Minister refutes reports on Mpulungu Harbor port


Northern Province Minister Lameck Chibombamilimo has dismissed as false recent media reports that Zambia’s only port in Mpulungu will soon turn into a white elephant if no measures are taken to improve it to international standards.

Mr. Chibombamilimo, who is also Mpulungu Member of parliament, said to the contrary a lot of positive development has  taken place from the time Mpulungu Harbour management took over the running of the port from government.

The Minister told ZANIS in Kasama that the current investor at Mpulungu Harbour has
so far invested billions of Kwacha in the Procurement of modern equipment to enhance
operations to the country’s only port.

He added that the new equipment has enhanced the shipment of goods at Mpulungu Port to the Great lakes Region as evidenced by the docking of five ships at the harbour
every week.

Mr. Chibombamilimo also said as a result of the increase in business activities at
the Harbour, government was now collecting more revenue from goods  entering the

The Minister further expressed confidence that Mpulungu Port would be able to
compete favourably with the new port being constructed on the Tanzania side once the
development plan being put in place by Mpulungu Harbour management was implemented

Meanwhile, Mr. Chibombamilimo has called for partnership between the Government  and Mpulungu Harbour Management on the possibility of acquiring a permanent Ship for Mpulungu Harbour to avoid dependence on Ships from neighbouring countries for the movement of goods.

He further appealed to government to consider constructing a r always line from
Nseluka to Mpulungu to increase inflow and outflow of cargo at Mpulungu Port.



    A clergyman on the copperbelt has urged the church not to support calls to adopt the enactment of a new constitution through a constituent assembly.United Church of Zambia copperbelt presbytery Bishop Committee Njase says churches should not support calls for things they do not understand.And Bishop Njase is lobbying government to enact a law to allow castration of men who defile girls and rape women.He said such punishment will deter others from committing such offences that have continued to destroy Zambian future leaders.He said this at an induction service for Reverend Mkuzi Banda at Kawama East congregation in Mufulira yesterday.Gracing the occasion Mufulira District Commissioner Dyford Muulwa said government has the political will to put in place a good constitution.Mr. Muulwa said adopting the enactment of a constitution through a constituent assembly will cost a lot of funds that should be used on other sectors such as health and education.

  2. No always. Angola has a local coach and he took them to the world cup last year. What is lacking in Zambia is adequate preparations. You cannot play Kitwe United and call it prepartion for an important international game. Under the current situtation, even an expartriate coach would not do anything. The second problem is the way we ‘assemble’ player. Our ‘star players’ tend to have a very negative attitude when it comes to reporting for national duties and we seem to condone the trend. I do not know how many Wake-up Calls we need before FAZ can become serious. Even Kalusha who has played at a very competitive level has been corrupted by incompetant FAZ Maladministration.

  3. There was a cry recently that the government should take over the running of the harbour at Mpulungu because the current investor was charging so much tax that the vessels cudn’t dock on the Zambian side but instead Tanzanian side.Fun enough, the situation has changed all of a sudden.What has the investor done that has reversed everything?The anlysis of the Minister leaves a lot to be desired.He has indicated that the new equipment has enhanced the shipment of goods at Mpulungu Port to the Great lakes Region as evidenced by the docking of five ships at the harbour
    every week.Frequency of the vessels docking at the harbour is not a good indicator.We need figures indicating how much revenue was being realised before the investor took over against what is being realised now.Our interest is to see how much the shipmnet is contributing to our GDP.Otherwise we will be talking of no significant difference before and after.Minister learn to give figures in your presentation.

  4. I’d just like to get back to Observer’s point. I think Committee Njase had turned himself into a high profile imbecile with his mindless, overt support for the MMD.
    There’s an inexpensive route to a constitution that the people want, but the MMD’s clear intention is to make this process as hard, lenghty, costly as possible for those who are insisting on a CA. This argument about cost is totally illogical. This is a national constitution.
    Commitee Njase should be advised to stick to his bible. Castrating paedophiles, or cutting off hands of thieves, is not a form of justice any sane person would be touting for our criminal justice system.

  5. #1 and#2-learn to comment first of all on the on the headline topic. we need to reap from the habour as much as we can and reinvest in its operations. Sure, a rail must be provided to the habour, i will take the feasibility studies together with the stakeholders…it must be a good source of income. But lets reduce on importing salaula.

  6. “Zambians should avoid regional politics – HH” Quote

    Look at unabated hypocrisy of an ***** ranting without shame of his platform.This is why he is another one that will end up the Harry Mwaanga Nkumbula way void of political success because of his lack of consistency, principles, and ideological belief. Had he not come tribal platform, does he think he could be UPND President

  7. #1 Observer,forget this “impostor” called Pasta.He is just one of those who behave like Mpezeni and those Pasta’s we saw during that period.
    #3 Nkhataboy,”Wie geht es Ihnen?”,”morgens fein”. See Nkhataboy, the problem with our govt is they try to squeeze as much as the local entrepreneur than with foreigner’s.Hence these are situation where we are now hearing that local operator is charging more than neighbour’s.And we fail to separate family and business,lastly also the principle of “ubombela mwibala,alila mwibala”.
    The Govt should also do alot to encourage investment in the area,apart from it been a port,it can develop further from there.
    What we need is a GOOD ROAD NETWORK SYSTEM in the country,and Mpulungu,Chilubi and many isolated and underdeveloped places would be regenerated.This would create employment in the areas,as movement of goods from the harbour consumed within and outside mpulungu,and circulation of money etc.

  8. #3 Kayata, I agree with you very much.There is a diverse of things that can be done at Mpulungu Port.When you look at the whole valley region, you will find during the rain season mangoes going to waste because there is no market.With the opening up of good road and railway network trade in mango can be boosted.Mango offers good business in developed countries through adding value by processing.And for it to reach that far, we need sound road net work system.

  9. #9 Nkhataboy,Very True. Mango costs about £2 in UK, and by calculating how many mangoes drop from those tree’s,we can have a good income for those farmer’s.
    Avocado’s costs about £1 or EUR1.40,mushrooms etc the list is endless.
    This is what the world mean that Africa should not have it’s debt cancelled because it sits on it’s riches.
    What we lack is innovation to create storage facilities to take us into the next season.
    You know that Tesco’s farms are in Africa, so is Starbucks and Wal-mart etc.

  10. Over the years i have taken keen interest in studying Zambians with ties to ethnic origination across our land. The findings have been stunning. Empirical evidence has shown that Luapulans are failures, lazy, thieves, liars and unsuccessful manipulators. A few Zambians have not done much in knowing much about these criminals who added absolute nothing positive to our country but plunder and crime. They have labored over the years to conceal their criminality by hiding in the Bemba identity. Bembas are very descent, dignified and patriotic Zambians who have collectively contributed positively to the Growth and unity of this Country from Businesses to focused politics.Look at all key plunders: Chiluba, Chungu FX, Chungu Aaron, Faustine, Stella Chibanda all Luapulans. BY Mwila stole his wealth from the Army when he was a Quarter Master, Machungwa the ZK 2 Billion brief case thief, Katele Kalumba, Army plunder G. Musengule, Apostle Dan Pule the sexual maniac. The list goes on. Zambia is better off without luapula.

  11. There seems to be a few topics being pursued here by various people, but I will stick to the Mpulungu topic. Mpulungu looks like a very beautiful area with a lot of potential. Maybe it just needs to be sold more as an investment destination than just a port. Tourism might be a good source of income. All it would take are a few resorts along the shores of the lake and other industries will start to move in to service the tourism industry. I have never been to Mpulungu, so I might be wrong about its potential, but from the photograph above, it really looks like a beautiful place.

  12. Chitapankwa, some of us can only thank Paparazzi for his uprightness in forcing sense on you in your exchange yesterday.Looking at your post # 1, i see a sanitized human being with sense. There is evidence of sudden humility and departure from blind satamialism cadre nonsense that dominated this forum till you bumped in a principled Zambian.Please now keep your new sanity.

  13. Key plunders: Chiluba, Chungu FX, Chungu Aaron, Faustine, Stella Chibanda all Luapulans including Ben Mwila how did we let them rise so high. My only problem here I have not seen any Mbala Maios. Their is another group that have plundered nation wealth. But interesting is Mpulungu Habour why no road network. No railway. Another interesting thing is the electrifying of houses in Zambia wonder if those old house built in 1930 by whites if they have power. Guys we have alot to do if we are serious within a short period of time we can reduce unemployment from 85% to around 10. Every Zambian can have something to. Kuku Iam back I was with my lozi woman trying to have silbings as man as I can triple so that come 2011 I will have many to vote for me as independent candidate. after this hard work I had to take a nap. Paparazi stop preaching hartrage and division among Zambians.Think of ways on how we can gather the dust following down for our nation.


  15. Chitapankwa,#12 your pictorial imagination is true somehow.Iam tipical mpulungu-(LUNGU).MPULUNGU has wealth, all the people that go their, investors just reap it off.No proper infrastructures being built apart from unplanned buildings by locals.
    The harbour as the source of revenue and development, its income is being plundered.Lameck knows nothing,the harbour is dying while the so called investor is reaping off thousands of dollars out of it.The railway line is just another political platform talk.I should blame the people of mpulungu for seemingly electing non interested and some un-educated MPs.Dean Mungomba,did nothing,Haligan Mazimba could not even write and speak english,lameck has no interest and has not lived in mpulungu-NO INTEREST.

  16. mwana wa lasa ngakela. i thinks the lozi president can develop zambia,just as they have developed kwa far
    kwa hi

  17. Let us try to stick to comment about the Mpulungu habour above pipo, your out of topic comments will one day make lusakatimes mgt to start censoring us which will make this blog boring.

  18. Over this Njase priest waffo we dont need those titi for tat laws. We need a moderate state where pipo can know what is good or bad. Hacking of hands, castration of males shameful words coming from a man of who claim to be chosen by God.

  19. Let us try to stick to comment about the Mpulungu habour above pipo, your out of topic comments will one day make lusakatimes mgt to start censoring us which will make this blog boring.

  20. No we have shortage of diesel in southern, Lusaka but if we had trams,trains we can reduce this dependence of fuel which derails developmemnt. We should have alternatives.

  21. Mr Malenga and your team mwabombeni for meeting as afamily,your a man and we know you make a good team.
    When the lozi people meet it is bad.If Katele meet with
    his team there is no problem. Don’t feer any one this
    the only time to start the ball.Look at Sata he is every day on the ground. Keep it up abesu.

  22. I have just come from Lake Kariba to buy fish. After going through all the blogs I do not know what to comment on. The topics are very diversified and uncoordinated. I will try to comment when another topic is brought forward.

  23. #7 young tuck,i think you are very clever just like a Bemba keep it up.And for my Lozi friends, truthfully speaking there is no Lozi with the caliber of being a people like mike mulongoti, pliz imwe shuwa,may be in the after life.but as for now keep lying yourselves.

  24. HEADING:
    #1,2,4,5,7,11 and everyone who don’t seem to know where they are.
    Colleagues,you are all not yet very old enough to guess where you are.
    Only an old person and very old like Kamuzu Banda used to forget that he is President.
    Even Mother Theresa used to know what topic is been discussed, we know your concern on tribalism, but let us all know,what the heading is reading.
    We are talking about Mpulungu and not Tribalism.
    Your too much concern for tribalism, shows already that you are all Tribalists.

  25. #26 alasa chani,
    #25 this space is for comments and blog users are not restricted to comment on the heading advice is be careful when trying to come out intelligent because you are dealing with intelligent people.a frog does not jump in the sun for nothing.

  26. Open Mbala airport to international tourist traffic –expose the area like you have done to Livingstone.This would bring a hive of activities in the whole area.

  27. #27,
    Only those who are not intelligent praise themselves for been intelligent.
    There is no intelligence in discussion’s, if we brought it in, we would have ended water and electricity shortages in Zambia.
    Mpulungu harbour would be an active port, you jay would have innovated a machine that can cook nshima etc.
    True, the space is for comments, but the tribalism topic has it’s own space where you can express your views.
    You are the people who plant maize,beans,groundnuts, sweet potato’s etc together.

  28. #27 your query answered:

    he exposed your foolishness of tribalistic ego and stagnatation in thoughts in exelling oneself.

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