MMCI donates a hammermill to w women’s club in Luwingu


Go to fullsize imageThe Maureen Mwanawasa Community Initiative (MMCI) has donated a hammer mill to a women’s club of Ibale ward in Lupososhi constituency in Luwingu district.

Agriculture and cooperatives deputy minister Albert Mulonga handed over the hammer mill to the Munchishi Wa Seba women club on behalf of the MMCI during a colourful ceremony held in the area over the weekend.

Mr Mulonga who is also Lupososhi member of parliament, said the MMCI decided to
donate the hammer mill in order to alleviate the suffering being faced by the Ibale
community in grinding their maize and cassava.

The Mp said people in the area have been facing problems to have their cassava or
maize ground as they had to travel by canoe to Kasaba in Samfya or walk a distance
of 50km to access the nearest hammer mill at Tungati.

Because of this, a number of people had lost their lives as they either drowned or
where caught by crocodiles as they attempted to take their maize and cassava to
Kasaba using canoes on lake Bangweulu.

And receiving the donation, Munchishi Wa Seba chairperson Regina Muma thanked the
MMCI for the gesture.

Mrs Muma  said the hammer mill will help to alleviate grinding problems the
community has been facing for a long time.

Mrs. Muma explained that the proceeds from the hammer mill will be channelled
towards the support of the orphans and vulnerable children and elderly people in the

She also thanked President Mwanawasa for the good agricultural policies that his
government was implementing saying this has helped in strengthening household food


  1. Why would a deputy minister be handing over a hammermill on behalf of an NGO? What was hard for the NGO itself handing over the machine?

  2. Ya same old crap. Bootlicking bigots with the First Lady wasting fuel of our hard earned Taxes. Wonder why these women don’t just stay at home do what they are good at if they can’t get a decent job. By the way what happened to Vera’s Foundation? Or was it founded on our taxes as well. Anyway I think Betty Kaunda was the best First Lady Zambia has ever had. Hope the rest could emulate her. a true Zambia woman!

  3. Ba Chanda Phiri what is wrong with that if the deputy minister was in this area at that time why not use the opportunity because we are all Zambians. Moreover maybe that is her constituency. Ask Vera over her Foundation she is there, as a deputy minister.

  4. Some of these donations should be scrutised carefully. I agree with #1. A deputy minister is a member of MMD.I can only conclude that this donation is politically agitated in order to woo locals to support MMD. I wonder if the MMCI is a NGO.It is just another organ of MMD.Why not call it Movement for Multiparty democracy Community Initiative. It will also vanish when Mwanawasa’s term comes to an end just like its predecessor(Hope Foundation).

  5. Well said # 2 these first ladies clubs are a waste of tax payers money. MMCI should be audited and their source of income should be disclosed. If it is tax payers money then Maureen should not be taking the credit.What amazes me is what the hell was a deputy minister doing handing over a hammer mill on behalf over MMCI? We should have matured politically by now and we should be above pleasing first ladies. A deputy minister is above a first lady and should never sink so low just to keep his job.

  6. Easy # 3 a minister should not appease the first lady, it is wrong. The minister’s office is higher than the first ladies. She is there because of the Husband, the minister is there because the pipo voted for him.I do agree with the contributors above we are sick and tired of these first ladies coming on the scene , splashing money our money around gain mileage then use it to become ministers. we cant be their spring boards.Maureen must be audited and the must be full disclosure of her source of money.the Auditor General office , task force and ACC must do their job. I cant wait to see what they will uncover

  7. The NGO Bill is coming that is the only chance you have to take pipo to task. Can you me this 5# who is the MPs of this area? If this deputy minister is not the MP then you are right there is something sinister about the whole thing. However I give a doubt of mind unless you answer my question. On the other hand if this Minister her home village is Luwingu I dont see anything wrong in it all she has the right to be anyway in Zambia. Just to shade more light over first ladies its agreement worldwide for these women take initiatives during the tenure of office of the presidents. Go anyway in this earth you find such foundations unless you want to change things now.

  8. This Deputy Minister is a member of parliament for the area. I see totally nothing wrong for him to preside over a donation to his constituents regardless who the donor is.

    The trend in Zambia is to always chase non issues, no wonder we lag in developement

  9. FTJ represented the country, he too presided over many various donations, such as brown envelopes to so many born again churches, etc, etc – so #8 Citizen, why are we pursuing him with so much vigour?
    Lets stop being two faced here. It is all political, we should know how MMCI is funded, is it via donations? who are the donors? – is it tax payers???
    By my understanding NGO’s are apolitical, that’s why they came into being, so for their impartiality, the NGO officials should have been at this ceremony , with the MP or minister only gracing the occasion as a bystander!! Hence the political overtones from the recipients about how LPM’s policies have worked – have they really?

  10. 9#bauze FTJ stole Public funds at no time did any church went to ask him for money he was doing that at his own will because of he wanted to remain in power. Cant you see that this devasting consquences over this man. For the first time we have a president stripe off his immunity by parliament. Dont blame LPM he never brought the motion in Parliment to debate the former presidents immunity. 8# we share the common goal some blogers here see everything done either in good faith or meant for betterment of lives of people negative. The women of Luwingu should happy to get a hammermill some of you here dont even the hardship that they have been going through. I dont see any motive to make campaign here elections were held last year and LPM is president. Ba bauze if you asked how the MMCI is funded maybe you dont even know plz talk of things you very about. After Foundation die because of lack of support from people like you Bauze, T Boz, Bulawa.

  11. #9
    There is toatally nothing wrong with the donation MMCI gave to Luwingu, just as there was nothing wrong with the donations that Vera gave under HOPE foundation. Hope foundation and MMCI gave there donations to the vulnerable in broadday light.

    As for FTJ brown envelopes were bribary that is why it was done in secret.Kindly show me where FTJ gave brown envelopes publically.

    Do not always things with tunnel vision.

    By the way do you know that FTJ helped DONEGAL of the Vulture fund to Immorally buy and sue the Zambia for an old debt , he got acut of $2million dollars on this deal….He soldout on his own country

  12. Easy, take it easy!! Donations are made of ones accord – FTJ did this – by definition, unless you don’t understand english as displayed by your compositions. I have not talked about how he obtained the money! I was going by #8 assertions!

    Are you partially blind? Maybe, becoz I have already posed the question as to how MMCI is funded, try using a magnifying glass to read!

    You could also do alot with a bit of syntax-coaching!

  13. Point of collection my last sentence is ambigoius it must read Ba bauze if you are asked how the MMCI is being funded, maybe you dont even know and you can not give collect evidence, plz talk of things you know very well about.

  14. Easy, you are missing the point the question is WHERE DOES THIS MONEY come from? There must be something wrong with our Government if the pipo of Lupososhi owed their survivor on a donation from the first lady.You seem to know where funding is coming from, why dont you tell the bloggers here so that they know.Vera made alot of noise about her Vera foundation and they were a lot of donations made but has anyone question where the surplus of the donations went to. was she audited? these are the things we need to address dont just copy things from other countries just because they have First ladies clubs we dont even know how those are supported.

  15. Citizen, there you go again, indeed there is nothing wrong in MMCI donating – its the manner – AND THE SUBSEQUENT RESPONSE OF POLITICAL OVERTONES FOLLOWING.

    I may have tunnel vision, BUT IT’S YOU that needs to get out of the Tunnel!! FTJ donated to all those churches when ever they congregated in the statehouse grounds – you really need to come out of that tunnel!!

    Donegal – thanks tell me more – i never had an inkling, I didn’t even touch the subject – or is this one of your great idea of diversion tactics??

  16. Easy, now you’re tempting me to start giving you free tuition, I don’t know what you are “collecting”, but I will try to “correct” you!! “Talk of things you know very well about”, ain’t the best of syntax – Easy, I really need to go & do something useful, pick up a dictionary, or better still a Thesaurus – don’t be scared, it’s not a dinosaur!!

  17. EASY, you seem to be an LPM fan you are actually not seeing anything wrong with the scenario.The fact that FTJ stole and no one raised a finger about it does not make it right.The women of Luwingu dont need to be getting handouts from Maureen if there was a system in place to help them. Secondly it was not appropriate for the deputy minister handing over a mill on behalf of Maureen where she was not there herself.First ladies clubs are only there because of the husbands , ministers are there because of the people.The minister/ MP should raise his own money to buy a hammermill and not shine on other peoples shine.

  18. Ba buaze 16# thank you your tution must be toturial and I will enjoy it because I see my lingua has become very bad. Anyway that one aside back to the topic. Who was president of Zambia when Donegal bought the debt from Zambia was not Fred???. Moreover if you are not sure of how and who is financing this Foundation go and ask. You are free to take the case anywhere if to Judge Smith if you satified with Zambian courts. T Boz that why I said in the first place that Legastrative has to put in place the NGO Bill this is the only way you can make them accountable. This is law binding. Please proscute here is a witness for against FTJ fraud case and bribe Mr. T Boz has evidence that Chibula was giving donations to churches at state house please maybe this can save him or reduce the load he is carrying. To what I know GNO are organisation funded by govts and wellwishers what is vital is they should not make profits by using this money in Business.

  19. GNO are charity organisation they get their money through dination this is a case the world. What do you if you want start one once your idea and concept is good you see support coming. What do you mean 19# Nonhlanhla? Where do you come from? Are you an allien?
    Once more the funding is coming from government and wellwishers okay.

  20. I totally agree with # 5 a minister should be above the first lady.If MMCI had a structure then if Maureen was not available her assistant or the regional representative should have been handing over the hammermill. Unless the deputy minister is the area representative then all was in order. Just like Chimwemwe said the minister should raise his own money, he should not shine on other pipo’s shine.

  21. Easy # 21, my point exactly, if well wishers are donating money dont you think they have the right to know how it is being used? what happens if they donate $1000000 and only $100 is used? where does the other money go? i am sure you run an NGO also that is why you fanatical in your debate.You will be surprised that you are more foreign than i am.

  22. Bauze let me put it simply for you and orthers
    The world over it is a fact that women married to the head of state have a compelling influence.
    Most of these women use these positions to support and run foundations for noble causes. Their influence enables them to funraise easily for their activities. It is a fact that this influence lasts only as long as the husband is still head of state.

    The major beneficiaries are mostly disadvantaged communities because of their insignificance the huge machinery of Government can not easily meet their needs.

    Developement or the lack of it is always a political issue since it involves Zambian citizens presided over by politicians.Any first lady will always be a polical creatuture by vertual of being married to a politician.

    When all political overtones or undertones go,only developement or the lack of it remains.

    Please focus on real issues

  23. Ba 22# Chikumbuso read contribution 11# Citizen has confirmed that the minister is the area MP. Try to read other psotings before you make yrs. 23# Good idea some people will buy 100 bags of Kapenta and they will add 2 zeros to make it 10000 and they case the money. That is why we want accountability and transparency to be extended to everyone not only organsiation even those who are not in employment have to give an financial account. You see a big change and responsibility will come up. This answer your question over where does the $999 999 go. We want to take pipo task. This rampant cheating and stealing should come to an end.

  24. Let us not forget that the first lady of the United States of America will be visiting four countries in Africa among them Zambia on issues to do with HIV/AIDS. It is in this line that even the first lady of Zambia is going about donating with the view of assisting the under priviledged. There is nothing wrong with the Member of Parliament presenting the hammer mill on behalf of the MMIC. The MP was in his constituency and of of his duties is to do exactly what he did. A person elected in order to foster development within his constituency. If any donor comes with any developmental assistance, the MP should be in the forefront to see to it that the help goes to the people in his constituency.There is nothing like politcking here.He is representing a constituency which encompasses people from all walks of life. Not only MMD cadres-No.

  25. How things have changed In 21st Century!!

    Our communication – Wireless

    Our business – Cashless

    Our telephone – Cordless

    Our cooking – Fireless

    Our youth – Jobless

    Our religion – Creedless

    Our food – Fatless

    Our faith – Godless

    Our labour – Effortless

    Our conduct – Worthless

    Our relation – Loveless

    Our attitude – Careless

    Our feelings – Heartless

    Our politics – Shameless

    Our education – Valueless

    Our follies – Countless

    Our arguments – Baseless

    Our commitment – Aimless

    Our life – Meaningless

    Our bosses – Hopeless

    Our salary – Useless – Worthless!!!!!!! Very less !!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Nkataboy2# I have always been impress with you calm and clear mindful and convincing contributions you are making. You are a man of wisdow and I pretty sure you have been exposed to different societies compared with some our friends here who dont have foresight. Please keep it up educate this taunts its seem they seem to be blind and they burn with hell trying to see the current govt fail in its activities. Sure a well informed Zambian knows that Mama Bush will arrive in Zambia today and there alot to be done especially our that our tradition demands to take care of us visitors. I dont why people are against this MMCI which has helped many people especially the sick. I wonder if some of our blógers have been affected with illness in a family. I have time and again said on this blog MPs should learn to spend more time in there constituencies other sitting in Lusaka. Development cannot be achieved if we continue cause population pull. Please instead we expect instead that you ask the….

  27. continued.. head of states that the people of Luwingu need more than a hammerhill. We should tell the president what is lacking in these areas and can be done in economics this called project planing. Any good idea which brings investment shall be supported.
    Good Kuku you are pingo!!!

  28. Citizen, thanx, let me enlighten you. These 1st lady clubs came into being by political machinations, people with money only knew too well how difficult it can be to get access/audience with the man at the top, 1st ladies are loop-holes through that bureaucracy – becoz a simple mention by the wife, can get one that all sought after meeting/audience which could lead one to a friendship or otherwise. Do not look at these things naively, 1st ladies clubs are tools of manipulation. Politicians nowadays realise what power the feminine vote wields, and what better way to reach these women other than through their wives, these wives are now extensions of their power – so open your eyes!

  29. #26 Nkhataboy, thats great to explain it that way. People should understand and differentiate between donations and favours. Whats worth politicking and whats not.
    A President donating to a Ministry or government organ is totally wrong,or any govt official donating in favour of votes is unacceptable and R.banda saying if you dont vote for MMD you wont see development,thats totally wrong, but an NGO (MMCI) is donating whether they get benefits or not is not our problem.
    But again,in this era,should we be talking of “hammer mills”? This is really embarrassing donations,and it is about time people especially Men became innovative and brought about ideas that would benefit everyone.
    If Men started also going to the “chigayo’s” hammer mills,would we progress in the way we live our life.

  30. # 26 and 30 dont compare Mama Bush with Maureen. You dont know the structures that supports her.By the way did she say she was bringing money to Zambia? or she is merely rendering support to the HIV Cause. In any case USA can afford to fly the first lady around the world but we cant.So lets stop this comparison

  31. Kuku29# I have seen it its a good one. Dont worry I will be out of office for next two weeks but as you this communication is codeless so it will follów me in vacation. Ba Bauze just donate to the poor instead of complaining. Alas Iam not pro politics I live a very independent life free of inconvince.

  32. Bana bonse apa blog your points are very valid but we need out of state house may is continuity not having so many NGO’s which cease when people leave plot 1.There is no problem with the Minister offciating at the hammer mill presentation, he went there as an MP, but on the other hand MMCI has donated to all citizens which is a plus but like every one is concerned about their books of accounts must be open for scrutiny so that the money is not from the state house budget,transparency must prevail.It would be a wise thing to just have one NGO at state house with well defined objectives and long lasting motives.Not today there HOPE foundation , tomorrow there is MMCI, later there PF Alzemeirs, Objectivity must be seen to last.#24 Ci Citizen naulanda fye bwino keep it up.Let us wait and see what the NGO bill has to say.We cant have NGO’s all over the show doing absolutely nothing except pocketing the donors money,results are not seen,atleast MMCI has donated an hammer mill,Kayata,be happy

  33. ##33 Bauze,
    All that you have mentioned done by the first ladies is what we call compelling influence. Most of these ladies use it to raise money from the business people to help neddy causes in society.

    This power with first ladies is real. It can either be used for constructive purposes or negatively like in the case of imelda marcos.

    Our eyes have always been open, thats why we speak like this

  34. We should not for get that the Kaunda Foundation has been in operation 15 years after he lost power. This is one man who have done alot for Zambia and the world. He might have made mistakes here and there but lets cherish and appreciate the little he did to Zambia. This goes for this Plot 1 she will go in the books if history as someone who tried her best to help the suffering masses. We need a GNO Bill ba Kuku so that we can have continuiation. It will be very sad after LPM leaves office that MMCI die. It could be good for Maureen to be joined by her husband in runing this charity organisation. Look at what Clinton is doing he faired very well on this world. This one problem we should start looking at for our retiring leaders. There is need that they continue to do something instead of having a feeling of being rejected. Look you Pipo out their Tony Blair is stepping down tomorrow and already they want make him an envoy for middle east.

  35. Visit USINFO.state.Gov and learn from the US First ladies roles.

    Education and women’s empowerment also on agenda

    Faith-based and community initiatives focus on disease in Africa

    All this rambling here against the community services of Mrs Mwanawasa is nothing, but unbridled ignorance of blind critics. There is every evidence of protruding ignorance of of trolls about what an active and privileged first lady ought to do to a genuinely impoverished society. Like it or not, active first ladies are party of the global society commanding some appeal for sustainable support towards their social causes on the ground. Mrs Mwanawasa is a member of the prestigious first ladies club and her MMCI like any other NGOs receives heavy support from partners and friends in social programs. You expect her to snub needy Zambians and retain all the donations to her own village? She is educated and with a human heart to feel for the people.

  36. #39 good points mwaice Easy,we should always think of tomorrow not just today, these first ladies from all African countries if anything should unite and make a difference on the continent.One such initiative can receive overwhelming support from all walks of life.People be open minded when debating, if you will be debating with a converging mind you will never learn, debate with a diverging mind always and you find that you will gain and learn alot.#38Ci Citizen the floor is yours nayaku ma order nomba, impepo nayicilamo so business ili slow

  37. 41# nikwisa ku ma Orders muya?? Lyonse when the topics gets interest ati naya baice. You shouldnt leave us on the 11th hour. Well good day. Any Patron you seem to be far away from Zambia and you dont knwo the reality of on the ground. Why if have evidence that Maureen took the whole man´to her own village report her to the authorities. Look Winnie Mandela is a good example. You should not fear but be fame and stand to what you say. No one is above the law.

  38. #37 Bwana Kuku, am happy, but you know what i’d like to see, Hammer mills should be a thing of the past. We have Scientists,Engineers etc and definitely we should improve our standard of living. We go to school for a reason.
    Kuku,you should make your company public so we can invest in it,which exchange, is it mushili bonano,kawayaya, kantolomba,main masala or mine masala?

  39. What the minister did in known as patronage.This is inherate in African cultures including ours.Why should a minister be subservent to LPs girl?In true democracies this cannot happen.The President should have been with his wife!
    Do you see how Mike Mulongoti and previously,Teta and VJ?To be president is like to be a chief.The chief does not answer to the people but vice-versa.Ministers are the Ndunas and Kapasos.
    Who knows, maybe the minister knows how powerful the first lady is.He may end up have a very senior post- in the long run.
    Lekeni esheko ilaki!

  40. Isn’t obvious to you people that the deputy-minister was present at this ceremony because he has not done anything for the constituency,so this was a show-his-face opportunity to hoodwink the people that he is actually performing.My point is,whether the guy was there or not,the question is,will Maureen continue with the MMCI when she is no longer the First Lady?

  41. The donation is well come one,but may we know where the money for this hammermaill came from.Why did the first lady visit Luwingu and meet the women.After 2011
    when Katele Kalumba be came president of Zambia i see alot people with money like the first lady going to Chimokaila and Mukobeko.Carefull that is
    alisamba,that is why he even managed to bring the big
    politicians together.I just hope no one was poisoned at this Katele meeting

  42. #43,Luapula has become a haven of development,first it was the Finish guys giving them K52bn, now its Britain with K320bn , and also MMCI with a hammermill worthK2m,its great for Luapulans but stop bukabolala put these funds to good use, not ukulanwafye Simba na Tembo,nama four corner shoes show off by Born again pastors who have a weak heart towards money.Use alot of Watch Towers(Jehovas witnesses) in financial management even in proceeds from the hammermill.Kayata my company needs alot of capital, of course local, not FDI, may be I should approach MMCI or HOPE foundation since I have contributed to reducing unemployment.Easy mwaice come back from US and become my Director of Investments.Whose is going to make anything better than hammermills Kayata?The guy at TDAU still uses equipment which was left by Welensky,ZACCI, Chisulo only talks about DRC market,LPM is busy looking for someone to build ESCO grounds,so who will bring that tech Kayata to make something better than Hammermill?

  43. #48 Kuku,if we said
    1. No more Donations
    2. Everyone should pay for anything and everything
    Wouldn’t we create a demand for products that would enable cash to change hands,therefore creating competition among the business people,and for anyoneto stand out they have to be more innovative therefore phasing out foolish equipments like hammer mills,wells for water,ox carts etc.Imagine if we paid council levy like used to happen long time ago,and be able to sue the council if they didnt provide the correct service.I think am dreaming. Back to reality.
    Longtime ago i invested in Lyatitima’s,then Fantasy and later in DownTown,Lubuto if you remember them, but they were later liquidated. You know what i mean, salary used to finish there,like a miner who buys a crate but only drinks 5 bottles from there.

  44. Easy sometimes your arguements are baseless, If you hate FJT for his wrongs that does not mean everynone hates him. He still has pipo.LPM will face the same problems believe me or not. Whatever goes round, comes round. Secondly, that’s why we see MPs licking LPM’s feet asking for funds to develop their areas or to keep their ministerial positions.If I remember very well during KK there was two MPs who were voical in the parliament, namely the late Francis Matanda for Kafue and we saw kafue town developing but lickers no way and those who doze in parliament. They are mps who will continue to live and serve pipo in the shadow of others.

  45. #48 Kayata have you seen #27, and the description attributed to them do you think such measures are feasible?Come back and invest in my company ‘Fikashala Ku bantu Investments’,Kayata personal levy now is K15,000 per half year for those in the higher bracket but how many people are in formal employment? The whole country less than 500,000 , multiply that by K30,000 how in total is realised? and divide that on average by 148 districts,so the problems are immense for serious planners that is why even this FDI will be meaningless to reduce unemployment because of ‘high Tech’which has contributed to replace human labour with machines, what we need are development in areas with multiplier effects like Agriculture ,like Bee keeping along Kabwe Kapiri road this can be a sound investment area in the production of honey and wax for export,Luapula has received K165bn in the set of such firms,and when you look around Africa most donor issues are water hand pumps donated by Redcross or Oxfam

  46. 49# Chitoba, I dont hart FJT but I hart the wrongdoings of FTJ to correct you. If you steal dont expert me to respect you because you are harmful to society. My dear wait for the trial in July and we see the outcome of this case because I have no time now to waste my energy on this topic. There are more binding issues which I want to contribute i.e Constitution, Investments in Zambia. I will externalise my weight on these issues. Kuku, Pundit, Kayata have constructive ideas which can bring development to Zambia. FTJ is not our man anymore we have already handed him to Roman soldiers as we wait for his crucification. Remember Iam not partisan I am a man of principle and I fight for cause of justice and the poor.

  47. #50 Kuku,i read your #27 and i must admit they are really feasible except where you say our life is meaningless,in africa it is,but the rest of the world it isn’ the disappearance of the little girl in portugal and see how far the search has gone.
    The rest of the world have managed to make everything there possible from communication to salary because of believing in themselves.In Asia,Europe & USA,you have want you are calling telecommuting which has been made possible through wireless means,businesses are cashless meaning not that there is no money but your payments are transacted without cash changing hands etc.
    Kuku,the places i mentioned in #48 are bottle-stores and clubs, as you know Zedians are good in such ventures,they only know 3 things in life,Beer,Food and Sex.I hope your co. is not a subsidiary of Drums at Main Masala.If you grow your business to Zambeef level,i’ll happily do something, but you know zambians are not happy to lose control of co.’s they founded.

  48. #52That is why I say our lives in Africa are useless, some one brings contaminated ARvs, the govt is just mute about it, Madeileine or Woolmer disappears or dies the whole world is on their toes and yet those parents for that kid had the money to use creche facilities,business cashless is high tech you are right not that you are broke,but as for my business Iam sure one day it will grow to acceptable levels but what kills local investors is the climate,foreign investors are favoured more than a local one.Zambians dont believe in mergers cos of greedy,the dont know that one finger cannot pick louse,Kayata even our politicans are hopeless why should a constitution give us headaches, all those characters have lived , grwon, educated in Zambia, one would expect them to know what is good and bad our country and must take centuries to write a credible document, its a shame Kayata, we need change and the change is you and me.Elo nomba Sex yalifika na ku plot1,bwafya-FTJ/Regina,Mandela/Gracia

  49. #53 Kuku, iyo bwafya, are you aware of the real reasons why ba Enock Kavindele and Brenda Mutemba were dropped of the respective positions.

  50. #53 Kuku,your business, are you a supplier or a service provider? Because Tenders are many in Zambia, and you can grow your business from there. It is a matter of having a registered company, vat certificate and the honesty to supply or provide a quality service.
    Social networks are becoming the new trend to woo customers to a business, but i know that is not feasible in Zambia.
    But if you are a Supplier, i’d be happy to learn of what you supply?

  51. #55 Ba EK was dropped becuase of shady deals which put govt in desrepute-the nkana slag deal-,Mutemba ofcourse ni sex.Iam a supplier as well as in service industry, I own a number of lodges not brothels and then Internet cafe/business centres and then hardware supplier to mines and other major industries-chilanga,Indeni,Ndola lime etc, not bad for a small man like me, now my mind is towards going into financial services so that I can write life policies for you people in diaspora pantu mulacula sana ingamwafwa uko ku bulaya, indalama shambokoshi/airfreight ni puzzle katwishi ingatamwakwata savings accounts or what? I pity most of you.The best thing EK should have done was to be in the back ground already from the statement above he is not likely to be among the top 5 bidders,to win tenders Kayata in Zambia the scenario is highly corrupt so its not an easy penetration,you need Geroge bush to back you up

  52. Kuku#55 I admire you and your ideas. I have already a concept for your financial services. If you serious this can be a hammer. I have brilliant ideas and experience in this area I have worked with people who are billionare in this area. Hahaha this hammermill issue has brought us very far in our discussion

  53. Kuku#55 I admire you and your ideas. I have already a concept for your financial services. If you are serious this can be a hammer. I have brilliant ideas and experience in this area I have worked with people who are billionare in this area. Hahaha this hammermill issue has brought us very far in our discussion

  54. Ba Kuku and Pundit, where is Nkataboy? I have just suggested that Sata should start a Television show as a comdian. I think he can succeed very well in this area. You remember PLM has already a two Jobs his law firm and he is joining his wife in MMCI after 2011. KK has a Foundation so its time for Sata also to find something to do.

  55. #56 Kuku, there was a bad equation between LPM,Maureen,EK na ba Mutemba and the IG.Anyway.
    It is nice that you are considering catering those who are in diaspora especially that your President has told you that zambian’s abroad are failure’s.

  56. #60 I dont think people in diaspora are failures its the situations obtaining where there are ?Kayata up there things are structured, if you are a nurse you get the same pay everywhere, the same with everyone else but back home here its ability to pay,If I work for KCM as PR I will net not less than 24m a month, the same PR at ZAmpost will get K6m, Financial controller at Stanchart will get K30m, another accountant else where with the same ACCA will get 5m, so there is no leverage but where you are you can not jump the queue, on that score I didnt support LPM/Chituwo’s assertions.Rent there is very expensive which takes almost half your earnings, there are very few people living abroad who can claim to be well off.But that does not mean you should stop being innovative and invest back home.The cost of borrowing there is cheap unlike here in Zambia, so make use of that facility and pray to GOd that your days be extended so that the loan can be fully paid.Iam waiting to employ Easy

  57. #61 Kuku,1 in 3 Houses in USA or UK is bought by a Non-USA or UK resident.
    You see,everyone in the developed countries,pays for anything and everything,and once those services if they are not supplied,it’s chaos and compesation.
    Since most Zambian’s are “showmen” or “some of us”,you find that by the time they are kicking the bucket,they have no savings.You are correct to say,quote “write life policies for you people in diaspora pantu mulacula sana ingamwafwa uko ku bulaya, indalama shambokoshi/airfreight ni puzzle katwishi ingatamwakwata savings accounts or what? I pity most of you.” But look with a population of 60m,almost over 10m have either an investments account,shares,corporate or govt bonds.the govt even gives vouchers of £250 vouchers in shares so parents can invest for their children.But do people take advantage of such things? NO.
    In Zambia,we’re used to the hand-to-mouth,else when they move abroad,old habits will die hard,why are people always broke afta xmas

  58. 62# Kayata, Old habits die hard if you know what most people make them live their own countries you would have reserved your comments not fo funny. On a serious note, in developed nations it is a must everyone has an account, pension, health insurance etc but my dear we have to face facts. People in diaspora dont have equal opportunities like the citizen when it comes to employment e.g in the EU first if there is a vacancy a native has to be given that job no matter how educated they are. On the second position a member of EU is given this chance. if there is no from this group they will look for an American, Japanese, australian or a Canadian. The arabs and Africans came last. They are lied down rules in the EU employment Market. Dont blame popi for nothing.Also the requirements differ by far you to Europe when you are above 18 by then your age mates already own a car, have savings in their accounts you are starting with zero. You cant for students there are loans which they paid…

  59. continued… 63# pay back when they start working. So there is a big difference. I know people who decided to cóme back to Zambia after studying medicine. They were employed by WHO and they were get at that time 1500 USA Dollars per month. Some stupid politican caused the termination of their contracts with grounds that they were getting more the President. Can you imagine how frastrating it for such an individual. No educated Zambia would want to save some money if means are there. Can still remember Kuku one time saying the problem is having food on the table. I refer to the Maslow´s hierarchy needs curve. A human being will first look for essential need like food, shelter,breathing, water before he can think of safety, healthy, employment, property, family. If he satifies these needs he can look for girlfriend, friends, family this is catagolized as love or sense of Belonging. Then things like esteem can follow. And when this needs are met a sense of self actualization comes in….

  60. #63 Easy,take it easy my friend.
    In Zambia,people are always complaining of foreigner’s getting their jobs etc.they want zambian’s to be given the first opportunity,so why would you expect when they move in diaspora to have the same opportunities.
    Luckily enough,the EU you are talking about now have “Equal Opportunity” regardless of your affilliation.
    The problem why “african’s” come last is because they can’t make strategic decisions and stick by them,if they are asked if they would fire their friend at the workplace,they start talking about God and the family will suffer etc.African’s also suffer from a lack of confidence and inferiority.etc
    But get this right,Arabs and Asians are dominating the workplaces in EU,cos they are been used as a means to target/get, the asian/arabic market eg.Pepsi,HP,Xerox etc.
    In USA,Japan and all countries you’ve mentioned,prove yourself that you are QUALITY and not QUANTITY and you are WELCOME…….ctd

  61. ctd from #65…. the Maslows theory needs you are talking about does not qualify in this savings abroad scenario. Problem is when zambian’s are abroad they invest in “bricks” ie building a house back home which takes 7-10 yrs to complete hence at the end of the day they have no savings in their accounts.
    They also support 2-3 families apart from their own and other extended families,uncles,grand’s,girlfriends etc,while the one’s you are comparing to citizens of EU as having cars and such have no one much to support, dont forget they have only themselves to cater for too, they dont have to payback to their as “african’s” do,who believe having a child is an investment so they have 11 of them. etc.

  62. and DON’T present your UNZA,CBU,NORTEC,University of Matero,Chalimbana or Munali and think you are EDUCATED.
    The Western world is different.

  63. #65-67 iyo caumfwika, but uyu umwaice Easy mwabanankwe what program is he pursuing?If its a business course he needs to jerk up his standards.I hear most of the graduates from Africa end up cleaning streets, old people,selling in shops and to me that is shear waste of energy and labour.Come back home jobs are there if you are a confident person and can deliver.Its retrogressive to be abroad just doing useless jobs which wont count towards your credentials, why stick there?More over the money is good pa Zambia ask anyone in employment with ‘good’papers.Alternatively when you are abroad study those exlusive courses like MBA from Oxford not from those street colleges without addresses,ACCA,CIMA,IPS, not fun courses like ABE, you are blod wasting time man.Our embassies must take a proactive role to educate its nationals about the pro and cons of living in a foreign country especially UK and USA and the consequencies of not being placed according to your qualification,not just loafing

  64. #68, uyu umwaice Easy, basambilila abena McGregor,taylor, maslows etc ati banwa ink.The other day he had a debate na Francis pali Economics etc and again he comes up with advancing in technology pali VOIP etc.The other time he starts to talk about his qualification’s.etc,bushe are these the results of the ymca programs which Easy must have hijacked?
    You know problem,Kuku,when you expose people to things at a later stage,the results are those of Easy.
    People with UNZA or CBU qualifications are been employed in the SADC region,so why rush for EU or USA who won’t recognise your qualification,but those with ACCA etc it’s different.Look at the standards of UNZA & CBU now,and the calibre of students etc,hence whey they move oversee’s they’re required to prove themselves etc, Nigerian’s all have degree’s from uni of ife,but they can’t find jobs and blame it on racism,when in actual fact they just bought their degree’s etc,
    Please Kuku advise Easy that ignorance is no defence.

  65. You really make it appear so easy along with your presentation however I find this topic to be actually something that I think I would by no means understand. It seems too complicated and extremely vast for me. I’m taking a look forward to your next put up, I will attempt to get the dangle of it!

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