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Donors advise on constitution

Headlines Donors advise on constitution

DONORS have urged Government to adopt the constitution through a constituent assembly because the majority of Zambians have demanded it.Speaking during the country review portfolio meeting between Government and the World Bank at Mulungushi International Conference Centre in Lusaka yesterday, Minister of Finance and National Panning, Ng’andu Magande, said donors also pledged to fund the CA.

“Just two days ago, donors questioned our constitution roadmap whether it was the right one or not and they also appealed to Government to adopt the constitution through a CA because so many non-governmental organisations are calling for adoption through the CA,” Mr Magande said.

He said Government was not against the people’s will but that some of the demands from the civil society were out of context.

But he complained that money given to NGOs was not accounted for properly.

“My concern is that when donors give money to NGOs such as Emily Sikazwe’s Women for Change, they don’t ask how that money is being spent and where it has been taken but when the same money is given to me, I have to be accountable to the Zambian people,” he said.

The minister said some NGOs’ unpopular demands were the reason Government was introducing the NGO Bill when Parliament resumes sitting next month.

He said the aim of the NGO Bill was to regulate their operations to ensure they were operating within the law.

“We want to be in control. This is the reason we are taking the NGO Bill to Parliament when it resumes. They can’t just be demanding things from Government at the expense of funding from foreign taxpayers,” he said.

But in response, World Bank out-going country manager, Ohene Nyanin, said the issue of the constitution-making process was entirely a sovereignty matter that could be handled through dialogue.

“Just yesterday (Tuesday), all donors were called to State House and the issue of the constitution came up but the feeling of many donors is that the matter could be best handled through dialogue and extensive consultation, but above all it was a sovereignty matter,” he said.


  1. Donors this donors that. how bout what the Zambian people want. Thats the problem with being poor, these guys will give you money and then you will have to dance to there tune. When they say jump, we say how high sir.

  2. It is stupid to be ordered to adopt CA by outsiders. In the book of RUFQUA on page 6337 quote a Bible story:
    -by the river of Babylon where we sat down and wept -when we remembered Zion. How can we sing joyful song -in the strange land.

    This is true of what is happening in Zed, we (pipo) seem to be strangers in our own land and our rights are perpetually suppressed by the tyrant Chuchu. Do we always expect Judge Smith to tell us what is right at all the time. Iwe ci Ng’andu Magande, why is it that every chuchu clone has joined the band wagon of sing the same chorus? Don’t be adamant for ever soon you will be like Richard Sakala.

  3. Pundit is this legacy you want your LPM to leave? Even simple mental arithmetic a muzungu must come in to help us think? This is embarassing to the govt and the Head of state.Magande on NGO be tough in that bill we dont know what some of them do like ‘women for change’ how many women has she changed from kerb crawlers and the like? We need sanity in the land starting from Chuchu to Dan Pule. Look into RUFQUA page 8555, paragraph 4 I quote ‘ubufumu bucindika umwine’ since LPM has failed to add glamour to his seat, donnors are helping to do just that, very soon they will tell him to privatise UNZA

  4. BaJoze twabaza sana lelo, first naya ku Ndeke mukunwako tu whisky kabili lelo ni Friday ,ama workers yabaza half day ,kale twisele shop.Tukamonana mailo since chuchu bamuteneka ama donors takabwekeshepo, uwabula ne nsoni but invite to read RUFQUA page 10 – which says ‘do unto others that you would not want done unto you’Goodnite and bye

  5. This story makes me very very nervous. I think we need to start drawing the line between issues bazungus can coment on and when they should shut the hell up. A constitution is not something you even need to be inviting donors to discuss. Some of those chaps have been in ZED for less than a year and they already have a say in the constitution making process? Fellow Zambians , i think lets put our money to good use this time arround. All of us in diaspora can afford a $100.00 to spare. if 1M contribute 100 we will have K450BN to fund the referendum and the CA. If we let muzungus fund the process,they will dictate how Zambias future will unfold. Folks we can not allow that. Any ideas?

  6. #5 SAGE ala musebanya, the Head of State failing to assimilate the need the Zedians at hand and wants to twist things to his own wanting. Such pipo in the book of RUQUA (page 121) are referred as “ne’er-do-well”. Dangerous (mustigeni)in society. Goodnite SAGE, nomba naya pa interz muku panga tea.

  7. Donors are entitled to advise,just as we are entitled to ignore their advice.They have written off our debts and they now see we are recovering and all they advise is go the CA route??They will lend us the money so that our debt servicing ratio ensures there is nothing left to continue developing! Come on Zambians……can you not see what these guys are up to ??Ba Kuku i support your disgust at the comments directed at the NGO’s. We all know what they hope to achieve out of this….funding and more funding and more funding.NGO’s will always support what their paymasters say….so always take their stances with a pinch of salt. Fellow bloggers,i take leave…..naya kuma pint. umutwe wakalipa!!!

  8. Mwilasala bane..Judge Smith alanda ati FTJ nimpupu mwayaula utupundu…..donor (Smith wiine!!) ati CA mwayambamba ati iyo…! Kaneni fyonse na judgement yine kaneni!

  9. Having lived abroad I have made experince on how foreigner must behave. First immediately arrive you have to sign a document that you do have no political interference as geust and you should assure them to live there country after a certain period of time. I shocked that we allowing people who doesnt know the politics of country to define our destiney. This kind of legacy is not good. Donors should concentrate on their foreign policy enforcment. In the first place who invited them to attend this meeting. U C Kuku were we are heading to, all these are conflicts which can bring division and exactly this wat they want immediately they see some kind of development they bring in instability to Africa this time Zambia.

  10. Ba Joze, what does the book Rufqua say about drinking? Because tonight I wanna drink my head off. I dont want to hear about foreigners talking about our issues. Rupia Banda knows them well now. They didnt allow him to visit their mines. Life’s most embarrassing moments.

  11. Ba Easy(9), aba bantu baisa ku Zambia mukuchita “advise and monitor” pantu twalikongola umuzulu kuli bena.For so long as we owe them money and we continue to borrow from them…..they are not going anywhere and they will not shut up either!! So….we are stuck with them….lets deal with it.

    I have said this before and i say it again:”it is not in their best interests to see us rid ourselves of poverty” therefore not all their advice is sound,relevant or beneficial to Zambians. It is up to us to choose carefully only the advice that benefits us and just to pay lip service to the rubbish they often say.If allowing them to talk allows us access to their money….so be it.Zambians must just make good use of every penny until such a time as we can tell them to put their advise where it doesn’t shine!!!

  12. Ba Easy(9), aba bantu baisa ku Zambia mukuchita “advise and monitor” pantu twalikongola umuzulu kuli bena.For so long as we owe them money and we continue to borrow from them…..they are not going anywhere and they will not shut up either!! So….we are stuck with them….lets deal with it.

    I have said this before and i say it again:”it is not in their best interests to see us rid ourselves of poverty” therefore not all their advice is sound,relevant or beneficial to Zambians. It is up to us to choose carefully only the advice that benefits us and just to pay lip service to the rubbish they often say.If allowing them to talk allows us access to their money….so be it.Zambians must just make good use of every penny until such a time as we can tell them to put their advise where the sun doesn’t shine!!!

  13. We have opened our bed doors to the British again and we have to take what ever they say.Zambia is a British rule of law under Judge Smith from the British M15.
    Dear Zambia when M15 come to you country the you are finished,because na CIA is better.M15 members don’t come for develpment bout to kill your development. Just wait for more to come and what the British will do to Zambia.Madan Masebo please know selling of beer on Sunday and every one below the age of 30 years should show the ID before buying beer, like it is in the USA .

  14. Pundits12# did you attend the G8 Summit or followed the discuss on the media. These are things we are talking about who owes who here. We owe the west literarily nothing its inhuman to continue exploit us like. Good anyway in Europe especiallly you find farm growing food stuffs, Cant even tell where are do they have mines. Yet they have electrical trams trains, Bridges are built of steal from Africa. Pundit you should standard up and do something no just watching at twalafwa no stand. Join Oxfam, Attac, These are people opposing the what these called donors are doing to developing countries. Judge Smith is case is complex because it involved British nationals. After all its a mixtake for a head of state to take money away meant for development if he had invested in Zambia Kafupi would have been more respected tha KK.

  15. #1-15, the donors are supporting the popular view by zabians to adopt the constution by ca. why do you have problems with this, infact they have offered to fund it. we should be thankfull for support bane. zambia is poor whether you moan about it or not the status quo remains, so we need support and we are lucky we have it. what happened to ‘thank you’

  16. #9, did your country abroad have ‘DONORS’, rather , were you a donor/diplomat when you were abroad. If the answer is No, then I suppose we expect a difference between the way you were treated and the way we treat people who fund 80% of our health budget just to give one example out of a million.

  17. I am getting fed up with the topics that Lusaka Times is bringing on the blog. Instaed of discussing the topic, bloggers end up discussing topics of interest that arise in the comments of other bloggers. This shows that the main topic has no value at all to be discussed. I would rather ask Ba Joze to start posting topics from his RUFQUA book or ask Kuku to be posting issues from Main Masala.Reading along the line, I have realised that Easy has his own way of expressing his english. Is it deliberate or serious? Easy may I know from you? I am diverting from the topic because I do not know what to contribute. I wish to have someone to chat with now. Please post.

  18. I am getting fed up with the topics that Lusaka Times is bringing on the blog. Instaed of discussing the topic, bloggers end up discussing topics of interest that arise in the comments of other bloggers. This shows that the main topic has no value at all to be discussed. I would rather ask Ba Joze to start posting topics from his RUFQUA book or ask Kuku to be posting issues from Main Masala.Reading along the line, I have realised that Easy has his own way of expressing his english. Is it deliberate or serious? Easy may I know from you? I am diverting from the topic because I do not know what to contribute. I wish to have someone to chat with now. Please post.

    ARRIVING back at OR Tambo Airport in Johannesburg after a 13-hour non-stop flight from Hong Kong, my mind drifted back to how fulfilling the trip to Japan had been, having learnt hitherto unknown lessons and explored uncharted avenues into history.
    Many a time, the team of six journalists that had visited Japan at the invitation of that country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs was compelled to wonder whether Africa’s general state of deprivation had not been as a result of the colonial assault.Japan had proven that with genuine human effort, and no over-dependence on foreign solutions, it was possible to achieve the seemingly impossible.But after that 13-hour flight that begun with a three hours and 40 minutes flight from Narita Airport in Tokyo aboard a Cathay Pacific Airways plane, I was back in Africa where doing things in a lackadaisical manner was the order of the day.It was 07:00 hours, and three hours later, I would be on my way to Lusaka, one of Africa’s most highly-urbanised cities, which is earmarked for a major transformation with the help of the Japanese government; by the way, the development plan will be the first of its kind in Africa.
    As I awaited my connection flight, it was only my physical state that was in Johannesburg, but my whole mind was in Japan, going over the trip to the Toyota Motor Corporation in Toyota City, and analysing United States of America’s dastardly and senseless bombing of Hiroshima in 1945.The group of journalists from Zambia, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Mozambique and Ethiopia had left the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum with bitter feelings and, in the case of this writer, with resentment for scientist Albert Einstein who had been involved in the development of the atomic bomb that reduced Hiroshima to rubble on that fateful morning of August 6, 1945.
    Indeed, at 08:15 hours, time came to a virtual standstill when, with a blinding flash, the bomb detonated approximately 600 metres from the city centre, giving birth to horrifying scenes that came alive during our tour of the museum that Monday morning.It was a shameless act that should never be allowed to happen again, no matter how aggrieved any country might feel against one another!The heat rays and blast of the bomb burnt and crushed nearly all buildings within two kilometres of the hypocenter, claiming thousands of lives while those who managed to survive, their bloodied clothes hanging in tatters, clambered over the rubble to flee the city.
    It beats one’s understanding that the so-called super powers have continued to develop their nuclear arsenals that are many times more potent than the bomb whose deadly effects continue to be felt 62 years down the line.The Hiroshima experience was just one of the many lessons of the study tour that also took the African journalists to Osaka, Kyoto and Nagoya before arriving back at their Hotel New Otani base in Tokyo on May 23.At Toyota City, we came face to face with the spirit that has catapulted the Japanese people to the dizzy heights of global glory, making Toyota the indisputable champion in the automobile industry.On the day of the visit, the six journalists were only a fraction of the 506 people who had visited the company on that day of May 23.It was amazing to be welcomed to the Toyota offices by a robot, its fingers manipulating the keys of a trumpet so dexterously as it blew out Stevie Wonder’s famous track, I Just Called to Say I Love You.That was not the last time we saw of the amazing works of a robot, for we were soon to see more as we arrived at the assembly plant, some 15 minutes’ drive from the showroom.
    At the showroom, where we were taken on a cruise into the future where we saw Toyota’s concepts set to be on the market in the next 10 to 20 years.Well, unlike in places or countries where suggestions from employees are rubbished as a show of insubordination, our group learnt that Toyota, in fact, pays its workers for ideas that the company falls in love with and decides to adopt.The general atmosphere at Toyota and the concentration with which every one did their work sent a very strong message to the visitors; that nothing is ever achieved half-heartedly.Or, simply, that nothing is ever achieved and sustained by accident.“Look at the level of concentration. You can’t afford to dose off or allow your mind to drift away. You come with a hangover here, forget it; you can’t work,” commented one colleague in the group of journalists.Little wonder there are so many people who visit Toyota City. It is as if in the hope that the work ethic at the company would rub off into the visitor.The moment you leave the company, your whole mindset changes and you begin to feel that with total commitment, it is possible to do what the Japanese have been doing with anything they lay their hands on.From the beginning of the year 2007 up to that day we visited Toyota Motor Corporation, on May 23, a total of 108, 998 people had been to the company, bringing the total since the year 1960 to 13, 123, 769 visitors.It was not any different when the journalists were taken on a conducted tour of Panasonic Tokyo where everything is planned well in advance, and it was even possible to peer into the future of electronics through the company’s innovation.This hardworking culture was evident throughout the places we went to, including the ancient city of Kyoto, which we earlier visited after leaving Hiroshima by Shinkansen or bullet train Super Express Nozomi.Kyoto is an old city that developed after the establishment of the Heiankyo (Capital of Peace in 794), and was home to the Emperor for approximately 1,000 years, with the founding Emperor Kammu describing it as a natural fortress.Currently, Japan’s seventh largest city with a population of 1.4 million, Kyoto became a castle town following the completion of the Nijo Castle in the Edo Period (1603-1867).Visiting the Nijo Castle was one of the most satisfying moments of the journalists’ visit to Japan as it helped to create a new understanding of how long Japan had come, and how the ascendancy to the lofty seat of greatness, was not by default.Construction of the castle began in 1603 as the official residence of Tokugawa Leyasu, founder of the Tokugawa Shogunate (military government) and was completed in 1626 by the third Tokugawa Shogun, Lemitsu.It is one of the finest examples of Momoyama architecture and it was in this castle that in October 1867, the 15th Shogun, Tokugawa Yoshinobu, announced the return of sovereignty to the Emperor, ending nearly 270 years of Tokugawa military rule and giving rise to the Meiji Restoration Government.Today, Kyoto possesses many historical legacies known to be the treasures of the world, and is abundant with natural landscapes such as Arashiyama that reflect the archetypal images of Japanese scenery while its more than 1,600 Buddhist temples and 270 Shinto shrines attest to its importance as a religious focal point.Before arriving in Kyoto, the journalists led throughout their tour by a time conscious and admirably knowledgeable guide, Miho Mizutani, visited the Osaka University of Foreign studies.
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  20. #20 Paparazi,
    It seems you are a tourist guide for the Japanese. Apparently you forgot to tell us how much it can cost for an individual to undertake such a tour. Don’t you think it can lead to the shutting down of Kuku’s busines at Main Masala? Well the story you have told is quite captivating. I wish I can afford to travel as well? Did you sponser yourself or was it from tax payers’ money? The story is really very well narrated such that I can tell someone that I was in Jaapn and argue from your points if that is true about Japan. But where is Ba Joze to post a topic from his RUFQUA book? Limbi balinwa sana mailo. And where is Kuku to tell us something about Main Masala and his councilorship?

  21. This will keep happening for as long as Zambian leaders fail to show that they are putting their people’s needs first. An impression has been created by LPM and the rest of MMD that they are not interested in a good and just constitution. All they want to do is to continue prevaricating until 2011, when there will be no choice but to contest the elections on the same flawed constitution. In the meantime, the so called donors have ‘consulted the Oracle’ and they have stared the abyss in the face. They fear that Zambia is sleep walking to disaster and so they have stepped in. If they are going to fund the CA in the same way they have helped fund general elections in the past, i.e. in form of a grant which does not have to be paid back, why turn the offer down – as long as they do not dictate the contents of the constitution. The current constitution leaves Zambia too much at the mercy of the incumbent president and leaves the door wide open for a Zambian version of Idi Amin.

  22. #20 with due respect indicate the source dont just copy and paste,didnt you read the commandments posted by Ci Citizen? You will do well by adhering to the rules.

  23. #21 Mwaice Nkhataboy , Ndoligan the cold spells are killing us , ala nakutalala bad kind.LusakaTimes have lost direction,that is why I suggested that they let us put up our own topics that we feel are of great importance, things like Is it worth to be in Diaspora? so that this Easy boy with Zanglish can tell us why has opted to be abroad when he cant even improve his english.I have told him now and again that try to do a draft before posting, half the time he just wonders around with scattered points,when you talking about Donors , he will be talking about Rwanda masscres bushe muntu washani uyu? He needs deliverance, I will ask Daka to pray for him.I cant allow a situation of returning from USA in that state,its not appropriate, he must come back with a lot of value added both in shape, spirit and mental.

  24. #2,Ba Joze, It is not an order,it is an advice,which can be ignored or taken.
    #4 Kuku, #5 SAGE,
    Are Donors funding the amendment of the constitution and the mode of it’s adoption? If the answer is NO,then they should have NO say, but if YES,their interest is to see that their funds which is tax payers money for their countries is put to good use,since they are accountable to the citizens of their countrieson how funds have been utilised.
    I think,in my opinion,what the Donors should be blamed for is that they are forgetting that an african politician,a constitution means a procedure on how to leave office and how not to steal.
    An African politician has personal interests at stake whilst the donor countries have the future generation to consider in their constitutions hence since when they were written they have nt been amended ever since.
    Because the donors have been asked for funding,they too have the right to comment and advise,but not instruct

  25. #23 Kuku,
    There is a growing problem of plagiarism on this blog,hence people like #20 Paparazzi can walk away freely.
    Luckily enough,LusakaTimes does not generate that much traffic to the site and income from it’s advertisements or we would seen lawsuits made against them as we have observed with social networks like youtube and myspace.
    Paparazzi is wanted in France and UK for causing misery to the Royals,now he has even gone as far as Japan.
    This chap has no mercy

  26. I mentioned on this blog not long ago that there’s gross dishonesty on the part of the govt and the proponents of the CA. Both sides have hidden agendas and it remains a matter of who pulls a qiuck one over the other.

    It is because of the foregoing that the donors find themselves with no choice but to comment seeing the two parties are “sleep walking” backwards into the future. They are justifed to put their mouths where their money is.

    Let us see some sense for once please!! Twanaka na ba maketula – political engineers or manipulators.

  27. #25 Kayata, you are a man of the pipo and not Ba Joze. I have as well noticed plagiarism to the level of no return. Bloggers want to bring forward issues just picked from someone’s thinking so that they can be realised as scholaras, scientists, technocrats, authors etc:, bull shit not to our standard. This brings me back to those two professors from UNZA who went and plagirized in South Africa on HIV/AIDS and only to be mentioned at International media.

  28. #26 where have you been? Actually on one topic I warned some one who was condoning copying a constitution about Plagiarism.You lose nothing by quoting the source than assuming that you are the author.Its plain wrong

  29. Ba Nkataboy, Kuku, Kayata this Paparazzi boy is part of Lusaka times very soon I will expose him and where the server is. Look at the amount of text he is putting on th blog claiming to be his own yet it written on the times of Zambia first page written by KENNEDY LIMWANYA. Its a good idea Kuku to tell people where some learned Zambians have opted to live in Diaspora. This will good reason enough to propound here. It unfortunate that you are behind Ba Kuku I thought you be 2gather with King Cobra at Mulungushi conference center for Constitution talks. All parties are represented apart from ba Jozes for he is still looking for money bcos I refused him to go Taiwan begging like it has been with LPM over the 40million Pound recently. In culture Kuku there good and bad habits so a constitution is found to be go why not take certain articles and parts you think can be good for Zambia. There is no Plagiarism here but wat pipo want. Dont worry Iam coming home soon to help develop Malole.

  30. #20 Paparazzi

    Copy and paste is good BUT don’t over do it.The Book of RUQUA on 7622 describe such behaviour as “bootlegging”
    So try to bring up your own ideas next time.

  31. Ba Joze#31 Mwalanda icishinka. This Paparrazzi has misused his wirtes here. Why should he claim to have been Japan when someone else was there. The topic is about Donors instead he is bring history of Hirroshima here it wont help us with the constitution reform.

  32. #28 Nkhataboy,#29 Kuku,#30 Easy. yes very true colleagues, plagiarism is worsing,what people do not understand is that there is a difference between Research and Plagiarism.
    People want to show their intelligence by getting other people’s work which in other parts of the world is a crime.People are behaving like they are at a world conference and want to expose their knowledge.
    How many civil engineer’s do we have in the country and yet we have the least developed infrastructure in the country?
    Most of them when they return from their research “studies” would like to sit in the office instead of going into the “field” and practice want they have achieved.
    In 1991-3,Emmanuel Kasonde took the Canadian Budget and just changed a few things,thats the extent to which plagiarism is in Zambia.

  33. Copy right reserved plz bring your own ideas. Patent your know-how people you publish it how to do it just PDF format files no one can change your inform if copied the signature is included. Kayata I could that happenn #34 never heard this the Former FM made a budget for three years. More Ba Kayata Kasonde did is national BG in Febraury 1992. Now colleagues should we allow donors to have a say in internal matters of our country or wat? #33 I dont know I just that I read this story sometime in April it has been long.Ask at the times of Zambia as I said earlier on it seems the some big media newspaper must behind this. Last time I complained about how these information are be collected by a British Newspaper.From that day I just see Zanis as the source.

  34. #25 that advice nayikwata ama-strings attached to it te? So its an order in a different colour.

    Mwaice Easy be in charge, nomba naya mainzi ya moyo ku Mutezi mukunua till morning.

  35. Ba Joze,i have no worries going by both my family and given names in blogs personally like you are seem trying hard to get on Ba Paparazzi. Are you telling this blog that all patrons here ever post by their real family names like me? If you like me don’t mind that turn of events, i could get some specialized help to enlighten fellow bloggers here on your bio-data and expose your cowardice evident in your preference to be called Ba Joze family.Don’t start fire you cannot quench. Such behavior has destroyed blogs, people and futures of pundits silently. Just cautioning you as the choice is personal. Ala ichalo chakwata ameno elo chilalya.

  36. #36 Ba Joze,when you go to the Bank and present your business proposal plan for your business,Does the bank advise you or instruct you in order to finance your project?

  37. #38 ci kwekwe, ama one-puzzi ya fyamba yalenga ukusabaila te? Waba utumwefu utwaba scattered on the chin. Read comment#30 and tell me if I were the one who exponsed him? Young chap, you can’t kill the scent ya fyamba by chewing onion. That’s why you smell like tuna, sweat like chameleon, blink like kolyokolyo, snear like hyena, walk like crab. We mbifi we. Don’t start the war you can’t finish. Ok, now I know you are “double vission” you must see Dr HK for your serious problem you have. Avoid mixing chekaz na lutuku ni fast forward iyibi sana. If you kwek like duck, smell like duck and chances are 99.999 that you are duck that kwekwes. You are like am not carrying my RUFQUA book today.

    #40 I gree with you But here the donors arewilling to provide funds AND THEY WANT rule of law to prevail in the country so that ka advise nakakwatako weight ya order or directive te?

    Daily Mail report-By REBECCA CHILESHE
    GOVERNMENT says the enactment of a Constitution Conference Bill will not circumvent the holding of a Referendum to determine whether a constituent assembly should be established to adopt the new constitution.Chief Government spokesperson, Mike Mulongoti said in Lusaka yesterday in an interview that the Constitutional Conference Act would only strengthen Government’s hand at correcting some of the legal flaws in the current Constitution.The summit of party presidents on Saturday agreed that Government should present a Constitutional Conference Bill to the next sitting of Parliament to provide for the existence, composition and function of the body, which would oversee the constitution making process.The leaders at the summit included MMD’s Levy Mwanawasa, Ken Ngondo of the All People’s Congress Party, Patriotic Front’s Michael Sata, Mr Sakwiba Sikota of the United Liberal Party, Tilyenji Kaunda of UNIP and Ben Mwila of the National Democratic Front.Forum for Democracy and Development was represented by acting president Chifumu Banda while the United Party for National Development was represented by acting president, Richard Kapita.The Zambia Centre for Inter-Party Dialogue (ZCID) organised the meeting of party presidents to try and resolve the controversy over the constitution making process.Mr Mulongoti who is also Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services said Government would ensure that the Constitutional Conference Bill was expeditiously presented to Parliament in the next sitting.He said the work of the Constitutional Conference would be to look at some of the clauses in the current Constitution that needed either amending or repealing and discuss the question of the Bill of Rights, and recommend to Parliament the way forward.“The Constitutional Conference is a safer way of attending to some of the clauses that need to be amended.As government therefore, we would like to salute all political parties and assure the nation that we will expeditiously implement this process, as it will drive us to having a Constitution that will embrace everyone.He said once the Bill is assented to, it would give legal authority to the Constitutional Conference to access funds from the Treasury for its operations.Mr Mulongoti however said the Constitutional Conference would only be a consultative body without legislative powers.“This should be an exciting time for all Zambians.I call for continued cooperation from all stakeholders in order to see the Constitution making process through,” he said.Mr Mulongoti said once the Constitutional Conference had presented its recommendations on clauses that needed amending to Parliament, the Minister of Justice would advertise in the Government Gazette for a period of 30 days for the presentation of a bill to amend the Constitution.He said this was a step towards the holding of a referendum, which would decide on whether a Constituent Assembly should be established to adopt the new constitution.Mr Mulongoti said at that point a sample census and registration of voters would have been conducted in accordance with the referendum Act.“The referendum will then be held to decide whether or not to amend Articles 62 and 79 of the Constitution to introduce a Constituent Assembly,” Mr Mulongoti said.He said this was a critical step towards implementing the Government Roadmap towards the enactment of the Constitution.The ZCID had presented two options for the presidents at the summit to consider.The first was for Government to start the process of preparing Bills that did not require a referendum to amend by parliament while the other was to hold a Constitutional Conference to deal with all the issues that were outlined by ZCID.In its recommendations to the summit, ZCID said it had observed with great concern the growing differences between government and civil society organisations and their sympathisers as this had wasted a lot of time at a high cost to the country.It implored all concerned parties to strive for reconciliation in national interest through dialogue.

  39. In Western countries such as USA and in parts of Europe,war brought solid and firm constitution’s to them.
    But introducing such measures in Zambia is the beginning of something that will never end.
    What is the best solution to this non ever ending constitution amendments,commissions and debates.
    Just like Kuku says,it’s our ATTITUDE both the citizens and the leaders of our country.
    Like Ba Joze has narrated, it started in 1972 and 35 years on we are still debating the “constitution”, no wonder politicians are raping it.

  40. 44# Kayata so you didnt know about chona commission then which school did you went to too. These are things you have to know whilst at school including the Bill of rights. You never did history of Zambia and civics or commerce at secondary. Ba Joze is on me because I gave him the homework to research on the constitution review and he did a good job. CCC held in 1972 is the one which led to one party state under UNIP. Govt at that refused the sugestion. Chona was give the position of vice president before he sent ti exile as ambassador

  41. #45 Easy, take it easy my friend.I said “like ba joze has narrated……” ok i should have written,like Easy told Ba Joze to research…. Thats called a reference. If someone mentions it and i refer to it,does not mean i dont know about it.Joze gave an account of it. Simple and Plain English Easy.
    At your school do you learn about bill of rights and the consti… in commerce?

  42. #45 EASY

    you are right, am on you coz you are giving bloggers headaches in trying to know what SH*T you are talking about pantu tawayiciba icisungu and not even Zambian languages (tonga, lozi, bemba, nyanja, soli etc) ukwabula ukupatula.

    QUOTE #45 first line “which school did you went to too”. Gentlemen, Ladies, brothers and sisters lets look for money and send EASY to school and start reading Dongo na Sundu. Or organise him a tutor for English. I feel pity for you, a chap of your age abroad turning the name of Zed. Do you know how many foxes insult you and Zed for such kind of mistakes? You are luck, come pa interz and get a free copy of RUFQUA.

  43. #47 Ba Joze, forgive Easy,at his age he can remember what he learnt in primary.
    He can also remember his Social Studies and call it History.

  44. #45 Mwaice Easy ninshi so English ilikokayi kokayi, where do you post most of your contributions?Is it at a cafe, office or home? You writing appears like you are so much in a hurry to argue your case and in the end you write punjabi or timorese.Some time back I told you to make a draft before posting but now you have become worse such that getting the meaning out of your writting , you need the might works of Kabuhaya ,Dr vongo or Dr Sansakuwa from Northen Province,mwaice even your Bemba is not bemba, which language are best at? Use your veancular may be we shall be comfortable with that.But enjoy your rest , I have seen you took time off the blog.You have become addicted to it like Golf.what are you studying in the US? Becareful with your research papers because if your english wont improve you are likely to score poor marks.Get in touch with Tonga Bull who is doing MPH or Kalembe Kafyuke who is doing his MBA to help you out.When you are done come to Ndola ,I have a job for you.

Comments are closed.

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