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52 UNZA students arrested

Headlines 52 UNZA students arrested

POLICE in Lusaka yesterday arrested and charged 52 University of Zambia (UNZA) Great East road campus students with riotous behaviour.

The students were rounded up on Nangwenya road where they had gathered with a view to matching to the ministry of Education.

Lusaka Province police chief, Wasakaza Ng’uni, confirmed the arrests and that the students had been charged for riotous behaviour and conduct likely to cause a breach of peace.
A Times team that went to Lusaka Central police station found students being taken to the police station in open vans. Those arrested were 37 males and 15 females. They would appear in court soon.
Quick action by Police officers in full riot gear in the early hours of yesterday stopped the students from blocking motorists on the Great East road as they protested over a decision by management asking them to pay 50 per cent per semester before commencing lectures.
UNZA management has also issued a memorandum directing students to pay the other 50 per cent in the middle of the semester to reduce on cases of students failing to complete their payments before completing their programmes.
Yesterday morning students blocked the road leading to the campus with rocks and tree branches and also wrote abusive grafiti on the road.
The students also blocked the entrance leading to the campus with huge stones to stop motorists driving in and out of the institution while police in riot gear kept vigil.
Police officers led by Mr Ng’uni who were deployed in some locations near the campus quickly moved in to seal off the campus.
Police later relocated to UNZA entrance as the protesting students set up bonfires and continued chanting anti-management slogans.
Mr Ng’uni said police action was in the interest of the motorists and other road users and that police would continue to monitor the situation.
He also warned that police would not hesitate to move into the campus if the situation deteriorated.
Last week students chanting anti- management slogans set fire at the ‘monk square’ symbolising the sign of mourning following a decision by University of Zambia Lecturers and Researchers Union (UNZALARU) to down tools pressing for better conditions of service.
Students also boycotted classes yesterday while a number of others were seen loitering within the campus.
UNZA spokesperson, Mulenga Musepa said it was saddening that the students reacted in such a manner and appealed for better ways of airing their grievances.
Mr Musepa said during the meeting which was called by management after issuing a memorandum, it was decided that cleaning of some areas at the campus would not be done on a daily basis except for ablution blocks.
But some students said that they were saddened with the decision by management to allow students to only use the library from 08:00 hours to 17:00 hours.
They said in most cases, students were busy with assignments in the morning and afternoon and wondered what time would be there for studying. They appealed to management to rescind the decision.
But sources said the decision to close the library at 17:00 hours was aimed at reducing payment of overtime for workers.


  1. The whole system at UNZA needs restructuring.We need new blood at the top of administration and we need the government to seriuosly come in and assist with the whole set up of accommodation facilities and address the issue of good conditions of service to UNZA staff. Otherwise these riotus demos will never end. This could be the begining of worse things to come.

  2. What kind of administration suggests to close a university library at 17:00hrs!!!It doesn’t take a genius to suggest that some library staff, on a rotational basis, should start work at 16:00hrs so that the library closes at midnight.The problem we have is that everyone wants to work from 8 to 5!! Students must realise that education costs alot of money and only TIMELY payments can ensure the smooth running of the institution.52 rioters out of over 3000 students ????

  3. #3 Born Rich, I am not a pessmist. I believe everything has a beginning and an end. What I am proposing could be one of the beginings. You can’t just appear with an incomplete sentence and think that incomplete sentenmce is the simplest way of solving the issue. We don’t want such kind of mentality like you are in the opposition political party that can’t give alternative ideas but merely condemn.Wake up.

  4. The only problem is funding, funding, funding!
    Government should increase funding to the institution.
    The lecturers have every right to claim for what belongs to them.
    I have seen a (PhD) Doctor at the university of zambia who ended up earning a meagre K310 pin for 6 months, cos of a string of bayport loans to pay for his 4 children’s school fees!!!

  5. If there are no immediate solutions in sight, just shut down the bloody institution(UNZA) before innocent lives and tax payers’ property are destroyed.

  6. #9 These are not problems warranting the closure of the instititution.The management must be blamed for this chaos.Anything to do with money is like Treason and they know their students better. The best they could have done,is resolve to charge in full at the commencement of the term since flexible terms are not being appreciated and notice should have been given say one academic year in advance so that adequate preparations are made on how to raise these funds and those with difficulties must prove beyond doubt that they cant pay all at once and they will be few and let these kids abide by the terms.People must be serious with education, and they must value it.This behaviour is totally unacceptable.If they cant pay let them jump in the lake its their future,as a tax payer I have done my part

  7. Ati hau ba monko….?We know things aren’t so good for both students and lecturers at the campus.
    My piece of advice is simple but you can treat it as anything else.
    You guys better sitdown,writedown all the complaints in terms of what needs to be done.
    Emphasize your firm points,submit your letter to the Ministry and the Head of state.
    Blocking the roads might affect innocent souls who technically are not involved in decision making,the solution initiators are home watching a nice movie and having wonderful cheese burgers with their families.They would just get you in the next morning when driving nice cars to their offices.( See on newspapers).
    Come on…Tis time to find a psychological approach to the solution findings,we are tired of being slapped by the cops.
    MONKOZ ,i trust you .You are capable of changing things.Just don’t allow to be whipped.
    This is time of REVOLUTION where people need to die for their countries.
    Now is time to fight for a better Zambia.GOD BLESS

  8. I also think KUKU is very right.
    On my side ,i don’t know what the lecturers thought.There might be some other reason unknown to us,leading to the closure.WHO KNOWS ?????????????

  9. I personally will always be pointing a finger at the govt. Our govt, Kafupi’s legacy, has a very bad policy on education as well as health. Look at the funding of these institutions from govt. It’s ever going down. Look at the money they pump into their job seeking unnecessary elections. How many times do we have pay tax. My salary is taxed. I go into a shop I pay tax. I send my child to school I’ll have to pay in full. Where is my money working

  10. I gave advise to students last week not to block traiffic and destroy property but channel their complaints using the right path, its unfortunate that they didnt listen. Now the consquence is behind bars. This is not good for someone who learning to take responsibilities in future. Be advised students people leap what they soul. As much I would want to see changes at this institute of learning please avoid doing things that endanger lives of us or bring halt to business. There must be a better way of solving such problem. Sure if closing the library is one of the reason it doesnt mandate anyone to use force to bring this to an end.Just remind you in 1990 students staged a strike a number were arrested and one student short dead. We dont want this to happen again beause you UNZA students you are future leaders who can be will be faced with similar problems. Remember not to used by a political party for this will lead you in problems.

  11. #15, you see the impact of students pressure, 1990, there was student power, and kaunda conceded, now you can even have ziggy any time with your loko banzi. Govt does not listen to writing memos.
    #13 what are you mumbling about, speak in Chinese maybe.

  12. It is good that you guys at the highest institution of learning should always be aggressive whenever you are aggrieved. Like other bloggers have stated. Don’t rush for innocent people in the Great road, disrupt their businesses, smash their their only possession. IT’S NOT RIGHT.

  13. It is good that you guys at the highest institution of learning should always be aggressive whenever you are aggrieved. Like other bloggers have stated. Don’t rush for innocent people in the Great road, disrupt their businesses, smash their their only possession. IT’S NOT RIGHT. Some of them are your friends, relatives and even your guardians.

  14. Ba Truestory16# if govt dont react take them to court then will not only be an issue between the students and the state then it involves the Zambian community. The best thing is the Minister to resign for he is ´not fit him his capacity to solve such problems. Every year Manda Hill makes a Budget for every ministry so why do we have problems in the middle of the semesters. Pipo seem not to care, for instant if regulations are put in place to allow only students whi have paid to attend lectures we would not have prolems like this. Also our learned lecturers should just put down their tools inorder to cause impath at UNZA. You mean sure gi slow is the best way of registering grivances. No Kuku advise plz we need peace UNZA should not be another UNZIM.

  15. Why not privatise the damn thing. UNZA has for years been the political battle ground for ideologues. The only way you will get politics out of UNZA is to sale it. Let GRZ sponsor the students and let the private sector run the damn thing.

  16. Point of collection!!! I hear NHA is going to build 500 houses in five districts. My question is Zesco and Water Severage Company informed and prepared to meet the demands of this project. Plz plan and coordinate things well already we have power shading because unplanned expansion of services by Zesco by not taking in account of such evolums. Planing is a key element in business this involves not only budgeting but also looking at plan B in case of eventualities. In Business Administration applying strategies is very important to avert failure.

  17. #1 #5 Nkhataboy
    1. Bringing “new blood” in UNZA administration will not solve the current problems at UNZA. UNZA has been facing these problems for many DECADES. Administration of the institution has been entrusted in many different (and probably brilliant) hands during this period but we still continue to face the same problems.

    2. Increasing the salaries of lecturers everytime they make the demand is also NOT a sustainable way to solving the problem at UNZA. For a long time govt has been doing that but we still continue to face the same problem.

    3.It is true that UNZA needs funds from Govt. But at the rate we are moving i dont think Govt can manage to sustainably fund UNZA.

    In this country, we have the problem of Under-development. We are not Producing! We are just Eating…! And for as long as our Economy is the way it is, we will have some of these problems. What is happening at UNZA is NOT different from what is obtaining in the other “sectors”.

    This country needs to start PRODUCING. We need to exercise FISCAL DISCIPLINE at both individual and national (govt) level. We must STOP living beyond our means.

    As we begin to produce as a country, with the man-power and other resources that we currently have, these things will start “taking care of themselves”. There will be enough funds for the University because we would have started producing.

    Lungwangwa, not long ago was Vice Deputy….Vice Chancellor at UNZA. He is now the Minister of Education. One would expect that having been at the University in that position, he would do something to put a stop to the problem. It is not that he doesnt want to do anything. It is just that the solution is not as simple and as instant as some of you want to make us believe.

    Nkhataboy, it does not pay to be optmistic even when you are going in the WRONG direction. Optimism must be anchored in the fact that we are doing the right thing! You get me?

  18. EASY mwaiche uli bwino te? Unfwa Power sheding is due to poor planing. Its due to lack of capacity planning. All the money ZESCO makes goes to ZAMTROP. Mwansa used to be an MMD cadre who was there for one thing loot ZESCO. The company is importing electricity yet we have hydro capacity in all the 9 provinces. in 2000 i was in Z and i was so shocked to see a company advertizing a de service. Where on earth do advertise power cuts? As for Water and severage they will go buncrapt as soon as they finish installing the prepaid meters. Right now people pay for water they dont drink.

  19. Ba Joze, from now on, I wont call you Ba Joze. I’ll call Comic Joze. Are you the comedian Dr Joze. I’m just joking. You guys on Lusaka times blog are funny and very intelligent. I’ve learnt a lot from your divergent ideas including mine. Sometimes I always want to be heard. You guys are advocates. How I wish your views were published in the tabloids for everyone to read like THE POST.

  20. #1-#25. publishing these comments would be a waste of paper, ink ,power and all that goesn into publishing a daily tabloid. You guys are all dreamers.

  21. #21 SAGE is right.Just privatise this institution and offer student loans.Do you ever hear such trivial issues at institutions such as ZCAS or ZAMIM.Advice to Prof. Lungwangwa….You need to show leadership skills if you`ve got any not just rushing to be the head of state.Your ministry is in dire stress.If you can`t even run such a ministry and yet you want the instruments of power to vested in you.No wonder you want your name floated on tribal lines because there`s little substance you can offer the nation.

  22. People of zambia let this government build the said Chines stadium at unza and give part of the rooms to the students of zambia.In other nations the university
    should have a stadium with about 200 rooms hotel for camping teams and apart of this rooms go to the students and this can help alot in developing sports with education.Why biuld a stadium in the bush and no room where to sleep.Unza managament tell you minister to meet the Chines people to biuld some for you,you have alot of land for a stadium and rooms.

  23. Lungu i gree with you.just go to Kenye that stadium called MOI has alot for room and some schools and the university use it apart of the rooms for students,which has helped the country alot. As China to put up some stadium at the camps with alot of rooms.
    We should not do things like tukafwa mailo okay.Lets give unza the new face

  24. Zimbabwe which is boasting of having the highest inflation in the world at over 3700% has its University of Zimbabwe ranked number 14 in Africa. Zambia which claims to have a single digit inflation has its University of Zambia nowhere near the top 100 in Africa. Elsewhere they have University calendars/plans that go beyond 10 years. So what is wrong with Zambia? The problem with Zambia is that people lack seriousness. People do not look at what us The Elite call reality. Reality is what what you are and not what you feel. When the Zambians are faced with a problem the first thing they think of is to pray. Praying will not take you anywhere. What is important is to tackle the problem head-on… no prayers. Once you tackle the problem God will help you. The bible says God helps those who help themselves.period.

  25. #25 Glucose mwaice dont call me Dr pantu shanua ink kwanti bena Kafyuke, Dr HK master of abortion. Am, just a Grade 12 wapa Chiwala boy who didn’t write the exams pantu I was blacklisted for having a lot money nokucila Headmaster, so alingufwila akalijo.

    #5 Nkataboy, leave that chap “ululumbi lwamulanda: kukakata” born rich, the boy ali major mutu-one sentences or copy and paste. Awi mwe !!! Zed yabwelapofya pali that chap.

    Everything I say is well backed up with concrete facts. I don’t say from without or memory recall like ci citizen, gk, Ka Dr HK, easy te?

    Ngombe hostels (unza)must be closed indefinitely basing my reference to the book of “RUFQUA” citing out the unwarranted action taken by lumpenz and starved momaz. The book of Rufqua page 5789 states that and I quote “unwarranted behaviour exhibited peer group in order to draw attention of mass is as good as elimination that group from the society” end of quote.

  26. Chapi the issue is not Lungwangwa. It doesnt matter who becomes min of edu the problems will be the same for as long as the system of governance remain un changed. We have to deal with the root couse of all these problems. The issue is our government system which vests everything in the president with no room for creativity. Dont tell me that all our cabinet ministers are dumb. But they have to operate below the standard (chuchu). They cant afford to look more intelligent than chuchu or they will be fired. All you see is everyone trying to show chuchu that he is more intelligent than everybody else. As a result all you will get is cabage salad. Look at the administration of UNZA. Jacob Mwanza wants to build an office park at UNZA yet the institution cant even erol 1% of the applicant. To make matters worse they cant even accomodate the ones they enrol yet he wants to buld an office park. There is absolutely no vision for UNZA. they are just there to get a pay check.

  27. #30 Elite, I totally disagree with you when its comes to ranking universities. Now days universities are ranked according to schools and UNZA medical school is among the top 10 in Africa (ref: Rufqua page 3216).
    We all know that Harvard university is the best in the world but there are school that can’t surpass some of African Universities te? Ngombe hostels school of mines is also among the best 10 in Africa.

    From history, Makelele University was the best in Africa and it had a nickname “African Oxford University” that was the past when universities were ranked but this time they use schools.

    Plz ba govt privatize ngombe hostels as sooner as possible

  28. The problem is not UNZA administration, the problem is Funding. If the Government could honor its funding obligations, this issue could be sorted out. In case someone doese not know, when a student is sponsored by Buseries committee, it involves a meal allowance and tution fees. These tution fees are rarely paid. What is only consistently paid is the meal allowance. Unfortunately the tution fees are suppossed to cover administrative costs which also include other allowances. Unless funding improves, no one will solve this problem.

  29. Skills shortage set to drive up wages
    LONDON (Reuters) – More than a third of companies expect to have to raise wages in the next two years due to a lack of skilled staff, a survey showed on Thursday.

    Policymakers have been worried about the threat to inflation posed by rising wages, fears that have as yet proved unfounded, but which remain high as they fight to bring inflation back to target.

    According to a survey for recruitment firm Vedior (Amsterdam: VDOR.AS – news) conducted by Ipsos MORI, 40 percent of the 200 companies polled said it was “very likely” they would have to pay more for key employees in the next two years.

    The problem is particularly acute in manufacturing, where 48 percent of firms expected their wage bill to rise.

    The findings back a survey by the Bank of England’s regional agents published Wednesday which showed firms are finding it difficult to recruit suitably qualified workers.

    And the situation is likely to deteriorate, according to the Vedior survey, with more than a third of firms expecting skills shortages to get worse in the next two years.

    Again, the picture is worse in manufacturing, where half of the companies polled expect the skills gap to widen, compared with 39 percent of public sector firms.

    Business groups have long complained that the education system is churning out workers who often lack the basic literacy and numeracy skills required in the workplace.

    A quarter of firms polled have filled vacancies with migrant workers from the central and eastern European states that joined the European Union three years ago. The proportion was more than a third for manufacturers in the survey, conducted in April.

    Chancellor Gordon Brown this week pledged to invest more in education and called for more skills training through public and private partnerships to equip the workforce for the challenges of globalisation

  30. Elias Mpondela and his friends one time where getting money from people to build some rooms at unza and to learn kumanda.Alot of money was given to them and Mpondela was on tv one of the LCC man talk of going to
    spend this money on clearning Kumanda.Can the unza and the ministry of education ask Elis where this money is.
    2 can the Lusaka City Council and Madam Masebo minister ask Mpondela where the money to clearn in Manda is . Teti we from we the poor students and get our money using the university and then wa ibila nabafwa that is madness. Give as the money to build some rooms as per what told the national on tv .

  31. Kuku .. where did this behavior of UNZA students stoning cars in GE road come from. Does it mean these chaps are so dumb that they dont even know who they are demonstrating against?

  32. #39 during our time , there these theories of marxism/socialist where one had to keep a ka beard pa cilefulefu and then since KK had planted alot of Shushu like Muhabi Lungu and the like it was difficult to tell who was with you or not.So now each time a fracas came up,there were thos hard core monks who smelt sweat like they work underground to go and block the entrance, but as days progress people were not still comfortable with cars passing by so they resorted to stoning those cars as suspected KK’s shushu now it has taken root and this only happened if UNZA mgt and our UNZASU cant compromise like when mgt resfued to buy an ambulance and we had students collapsing in the nite but there was no transpot to UTH, students became annoyed when one chap died, any UNZA chap who has not thrown stones feels they had not been to UNZA, even on flimsy things like Lunch allowance being paid late you see them rushing to stone cars this is totally unacceptable.

  33. If chuchu thinks education is cheap, let him try ignorance. Money to fund MMD activities, government finds it, but money to fund UNZA, ati iyo tapali ulupiya. Bane twilasaminwa kumasambililo pantu icalo tacakaye pantanshi. 1st thing ni education and health sectors, politics should be the last thing to think about in terms of fundings. After all Political parties should fend for themselves, whether you are ruling or oppositions. To you UNZA students, please don’t throw stones at innocent people on the roads. Uleposa ilibwe lyayatoba bawiso, ba noko, and they sustain injuries, who will help you with other school requirements? Don’t throw stones, if you want to throw them, go and throw them at chuchu’s place and his chronies. Education should be for all, not for selected individuals!!

  34. #41 Kafyuke, weye funga kinua muntu wabule.Hambalapa ucema chocholicho. You don’t know that politics encompass all aspects of life in society te? Which method can you use to delink education and politics? Yewe Kafyuke you were supposed to talk about priorities and rank them like 1. education
    2. health
    3. shelter
    4. sanitation

    Or read The Book of Rufqua on page 4361 on the 15 goals of MDGs.

  35. Ba Joze mwalifulunga sana. I didn’t want to go on and list every sector of development. Of course, education is 1st like I said, elo ifyashalo kukonka panuma.

  36. #42 mwaice born rich naku giva data ati teya correct, kanshi naiwe niwe mutasha filiku masaya but ninshi nausekelamo pali bomposa mabwe.Kwena calewama but not ifi abaice balecita they have no basis to behave like that, management has been linient with them by offering flexible terms,ifwe Kaunda grabbed our meal allowance for being a nuisance and replaced it with coupons , you should have seen how the women deteriorated kabili no cash to keep up appearance, that is what this kids want, even the little that you have will be taken away ..SAGE bushe data na giva tailfye bwino, Am sure umwaice Easy natemwa sana

  37. We can not have amba sleeping 8 in one room and come out with something at the end of the 4 year course.That is why some chaps know next to nothing even
    after finishing unza.When got to the higherst school zambia unza in old days it was like the national was in hnads,you came to learn alot of things. It is sad for our children.Taking you child to abamwamba school will not help the national,because to date no one who was at this school in in top position, if not a few.
    Muhabi Lungu is one of them and his only good at English. So our unza is the best because children learn alot of things than papa school.Just go to Katondwe girls school and see how many apamwamba children go there from Lusaka and yet boya Phiri,Zulu and Banda mukulu na mufana he is sending the chaildren to apamwamba school. Go back to your home buya

  38. Katwishi nefyo un’galanda pa Zed.Almost every sphere in this country is rotten with no hope for improvement.Honestly,years and years since independence we still fail to resolve issues such as running public institutions.Let gov. seriously consider privatizing Schools at UNZA/CBU in piecemeal.Example,since Zambia is headed for a mining boost,The Schools of Engineering and Mines can be privatized.Have the mines sponsor and other private industries sponsor students who would eventually work for them.We need forward-looking proactiveness.We are tired of seeing the same old stuf resurfacing.Let gov.,UNZA/CBU management,parents,concerned civil society members,students deliberate on the mode of operation.We need an all-encompassing indaba on education to map out a water-tight strategy on running these institutions.Maybe the issue is not only funding.It probably has to do with alternative sources of sustaining the meagre university resources

  39. #45 Kuku plz ngawacita rank data yaba Kafyuke#41 elo nayandi #31 na #33, niyisa iyatikamapo ne fikomo(with substance)? Mwaice Kafyuke wait 2011, I will be the next presdo and my cabinet is as follow
    1. Mme Daka:veep
    2. Kuku: Edu
    3. SAGE:defense
    4. born rich: vendor’s desk
    5. AM: info
    6. Papparazzi: health
    7. jude: min without portfolio
    8. easy: sports
    9. kafyuke: foreign aff
    10.Nkataboy: agric
    11.punits: home aff
    12.titus: science and tech

  40. #48 Bajoze Imwe mulinshimbi nomba uyu maice Kalembe Kafyuke acili novice talabelenga na RUFQua page5231 kuti acenjelela shani? Mupeniko ama photo copies ale pounda panono alongside his MBA kabili ukubelenga eko ashala akashiki.
    BaJoZe mwatena pa no.9 give him Statehouse Comptroller kabili ni financial guru akantu ni corruption ama books ya Zamtroop kufisa,kwashala Kayata- Bank Of Zambia Governor,BaJoze ama interview yacenda shani?Aba tumbuka napasa bonse?We still need to place Statehouse Chuchu Alibe Nzelu???

  41. #47 KC that is brilliant, actually the first unit to go is TDAU ,the mines ,then AGRic and Vet, then Natural Sciences then Education, law and lastly humanities & social sciences.But we need a census to develop long lasting policies on the management of UNZA and all higher institution of learning.

  42. Nomba Ba Joze namushapo Finance. Limbi mukacita maintain Magande. Apo ninshi mwatena ba Joze. How the GRZ manage to buy the Presida Helicopter for his elections campaign, but have failed to find money for education and health. Ba Joze limbi namukwatapo data, fungululeni.

  43. #36,what are you trying to say? Are you sure you are a student.I would liken you to late Christopher Chawinga.Bring up salient points for the benefit of this blog and country.We are trying to comprehend some of these contributions.
    I am compiling ideas from this blog into a report.It will be helpful if we can make our contributions in plain English.Gentlemen,we do not just need to talk.We need to act and the time is now.Our country is degenarating and we do not have the luxury of lip-service.If we are to make our country great,we need to rise up and face these challenges with the fierce urgency of now.It is not right to sit on the terrace and watch.We cannot cool off at a time like this when our lives and the lives our children are in jeopardy.RISE UP PEOPLE AND HELP SHAPE THE DESTINY OF THIS GREAT COUNTRY.

  44. I am right now at Brigham Young University in the USA and the many times that i applied to enter in UNZA i couldnt get in due to rampnat corruption. Now i do understand why our school is entrirely govt dependent. Where are all the UNZA graduates since its inception? They recieved free education and now they have forgotten the institution that made them whom they are today. The Alumni at UNZA is dead. I tried to look at the UNZA web site it looks very unproffesionally done and has little information for anyone wishing to help UNZA. All the impasase at UNZA will never end due to negligence, mis management, corruption,lacking in high tech facilities, and Innovation and policy implimentaion.

  45. state house chuchu alibe nzelu, ala mungulu. soon I will get him job pa farm ukulatapilila organic crops. Kuku all the tumbukaz passed the interviews but yachiba yamu-formaliti cabe.

    ok .9 kafyuke out and replace with KC
    13. Kayata: BOZ
    Kuku, ngemi guys shilya yishinga chilumba, sam k,CK? shibike mu-sitigeni(system) nasho.

  46. Ba Jose ba mudala mwa yamba amano yo kwa KK, ama rishafos within 2 minetisi. Like KC pointed out it looks like the whole sectors are rotten. There is no area ku Zed iyo wingeba ati ifintu filebomba bwino. I think the starting point is changing our governance system to federalism. I know ba Kuku wala kana but the Kingdom way of doing things has failed us and it doesnt look like we are getting anywhere.
    Ba Jose look at the ministries. Communication and transport? This combination made sense 50 years ago. Communication and technology has become one and the same thing. Look at science and technology? get the colleges out of that ministry. bring communications to science and technology. Our ministries where designed with conglomeration in mind. This principle has failed pretty much everyhwere. Narrow focused institutions perfom better that conglomerates. Look at Zimco, you have a financial company being run by plumbers. Guys there is a lot to be done. We have to start at Zero.

  47. #55 thereport is being finalised by KC#52 but my worry is they will be alot of amendments before a final copy is published, KC use some of the gimmicks RUFQUA used to come up with all those 6,000 plus pages.Its a Hansard ingawabelnga ku kwata hangover ya 365 days.
    BaJoze you are right SAMK and Chilumba,SAMK AU dignatory , Chilumba UN representative, ingaba abaice bansele, voice ya UK no you umunakwe Boyzfor Zambia bushe teti tucite swap baya pa Intercity and Kulima tower so that we groom them to our standards of Kaponyas?AM will be their mentor.
    #55 the caninet is finalised so we can start working, one day will tell LusakaTimes that we want a topic of our own, we shall dictate the subject so that we start making policies from Agriculture to Community affairs, how is that SAGE pantu yamo ama subjects yaba Lusakatimes yaliba boring kwati ni dot com.BaJoze inga Attorney General mukacita outsource Smith QC, Finance -Ex Chequer Gordon Brown, George Mpanga -Environmental te

  48. A ma unversity in zambia should be 7,Eastern,Northern,Central pachibombo,Southern,Western.
    North Western and Northern Province and this will make more room to students. All you need is 500,000 in each province to start with and you will have more jobs for people in this area’s.Why is that mwe basambilila you don’t what others ukusambilila and yet our grad mother and fathers never went to unza,but put up unza. They even some of you get to unza and have money made .NGO’s now the next issues the 7 universitys in the provinces okay

  49. Great idea Kuku and KC. but i’m getting worried with with “Rufqua”, As a fair man i tried to search for this book on the net so that i can read it. The only reference on this book is on lusakatimes.com by Ba Jose. Can you shed more light on this “Rufqua”.

  50. Ba Joze mwansumbula portifio ya Foreign Affairs. Kwaliba ama lishafozi within minutes? The problem in Zed is that we have left education as the GRZ sole responsibility. The private sector should come in and help the GRZ to fund UNZA. After all they are the greatest beneficiaries of the gradautes. So, the private businesses should help the GRZ in one way or the other in sponsoring some students. Let some of them adopt some hostels and maintain them. Ali book Ba Joze balumbula all the time takwaba, balipangafye beka. Ba Joze shani kanshi amano yapa interz!

  51. i got in late to the topic due to time difference.but anyway,what i would like to say is that the “stone age” is supposed to be over by now.stoning a tax payer’s car doesent solve the problem.the problem lies in the management of the institution.its very sad that by now we still cant offer solutions to this problem considering that abena LPM graduated from there and am sure he knows what causes all this mess.lets put more money in education other than spending billions of kwachas holding by-elections(because of appointing MPs as ministers from other parties).ba jose put me in yo cabinet kaili.as chief adviser to you!!!

  52. #60 I hope that is not what they are taught in UNZA classes stoning public propety will solve the problems of UNZA. One would believe that students should be more civilized and not vent thier anger on someone who is helping(through tax) them be at UNZA. While i mourn for the poor state of affiars at UNZA worng is wrong should be punished by Law. Govt seem not have the bright ideas when it come to UNZA issues.

  53. #23 Born Rich, Thank you for your domestic analysis. I was sleeping when you were awake. That’s why I could not respond to it. I think you are also sleeping this time. Let me just come back from actual business I will come and blog back.

  54. The university has been a key element in the development of Zambia.Its establishment was celebrated as an event of major national significance because UNZA was seen as a principal instrument for national development and its tasks were to:
     produce the qualified human resources to run the administration and the professions in Zambia
     Generate and apply relevant research for the development of the nation.
    However our university has been hit by a crisis.The crisis which reflects the worsening economic circumstances of the country and relates to declining government financial support, resulting in turn in deteriorating physical facilities and the quality of learning environment in the two universities, with consequent decline in their capacities as institutions of learning and the quality of their services and products.These problems are frequently discussed and analyzed, especially with regard to their origin and impact.Of critical significance and urgency, however, are the approaches which national higher education authorities and the institutions themselves are adopting to address the issues and what, as a consequence, the prospects are for the future of UNZA and its role in Zambia.An issue of crucial importance for the future of UNZA is governance in terms of both linkages with external stakeholders, especially the government, as well as the internal management of the institution.Conflicts over governance issues have sometimes resulted in crises which threaten the future if not the very survival of the two universities.What seems to be commonly accepted is that the university being a key instrument of national development, which is a responsibility of the government, and as the government is the most important source of university funding, it is both the right and duty of the government to directly control the university, including its policies, programs, and personnel.While economic factors may be at the root of the current crisis of UNZA, I think a more creative management of the challenges that confront the institution might have saved UNZA (Having had attained significant international reputation as a centre of learning), from the deplorable decline that has taken place now. If UNZA will continue to be governed and managed as it is now, effectively as departments in the civil service, it is doubtful whether it will have the flexibility to respond adequately to the demands and challenges of the current global changes in the nature of higher education.From this perspective and from other considerations, including in particular the prospect of attracting additional resources for higher education from private sources, the time may have come for Zambia to give more serious consideration to the possibility of permitting the establishment of more private universities.Private universities exist already in some circles but there will be need to study what lessons there may be to learn from the experiences and the problems and impact of private higher education.Honorable Professor Lungwangwa alone can not do anything in order to sort out the mess at UNZA because he works within the confines of the national budget.Therefore #23 Born Rich, the starting point for people like Prof. Lungwangwa should be at fighting for more funding during the budgeting period.The fight is so big beyond the horizon of #23 Born Rich and to end these problems at the University of Zambia require concerted efforts.Therefore, the simple mathematics I alluded to in #1 could be the beginning of solving some of these problems.

  55. Nkhataboy, welldone. Wapopolola ifishinka. Uli caume, we need such progresive ideas on the blog. Bushe chuchu, alabelenga Lusakatimes, maybe he can listen to Nkataboy’s ideas. Pamoneka ati Nkhataboy walinwa ink naiwe. We need urgent and immediate solutions to UNZA, otherwise the country would lose its economic and professional development. I am quite disappointed with Prof. Lungwangwa, if he is a man of integrity, let him resign his position before we attribute this failure of solving UNZA problems to him. As Education Minister now, once Deputy Vice Chancellor, and of course former student of the institution, he knows exactly what problems UNZA is going thru. Let him present the financial situation of UNZA to cabinet for immediate actions. Let us not politicise that maybe its the work of the opposition parties, thats why students are demonstrating. These are real issues which the government of the day should solve without fail. Nalanda napwa bane.

  56. Ba Joze your shadow cabinet is shabi, You will shall impeach you immediately because you have memory elapse how can you forget a very vital ministry of labour this where the problem is. Nkataboy how do you see this I think Ba Joze his leadership quality doesnt meet the expectation of a 2011 candidate. How he can appoint ministers without first writing a manifesto? If anything I would go for Labour ministry because this where the most challenging problems are. Our presido is not an economist no min of commerce, trade and Industry moreover he missed the justice mini so it will mean we gone have more lawless people after 2011 if Ba Joze becomes presido. Ba Joze revisit your concept and sit with you special advisors and then come back to us we can discuss the way further and plz read you Rufqua book from page one again. You must be missing many important things before the plane starts off or else you will endup like Chakomboka

  57. #48. Ba Joze

    1. Ba Joze: H.E. President SC
    2. Jude: Veep
    3. m Daka: Deputy Veep
    4. KUKU: Rural Electrification & Load Shedding
    5. SAGE: statesman
    6. Kalembe Kafyuke : TEVETA Director
    7. CITIZEN: Sports
    8. Born Rich : Technology and BOZ Governer
    9. AM: info
    10. Papparazzi: health
    11. easy: child development
    12.Nkataboy: Education
    13.punits: home aff
    14.titus: Gender
    15. Power 2 the people : Constitutional Reforms
    16. GLUCO: Zambia Sugar
    19. Chapi: Justice
    20. Elite: Entertainment Affairs
    21.Kayata: Economics and Vendors Desk
    22. FK : Food and Fisheries
    23. Unza yakale : UNZA Chancellor
    24. Truestory : Music and Arts
    25. The Others: Provincial Mps

  58. I think Kuku or Paparazzi should be give Information Ministrial because they suit Squiler in Animal Farm. Gender should be abolished tatulaifwaya it has destroyed many marriages we need something in line equal opportunities for both men and woman. However Born rich try to serious after making such statements leave s line or two with good information the way forward for Zambia. You cannt ministries without ideas that is why most out working force just read newspapers in their office bushe are still getting them free ama papers or you are made to pay. Remember Kazembe sang Zamahala zinata ot new Tonga song ati Tandabala wakaman. We need to work when is the next meeting we dont gather to we can do a conference of VOIP you this free you dont pay a single ngwee kali assemblying in Zambia is a case unless you get police permit yet it infringes the freedom of speech in rights of Zambian citizen. Nkataboy and KUKU how do you see meeting on line using some software which freely.

  59. Who will moderate this works like a class raum where a teacher stands in fron to give lesson the only difference is you particiate. SAGE how about this idea? We leave out Ba Joze because he has 4 assignment
    1.Write a Manifesto, 2. Demostrate against House seizure of FTJ, 3. Read the Book of Rufqua starting from page.4 Start Fundraising for the new part nomba not kuya ku Tawain Ba Joze remain within the borders of Zambia.

  60. #9 I think you are not been fair the you are thinking. Imagine if you were in the same shoes. To every propblem there is a solution. I can say that, yes it is not good for the students to stone cars etc., but for the libray: if the management wants to cut costs of paying the library workers then let them introduce shifts for its workers. There is no way the library should be closing that time. I hope you will understand if you have been to Varsity.

  61. #9 I think you are not been fair the way you are thinking. Imagine if you were in the same shoes. To every propblem there is a solution. I can say that, yes it is not good for the students to stone cars etc., but for the libray: if the management wants to cut costs of paying the library workers then let them introduce shifts for its workers. There is no way the library should be closing at that time. I hope you will understand if you have been to Varsity.

  62. #68. Easy
    I think there is a debate here as to what is wrong:
    1. Is its the SYSTEM of governance
    2. or the PEOPLE in government and those being governed?

    My take on this is that both the SYSTEM and the PEOPLE are wrong.

    In this life, ultimately, you get what you deserve. What we are currently facing as a people of ZED is what we deserve.

    The govt and the system of governance we have is what we deserve, atleast for now. When we wake up from slumber, then we will begin to ‘smell the coffee’ and enjoy what life has to offer.

    There is more out there, but it will not come by the press of a magic button. We need to EVOLVE out of poverty. Only then will we be able to sustain whatever gains we will have made as a people. Handouts cannot sustain us as a people. te?

  63. 72# Born Rich the governance is not a problem because institutions are there. We have legistration, Executive and Judiciary. These organs of the govern in any working democracy but the problem is the kind of pipo you put in office. They have no concepts I wonder if we could do a research and ask all the MPs in 150 constiuencies whether they have have programmes on paper what they will for areas in the next remain areas. You will hear iyo we were very busy. Twaciba ku Meeting the president had called me. I was out of the country.

  64. #67–Gentlemen lets be real, I can not serve on Gender issues. I don’t like to deal with men/women bones of contention. Science and technology is mine….or talk of DEFENCE. I graduated in the SOVIET UNION and talking about war, racism…etc is one thing i understand very well. Besides, im an ACADEMICIAN in the POWER INDUSTRY. However scientific research has got no boundaries. Thats why when I come to Zambia, I will take time to observe SONDASHI 2000.

  65. Gentlemen, ladies, boys and girls;

    Let me first explain one principle in life which most Zambians do not know. We are all good at different things! Most of us Zambians have said one or two things that have destroyed UNZA. During my days as an SDF, people were saying that why should an SDF get so much money?. Little did they realise that SDFs were the best graduates at UNZA. As soon as most SDFs left UNZA as they were frustrated but earned a masters degree or even a PhD insome cases, in a short period of time, they successfully displaced someone and got jobs that paid them more money than UNZA. This was the beginning of the fall of UNZA. Today the SDF programme is also dead.
    Now, as I have said before, and I am saying it again, as I want to apply for the job of VC. What you need is a proactive management that will be at least five years (5) ahead of govt in its plans for both recruitment of students, academic progammes planning and financial projections. Continued…..

  66. The reason why you need such advance planning is four fold:-
    1. Govt fund things piece meal.
    2. Students can never listen to excuses about financing.
    3. Student programmes at UNZA last four or more years and a student enrolment terms SHOULD NEVER be varied mid term.
    4. Students needs to be assured of a clean delivery of programmes they registered for and also sponsors of students too need this reassurance.
    UNZA lacks all these and management are also confused by students’ demonstrations. In other words, at all times of need, UNZA has always been a ship without a captain. Is it any wonder that our frustrated students feel nobody cares about education? Let alone aspiratiuons for jobs when they graduate. We need serious thinkers with experience in Universities elsewhere who can deliver that experince in a brave and committed way. We went to School in order to lead not only in politics but in all aspects of human development. UNZA VCs must resign when govt fails to fund their plans!!

  67. Fellow countrymen the university of Zambia be run by Lusaka Province this will lead to other provinces opening there own universities. Once this happens we can compare in within Zambia who is not managing things well and in additional this bring competition among students. Moreover you decentralised the system cant you see that things are not work becuase of congestion at UNZA. When University of Zambia was opened it was enrolling only about 200 students. These are everlasting solution open one university in Katete, Koama or Kalala one, Mwinilunga or Solwezi also, Kapiri Mposhi should get one , Kawambwa in Luapula needs one, Maybe Choma Mwawagali changed it into. Why these population pull problem everything Lusaka why? You have a stretch of primary and secondary school throughout the country why cant you use the same principle.

  68. It is very sad to note that Unza has been branded a place where hooliganism thrives at its best in the entire country of Zambia. The smaller colleges behave much better than Unza students despite them being in some cases in the same financial predicament. I am talking about NRDC, Evelyn Hone plus plus. It is time Unza must slowly begin to interact with the private sector in order to start raising the much needed funds from that pond. How many years has Unza been crying out to the government for assistance? How many graduates are in government who are able to think like the learned at Unza? Its time Unza decided to open up the institution, one department at a time to attract private sector investment. The private sector must bring in their staff for training. However, with the reputation that Unza has created for it self, the private sector does not trust that the place is worth sending their staff if the dates of graduation cannot be predicted.

  69. Send your child to ZAMIMO there it much better. Yes why UNZA always in problems. We have NIPA also a government run school have heard that students have gone on a go slow.

  70. The Elite:

    No disrespect intended, but the Bible does not say anywhere: “God helps those that help themselves.”

    That is a quote from Benjamin Franklin.

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