Constitution bill in motion


The consultative process on the draft 2007 National Constitution conference bill has started.

Justice Minister George Kunda released the draft bill to the Zambia Centre for Inter party Dialogue (ZCID), the oasis forum and the constitutional awareness network for comments on the draft document.

Mr. Kunda urged political parties under the ZCID, the civil society and Church organisations to submit their comments to him before Tuesday July 24.

He said the comments on the draft bill will be used for government consideration on the on-going constitutional reform process.

This is according to a statement issued to ZNBC in Lusaka.

Mr. Kunda said the bill will then be published in the government gazette after considering the comments to the given by various stakeholders.

He said interested members of the public, the Church and civil society groups will be invited as per parliamentary practice to make submissions and representations to the relevant parliamentary committees to deal with the bill.




  1. Ok now lets start moving.
    Tho i laughed about the Unemployed Associassion of Zambia,never heard of it till ystday wen they were supportin LPM roadmap on “better TV”

  2. Kuku# This is a chance for to come of Ndola and contribute something to this process. You fall down the church or civil society. Remember this a raodmap to make new Zambians laws.

  3. #2 Easy mwaice wandi, our parliament is biased, MMD dominates the house so even if a bill is not plausible its bound to go through because of the high votes it will get.So its not a very health thing,in short the house is not representative enough since what counts are votes not otherwise.
    We shall just wait and see were this move is leading us to, may be its taking us to Garden in Lusaka or Eden in paradise

  4. KuKu I beg to differ with u on that everything that has MMD signature will pass because they need opposition to vote with them because they don’t have the 2/3 majority in parliament.If the oppostion vote against the bill then it will not pass.My thing is that how much influence can the voters have on the vote that their representative are goin to cast on their behalf?

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