China to spend extra $300 million in Zambia


zambiachina.jpgChina will invest an additional $300 million in Zambia’s mining and manufacturing industries, a government minister said on Tuesday.

Commerce and Trade minister Felix Mutati said the money was in addition to the $900 million China has pledged to the Multifacility Economic Zone (MFEZ) in the Copper Belt town of Chambishi, 420 km north of Lusaka over the next four years.

Chinese and Zambian authorities have signed investment agreements which would see the creation of a cement plant, an acid plant and smelter for a new nickel mine in the south, as well as a fertiliser production factory, at a cost of $200 million.

Zambia and China had also agreed to construct a new $100 million high-technology economic zone on the outskirts of the capital Lusaka where television sets, cell-phones, radios and other electronic items would be manufactured.

“The Chinese … want to start manufacturing some of the items from Zambia instead of just importing raw materials,” Mutati told Reuters in an interview.

Analysts say that Chinese interests in Zambia have expanded from copper and cobalt mining to other sectors of the economy as a result of tax exemptions offered by Lusaka.

Mutati said resource-hungry Chinese firms would also use the smelter, to be constructed in Mazabuka district, 140km south of Lusaka, to process nickel from Botswana and Tanzania.

“They plan to have everything here … so that raw materials needed for their industry can be fed from these plants,” he said.

The Chinese would start work on the two economic zones in August, Mutati added.

“We anticipate that the economic zones will be functional by 2010. In Chambishi, 60,000 jobs will be created while less than a thousand jobs will be created in the high-tech economic zone. Many more jobs will be created in southern province,” said Mutati.

In Chambishi, the Chinese planned to construct a copper smelter and other projects in mining and agriculture.

Authorities had agreed to orient the Chinese on Zambian labour laws and culture to avoid tensions similar to those which forced Chinese President Hu Jintao to cancel a trip to Chambishi during a visit to Zambia in 2006.

Zambia’s opposition and labour unions accuse the Chinese of failing to observe safety standards and of paying workers salaries below the government minimum wage threshold of about 70 Zambian kwacha.

“There are some things they need to learn and they have told us they are willing to do so,” Mutati said, adding that Zambia had opened its doors to Chinese investors because “they are different from the West and tend to be quicker in transactions which make sense.”


  1. As long as these investments accommodate the share ownership of Zambians,create value to all output inland Zambia, and as matter of policy export finished products only,then Levy and his MMD have my support. They would be finally bringing hope to our failed country.

  2. china has done us alot of good , so its in good faith that we look foward to sound economic growth in our country by their continued support. Otherwise, we are the bad side ourselves when we do not even pay back the loans we get. How much have we paid back for TAZARA??? NOTHING AT ALL. So the biggest concern we should look at is safety of operations as trhey do their planned industrial operations. I hope the acid plant will not spill over the land in chambeshi. And for the smelter, pliz take take exttensive industrial measures to avoid sickening the public by its waste

  3. as long as china won’t be paying slave wages to Zambians good for us.we understand that chines Goods are of low quality hence they are not allowed in Europe,so as they source for market in Africa, Levy should sign a better deal for zambia and not be tossed like a coin.

  4. #4 Kafula Bwalya,
    who told you that Chinese products are not allowed in Europe? Everything in Europe is from China from digital camera’s to designer clothes.
    Did you know that GUCCI,Versace,Next,Marks & Spencer, Armani,Clarks and many more,all their factories are in China.
    Nokia,Apple(Ipods) and many comapnies,all their production is in China.
    Google,Ebay,Yahoo etc, Ba Kafula, Levy should amend most of the laws in Zambia so there can be a better and fair working environment.
    Did you know that Zambia labour is cheaper than Chinese?

  5. The value of Chinese investment to Africa is debatable. In most cases it is state controlled. This means that the Chinese set up an enterprise which their government attempts to run as a going concern. Unfortunately, no government can run a business better than a private company can. The result is that Zambia ends up with enterprises like Mulungushi textiles, Tazara and others, which are not exactly going anywhere. In the meantime, Zambia owes the Chinese government and they have a claim on Zambia as creditors. In countries like Gabon and Sudan where they are pumping oil, the Chinese prefer to have a Chinese-only labour forces. They then export all the oil back to China. I suppose they pay the governments of Sudan and Gabon something, but the local populations do not benefit, for instance in the way that Kitwe residents are able to benefit from working for Mopani.

  6. #2 chaina is bringing jobs for engineers pa Zed, I hope our govt is going to appoint people to run projects without corruption.

  7. #6 Kayata. You have raised a good point. Zambian labour must be cheaper than Chinese labour. However, the cost of doing business (including manufacturing) in Zambia is very high.

  8. Thanks alot China for coming to our aid, like it was in KK day’s China offered us to build a stadium, they have done this in other countries, its not the duty of the goverment to partner with the chinese.a lot of Zambians have been going to china in order to secure some business with the chinese people.China has a lot of developmental exchange programs in Sports and Education and Athletics is one of them.If we had a better man or woman running our Association now known as the Zambia Adultery Athletics Association under Elias Mpondela, we could have done a lot. it is our appeal to the Goverment to shed more light on the findings that led to the disalution of ZAAA. Furthermore our findings show that Zambia Amature Athletics Association is one of the riches associations in the country. It has raised more then 6 Billion since the intercompany started and all this money the records are at Zambia National Commercial Bank 6 Accounts.DEC,ACC,Police Taskforce,where are you?

  9. #6 dont confuse china and japan.most of the things u are talking about are from japan and not china.those chinese u want to embrass dont have respect for human rights and human beings nowander we are hearing that they are now eating foetus in their restaurants in what am trying to say is that,let them invest and at the same time there shud be laws to make sure that they dont exploit zambians.that thing of LPM failing to rebuke them when they violet workers rights is nonsense.there are situations were miners are going underground without safety clothing,and people want to turn a blind eye to that saying they are investing heavily in our country.let the chung cha respect the laws of the land especially concerning workers’ rights..

  10. #8 what kind of jobs are u talking about?the ones they pay u 2dollars a day for working 24hrs.these chinese are just interested in our copper.they dont give a damn about what u guys r going to get from the whole investiment hence u see them wanting to pretend that there r no strings attached for them to invest in zed.lets open our eyes.titus dont think GRZ has never paid for sure they paid them in form of copper.

  11. #7 why should it hurt you to see that the big industries are state run? If you take your own money to put up a business then you get the right to own it, but when you use state funds, alas it should be run by the state. so what do you mean to say they are going no where,, In Libala they are chinese clinics and they are privately run… so you can not demand that the investments are privately run unless you find your own money to put a business to that extent. As for workers, let it be included in the agreeements chuchu will have to monitor. So there is no big deal..#8 Corruption will be there so dont hope for cloud 9. Have you not yet learned to face reality??

  12. Mwana ashenda atashanjina ukunaya.China is now in every
    country in the world.Just go to the USA embassy and ask
    them how China is doing.In every shop in the USA and
    Europe baba it is all China.I just hope ba CIA will not use it as a time to enter China and finish them
    like the USSSR

  13. #7 Chitapankwa,Africa’s economy is growing by almost 6 to 7%.If you delve into specific countries with the most strong economic performance,you will discover that the african countrie’s economies are performing better than European or Asian countries.
    If this growth in Africa was in the European or Asia countries,investors would be flocking.
    The biggest question we should always ask ourselves is WHY THERE and NOT HERE.
    With the under developed infrastructure,and the RISK involved in investing in Africa,is it WORTH IT?
    And this is where China is coming in,backed by the Western Powers.
    We all know that Chinese economy is a bubble,that once the western financiers pull out,China is back to where it was 5 years ago.
    Chinese are in Congo-Brazzavile exploring the oil reserves in the Gulf of Guinea finance by BP,Exxon,Shell etc
    China is just been used as a forefront,look at Sudan,most of the companies in Sudan,Petroleum China etc, but look at the ownership,they are all European and American.

  14. #12 GRZ together with tanzania have not paid for tazara. Government released this information not long ago and instead they started pushing for debt cancellation. thats my point. You are good at getting money from creditors but terrible at paying back. Is this hard to understand?? Dont say im sure grz paid copper, HOW MANY TONES???WHEN???

  15. #13 Titus. China is busy privatising state owned concerns because they are inefficient and cannot attract investment. I have no problem with the privately run clinics in Libala. What I have a problem with are state run enterprises. Remember ZCBC, NIEC, ROP, etc. They are all gone because instead of making money for Zambia, they were actually propped up with external loans. In the case of state run Chinese enterprises, the Chinese government will continue to pour in money, but there will be very little benefit to Zambians.

  16. CHINA
    Shift : 72hours per week
    Pay : USD$130 – 250 per month
    Holiday : 2 weeks
    Union : None
    Benefits: Place in an 8 bed dormitory at factory.

    Shift : 39 hours per week
    Pay : USD$ 1800 per month
    Holiday : 5 weeks plus 8 to 10 Bank Holidays
    Union : Voluntary
    Benefits: Sick pay,paid maternity leave(up to 2 weeks),
    : right to work no more than 48 hours per week
    : protection from unfair discrimination.

    Living 8 to a Room, working 72 hours a week,Chinese are crazy,hence they have something in common with their fellow counterparts in Africa:Abuse of Human Rights.
    Didn’t we just read that Judicial men at the Boma,no allowance for 4 years,if it were Chinese investors,everyone would be complaining.
    People we are never fair to ourselves,no wonder Chinese are abusing Africans.

  17. #15…Yeah, I cannot doubt my witts that the west is working together with China. But the fact is that China consequently is developing. Its been the largest consumer of copper of late by the way. So their investments in zambia have a well calculated essence. To get more copper at very economical costs. But our benefit will only be a bag of mealiemeal per miner and much more TB cases due to the smelter. However nsince we need to eat by the end of the day, we got no choice!!!

  18. Fk the engineer cannot work for 2dol pay day, only ba chibombe bombe are for $2/24hrs.So if u are an engineer u know what am talking about.

  19. #1, 4. Are those serious conditions a sane govt should give to investors. if you read your write-ups again i am sure you will realise you must have been joking.
    Europe and US are now the major consumers of chinese goods. who told you they are pooor quality? stop listening to mr Sata’s no brainer statements

  20. #18 Kayata can you pliz give us the present conditions for kcm, mopani, and all Lets compare the mines in zambia too. whats the story??

  21. #15 Kayata. Yes, Africa is recording high growth rates, but in most countries these growth rates are not high enough to reduce poverty. African growth is starting from a very low base. It will take time to convince serious investors that their investments will not go up in smoke within a few years of investing in Africa. If Africa continues to show political maturity, high quality investment will start flowing in.

  22. #22 titus,i think people working at kcm and mopani are been well paid from the information i have.
    And these two companies,are the major recruiters of graduates in kitwe and the towns they operate in.
    I cant tell you much of the performance of kcm as the data is not that much available on their website,but their owners,Vendanta, are performing well on the stock exchange.
    #23 Chitapankwa,yes you are correct,”political maturity”, but with leaders like Mugabe and his colleagues,and politicians like Sata with their comments,how can we expect a high quality investment?

  23. #23 chitapankwa Political maturity in africa has been hampered by the west. They make africans fight for what they dont understand. Now they are making Irakiz fight each other. we can not always blame ourselves for the animal in us. I thank God for my grand father Sata, for understanding that it does not solve anything to take to fighting after elections passed without seeing him to plot 1. Zambia is, one of the mature african states in this regard. An average zambian has come to to learn alot from its embattled neigbours. So we have high hope for good industriial endeavours in the mean time.

  24. I think the high growth rates are on papers. What reflects the growth rates are standard of living, job opportunities and creations going up.But what we see is on paper still pipo are living in poverty and below standards. Chinese merchadise are not poor quality they have flooded developed countries markets and local industries are complaining for being cheaper eg in UK.

  25. #24what i wanted to let u know is that those goods are not chinese.Nokia-finish(from finland),Gucci-italian american also japanese american venture by Inktomi and Overture Services Inc.
    where are u getting yo data from?

  26. The chinese are obviously looking for down-market sources to leak their excess capital, find raw materials, minimize their own environmental damage and keep chinese employment growing. Zambia does not have capital to spin any real industrial growth, so this is a good deal in the short term at least. But it would be foolish for the zambian policy makers to think that in this game zambians will only be passive recipients of chinese output. That’s where the real calculus of the net gain to zambia lies in the medium,long term.

  27. #30 It does not matter where something is made or produced. what matters is who is the sole enterpreneour. He is the one who nets the most income. What index of economic growth can be used then to validate economic output?? For instance we have copper in Zambia but we only get 20% from its total sales. So the criteria of quantification must be based on how much %age we get from the overall sales!!!!

  28. I agree with #6. #4 Kafula Bwalya should do some research before making comments. Most of the products in the world today are from China. Europe and USA is flooded with these products. Companies from USA and Europe have moved their manufacturing industries to China because of cheap labour. Therefore, what the Zambian Govt should do in this case is to create a better and fair working environment for its people when signing to such deals. By the way South Africa’s market is full of Chinese products.

  29. One thing am happy is that atleast with this some builgings will be constructed.And jobs created, the issue of safety has to be looked at, then that will be something.The production of the items would increase our exports and make things affordable for many zambians.Hope the money as in the profits will be used to further development of Zambia.Am just not really happy on taxes whether foriegn investor or Zambian all should pay.We should do away with the five years No tax.The best the could do is to reduce it for the five years the go normal.

  30. #32 JMS, Thanks for your brilliant answer,that should answer to #24 FK. FK,if you open your phone,though it is Nokia or whatever it is. What does it say it was made in?
    FK,if you refer my submission i said “their factories have been moved to China”.

  31. Everything is happening for China primarily on the basis of the power of the population. For sustainable development to take place the numbers of pipo matter a lot. Much has been talked about Botswana being much better than other countries around it, but I think it could have done even much much more better if it had the population clout. That is why with time it will be overtaken by countries like Angola and even Zambia as long as we put our house in order. China, India and other such countries will not too long from now top the world in economic development. The West will shrink if their current efforts of increasing birth rates yield no substantial results. Dependency ratio will skyrocket due to too many old pipo to be socially taken care of, and it may reach an unsustainable levels if their social security is mismanaged. Therefore Africa needs to invest in population growth to void the population trap the west has found itself in. Family planning is not necessarily reducing numbers

  32. State advertises Chingola – Solwezi railway


    GOVERNMENT has advertised the Chingola-Solwezi railway line to run through to Angola despite a local investor, North-Western Railways attempting to promote the same rail way and announcing it had secured US $250 million for the railway.

    Communication and Transport permanent secretary, Brigadier-general Peter Tembo, said from the bids advertised several local and foreign companies had shown interest in developing the line.

    The planned railway line is expected to start from Chingola, through Solwezi, Lumwana and enter Angola.

    Last week, North-Western Railways (NWR) chairman, Enoch Kavindele announced that US$ 250 million financing package had been agreed with lenders from Britain, South Africa and United States to build a rail line in a copper mining region.

    Mr Kavindele said a South African firm was doing an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and construction work would start as soon as it was completed.

    He said NWR had since appointed Needbank Capital of South Africa as its financial advisor for the project that had drawn the interest of some Chinese investors who withdrew.

    But general Tembo says Government’s position was that the bid for the line had been advertised and both foreign and local investors had shown interest in investing in the planned rail-line to connect the country to

    General Tembo, who was speaking in an interview said there was need to carry out a feasibility study for the railway line that would determine the costing of the project and the period it would take to develop the line.

    He added that once the rail-line was completed, it would be the country’s shortest route to the seaport but Government was still looking for a potential investor that could develop the line.

    “ From the advertised bids, we have seen keen interest shown by both local and foreign investors.

    As soon as we get a confirmed developer, we would like the project to commerce,’’ he said.

    Government still has a number of railway lines that need to be developed under the Mtwara corridor like a line to connect Eastern province to Northern province and Mchinji-Chipata in Eastern Province which should later be linked to Tazara.

    Although NWR started promoting the project almost two years ago, it remains unclear whether it is one of the bidders.

    Meanwhile, noticeable amount of work has been done for Chipata-Mchinji railway line to facilitate the formation of a railway line.

    General Tembo said materials needed for the development of the rail was in place at the site like slippers and small pieces for connecting the materials.

    “ We have about 45 per cent of the materials in place.

    As soon as we get substantial amount of materials to start the line, construction work will start,’’ he said.

    General Tembo said Government plan was to have a train operating in Chipata before the end of the year.

    Government has set aside K8.7 billion in this year’s budget for the construction of the Chipata-Mchinji railway line.

    State advertises Chingola-Solwezi railway.

  33. The Chinese are here to serve their own interests.The onus is on us to strengthen our laws to protect the Zambian worker as well as existing Zambian businesses.
    1.investment incentives must only be accorded to joint ventures with Zambians
    2.strengthen the labour laws and educate Zambians on employee rights.Retrain the Labour Officers
    3.empower the Zambia Bureau of Standards,acquire better testing and monitoring equipment and laboratories,give greater autonomy to enforce
    4. create a Department of Trading Standards decentralized to investment zones to ensure compliance.
    5. update our Health and Safety laws to mirror demands of modern industry..create a Health and Safety inspectorate with powers to suspend licenses of offenders.

    some of these suggestions should be considered because industry is growing, not just because we now have “notorious investors”.We need to make serious committments to regulating industry to protect and ensure a tangible benefit in the long run.

  34. Ba Kuku(36), my fears were not misplaced!!!Please refer to the first few comments i made when the annoucement by EPK was put on LusakaTimes!!!I hope all those who castigated me for my comments are beginning to think differently about the private sector rail build initiative promoted by EPK and Co.!!!!

  35. #38 You and I , we strongly doubted EK’s capabalities but SAGE thought otherwise, we know abena EK ma jokers even the govt knows, that is why I insisted that we know how that deal was floated for EK to emerge victor unless the govt was insane to let such sensitive investment to kawayawayas like EK.Failures and experimenters must not be entertained just in the name of empowering local investment.ALluta continua Pundit, SAGE that is food for thot for you

  36. #36 Kuku,
    If the private investor does the construction of the rail line, who is going to be the owner? Please clarify!

  37. Pundit#38, we have to be careful remember you asked me about building a pipeline from Angola. I outlined a few things which need to be done. Now exactly conception has been anounced a Gen. Tembo who is PS. He say GOVT is advertising the building of a railway from Chingola to Solwezi yet recently Kavindele announced to have been accorded that project. Read the article and see that it comes immediately we discussed it. As much we should want to see progress in Zambia its no use for govt officers highjacking ideas of private personals ideas. Look I talk about feasibility studies and these are the words the PS used. Why now???

  38. #40 If a private investor builds this line it will be his,it is just like building a house and you sub let it whose house is it? Nkhataboy you seem to have missed the whole story, this argument was well propounded on and pertinent issues were adequately addressed, get in the archives and have a look then come back to debate.Otherwise how are you? This story to say EK had secured $250m lacked alot of data to make informed discusssions such that Pundit and myself were sceptical about the way data was relayed on the blog by LusakaTimes and Daily mail.What we feared is what we are seeing in article #36

  39. Anyway Kuku#42 You are right I have tried to do some research on such big investments worldwide. I found out that there are mostly owned by govt or either in partnership with private companies. I am also not for the idea of NWR to get this project alone. Maybe there is no truth in it. We need more information because the media is confusing us. We dont want a circus here. After the Tender Board didnt advertise the project. why? Can we get any answer also from there.

  40. Economic growth has been impressive in Africa in the last so many years and yet poverty still abounds. Reason? Human development is serioussly lagging behind. Govts, and Zambia in particular, should take steps to address this other vital leg to development.

  41. It looks like EK is just one of the bidders (or will be) who rushed to beat his drum before things were even in place, e.g. the EIA, feasibilities, etc.. Unprincipled…but then that’s nothing new when it comes to EK.

  42. #45 I suffer the same disease of linking growth to actual living standards of people, China is 4 th largest economy in the world but poverty levels are still high, India is another country whose economy is said to be growing at an alarming rate but marjority of its citizens survive under a dollar a day?So what is the meaning of this growth in real terms if people can see the benefit? Zambia today is said to have a sound economic growth ,this cant be tied to living standards of people,which is nonsense.Can we start dealing with actuals than just figures?People must have increased social spending, good living , nice jobs etc for us to appreciate this Magande growth.When I give salary increment to my workers,I look at what is obtaining in the economy, fuel, mealie meal, cooking oil in short bread basket.World wide rail development is a govt business or pivate /govt partnership because of its complexity,not ba tamanga abena EK ati he has secured $250m against what collateral?

  43. #43 Easy,#45 MK & #46 Kuku, here are the 6 largest economies of the world.
    4.United Kingdom
    6.China excluding Hong Kong
    On Economic growth, Economic growth is the increase in value of the goods and services produced by an economy.

  44. # 47, you got your order wrong. Her is the correct one

    1 US
    2 Japan
    3 Germany
    4 China
    5 UK
    6 France

    Were you trying to reduce china or what. Check OECD, it has recently surpased the UK

  45. There are two policies one has to understand when talking about national wealth growth. 1. Fiscal policies 2. monetary policies. The two fathers of these theories are John Keynes a british and Milton Friedman an American. Keynes focuses on reducation of umemployment und how business takes rounds that is business volitalitate should be reduced thru fiscal policy that is to say govt has to spend much or little depending on the situation. This is delivered from the Say´s law from a french economist Jean-Baptiste Say (1767-1832)which spitulates that there can be no demand without supply. As a youth economist I would the situation in Zambia as Unemployment Inflation because we have many people chasing few jobs. So the govt has to do more bring job creation. Just look the working force in Zambia about 500 000 at a population of 10 million people. Unbalanced equation. The wealth of a nation is measured in the amount of Gold it has in reserves but in out time this out dated.

  46. continued… from 49# The of a nation is measured on efficience of electronic cash. This implies how sufficient and effective a nation is able to provide money to its citizen. In simple term Cash flow should be efficient that how new companies like western union, Cash for Africa are being managed. It might be confusing what I talking about if you dont have economícs background. Aim is people want food, shelter, clothing, communication, employment, health services and education. These aspect can only be provided by individuals if they are in employment or govt subdues. This what is meant by economic growth.

  47. continued..50# Milton Friedman rejects fiscal policies and he argues by saying supply and demand for money as the primary means by which economic activity is regulated. He stresses that Inflation is as a result of demand of money larger than supply of money. I dont agree 100% with becuase today poor nations dont only have Inflation but unemployment inflation and Food inflation. A good example is Zimbabwe. By the way Inflation is defined as when too much money is chasing few goods.

  48. Friedman talks of “crowding out” this when govts expenditure is based on borrowing and has a deficit which is a case of Zambia and many other African countries

  49. Ba Easy(51,50), mwa voka boss, buti katwishi abomfwile!!Could you return us to the thread by making a comment on contribution 37 ???

  50. Hey 47 & 48 I was not talking of world economics but companies and govts doing business. You got it wrong. See the question from Kuku above.

  51. Pundit#54, that is the right track you are talking about in 37 that is why I have decided to shed more light on this topic to make people understand when we are talking of investments and its rewards. China with european nations do nothing other than joint venture. Zambia has to put first interest on its citizen like what china is doing in busines this called competition. you cannot have a member helping the other team. All points 4 and 5 in 37# are ok. I will just add on climate and environmental protection this more dangerous than any other problems we face now in the world. Think of Katrin in USA, Tsunami in Asia it has killed more people than wars and diseases in recent years. So no pollution of any kind. Greenhouse gas must be reduced. Another issue is, War of Water he had only once in 1967 between Irsael and arabs so maximum protection for our water system must start no.

  52. Some conservative estimates i have seen say zambia needs 7-10% growth rates consistently for at least a decade to impact in a significant way on its poverty. In the past 5-6 years, we’ve averaged 3% if you take in population growth. On that premise, we cant expect much yet.
    There’s an argument that in times of recession (as the case in zambia) the govt should be pushing for more employment creation through interest rate reduction rather than targeting lower inflation. We could have even 3% inflation if we want it, but there are growth costs that come with it. The problem i have with BOZ is that they want reduced interest rates with reduced inflation. This is contradictory.

  53. Francis 56# I see you are doing your first semester, good economy theory policy. Which one are applying in your statement monetarism or fiscalism. You can´t use the two at the same time. Use the Philips curve it will help you to determine your cause of analysis.

  54. Not being immodest Easy, but i’ve read advanced economics in formal training over a decade now (and am still learning new things). This isnt a forum for academic squabbles but the phenonmenon i was describing is based on the asymmetric kinked philips curve effect in advanced macro. The relationships are much more complex than the ideological demarcations you trying to draw here from economics 101. Let me know which specific argument you have in this matter. I stand by my hypothesis regarding BOZ.

  55. China man welcome to Zambia with your colosum amount of money.We konw at the end of the day you will exploit us by paying us meagre wages.our working hours will not be the convention time, neither will our complaints be will form fake projects that will lure us to think that you are our best friend,and at the end you will gain huge millions of dollars at our expense with us watching you.theres is nothing we can do, after all the economic conditions in zambia favours you instead of the enjoy zambia is your african province

  56. fellas dont be mad at them chinese…we are talking about chinese paying us meagre wages as if our own govt pays us in bulk…..respect of human rights cant coexist with poverty. the economic explosion in china is unstopable..pwalaleli!!!

  57. its not only the larbour which is cheap in china.chinese are skillful.its probably the reason why they are doing so well.They have a game plan which seems to be working.

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