Levy backs the transformation of SADC-PF into a regional parliament


Mwanawasa in ChinaPresident Levy Mwanawasa says Zambia fully supports the transformation of the Southern Africa Development Committee Parliament Forum (SADC -PF) into a regional parliament.

Mr. Mwanawasa said he has been concerned about the delay in bringing to fruition the goal of transforming the forum into a regional parliament.

He stated the Southern Africa Region is currently the only region on the continent
without a regional legislature.

Other regions as geographically defined have already established such parliaments to
advance common values missions and objectives of their respective economic
communities through the participation of their elected representatives.

These include Economic Community of the West Africa States (ECOWAS) parliament, the
East Africa legislative Assembly (EALA) and the Intergovernmental Authority on
development (IGAD) in the horn of Africa.

Mr. Mwanawasa said the forum since inception 10 years ago has taken root in the
region through its activities aimed at promoting regional integration, democratic
governance and peace through improved electoral practices and capacity building for
member countries.

He added the forum has established itself as one of the leading institutional
promoters of gender equality and as a dependable ally in the fight against HIV and

‘Indeed the forum has acquitted itself admirably in the decade of its existence,’ he

Heads of States and Governments during a summit held in Malawi in 1997 envisaged
the transformation of the forum into a regional legislative body although no
specific time frame was set.

Mr. Mwanawasa ,however, stated that forthcoming SDAC summit heads of state and
government should be utilised in winding down the debate on transforming the forum
into a SADC parliament.

As Zambia takes up the chairman and hosts the summit of the regional body two months
from now, Mr. Mwanawasa expressed optimism that the summit will bring the matter to

The President was speaking at State house today when the SADC- PF steering committee
paid a courtesy call on him.

The Members include the Botswana speaker Patrick Balopi who is also chairperson of
the forum, Vice Chairperson , Nora Chase Mp from Namibia , Namibia Speaker Dr. Theo
– Ben Gurirab..

Others included Secretary General Dr. Kasukwa Mutukwa , Treasurer Exalgina Gamboa Mp
from Angola  and Zambia Speaker  of the National Assembly Amusa Mwanamwambwa and
clerk of National Assembly Doris Mwiinga   who accompanied them.

Speaking Earlier, Mr Balopi stated the delegation is in the country to raise their
concern over the idea as it had done with the presidents that have chaired the
regional body in the past years.

The SADC -PF said the forum when transformed would be a viable institution that the
can benefit the region.

He said the forum feel’s that parliamentarians have a role to not only compliment
the initiatives that presidents in the region   are propagating but also foster
programmes of regional corporation , trade and other developmental issues.

Mr. Balopi assured President Mwanawasa that the forum once transformed would not
duplicate the work of Pan Africa parliament and the national Parliaments.

Meanwhile, Mr. Balopi has commended President Mwanawasa for the economic
transformation and legislative reforms taking place in the country.

He further added that continent has a lot to learn from the war against corruption
that President Mwanawasa has embarked on.

And Speaker  of the National Assembly Amusa Mwanamwambwa said time has come for the
decision on the transforming the body to be made now that the pan African Parliament
is firmly established and operational.

‘The need to expedite this matter is even more pressing in view of the need for the
Southern Africa region to have a regional body to underpin its activities in the Pan
Africa parliament as well as in order regional and international organisation,’ he

He commended President Mwanawasa for being the first head of state to support the
transformation of the forum in a regional parliament.


  1. Hey (SADC-PF)when I saw this I thought it was a new Party called Something African Democratic stupid Party for Fouls formed. Southern African Parliament Bravo LPM make it possible. Southern African needs econimical and Political ties. We are moving in line with the rest of the world. EU has just resolved to have a president and a foreign minister so hurry hurry we are behind in transforming Africa. We need to catch up.

  2. What benefits are going to get as citizens from such a forum? As Zambia we’ve done what we could for the region. I guess it’s time to get benefits from our sacrifice.

  3. Zambia is behind in payments to most regional organisations…….now we must join another???? It is a good idea but LPM please spare us …..we cannot afford it just now.

  4. 3# Pundits are you an economist? What makes an economy strong? I believe is the buying power is the key. Dont bit about the bush you are witness of time the Euro was born during our time and see it is surpassing the Dollar. Ask economist he will tell you the income of a countries should only compose 30 of exports. As a nation Zambia should be able to consume its goods and services before we can think of export. Buying power is brings about investment. Take this from me all these so called developed nation they follow this principle and strategy.

  5. Ba Easy(5),the Americans have deliberately allowed their dollar to depreciate against other major currencies in order to boost their exports(makes them cheaper)Abene ba dollar tefipuba…they want to recapture their lost global market share by making their products cheaper.One tried and tested mechanism of stimulating export growth is to allow your currency to depreciate.In the same vein, a strong kwacha is not an ideal situation for us.The British export industry is losing the battle against American competitors on the basis of price as the quality is mostly the same!!!Ba Easy, there is not enuff space to explain the concepts and i leave it to TRUE economists to summarise and/or refine my points.

  6. Well sounds good, but b4 we run, lets first “crawl” then “walk” & finally run. Can you just imagine getting into this when we can’t even get our own internal governance sorted. Move on, analyse the other states to be involved.

    I for one would like to see something like a set of ideals which would have to be achieved before any country could be admitted, things such as good governance, reduced levels of corruption, prioritising education, health, Clean water, reducing unemployment – these achieved by a state apportioning a certain agreed per capita to education, health & unemployment reduction.

    Otherwise we are just looking at another body where these opportunistic-spent politicians will go & claim ridiculous per diems in our names, it’s no surprise that some are getting robbed of $8000.00 & R2000.00 in cash as they come back from china – does it mean these chaps on their trip to china slept in the streets & tightened their belts by living on water alone – serves them them right!

  7. I do agree supply and Demand determines the Markets ba Pundit. Lets look at one aspect here America has oil isnt it. Are they consuming it or exporting. I never heard that USA is doing the later. All what I know is they first comsume everything before they can sell out. There is no delibarate policy my elder brother here it is a an economy policy that drives the whole market. Though quality play an very important rolle I DO NOT AGREE that is all with developed nations. For instance rich nations are making use of cheap labour in the name of Globalisation. Many companies have moved there production to eastern europe or china. In case of India its different they are leading in information technology outsourcing. It makes a difference having production cost at 50 Dollars and making marginal profits in Millions. That is exploitation and modern slavery. This what rich nations are doing but the trend is reserving because those who are meant to be comsumers have salaries to pay for these good.

  8. Ba Easy(8),i’m not too sure how to relate this thread to the title of this article…however…USA does indeed have oil but not enough to satisfy it’s local demand so it has to import.Govts control the strength of their currency buy intervening in the money markets by way of interest rates and the level of liquidity in the economy to mention but a few.Bank of zambia does the same….but i cannot fully explain macro economic GYMNASTICS as it is not my direct field of expertise!!! I leave this thread to others so that i may also learn from others.

  9. #9 Pundit We are talking of citizen empowerment. RB has just said ZR workers should be vigilant. On the other hand LPM is talking of empowering the region through Southern Africa Parliament. That means when countries agree to something all o´ther members agree. That is the problem we have if Zambia say I am not selling my tea to england, Botswana will sell them beef instead. Like that We cant determine the prices ourselves just to give an example. Macroeconomics is a branch of Economics that deals with the performance, structure, and behavior of the economy as a whole.This is study of national economy making it possible to understand the determinants of aggregate trends in the economy with precise focus on national income, unemployment, inflation, investment, and international trade. In contrast, microeconomics is primarily company economy which determines nummber of human capital it requires, price fixing and allocating other company resources

  10. # 9, I don’t agree with you on your statement that the USA has limited oil reserves to sustain its consumption.That is a deadly misleading statement.The USA has enough reserves to sustain its consumption above and beyond some years to come except that they are futuristic in their approach. Their option to depend on foreign sources is a strategic approach well sold and advanced largely by experts on national security who foresee the danger of exploiting the reserves now in advent of a global crisis. Alaska, Louisiana, Texas and such gulf coast states have enough. Their futuristic approach is already pushing for alternative energy source all in the best national interest.

  11. continued.. This leads to job creation and more over if you add value to goods you attract demand. This is the most important part that is lacking in Africa because the west highjacked by not building processing industries in the African continent. This is the trend we need to reserve. No more Debt, Aíd, Loans, Grants or dependency help we need direct investments.

  12. 11# Patron I do agree with you 100% its national security and national interest that is what usa. People dont be blind folded how can Zambia be a major producer of copper but it has no electrical trains? Think about this. Empower the region through developing new strategies. 50-50 benefit like a high way

  13. On the post newspapers site, Sata looks demon possessed. He looks heavy on all types of demon spirits in control. I see a demon too scarily to put in front pages. Any of you prayer warriors able to see that and praying for his poor sou?

  14. # 13, come again am missing what you are trying to communicate there in your reply.Alternatively try to explain yourself in Nyanja or Bemba maybe you could help yourself sound coherent.I could hardly understand a single sentence from your post.

    Peace and keep trying

  15. Ba Easy(10), i assume LPM hopes regional political integration would pave the way for economic co-operation within the sub-region.I would suggest to LPM that he critically analyses the problems in the EU at the minute.Integrated political structures pose very challenging situations but complete and sustainable economic integration within a sub region has yet to be achieved on this planet.It is a utopian ideal often described as impractical in many a thesis!!! your use of peripheral micro and macro economic terminology illustrates a greater competency in this field than i can offer…..as such i will read your further contributions with great interest.

  16. #13 EASY

    you are right, am on you coz you are giving bloggers headaches in trying to know what SH*T you are talking about pantu tawayiciba icisungu and not even Zambian languages (tonga, lozi, bemba, nyanja, soli etc) ukwabula ukupatula.

    QUOTE #13 first line “People dont be blind folded how can Zambia be a major producer of copper but it has no electrical trains?”

    What kind of thinking is that from this chap EASY?
    Brothers and sisters lets look for money and send EASY to school and start reading Dongo na Sundu, Or organise him a tutor for English. I feel pity for you, a chap of your age abroad turning the name of Zed. Do you know how many foxes there you are insult you and Zed for such kind of mistakes and your STUPID lack of analysing of ideas? You are luck, come pa interz and get a free copy of RUFQUA

  17. Check my comment on10# I was trying to answer Pundits question. What is the difference between Macroeconmy and micro and how does influence national income flow.
    Coming to your comment on 12# I do agree with you that America has enough oil reserves and what they do is to protect the national interest, by doing so they safegaurd their national security. Have you ever seen the documentation we were told but we did act. There is a assumption that on 9 th October 2009 oil will run out we gone have oil crisis again. hence the scramble for oil now. This is the reason why the region has to be united to protect itself. This can only achieved through legaslative means.


    go and watch american football for a week and come back after a month te?

    OR start reading The Book of RUFQUA atleast for a month. I grant you, you won’t be the SAME. am the example of RUFQUA material.

  19. I know Ba Joze you will read my posting and this is encouraging. Mostly I deliberately do this to chase Ba Joze to go for Fundraising we want him to stand for president 2011. Ba Joze 17# What is wrong in my statement ” People, dont be blind folded,how can Zambia be a major producer of copper but it has no electrical trains?” Do you understand and know that there are trains in this world using electricity to move their enginees or that you of locomotives using chacoal from Maamba. Pundit thank you for your complements I know you are also an expert in your field. Its only that space doesnt allow we can educate each other even more. Not Ba Joze who is reading only one book through. Ba Joze ba President am I fired.

  20. #20 that what we want you to articulate the way you have done on #20. Keep it up, and a free copy of RUFQUA book is on your way. Make use of it. Meanwhile am on leave in Mfuwe for a week.

    All these region groupings in the book of RUFQUA page 8470 will become one group in the long run. We have
    1. EU with Euro currecy
    2. AU with (Afro as proposed currecy)
    a. SADC
    b. ECOWAS
    c. EADC
    d. NADC etc
    3. USA with Dollars
    The Dollar will doninate all the regions even if it’s weak to Euro and pound. When that happens, then the MARK OF THE BEAST 666 will take be here. Read also the book of Deniel and Reve..

  21. 22# Kayata There is also Chalimbana and Munali. Dont get ZAMIMO, NRDC, NIPA. No need to be curios just contribute to the topic so that we see what stuff you have in your head. Ba Joze thank you for the word from the lord. Iam delighted and happy. Good time in Mfuwe I will also go on vacation at Sardani Island.

  22. BaEasy(13)and BaPatron(11),comrades, google the oil reserves of the world and you may find your assertions regarding the USA are not entirely correct.Back to the SADCC parly….it is not a priority,we have a constitution to change at great cost and more importantly we need to find investors for another refinery to process Angolan oil.Indeni can only process Middle Eastern oil so we need to sever that yoke of servitude!!A pipeline from Angola to a refinery in Solwezi is what we need now.We need an economic pact with Angola not a parly pact!Any ideas comrades???

  23. Good obersavertion 24# Pundit. Im thinking of engaging a European firm and local companies. The route from Angola is shorter and we can cut our costs by more than 50%. The president opened the door for everyone who has an idea to bring investors in the country. Kavindele has just done it. In addition we can use our Defense professionals. Iam impressed at the work they have done in Sinanze building an airstripe. We are at peace so we can die a little for mother Zambia. You united we stand and win, Team spirit is key to success. My suggestion is first to write a concept. This should include geological survey and Geographers. We plan well we wont go wrong. On the business aspect we have to start talking to Angola and find out whether they are ready to sell us their oil.

  24. Wooh, wooh, wooh, wooh, who let the dogs out??
    “Easy” has had a transformation, at least the last posting had syntax & was comprehendable!! Hats off to you, keep away from the “Hash” & “kacasu”, keep it up!!

  25. It so sad that we are always a testing ground in every thing in the world. Look at the USA the children school don’t lean so much about the other nations and in germany if can not speek Deutsch then you cn not get a job.Which means no child can come out of Germany
    before they in the secodary school or university,they start other languages at this level.Why is it in Zambia you have to be good in English first the your
    direct that is the mother language.To day’s kids can’t even say there mother language.

  26. Ba Easy(26),it can’t be much of a secret if we know about it!!!Angola is a sleeping giant with the future potential to eclipse even South Africa.If we are serious about regional integration we should start by thinking of introducing Portuguese in our syllabi as an option!!!There are English and French schools mushrooming everyday in Mocambique and Angola.This is a challenge to our Ministry of Education to introduce these languages into the curriculum.UNZA should look to Angola and Mocambique for fee paying foreign students who will come to learn and practise English here!!(Oxford,Harvard,LSE,Cornell,Cambridge etc survive on fees paid by foreign students!!) This is one of the ideas we should explore as a means of making regional integration a possibility and a reality.

  27. #30 Great point Pundit and well articulated. Please all the shushushus on this blog please ask those policy markers to read these great ideas people are pouring on this blog for free. I know these policy makers have advisors who they pay heft salaries for really telling them nothing other than bootlicking their egos

  28. Some friend’s from Canada and Japan now visiting zambia have just told me that ,we have alot of educated people young and old,but the big problem we have seen,is that we are too good at talking from the street to state house.Ati that is why it will take time to develop the country.Ati why not have some other new Lusaka in Kafue or Chongwe areas.Ati that is where we can build some two new university since Zambians like the city.

  29. Chanda Phiri, we have pipo highly educated men and women who can come up with good policies but when they are incharge of organisations and are told to implement policies they fail to delivery to the expectations. Only pipo like you, Bajoze, Dr chocha mitanda,cyber though CIA Agent,Easy,pundit and others you can make a difference coz you are men of pipo. The pipo of Zed are at your hearts.Paparazi where are you. Are you no holiday somehere in the central america-jamaica /cuba.I’m off Kasaba Bay.

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