soon these two gentlemen will submit a bill and MUKAPAPA baJOZE and your little monkey star

  146. HK 169# you have forgotten Bingo from Bob? What went wrong we used to trade with our neigbors? The other soap Able is also theme of the past.

    Have you heard the FTJ case has been registered in Zambia HIgh court. Quickly quickly we want an end to this story and concetntrate on other pressing issues like the labour conditions of the works under Peng peng. Salaries should be reasonable if not then the goods and services should be reduced to much the standards of people. Can you imagine chitubuwa costing 20 ngwee again, 25 Roller meal = k150, Kapenta= 20n, Mupilu =10 ngwee, Madeede= 15n, School fees K13. Examination fees = K89.00. Boarding and lodging = free, Transport to Lusaka K250 Kwacha. Those we days. Salary K72.00. Accomadation free all govt house. All is ours no one is taking it away.

  147. People on the blog. Remember your school days debate please. I was a good debator myself but now im finished. But then, you should know that this blog must have pipo with antagonistic views to clearly extract some information in depth. I know most of my colleagues in the media industry like to peruse thru our points and take note of important issues to further research. Its only healthy and I dont think there are pipo here who support any of presidents(past and present) for personal interest. This is because most of us here do not even say our identity. So what gain has it got to do with cjntributions on this blog??? It will be boring otherwise so ba jose keep your position with kuku and my view points will be reserved in the mean time. Im usually for and against. So dont take it as betrayal buddies.

  148. Ba Jose Ba kamba mwabuka shani? well Mundia Sikatana did something at Min of Agric. But the point is not one person having a better atitude or working hard. Every country has vagabones its the ratios that are different. If out of a cabinet of 21 you have 15 visionaries with a positive attitude and exposure Zambia can be a little finland. But You have a cabage for president , a morron for VP and a cabinet scared dead. The whole political system is designed like a kingdom with one superior power and the rest are there just to follow instructions no questions asked. Look at PF. Nakazwe is gone together with Musonda mwanakashi oops. The only way forward in Zambia is to strenthen the movement of independent candidates people who are answerable to the electrolate and not a political system. Then we wont have absentee MPs. We have MPs who never visit their constituencies.
    HK dream on.

  149. Zed ATTITUDE has to change, firstly let people start appreciating that stealing especially from pubic office is very retrogressive.Such should be punishable in the severe most way.
    And Stop boring us with personal issues such as degrees you have or wish to have……

  150. #170 EASY, that is possible prices of things to go as low as they were those good days.But that cannot happen over night.It would need a bit of time.Even if that would be achieved now, it wouldnt be effective immedately.Many people would make losses and adversely affect the country.When you look at the way the Zambian currency was lossing value especially when you look at 1990-1991 and above you will notice that it lost 5 ngwee everyday then later it was something else (a quantum leap).
    A change of Attitude is an important thing as mentioned by many here,So far there is a change of attitude going on in Zed through the cases that on.FTJ and them cases.But the what are we doing to contribute to the change of this attitude for those of us on the blog?For this to be achieve we all must be involved.Some people on the blog have very nice points and contribution and would make good leaders.Yet the problem is some of those overseas would not like to go/come back to zed.cotinued…

  151. #170 EASY, that is possible prices of things to go as low as they were those good days.But that cannot happen over night.It would need a bit of time.Even if that would be achieved now, it wouldnt be effective immedately.Many people would make losses and adversely affect the country.When you look at the way the Zambian currency was lossing value especially when you look at 1990-1991 and above you will notice that it lost 5 ngwee everyday then later it was something else (a quantum leap).
    A change of Attitude is an important thing as mentioned by many here,So far there is a change of attitude going on in Zed through the cases that on.FTJ and them cases.But the what are we doing to contribute to the change of this attitude for those of us on the blog?For this to be achieve we all must be involved.Some people on the blog have very nice points and contribution and would make good leaders.Yet the problem is some of those overseas would not like to go/come back to zed.continued…

  152. ….continued
    Someone mentioned that we have been meant to be ruled by the “Muzungu” that is one of the wrongest attitudes many have in Africa.If this attitude changes coupled with hard and smart work then we are ready to rule the Muzungu and the whole world.Read Nicola Machiavelli.What he believed he did and was successful.He was poor and he thought to himself he shall remain poor and never to rule and the rich shall remain rich and rule forever.Then he worked a plan to change things around the poor to be rich and to rule.So he killed the king, became the king and began to rule the poor became rich and ruled.And he said when you get the power never let is go.
    I am not saying lets go for a war,the government should stop getting debts etc. just as someone mentioned earlier.Our contribution should be an aim and should be achieved to make Zambia make its profits and from it develop our country.It should not be a matter to restore our economy but to make it peak and succesfull.

  153. the Russian government has conferred the medal of the Heroes of Asia and Africa on former president, Kenneth Kaunda, and three other eminent citizens, former ministers and freedom fighters: Mr Vernon Mwaanga, Mr Grey Zulu and Mr Elijah Mudenda for their contributions to Zambia’s liberation struggle.

    Speaking in an interview after celebrating the Russian national day in Lusaka yesterday, Russian Ambassador to Zambia, Anvar Azimov, said Russia was confident that Zambia would solve its economic problems despite facing financial difficulties because it had recorded some progress over past years.

    He acknowledged the cordial relations Zambia and Russia have maintained since the pre-colonial days.

    Dr Azimov announced that Zambia would this year receive 85 scholarships for students to study in that country.

    Dr Azimov was pleased that some Russian investors were interested in making substantial investments in Zambia.

    On the honours conferred on the four eminent Zambians, Dr Azimov said the Russian Society for the Solidarity of Asia and Africa resolved to honour freedom fighters who contributed to the liberation struggle.

    The four Zambians were among the 20 candidates selected by the society.

    Dr Kaunda and his counterparts played a vital role not only in the liberation of Africa but also Asia and the rest of the world.

  154. The first step we must take is to develop our own nation.Which will also be an example for all African countries.Then make sure the whole of southern Africa is able to be independent from the west, then join up to be one, even use one currency.Then we can go to the rest of Africa.
    First things first, we are looking at zambia now.I know we can do it.
    God makes and unmakes kings, i believe God has choosen me like moses delivered the people of isreal…and so i shall deliver the Zambian to development and abundance of employment which God will help me to create for the Zambian people and the world at large.

  155. Ba Trigo(179),southern africa will never be independent of the west.The west itself is dependent on the east/south/north.You don’t seem to understand the concept of globalization and the fact that we are all interdependent.One currency? where you too young to remember the failure of the UAPTA ?? Research the problems the EU are having with the Euro!! I am hoping what you are trying to say is that we should strive to develop only mutually beneficial relationships with the rest of the world.Natunaka ukutulila amasuku pamutwe.In your contribution(176) remember one thing, prices will never significantly go down, your only salvation is to strengthen the value of your currency.Mugabe removed a few zeros from his dollar…an apparent price reduction but it had little effect as the dollar remained worthless!!!Your ideals are good but you under estimate the complexity of how to achieve them…..but at least it is a start. Carry on comrade,we may learn something from you!!

  156. On a serious note to all bloggers here. Trigo has brought in something very vital. What made the zambian currency lose value. Is it leadership of the nation or the imperialist imposing sanctions on Zambia in 1987. The only thing this sanctions started showing impact later because Zambia had reserves it took 4 years for these sanctions to show marks on the Zambian economy. Have ever asked yourself why british pound or the euro, even the dollar has more value than your on currency. This is a part of a deliberate foreign policy by these oppressors,Never ever will late this go it is the best weapon to they have to pressed down anyone who would want to match them. Did you know interest rates are fixed by a group of people in london everyday at 11.15 hrs this gives direction which way the markets will go. So long Africa can not influence its buying power of 750 millon pipo Zambia inclusive shall remain to next in development. You will case KK, FTJ, LPM nothing will help.

  157. continued…

    How unjustifed is this world nations without minierals like steal, cobalt, copper, cotan, diamonds, gold, uranium, zinc, etcs have the best infrastractures all over the world. Something must be wrong and this is very unfair. Africa is living on depedence aid in the name of development aid. We need to make our own entity on the Africa soil so that we can compete fairly on the international markets. How many processing industries are on the africa soil we live on imports,aid, debt, loans and grants. Not only Zim is a sinking ship but africa as a whole. Botswana produces meat for eu not for Africa but its on people still live in caves. Tanzania is selling land to a saudi prince delivering away the owners of the land. Then are wars in all regions when africa can not even produce a single arms who is benefiting to all this. Teach them how to dance so that when they are busy dancing we go and do our research and take the resources away this how DR Congo was treated.

  158. The issues involved are clearly very complex. Joining the one currency entails massive risks. Equally, staying outside the same permanently also involves serious dangers. The immediate risks, resulting from losing the ability to set our interest rates in line with our own needs and locking Kwacha permanently, must be weighed against the more long-term benefits produced by greater exchange rate stability and increased competition and dynamism unleashed by the common currency.
    However, the decision to do so will be determined only by economic considerations not otherwise. For some people, the most powerful argument against joining is the fear that it may lead to political union. For those supporting entry, many of the economic risks of staying out (e.g. discriminatory rules and adverse effects on foreign investment) are equally driven by politics. Ultimately, only wider political considerations, including a ‘vision’ of our long-term role in SADC should be a guide

  159. #179 Trigo. The first part of your contribution really got my attention stimulated. Then I read your last paragraph and looked at the time of posting (4.49 am). Need I say more??? While it is perfectly normal to dream, take care that your dreams are not in fact nightmares.
    P.S. You might wish to read Psalms 10:2-11

  160. Concerned #185 i do thank you for your contribution. i read the Psalm.I am not seeking political power,authority or even any evil.But i seek to make a step that will make every Zambian contribute to developing our nation.And I cannot do this alone but with the help of God and the people of Zambia.It can be anyone of us,but if i wait for someone else and doing nothing about it then no one will come.I dont want to just be a person of words but deeds.The person,his words and actions should be one.I believe the dreams are sweet ones and not nightmares.Looking forward to a developed zambia.

  161. I was in EU when the euro was introduced and today its a stronger than the dollar. Its a matter of have the will to do it KUKU. The Europeans analysed the saw how america was gain at they were at lose economically. So they started eu. It took them more than 30 years but today they have achieved that.

  162. #187 mwaice wandi easy , we are in Africa read again my comment in #183 you are talking about EU which was started in 1953 and it was not an easy thing to be where they are .They formed a platform for regulation, EU parliament, EU court etc,we dont have such things already AU is a white elephant , NEPAD is like DOngo na Sundu.Todate UK has refused to join the euro as the main trading currency , do you know why?The reason is simple they dont want to give away their sovereinity which lies in their sterling

  163. Now you its a debate between you and me. SAGE has surrendedd. Ba Joze is a cruck he can be trusted. Where is the problem so when you will be 70 if we start now Africa will be the strongest power in the world.

  164. #151, your point here is what some pipo fail to grasp -see #1,#2 and others. To win a battle, you’ve to know your enemy inside out. KK and Bob seem to understand this. My quoting racist PW Botha’s speech (courageous to say it the way he did unlike most of his kind) was to unbundle, in plain terms, Muzungu perception of us. Like someone said somewhere, Bob is right in principle but flawed in execution – correct him there, but Tsvangirai would be wrong to think that he has a reliable ally in the west; he’ll just be used and damped. This is KK’s point.

    # 153, PW Botha’s statement…Well, u start off well, but contradict yo self in the last sentence & u seem to agree with PWB!.

    #162, Bauze: ‘we’re taking over essential services in their own countries…’. Good to hear that bro. I hope by ‘essential services’ you’re mean a stake in the global financial market (not laundry stuff), because that’s where Africa is held by the short hairs thru debt – very painful.

  165. #190 move with time thos rubbish stories about KK are history now look at what we are debating on from 179.Why are day dreaming? Were you doing night shift wake up this 16.48hrs on Thursday

  166. #191, Kuku, stop whining as usual and read the title of this article. My contribution @ # 190 is point specific; stop growling, is ‘doing night shift’ the only hat-trick phrase in your bag!

  167. Kuku its unfortunate that you think like that. A person who doesnt know his past has no future so you seem one KK is a liberator pay respect what these people did if not so even uptodate you have been a slavery working a backward of Muzungu. Aprreciate at least even you you are not perfect.

  168. #193 Knowing the past and appreciating the past are 2 different scenarios.I appreciate and understand the past but its nothing to go by.Its like what wasting so much time on what Dr Livingstone did what does it do to you in your real life?Absolutely nothing.Its the same with what KK was trying to talk about its not necessary because we know it.Iamgine Queen Elizabeth talking about the Romanian wars in 55BC and their departurein 410AD on public media, its irrelevant there are wings that deal with that so if you want to aquaint yourself with that info log onto it and you find it there.Its like someone accusing the white man of slavery but your own chiefs sold you for love of whisky and rum and they knew what was going to happen to their own people, it was a 50:50 deal

  169. Kuku#196 our lost mentally retarded allein history is history can not change. The computer you are use was discovered in the 17 century and pipo have follow the same principle to improve computer. I will tell LPM to have you arrested upon arriving at international airport for insulting your parents. I pray to God that he give you punishment according to your sins. So i dont appreciated that your dady gave chance for you to be born I dont know how term you because even animals are better than you in this particular case. Iam talking of Zambia issues not england.

  170. #196 Easy what is so different you chaps are busy insulting FTJ and think he is your age mate? Mwaice Easy me Iam a local kaponya instead of me being arrested your LPM will be arrested.Easy mwaice waya sana you cant compare me to animals that is abomination and I request that you withdraw that statement hence forth.Mwaice let us just blog not personalities.I didnt insult you anywhere so I dont see why you should insult me like that.And I wont insult you because I understand your calibre and wisdom.When you are busy insulting FTJ on this blog that is heavenly anything against Kk is a sin.Be normal I will request the bog to discipline you extensively.
    AM /BaJoze can you discipline this rogue who has gone bezek?
    If you know you have a small heart dont blog because you just die for nothing.I like using england because that is where LPM and the group have outsourced our country for the second time

  171. I totally agree with HK over KK’s comments on Mugabe. The issue is not the methods Mugabe is using but for UK to honour the Lancaster agreement. The despotic tendencies towards opposition leaders is another matter which should not be tied to the Land Redistribution agreement.

    We all know Mugabe is not the best person in terms of human rights and KK admits. But this is a separate isssue altogether. I also agree with KK when he compares Morgan Tsvangirai to Kafupi. Proper hammer on the nail’s head. Tsvangirai would not solve Zimbabwe’s problems and lead Zimbabwe to economic prosperity – no ways. Did you see how Mandela handled Ramaphosa?

  172. Kuku 197# dont be emotion I know the truth pains and reality hartes. so if felt infringed on what I said please I am sorry but I have not insulted FTJ at any cost I have just mentioned the bad things he did to you and zambia. KK is not king but he has good record beter than Kafupi. KK is not in court but FTJ. My dear I dont want to see any human being white or black be oppressed by another person this tatamount to punishment. I wouldnt to have a father like FTJ he is useless intelligent for nothing. Look men of principle they stand for what the do that is why Mugabe is still power and SADC has taken this case in their hands to tarnish the west of what they are trying to do. Regime change you think is good just becuase Mugabe has not bowed his head. The punishment Zimbabwe has is not land reform. It goes back to the congo war. You know Mugabe sent soldiers there. The truth pains. One journalist asked recently why is that the west are rising their eyeblow in Zim when in DR Congo 100 …

  173. pipo die per day. In Zim wher there no record of genocide everyone is angry they wish the old man to die. he stands for american roots and he will succeed.

  174. #199 Easy I know you have had picks other bloggers but that is not the way.Go back to your comment #196 read it and see if it makes sense to you over what you wrote.There is no truth in what you wrote it was just rubbish.If anything you should not have responded to my comment if your knew you had limited capacity.I have not taken offence neither will I accept your appology what Iam asking from you is to exercise self regulation and know that you are in public and must respect others.I welcome jokes especially from my mbuyas from the east but not from every jim jack.Read through your comment and come back to me.I want you to grow up and debate maturely without picking on personalities.

  175. #199 & 200 mwaice Easy take a break, your english is becoming kokayi there is alot typos.you have been on the blog for a long time.Enjoy your rest will catch you later

  176. Ipod for reason#198, hold your horses, Mandela didn’t handle Ramaphosa, rather Ramaphosa took the wise counsel of giving Mandela the chance of becoming the first president of a unified RSA, for his contribution & sacrifice, also that alot of people identified with him & he had international standing & epitomised the fight against apartheid. If anything , Ramaphosa as secretary general of Cosatu could muster the vote of the industrial masses & their affiliates, so it’s out of respect, that he opted to go into business,(where he has done very well), to give madiba a clear run.

  177. Good night Kuku#199. Yes once in while i blog but FTJ is not my agemet he is a wrongdoer in the public eye so he deserves public critise until he say plz forgive I didnt know what I was going like Judas Escariot. He must rent at 64 and God will bless him live longer even the heart problem is diminish. Other pipo despite of their illness they face justices and imprisoned. Why do you want your uncle to be excused when he caused much sufferig to the nation. The bible say when a leader sins he sins for the whole nation the only to cleanse Zambia is FTJ should admit, accept his bad deeds, say I was wrong plz I will pay what I can. Why should he behave like a soldier who doesnt want to retreat or surrrender even if he has no aminution. The has been lost and the Zambian pipo are the winners in this case. Hoping now my english is better so that you understand me.The ghost of those who perished at his hands are following him. He has blood on his face, hands.

  178. #204 the ghosts are following you cant you see that you still cant write proper english.Have a pleasant nite we will continue tomorrow.But remember you are in public dont write unparliamentary language.When you return you will need our blessings.So wilamfya amenshi kuntulo yakamana.

  179. LEST WE FORGET.KK was wamuyayaya, one Zambia one nation (thats a fact) one leader and that leader KK forever, Lesa ku mulu Kaunda panshi (this latter part everyone now knows is high grade bullshit) KK can be understood by the company he kept.Like Ceaucescu of Romania, Saddam Hussein of Iraq.Lusaka was the only town other than those in Iraq to have a major street named after the hanged tyrant. KK is responsible for a lot of things and just because Chiluba got caught(rightly so)because he practiced conspicuous theft does not mean the other fellow is innocent. And another thing in the 80’s when Mugabe called KK a running dog, do you rember the demonstrations. Give us a break. Grow up if it not too late or just shut up.

    Thoroughly disgusted and fed up.

  180. #205, Kuku, unparliamentary language? it’s called ‘Zamlish’, what’s yours called?

    #206, Diasporan, no need to get fed up just yet, it’s good to talk and laugh it off – ask your doc (in any case, these days u can always ‘refresh’ and eat some more if you know what I mean). Yes, KK befriended the the condemned characters mentioned. Well, Reagan/Bush Sr. also made bedfellows of questionable ones as well: Savimbi, Mobutu, Noriega, including Saddam himself (see excepts from the Iran-Iraq war). Ironical that Bob called KK a ‘running dog’ but look who’s defending him at his lowest point. It takes principle to do that! Can’t say much of FTJ, our ‘beloved’ 2nd republican president.

  181. #206 Thank you for your comentary of KK (Tyrant) He is lucky he never ended up like his friend Saddam. People forget easily, and now KK wants to parade himself as the good feller. NOT ON MY WATCH. In the west they build presidential libraries to keep the legacy of president intact and in a place where future generations would find literature on that particular presida. If we would build one for KK i’m sure he would only want things that happened between 1956 and 1968 in the library. Most of you guys have forgotten being wooped for trying to buy soap. I was in secondary school and every saturday i would wake up at 4AM to go and line up for groceries. Being you i didnt understand, I though that was how the world works. I used to read stories that a woman was fed with a Kamilioni because she didnt have Ka regi. Once people got fed up and started the riots in 1986, do you know what KK’s response to the riots was? In the aftermath of the riots he would send RED BARRET to cone in the…

  182. townships door to door, if they find you with a spoon without a reciept. You will be beat up and taken to Nkana stadium. How can you keep a reciept if you bought your redio cassette pa mokambo. This man was evil to the core. He cared about other countries but he did not care for his own. Look at Robert Kaunda for crying out loud. Even Jesus told his followers that how can you love God you havent seen yet you cant love you brother. Do you know that KK has a doughter in JHB who survives on hand outs from Rhema churh? Yet he is one of the richest men in the country. If you take time to study this man you will stop showering him with all these praises.

  183. #209, Sage, okay, okay…..you’ve made your point. At least you were persuaded to ‘refresh’, and mightly so for that matter!

    Rhema Church should know better; is it not the scriptures which teach that the idler shall not eat of the fruits of the labourer? In any case this lady should be pretty old by now to keep running back to daddy. Even Bill Gates clearly said his kids won’t inherent his billions in ‘toto’, just like that.

    As for u, be greatful that those ‘horrible’ KK days jettisoned u to think out of the box and hive out a goodly life in the diaspora without being tainted by FTJs homegrown corruptive era. Congrats!

  184. Iwe KK … we know you guys faught for our country’s independence aini! We also know that ukufyalwa bwangu temaka iyo. Just because useless Mugabe was there at the right time and with the right mind does not mean that chance could not have favored any other Zimababwean. Independence could have come thru anyone. Yesterday’s independence is far different from today’s independence. How do you compare the rath befalling waring nations today? Is that reason enough to support the ***** friend of yours?

    Yes, thanks pa buntungwa …but we are citizens like you chaps are. No one is to be overly hero-worshiped forcefully! Learn it and do it the Mandela way. That’s what we call a true freedom fighte

  185. I agree with KK.YOu people dont understand the land situation in Zimbabwe,and clearly didnt read KK’s article with an understanding.Let me summarise it to you,Britain as agreed independence,was slowly giving the land back to the Zim people, then one day they just stopped. Who are they to stop what was agreed on.That’s why Mugabe used force,u dont know what he went through fighting for that independence, and then years after Britain should decide not to abide by the agreements,that’s annoying. To make matters worse,no ones pointing fingers at Britain,they’re ‘the good guys,’ imposing sanctions, for Mugabe’s act.Mugabe’s a strong African man, who cannot be turned into a puppet

  186. If Tsvangirai becomes president,think of what sort of a puppet he’ll be.Everyone will control him (the west), that’s why i feel Mugabe does not want to step down. I disagree with torturing Tsvangirai though, that’s wrong. People dont comment on issues you havent researched on,u justrely on what you see on BBC, which is biased. WE dont have to listen to the WEst,we are independent, and one thing you should ask yourself is, do you really think the west are interested in seeing Africa get rich? NO, they need us to be poor!

  187. My advise to you Zambian is “READ KAUNDAS BOOK ENTILTED” HUMANISM IN ZAMBIA” This book is full of lies from KK, he wrote “when we get independence no one will walk barefooted in Zambia” and many more lies. What Mugabe has done to ZIM is exactley what Kaunda did to Zambia, if I were Kaunda I would keep my mouth shut

  188. Zx what are you talking about? To appropriate land by govt is a facility open to any govt. e.g. if it’s felt a new national highway has to pass through your property or minerals are found, govt may appropriate your land & rightly compensate you. In Zims case, the British offered to taken this role of compensation, but Zim govt wanted to handle the money, obviously the Brits didn’t trust these guys to put it to good use. Now this spat is between Bob & the Brits period! Why he is taking it out on his own people is anyone’s wonder. One can understand his paranoia becoz he has reached the age of senility & obviously it would take ones lifetime to erase the memories of when he was in jail.

  189. It is appropriate time to make a few plans for the longer term and it’s time to be happy. I have read this submit and if I could I want to counsel you few interesting issues or suggestions. Perhaps you can write next articles referring to this article. I wish to read even more things approximately it!

  190. Definitely believe that which you stated. Your favorite reason appeared to be at the net the simplest thing to remember of. I say to you, I definitely get irked while other folks consider worries that they just don’t recognize about. You managed to hit the nail upon the highest and outlined out the whole thing without having side effect , people could take a signal. Will probably be again to get more. Thanks

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