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“Chinese experts will be in Zambia next month to check on Dag Construction site”

Economy "Chinese experts will be in Zambia next month to check on Dag...

President Levy Mwanawasa has revealed that Chinese experts will be in the country next month to look at the Dag Hammarskjoeld Stadium construction site.

Mr Mwanawasa said the visit by the Chinese experts to check on the Stadium
Construction site was to enable them match their design of the project on paper with
the site.

The President disclosed this at Ndola International Airport this morning when he
addressed Government officials and party leaders on his way to Chambishi by road.

He said the Chinese experts will come to look at the site and compare with the
design which was on paper as they were committed to start the construction works.

He said the construction of the stadium will create employment for the locals.

The Chinese were not coming to do politics in Zambia Mr Mwanawasa said but to bring
investment and stressed that this would create employment opportunities for the

He said politics was a menu for the locals but the Chinese were coming to invest in
the country so that many people could find something to do for their livelihood.


  1. Just as you lpm let your lawyers rub shoulders with Judge smith, let the zambian civil engineers and architectures work together with the chinese experts. Whyshould you always foreign engineers can do better than our own?? When u send patients to south, they find zambian docters there, right now they are zambian engineers in China working,.. so there is nothing sinister about having feasibility studies carried out by chinese so called experts!!!

  2. This fine,but we need 4 more stadiums in the country to host the all africa games.CB 60,000 people Lusaka 60,000 and 30,000 people in livinstone.All this 3 citys have good airports to fly to.Canada at the world soccer youth Under 20 FIFA cup has staduims(a) 60,000 people (b) 45,000 people (c)15,000 and (d)10,000 people.My be this can help our sports miniter and the government in in future.

  3. Maybe I m missing something here.Why do we have the HEAD OF THE STATE advising the nation on the progress of buliding a staduim? Who is the leader of the Zambian techincal team for this project? I wont be surprised if this project fails.South Africa is hosting the 2010 world cup,only people mandated to spearhead the project are giving details about this project.Thabo Mbeki time and again issues general statements about the 2010 project but the details is for the experts.And due to unnecessary political procudures we are still talking about people coming look at the site,by now we could have started the construction.Mind you when the world cup kicks off they wont be looking for countries with ‘sites’ for warmups.Good luck.

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