A scum has been unearthed in which some unscrupulous people are impersonating Tourism, Environment and Natural Resources minister Kabinga Pande.

Ministry of Tourism Public Relations Officer Bwalya Nondo disclosed that the suspected impostors are making phone calls to unsuspecting Lodge owners and other people in the hospitality industry claiming are the Minister.

Mr. Nondo said in a statement today that the same impostors are then summoning the
lodge owners to the ministry of Tourism and Natural Environment headquarters in
Lusaka, to answer some charges.

Mr. Nondo said two lodge management officials phoned by imposters travelled from
Kitwe and Luangwa to meet the Minister claiming that they have been summoned through a telephone conversation.

Mr. Nondo said the Ministry of Tourism wishes to put the record straight and inform
the hospitality industry and members of the general public that the ministry does
not conduct business on the phone.

He further stated that the Minster does not himself carryout inspections of lodges
and other hospitality amenities directly.

Mr. Nondo has since advised the hospitality industry and the general public not to
entertain such phone calls, which border on criminality.

He advised that phone calls, which have an element of impersonation, should be
brought to attention of Ministry or the Police.

Mr. Nondo noted that it is clear that people making such phone calls are inclined to
malice for reasons best known to themselves.


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  1. Kabinga tata wandi finshi ucitile to be troubled like this?I hope its not some of these children who tresspass this blog.Today there is technology which can track the caller and comes at small fee.Just ask the donors for help,since your govt has no difficult in accessing aid.Finshi uleculila na technology balileta abasungu?



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