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Kabila jets into Zambia

Economy Kabila jets into Zambia

Democratic Republic of Congo DRC ) President Joseph Kabila has arrived in the country to officially open the Zambia International Trade Fair ZITF in Ndola on the Copperbelt tomorrow.

Mr Kabia arrived to a  thunderous welcome and was received by his counterpart
President Levy Mwanawasa at Ndola International Airport this afternoon.

ZANIS reports that upon arrival, Mr. Kabila who is leading a high powered
delegation, inspected a guard of honour mounted by the 1st Battalion Zambia Army
Regiment and was also given a 21-gun salute.

Ministers, members of the diplomatic corps, members of Parliament, senior Government officials, Congolese nationals based in Zambia and MMD party cadres were at hand to witness the arrival of President Kabila.

While at the airport, the two leaders also watched some traditional dances performed
by both Congolese and Zambian cultural dancers before being driven away to Kabelenga
and Bank of Zambia Guest houses respectively where they will be during their stay.

According to today’s programme, Mr Mwanawasa and his Congolese counterpart are this evening  expected to attend a State Banquet at Savoy Hotel.

During the official opening of the Zambia International Trade Fair, Mr. Kabila is
also expected to present awards to winners in exhibition categories before departure
for home tommorrow at 15.30 hours.


  1. This is good coperation between Congo DR and Zambia. It helps to build the relations between the two Countries. Considering what happened with VJ

  2. i think its good but what about the governor katumbi a clos associate of my father (also a congolese!) he delayed trucks carrying cobalt/copper for days!

  3. Soon Dr Congo will develop better than zambia. We are u mwana ashenda atashani na ukunaya. Even Kumanda is better than Zambia.Just go to woodlands were most of the ministers stay mafiya yeka and some is telling you that we are developing.That is why the boss Mr Chpimo left for Mporokoso ati mu Lusaka mulenuka.We need a new look city on the land between Chongwe and Lusaka ,Kafue and Lusaka or in Chilanga.Magande kamoni mam do some thing before your judgement on the this month end.A balenje na ba so li should stay in the kunuka Lusaka okay,because mwa ya sana.


  5. Ba SpyWatu(4),every person is entitled to dream.The level of political maturity abound in Zambia would not allow into Plot 1 the following two characters: 1. Cobra 2.The Chiengi Wizard.We have learnt from the FTJ experience and we are unlikely to make similar mistakes again.We will obviously make more mistakes but these two are not among them!!

  6. Anonymous# 3, dude your comments started off well, but you just lost it at the end.Rememeber the midlands were once clean, lusaka was one of the best cities before it got floaded with migrants from other provinces.So i suggeste we clean up lusaka and then leave it for the lenje’s and solis just like we found it.Besides this subject is even imaterial to what should be discussed here, we are suppose to be talking about our relations with the DRC and their leaders visit to zambia this weekend.Get it right boy!

  7. IWE PYWATU4# WHAT IS WRONG WITH U? U ATE BONDWE YESTERDAY YOU THINK CHIYEN´GI MAN WILL COME CLOSED TO PLOT 1 THESE TWO ARE OUT NO MATTER WHAT ZAMBIAN WILL NOT MAKE ANY MISTAKE WITH HIS CHARMS AROUND THE NECK: As Che has advised talk about trade between DR and ZAM and the benefit you get iwe chimbwi. Kabils is just speaking and he has come to learn something from us.

  8. Than is the general secretary of thge mma and has the alot of dollar money he put on the ground in his in chiyenge. What you need to is that is how he got the vote over VJ.Your just in the city go to the village and ask if any knows that Katele Kalumba nipupu
    no news of such in the vilages .Get to the voetrs and tell them the truth men.Am i always in the village the new s ends up in the boma and all the villagers get yakupepela fwaka, some times i even sell one for fwaka person. The best we should do to our own man or woman in state house is to ask our friends above 18 years to get ba NRC in time a register in numbers,but with to days number of registed voters will still get the same Katele Kalumba gruop back to plot 1.My big brother at the farm in one boma voted for some party and i asked why he did so,i told me he voted for the said party becuase he was a farm and he will need umufundo.Since it was he birth right to vote based on umufundo they was nothing more i could say.

  9. Ba spy is right Katele Kalumba is here to stay. The man is still on the OP list as a officer which he joined in 1994 under Chungu and he has alot of information.This are big bwana’s in shushu – OP .Carefull the Zambia shushu is one of the best in the world ,In KK’S days we had them in every sector,when you just call him ba shi Pangi he know in fwe minutes. every joining of the road we had 2 people standing there by 05 hours with a big radio. Where women used to sell food we had some standing the all day. So care even behind you in that internet room you have one. We have more informer’s at UNZA now than before.

  10. It is not from me but from Peter check on Kafupi

    peter says:
    Yes is an anti christ. That is why he also homsexual. He does’nt beleive in God or Jesus. Go and ask him. Why do Zambians have so much fear for that criminal. Dop you know where the money for funding that anti-christ post coes from? It is a pity that this OP project, Lusaka times is confusing people.Muvi TV had to apologise because they fear for theie licence. The family tree may revoke it. Mmembe himself is on record saying he is atheist together with that dead man Simpson who used to insult God under the name Mercuito in the post. So, an atheist is someone who does not beleive in God. And that means antichrist, Satanist. I am happy that finally some people are starting to see what some of us saw mny years ago

  11. What is this lozi bulle. Muchaha kingi, Ubulale ncani? Ubatakingi? I have failed to get any nonsense from this Lozi Bulle what is talking about. The other day he was talking about Foot and Mouth diease. Paparazi teach him Zangalish then English so that we can understand him.

  12. Paparazi come and away this LOZI BULL he should first learn Zangalish then English maybe we can understand him. I got only nonsense from his posting. yesterday he was talking of Foot and mouth diease. This lozi man has a lot of problems. Plz PLM build a school in Shesheke.

  13. Katele kalumba….mbala mafia! well what can i say? i think out of all the aspiring leaders he is the only one who has the acumen to lead in 2011. Another is Ichilema (HH) i think if he and all the tongas can wash away the tribalism dirt, then he stands a chance. Lozi bull please dont waste scarce electricity and bandwidth if you can write one sentence that makes sense!

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