Veep says Kabwe has potential for investment


Vice President Rupiah Banda says Kabwe town has great potential to compete for investment by aggressively marketing its resources to potential investors.

Mr. Banda says Kabwe is a major agricultural district through its production of
maize, tobacco and cotton which it supplies for various industrial and manufacturing activities.

He says government is aiming at reviving the economic base of the district whose
bottom  line is job creation for its people.

He said government has a vision of uplifting standards of living through poverty
reduction among the people in the district which had over the years been regarded as
a ghost town.

He said this during the luncheon with Kabwe Chamber of Commerce and Industry in
Kabwe this afternoon.

Earlier, Mr. Banda toured industries that included mines and Lusemfwa Hydroelectric
power station among others.

KCCI Chairman Mr. Wilfred Wonani urged politicians to desist from using unpalatable
language because it scares away investors.

Mr. Wonani said the chamber is ready to work with the government of the day and the
civic leaders to ensure that economic activities are revived in the district.


  1. All the districts of this Country have the potential to grow. The problem we have as a country is that we select which districts we think are better. look at Kabompo and Mufumbwe. Locally they produce a lot of Honey. No one is even interested in bringing investers in this sector, Mwinilunga with its pineapples, Mongu with the Cashew nuts, Mansa bateries, Kapiri with its glass and in General Northern, Luapula, and Northwestern Provinces never suffer from Drought, but no one is interested in bringing in commencial farmers.

  2. Chipata Nchinga Plant, Namwala fishing, Mfuwe tourism, Mumbwa farming cotton, Sinanze Tourism, fishing and recreation, Ngoma National Park, Chavuma Cassava alternative staple food and many others Amen. Please Kabwe as at now is not ideal for investment plz ba president advise your deputy to make such statement the area poises health problems because of neglection of the Kabwe lead mine. We can manage to spend more on medicals alas we dont have the man power.

  3. Yes Ghost Town when people are dying because no precautions has been made to take of the air pollution caused by the mining industries and Railways. Tabbaco growing should avoided it has healthy hazards.

  4. Chitukuko kusogolo.
    Nice suggestions guys.I also think that Zambia is not calling on the international and local investors to venture into the real estate industry.China does alot in this sector and this is why the chinese have used 3 quarters of the worlds building material just within 5years.New buildings just flourish like flowers here.
    Come on Zambia,,,,.
    I always think about what is happening in the Mpezeni kingdom where actually i was born from.There exist a place by NyaMfinzi Hill by Nthombimbi village.Mpopoma is its name and God blessed the area with springs of water.Gardens don’t really need to be irrigated,there are a bountiful of sugar canes.
    Please A BANDA advise a Mpezeni to let you the goverment allow the NAKAMBALA GUYS to visit a place.
    A new sugar factory needs to be built in this area.
    We Zambian turn to die thirsty while seeing water freely running.
    Come on,Zambia is very very rich.
    We have all we need not to be deepending on DONORS.

  5. The MP of Nsingo/ luwangeni constituency should do something for that place.
    Employment there can be created if the MPs work for the people.
    Just because a genuine farmer (MOPANI)who used to employ more than 2000 workers is gone,people have gone strickly into Charcoal making in order to survive and take their children to school.A commercial farmer named Duncan has done alot to employ but he is not enough by himself.
    Nkhosi ya ma nkhosi,,,A mpezeni,,tafikani kunyumba ya plot 1.Chitukuko ku FENI,everything is getting worse.Nsingo hall is getting delapidated…..
    You need to go through Malawi to drive the major hospital (Mwami Hospital).
    Mps just talk they don’t do work for the people why why why dear Zambia.
    Don’t we admire what our friend do when we travel to other coutries?
    By 1979 China was no where in infrastracture ,etc.Now China has the capacity even to lend hard ash to any of the G8.Why?strategy…Time management,targets,principles.
    No wasting time talking about wakuti ni wakuti.

  6. Chipata is so fortunate coz the (ZIKO NI LANU NDALAMA NI ZATHU) ,,,Bamwenye seem to have made it like panjabi in india.without this,it would really be kaya.
    God bless Zambia….
    All Zambian seem to be patriots of their country.BIG STEP TO DEVELOPMENT.Just move a step ku future hahahahahaha

  7. When I went to say one old man used to tell me at wisdow comes also from an aunthill.So I hope the Veep is reading this.

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