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Chad leave Zambia in a dust storm


Chad left Zambia laughing all the way back to N’djamena today after collecting their first point in Group 11 to leave Zambia’s chances of taking their Africa Cup qualifying pool qualifier to the wire.

Zambia started off very casually as Chad took the game to their hosts.

Chad took the deserved lead in the 18th minute through Hillaire Kedgui leaving the hosts and the Konkola crowd stunned.

However, Zambia did have a good chance just eight minutes before Chad took the lead.

In that instance, Collins Mbesuma attempt with the spectacular via a bicycle-kick courtesy of a Jacob Mulenga cross went horribly wrong when the formers best effort at that was an air-shot at point-blank range.

The goal meanwhile was certainly a wake-up call for Zambia who until then not troubled Chad’s defence.

Felix Katongo had a low drive in the 24th minute cleared off the line while Mulenga’s flying header three minutes later flew inches wide.

Moreover, Chad goalkeeper Amel Koulara was too good as he denied chances by the hosts attackers with Felix Katongo’s 41st minute stunning effort the highlight of the saved shots.

Dead on 45 minutes, Mulenga rasping shot was parried by Koulara as Rainford Kalaba blasted the rebound high and over.

The first signs of the equalizer came on 48 minutes when Christopher Katongo playing a deeper role in midfield reminiscent of his Green Buffaloes days saw his attempt in a one-on-one with the outstanding Koulara gathered.

On the 55 minutes, relief arrived. Finally.

Zesco United defender Willy Chinyama’s drive was too hot for Koulara to hold and this time Mbesuma’s goal instincts didn’t desert him to poke-in the ball to level scores.

The wind was then taken out of Zambia’s sails just before the hour-mark when Mulenga was taken off injured.

Mulenga’s departure left Zambia without the decisive the robust pace they badly needed.

It got worse after Felix Katongo’s departure too due to a knock seven minutes later living the hosts as mare pedestrians while Mbesuma turned into a modest showboater.

Zambia too refused to use the vast space they created in front of goal while bearing down on Chad choosing instead to go the naive route for width that came to nothing and were easily telegraph by Chad.

Furthermore, Zambia had only two convincing chances after the hour-mark with Kalaba’s 78th minute free kick going inches high while Christopher Katongo’s 90th minute shot saved.

And now after Zambia’s wasteful show the waiting game for tomorrow afternoons Congo-Brazzaville- South Africa result beckons.

Zambia: Kennedy Mweene, Clive Hachilensa, Billy Mwanza, Kennedy Nkethani, Willy Chinyama, Rainford Kalaba, James Chamanga, Felx Katongo (Clifford Mulenga, Ignatius Lwipa), Christopher Katongo, Jacob Mulenga (Songwe Chalwe), Collins Mbesuma.

Subs: George Kolala, Dube Phiri, Hichani Himoonde, Lameck Njovu.

Coach: Patrick Phiri.

Chad: Amel Koulara, Nerambay, Esai Djikoloum, Hillaire Kedgui, Ndoassel,Marius Mbaiam(Brahim Ahmat), Armand Djerabe, Cesar Madalngue, Abdoulaye Djideo, Tigaye Masrabaye, Stiamadji Allarassem.

Subs: Mamadou Bouba, Leger Djimena, David Mbaihouloum,Betlnger Nisdongar,Mahamai Doungous.

Coach: Mahamai Adoum.

Referee: Muhamed Ssegonga (Uganda)


  1. you see you fools how you have digraced us again when we expected you to win.No Ghana lets forget

  2. It is a dead end for Zambia. I dont think Congo will lose SA. It cant even be even Mathematical or match fixing that can solve Zambia’s woes. I think we underrated Chad. But there they go with a point away. Here the predictable tables that i can envision:

    Table 1 if SA hold Congo-
    SA- 11 points
    Zambia- 8POINT
    Congo -6points
    Chad -1

    If Congo wins

    Then the predictable table will be-

    SA- 11pts
    Congo 8pts
    Zam- 8pts
    Chad- 1pt

    But if SA wins in Congo then the state of affairs will be

    SA- 13 points
    Zam- 8pts
    Chad -1pt

    you can now do the remaining math if that it is possible to see Zambia at the CAN 2008.

  3. I think time for real reflection awaits us after this match. We can now move on and appreciate the efforts that the team has made it was not an individual effort it was a team effort.
    It is not the best performance for Zambia for sure, but we can build on, I hope the techinical commitee of FAZ can make evaluations and cast a vision for the future of Zambian football

  4. 7. Living dangerously yet again. But then…they’re the ‘nearly men’ as per Pongwa Liwewe’s coinage!

  5. Mr. Justice Kafusha, I sent you an e-mail, but there is no response

  6. Imwe ba satana bena Mulonga & CO imipashi yaba fwa teyakwangalako mwamona ifyo camibipila.Mwalitumpa sana, mwefipumbu fya bantu

  7. Buya Phiri you satrtet very well no mbamawkula umutwe.
    Please don’t call players as a coach you will need them one day.The time the player what to come you don’t
    what to call him.When you know he has other program
    that when you call them .Eg Sikala and Sichone. Remember how your where drop that time from the national team. As at now we can not thank you for any mbuya . In bembe which you know very well,bakamba ati uwakwesha ubushiku ba mutasha elyo bwacha,so for you mbuya CAN 2008 EKUCHA and that is when we say thank
    mbuya Phiri.The other thing mbuya this boy should be told not to use inkuni,every time atihe has been given 2 days to see the mother and yet the boy has gone to get inkuni, Mukwala. Only God has the power and not Nkuni


  9. By the way people we need a Lozi PRESIDENT iN 2011
    nangupakafwe isofu. lekeni nabo batuteke.KK bemba,
    Chiluba bemba, Naleshina bemba,Kapwepwe bemba,Sata
    bemba, MUMBA Bemba. Now it is time for MUZUWILE,
    ENISHA. It is time for Kwa far

  10. Nga ta u votele pa li ba Sikatana mu 2011 nishi uli
    ndoshi.We what Lozi in all offices and not bembe
    every time ala.

  11. Amazing! Chad had nothing to gain other than pride! SA treated them well and beat them fair and square – we (actually FAZ) decide to behave like typical Africans, harshly treating your competitors thinking you will get an edge over them and what happens …. they get motivated and stick it back at you!

    A lot can be said about why we didn’t perform on the day but as far as I’m concerned, it comes down to managements overall attitude towards handling things! If FAZ were as serious and as professional as they are expected to be, that seriousness and professionalism is embedded into the coaching staff, the players and the fans will appreciate it (even when we get results like this)

    That’s why SA are ahead of us now in the region – it’s not that they have more talented players (we still do, but), they just have a much better and organised ‘FAZ’ (SAFA)!

    At this rate all we’ll end up doing is reminiscing on the good old days – such as Zambia -Italy 1988 which by the way is on youtube

  12. Suppose we don`t qualify………Phiri was the coach when we failed to qualify last time.
    Suppose we do qualify………will Phiri manage the Team in Ghana? Why does FAZ keep going in circles all the time. Bamfuchile failed us some years ago, but FAZ brought him back and he failed us again in 2006. Now it is Phiri, believe me he will fail us again.
    Correct me if am wrong………

  13. Why would one want a Lozi President 4get cousins lets ve a goodman or lady rule the country but not from Barotseland

  14. Ok, so we drew with Chad yesterday, too bad. Anyway from the way I look at the things all started going wrong when we gave South African a present of 3 points in Lusaka, then we went to Congo and lost 2 points and now we have lost 2 points to the whipping boys of our group Chad in all 7 points in 3 games and only gained 2, it is not health for Team with ambitions to win the Africa Cup. From the way I have seen things we dream a lot and expect miracles in the end. The fact is that the current team is just not good enough and maybe it is better to stay home than qualify and be exposed like the last Nations Cup where we lost 1-4 and 1-2 to Tunisia and the West Africans and only managed to beat SA in a meaningless game. I am of the view that the quality of players coming out Zambia (save for a very few) is crap to say the least. Just look at Yobe, Mwila and Phiri, these boys got a life time chance to play in Sweden, but when u watch them u would just wonder. This is a tragedy

  15. From the match reports, it is like the only qaulity players we have now amoung those that played yesterday are Jacob Mulenga and Chris Katongo and these 2 alone can not win all games for us. The other players need to lift their game to the level of these 2 if we have to improve.

    We do not to hear the same song of going back to the DRAWING BOARD, and do what. How many times shall we go back to the drawing board. Football is not about painting. Let us put people with the expertise to administor football in Zambia in place, before we sink to the bottom of the sea. We are sinking and that is true and all can see that. I have nothing more to say except that I feel sorry for my fellow soccer fans who put all they can to support the team but only to be disappointed. Who is to blame……… mavuto, ka twishi mwe, ba mu nshebwa bafula

  16. What is this LOZI crap, I thought it is football around here. 2007 and people still think in tribe terms, yaba. Are you suggesting we should have a National Team made up of LOZI players only???? Grow up

  17. its done for zambia we finished we better stop playin international soccer,how can u draw with chad shame.
    go preson leopard go

  18. go prison leopards go,make it two teams from kabwe to play in the premiership,zambia national team sacks ,i bet u can do better than those fools who drew with chad .

  19. i dont want to disrespect lota”chesa mpama” ,the dude did alot for zed ,i dont care how many goals his scored for his team.

  20. I have lost faith in Zambian football at both club and national level, just imagine for 11 seasons no Zambian club has ever reached the group stages of the African Champs League and yet we even consider ourselves as a SOCCER POWERHOUSE NATION and this record is slowly shifting to the National team i.e failing to qualify to ACNs, I think lets now start comparing ourselves with countries like Djibouti, Niger, Seychelles, Chad and these other small footballing Nations although they will soon be better than us, Countries like Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Nigeria, Angola, Tunisia to mention but a few are improving, for Z is vice versa whats wrong pipo? Pliz HELP!

  21. shame to Phiri for failing to qualify Zambia to CAF 2008. The only coach in recent hitory to fail miserably to qualify zambia, with such an abandunt talent at diposal. We need an expatriate coach no doubt about it. In the team, I mentioned earlier on, we need a dribbler, goal getter like nsofwa Chaswe who can partner Jacob Mulenga.

  22. I will post my comments on monday.

    But people please, do not politicise this blog. It’s for soccer and not Lozi and Lozi that. If they want to rule Zed they are most welcome. After all they are zambians BUT IT IS EASIER SAUD THAN DONE. BY THE WAY WHO HAS PREVENTED THEM ALL THESE YEARS.ITS PITY THAT WE STILL HAVE BITTER PEOPLE WHO WANT TRIBALISE EVERYTHING. IT DOES NOT MATTER WHO RULES, WHAT WE IN ZED IS GOOD GOVERNANCE NOT TRIBAL GOVERNANCE.


  23. Lesap26# The answer is simply Zambian sport has been trying´to built a house without a foundation thats is why when wind,rain,earthquake,comes all shakes up. The wise man of the bible said dont build a house sand because when rains comes it will be swept away. No single administrator has thought of nursery sport all want to teach a child swiming when he is already above 10. As far as I know it takes years to build a sportsman the same way it takes to make profit for a company. In the old days clubs would go in rural areas including the national team to search for talent. Can anyone tell me when Zambia national team played against a secondary school. Most of the structures which used to exist are destroyed.

  24. ****FUNDRAISING FOR A NEW STADIUM****. Well since the Govt and FAZ havd failed to build a new stadium, I suggest that we soccer fans take the initiative to raise funds for a stadium. We can start by making contributions and there after ask some charitable organisations around the world to help us. We can do this by opening an account i one of the banks in Zed, where we can send contributions. This account has to be managed by this bank and not FAZ nor Govt. What do others say

  25. Good idea 30# I have had this idea and I writing letters and emails to wellwishers to come in and help. We shall do it. I already started pipo to help.

  26. Justice, great idea….lets take it up upon ourselves to ensure that there is a starting point from all soccer loving zambians. What our politicains fail to understand is that such an important undertaking can be a milestone to point at as an achievement when they leave office!

  27. It really is a crying shame… In my humble opinion we have the the best forward and midfield players we have seen in quite some time, gifted lads like Mulenga C and J, Katongo C and F, Kalaba, Mbesuma and Njobvu [who really should be playing more often]. i dreally don’t know who to blame. But in life and football, upsets happen. I will never stop supporting Chipolopolo.

    Thank you Patrick, stellar job. Thanks for giving us COSAFA. You are in my thoughts. You are talented, let’s hope you leave gracefully and get on with your career. You can do great things.

  28. Odama comes close as Congo’s Red Devils pile the pressure on South Africa. SOURCE: BBC

  29. its a shame.never under estimate your opponents!!ensoni…..whats with the lozi thing anyway??!!the idea that us as soccer fans should do do something about the issue at hand(fundraise for stadium)is a step in the right will not fail to win,so maybe, just maybe we will get to ghana….never say die till the fat lady sings!!

  30. Its Half time in Congo with the home side still searching for the goal that will keep alive their hopes of making Ghana 2008. 0 – 0 at half time

  31. GOAL Congo 1-1 South Africa It’s an equaliser for the Red Devils, Mbantimba lobbing the South African keeper. SOURCE: BBC

  32. Full time in Congo too, where South Africa have been forced to settle for a draw in Group 11 – conceding their first goal in qualifying in the process. They still need one more point to be certain of going through. Congo 1: South Africa 1

  33. so now the usual maths for zambia begins after south africa is held by congo.With the quality of the players we have,i have a big doubt if we can upset bafana bafana come september.We just messed up ourselves by letting chad steal very vital points from us.It is indeed a shame and that is what being over confident for nothing can do.It is a big lesson to players and an embarrasment to the zambian people and in particular the fans and the president who took his precious time to support the boys.Anyway as they say hope is the last thing to die so mathematically we have a chance.

  34. You now Zed is not yet out. It will be a battle in SA. So is soccer. Goal difference will determine if zambia wins in south Africa. We just need win this as the saying goes after the game is before the game. So the race is still on. Can someone under what criteria is Ivory coast going to the Africa without taking part in the preliminaries and qauli´fying round. Kuku u are the brain drain of this blog oho i mean brain souurce of the discussion what is the reason behind. Since you are in Ndola is the building of a new stadia reached knee height or there is no money.

  35. Table standing in group 11 SA hold Congo-
    SA- 11 points
    Zambia- 8POINT
    Congo -6points
    Chad -1

    We have alot of layers in the PLS upset SA in sept. Isaac Chansa,James Chamanga, Chalwe, veteran Dennis Lota,Mbesuma,and Katongo are all products of the PSL.Plan now and dont wait for the last minute to call Andrew.

  36. 2008 Nations Cup Group 11
    P W D L GF GA Pts
    South Africa 5 3 2 0 9 1 11
    Zambia 5 2 2 1 6 2 8
    Congo 5 1 3 1 4 5 6
    Chad 5 0 1 4 2 13 1

    so you calculate we need 3 pts and least 4 goals

  37. 2008 Nations Cup Group 11
    P W D L GF GA Pts
    South Africa 5 3 2 0 9 1 11
    Zambia 5 2 2 1 6 2 8
    Congo 5 1 3 1 4 5 6
    Chad 5 0 1 4 2 13 1

    so you calculate we need 3 points and least 4 goals

  38. Barca 3-0 lead over Nastic,Madrid 0 Marlloca 1,Sevilla 0 Villareal 0 at half time. lets wait and see. in my eyes i see this cup coming to the nou camp

  39. Real Madrid are crowned spanish kings after coming from behind to beat Marlloca 3-1.With Reyes the saviour of the day coming in for David Beckham in the 75th minute and scores 2 goals to rob off Barca the cup.The scorer of the second goal is Diara from Mali.Final scores;Barcelona 4 Nastic 1, Villareal win 1-0 Away to Sevilla.Final standings, Real 76 points,Barca, 76 points, and Sevilla third with 73 points.The points in spain are decided on head to head results. Barca lost away to madrid and in barca they drew 3-3. In this case madrid carry the Day.Finally for my fellow Barca fans,hard lack till next season.What a bad ending!!

  40. Reading your comments made depressing reading indeed.
    Like someone said ” we like humialiting ourselves”.
    Zambia is mediocre in preparation;this is accepted. It is only at U20 that we have prepared adequately. the disturbing thing is to read you all, except for cassius, go on rambling in mediocrity. We will be fools to think that Patrick Phiri can deliver glory. Sorry to say so but the guy is clearly duff. Remmember how we played at the CECAFA tournament! Mbesuma is supposed to a striker not a midfielder. Zambians please, let us be objective for once! let us rest people let Mbesuma and C. Katongo. They fail to rise to the ocassion. Nsofwa Chaswe and Dube Phiri can perform wonders if we only allowed them the chance. Surely why should we hang on to players that don’t deliver.
    So now let us adjust our TV sets as we will be watching our friends play at Ghana 2008.

  41. Back to Zed , well there is still hope so all you -ves out there be rest assured Zambia specialises in break throughs we all about to witness one.

  42. Its depressing, but don’t forget Zambia can still qualify as one of the top 3 second placed teams. Having said that, I think a draw is the minimum requirement in SA to achieve this. Why not just go for a win!! Its a painful memory when Zambia needed a draw in Morocco to qualify for USA’94. All hope is not lost and i’m looking forward to the World U-20 tournament in Canada.

  43. Its the same old story again. Too bad. Its confirmed South Africa are going to Ghana at the expense of Zambia and Congo. There is no way we are going to beat South Africa here by 4 or 5 – 0. It cant just happen. I can only hope South Africa plays a give away game to lose by a goal to nil to give us a chance to accompany them to Ghana as one of the best losers. After all we both in the Cosafa region, and we need more representatives from the region. This is just my own opinion.
    But on a serious note I think complacency is one major problem with Zambian players. Although I did not watch the game, I know Zambian players. They become big headed easily. Aggressiveness, endurance, discipline and focus in terms of play is important in such vital competition if we are ever going to make an impact in Africa. Anyway good luck Zambia in future competitions.

  44. Gentlemen we watched the match Zambia had no midfield, we emphasised the need to have atleast Isaac Chansa to in the team but the Coach was deaf. Now no need for you Patrick Phiri you ve failed to qualify Zambia for the second time.

    Good ideas from no 30 and 32, I say why not begin on the small scale, a district football tournament for under 12 and 17 in schools like it used to be and not the way our boys have concentrated on playing pool and chilling in the streets with girls.

    Gents lets organise ourselves, Kick start it and see how it will grow big. We can do it see Easther Phiri, the boys and girls are watching the oppotunity coming overnight. I tell you nothing will come from this FAZ. It is the same sad story over and over again.

    Lets make contacts and talk it will be named Soccer Revolution Zambia! OBJECTIVE: Appear at 2010 World Cup (short term) Lift the cup of nations 2014 and Lift the World Cup 2018 (longterm). Interested? lets talk.

  45. It is the same old story of mathematical chances once again. Drawing at home to the minnnows does not make good reading at all. Our last hope is to hold Bafana Bafana in their backyard and hope to be selected among the best loosers (what a shame!!).

    I like the idea that we soccer funs contribute something towards raising funds for the stadium. We need to build on this idea and setup a workable system to ensure accounts are auditable.

  46. How could Zambia surely afford the whipping boys in the group the luxury of laughing all the way to Ndjamena??

  47. Bulungumune ulicipuba sana which game were you watching? Didn’t you see that Collins delivered iwe swaini? The shooting wasn’t accurate with our players, thats how come we missed 10 clear chances. The other thing is that we don’t have a strong midfield. If you are a good soccer analyst, you should know that in the game of soccer your midfield should be a very strong one so that the strikers are fed and not the strikers collecting the ball from the midfield and then score like it happened when we equalized against Chad. The problem with guys like you is that, you fail to see he real problem.

  48. Zambia stills stands a chance to qualify. All we need is to beat SA by about 3 Zero. It is not a difficult task especially when you see how Bafana Bafana are playing. They are chancers also.i have seen them play, they just seem to be riding on luck. We just need to focus and believe me we can still go to Ghana

  49. I like the spirit exhibited by TBOZ. This is not the time to defocus the boys.The name of the game is soccer, underdogs do rise to the occassion sometimes.I have had an opportunity to watch bafana bafana, and just like Tboz is saying they have been lucky thus far.If patrick phiri just focuses on the last game and tell the boys to die a little we can beat South Africa.Already South Africa is spreading the news that they have qualified but when you look at the statistics they are infact not yet there.Go chipololpolo boys Go. I will watch your last game in person

  50. Its true Bafana are beatable even in their own background. But they have improved in terms of the defence. Their midfield is also porous just like ours. Upfront they only have Sbusiso Zuma. What I am saying is its possible Zambia can carry the day in September. But I dont want ot put too much hope to avoid further disappointments going by the past. Lets just see what happens.

  51. Awe mwandini. Abantu imitima nashikalipa kwena. And surely chachilamo mwe palyapene muchetekele ati twalawina, kwisa pena fye ifintu.

  52. We are still playing with our mathematics on whether or not Zambia will qualify for the Ghana 2008 African Cup. This is how I understand it. There are twelve groups, meaning twelve countries will qualify. The host of the cup will also automatically qualify bringing the teams to 13. Three more countries will be needed to bring the total number to 16. They will select three countries out of the 12 groups. These must be the best runners up. Our best last chance is to beat South Africa. I think looking at group 11, South Africa will still qualify even if they lose their last game. What Zambia needs to do is beat South Africa. South Africa is still beatable. So far we have 6 countries who are competing as the best runners up and Zambia being one of them. Only three will be picked out of the six.

    Group 4-Sudan with 12
    Group 9-Togo with 9
    Group 6- Eritrea with 8
    Group 7 –Tanzania with 8
    Group 8- Algeria with 8
    Group 11- Zambia with 8
    The teams above are all in second positions in their respective groups. This is where I think the selection will be drawn after the last games. These are the best runners up so far but things could change, you can see already that, Sudan is the best runners up with twelve points. It is still not clear whether teams with lower points, like the 7 range will pull up surprises.

  53. Zambia players in near punches
    By Sports Reporter

    THE unexpected 1-1 draw at home to Chad at the weekend, which left Zambia ’s hopes of making next year’s African Cup finals in ruins, may have far reaching consequences on the side as senior players openly argued over the attitude towards the match.
    Inside sources told the Times yesterday that the players accused one other of costing Zambia a chance to play at the Ghana finals.
    The sources said that some players even reached an extent of threatening not to play for Zambia again because of some favoured players who were letting the team down.
    “They (players) argued a lot accusing one another of wasting a lot of chances and then failing to read other players’ movements in the game,” the sources said.
    The insiders said the players complained that Zambia easily lost possession in front of goal because other players were out of position in most cases, forcing their colleagues to overwork themselves.
    This is not the first time that there is rift in the Zambian team, the last being against South Africa which Zambia lost 1-0 at Lusaka’s Independence stadium.
    Unlike in the latest altercations which exploded after the match, against South Africa, the players differed in the build to the match with some players complaining of being disregarded for other less patriotic players.
    Some players are said to have accosted skipper, Christopher Katongo and James Chamanga whom they accused of not giving out their best performance after Zambia fluffed many goal scoring opportunities.
    Katongo was accused of wasting chances in the box where some players said instead of shooting at goal he opted to start juggling the ball, much to the annoyance of his colleagues.
    “The players complained of the overall poor performance with others saying some of the players who featured on Saturday did not deserve to be in the national team,” sources said.
    On the way back from Chililabombwe to Kitwe, Katongo, instead of admitting his flaws, is said to have accused his teammates that their poor performance was deliberate because they wanted coach, Patrick Phiri, to fail in his duties.
    “Katongo, in trying to compensate for his poor performance, started telling his colleagues that; ‘You just want Phiri to fail’. It’s like he just wanted to safeguard his captaincy,” another source said.
    The players are also said to have taken a swipe at goalkeeper, Kennedy Mweene, for failing to deal with a seemingly easy ball which gave Chad a shocking early lead.
    Coach, Phiri is said to have had a torrid time as he tried to calm down his players after seeing that tempers were rising.
    But team manager, Solly Pandor, denied any name-calling within the camp after the match saying during the post-match meeting the technical bench prevailed on the players and that what had happened was part of football.
    He said as the manager, he was with the players throughout the period they were together after the match until they dispersed to their respective destinations.
    Pandor said much as the players and staff were downcast with the outcome of the match, the entourage had matured people who were well above the level of blaming one other in defeat or victory.
    “At no time did such a thing happen. These are professional players who if they had a complaint against each other would rather confront the friend during the match and correct them on whatever wrong doing,” he said.
    Pandor also said the South African based players would return to their clubs where they are expected to join their colleagues in pre-season training camps while the local ones would also embark on the league campaign.
    He said Katongo would also fly back to Denmark while Collins Mbesuma may have to travel to South Africa to be with manager, Mike Makaab, as the duo try to sort out the player’s next move after parting ways with Portuguese Super Liga, CS Maritimo following the expiry of his season-long loan last month.

  54. IT’S ANOTHER DEJA VU.If there is one thing that we as Zambian soccer fans have excelled in with great honours,is our competence in analysing the team’s qualification to any event, a matter oF STATISTICS.If Congo lose, or if RSA lose or if Chad abandon their game,then we will qualify.Mwe bantu.Finshi kanshi ifyalubana mu Zed?We have never had a civil war but nothing ever seems to go right.Twa naka mwe.

  55. bafana bafana,is just like zambia 11 in their hey days..they think they are unbeatable,well don’t u think its time they were helped out of the clouds?!ensamushi shilabomba limolimo ka..don’t despair,come september,nangu te 3-0,tukawina!!!bafana bafana baka lala!!!!

  56. Ba Zambia ni nkumba iwe Ba zambia naba kapoli iwe niba kapoli iwe, fi shimu iwe, fi nungi iwe, ni ba soswe iwe, mwe mbwa mwe mwaba ifi ba ni nwe fi kongwe

  57. Not insele bane. Icifukushi teku sova. Acceptance is key to deloping any field. “Sure any body who will look down will see his nose” This is what we fail to do as Zambians and acknowledge our faults and then be teachable to learn new ways of improving. But if you continue to brag while you have nothing you will always remain with nothing and watch other people succed over you.

  58. The analysis by # 64 is spot on.Only two best runners up will go to Ghana, considering Sudan is already top of this pack.Qualification to Ghana by Zambia is still possible.Now is the time for FAZ to engage the players,to be focused. FAZ should if anything hire psychologist,or a mentor or a motivation speaker just to get the boys to die a little for their last game.South Africa has qualified already so chances are they wont parade their strongest team, secondly their soccer season would have just commenced in September so player fitness will be in play.Finally chipololopolo owes to the nation to revenge the loss suffered @ independence stadium.I think Zambia can beat SA and just like # 60 said i will be at the stadium to cheer Chipolopolo as we qualify for Ghana 2008

  59. The way forward is to prepare for South Africa well. FAZ and GRZ this is what we the soccer fans talk about day in day out. If you only pay attention to what most people in here say we have a better national team because I see most points are valuable. So my suggestion this time around is to have the national team play at least 5 games before taking on South Africa in September of which 3 games with team from North and West Africa and 2 with teams in the COSAFA region and if you can, play against the Zambian pros. It doesn’t make sense to just to be camp for a week when your opponents are busy preparing for you.



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