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Levy meets former US President Clinton

Headlines Levy meets former US President Clinton

Former United States President Bill Clinton, who is in the country, today met President Mwanawasa at State House.

Mr. Clinton arrived at State House at 14.35 hours and was received by President Mwanawasa.

Mr Clinton signed the State House visitors book before he went into a closed door
meeting with President Mwanawasa that lasted for over one hour.

Health minister Dr Brian Chituwo, Foreign Affairs minister Mundia Sikatana, Zambia’s
ambassador to the United States Inonge Mbikusita-Lewanika and other senior
government officials were part of the Zambian delegation that met the former US
President at State House.

Mr. Clintons visit is part of his four nation African tour of South Africa, Malawi,
Zambia and Tanzania to oversee projects funded by the Clinton Foundation.

The former US leaders visit comes barely two weeks after the current US First Lady
Laura Bush visited Zambia.

The 42nd American President is scheduled to leave Zambia for Tanzania tomorrow
before returning home on Tuesday.

Mr. Clinton, 61, is largely viewed as the ‘first black president’ of America because
of his closeness to causes of African Americans and his interest in developing

And Foreign Affairs minister Mundia Sikatana told ZANIS later in an interview that
Mr. Clinton’s visit to Zambia was of utmost importance to the relations between
Zambia and the United States of America.

Mr Sikatana said Mr Clinton’s visit is a sign that under President Mwanawasa’s
leadership, Zambia’s profile has risen tremendously on the global arena.

Mr. Sikatana said Zambia’s continued peaceful environment has resulted in visits by
eminent world leaders to the country.


  1. No its HIV/AIDS vs Treatment trials battle ground African continent. Other contenders Africa Doctors vs Pharma firms. Rewards US Trillon dollars and Millions deaths on the African soil. Meanwhile the French Presido has if wont be enough we are gong to fight in Darfur, And the newly appointed Secreatry of State for UK Bob should be eliminated from the ring while in Somalia not food aid according to the information of the UN envoy their. As death plan Museveni has revived Military training for all Ugandans. In central Africa republic there is panic als many have sort refugee for quick evacuation to Australia. For this reason UK and Italy are changing its migration laws. Quick measure Italy has destroyed a terror, while Britain has run short of army reserves.

  2. Sikatana wants to grab some desperate mileage out of Clinton’s visit. This guy has come to see whats going on with the HIS/AIDS money. Nothing to do with political status of LPM. Each of the 2 times Bush and Clinton visited Africa as sitting Presidents on US strategic missions, or even Blair, they chose to ignore Zambia. I dont buy this…

  3. Just a reminder of some events about FTJ s failures
    Nov. 12 2002: Former Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) National Secretary, Michael Sata testifies in the presidential petition, telling the Supreme Court that he was part of a MMD plan to win the elections at all costs. He reveals that the MMD gave Mwanawasa K150 million weekly allowance. He also said MMD used about 350 assorted motor vehicles, 5,000 bicycles and thousands of T-shirts and Chitenge materials to woo voters
    14.Nov 2007 Former Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services Vernon Mwaanga tells the Supreme Court that the subsidized mealie meal supplied by Chani fisheries last year was meant to bring down prices of the staple commodity, and hence attract voters to pick an MMD candidate.

  4. I find it hard to understand why our leaders fail to convience the great people who visit Zambia to help us out in areas of concern.
    Oprah visited us before she even built schools in South Africa and no one ever talked to her about the necessary things that we need in our country.Then the wife to USA president visited us..which project has she left in zambia?nothing coz our leaders don’t take the initiative to ask those people to help us.Bill clinton who is in the country met president mwanawasa and govt officials..i hope something good will come out.I read that Bill clinton will be opening a modern hospital in malawi which we don’t have and we are in need of one very much.Leaders please do something and use your initiative to develop mother Zambia.Not to be proud of nothing by always taking those people to sun hotel.

  5. Further misconduct of FTJ and looking for survio´vor
    Nov. 20 2002: Sport, Youth and Child Development minister Levison Mumba testifies before the Supreme Court that he offered a vehicle belonging to the Ministry of Health to Levy Mwanawasa to use in the presidential campaign. Mumba’s testimony would later prove to be his downfall as Mwanawasa fired him a few days later.

  6. #6 you Zambians you have a tendency of pretending that all is well and we can manage it on our own. But be careful of handouts they are like a fishing rod.

  7. Easy, when posterity judges a President the major things will matter not the small details of stealing 150 bicycles, T-shirts or even screwing someone’s wife although i sympathised with Mr Mwanza. But in what shape did he leave the country.

  8. What is the origin of HIV/AIDS?Why is it mainly in developing countries especially africa?Is it from GOD?
    Who was the first person to suffer from HIV/AIDS and from which continent?Does anybody out there know the history of HIV/AIDS?

  9. I am convinced beyond reasonable doubt that Zambia can manage without hand outs.

    1. If we can manage to run the Country all year,
    without realising that some money is actually even
    lying idle in banks.

    2. If we can manage to hold by – elections at any time
    of the year even for unjustifiable reasons.

    3. If we can manage to run a Country for five years
    without realisng that some public officers are
    holding billions without accounting for it.

    4. If we can afford to pay some important people a mid
    term gratuity of 280 Million for “working” for a
    period of 2 years or 5 years when a public worker
    who works for 25 or 30 years can only be given 50

    5. If we can manage to pay contractors millions for
    constructing roads that cannot be traced.

    6. there are many examples.

    I rest year.

  10. #10. The history of HIV/AIDS is well documented. it is also very clear about were it started from. First cases were recorded in the USA early 1982/ 1983.

    The problem that we have is the majority of us cannot affort an adequate meal or adequate food so thats why the effects of HIV/AIDS are much pronounced in developing world. Scientifically, there are some nutrients i.e Zinc which tend to be deficient when someone has HIV. this nutrient although needed in small quantities is very important like others in maintaining healthy. But due to poor salaries, which are even delayed most of the times ( Some workers get their salaries on the 45th day of a month). The majority of us even live below the poverty threshold. As such HIV is much of a problem for us than where it actually started from because our friends can afford adequate foods.

    I know of colleagues who tested HIV positve in the US in 1984. Up to today, you can even know that they are HIV positive simply because they can eat well

  11. Two ZAMTEL employees in Chipata have died while two others were seriously injured in a road traffic accident on the Great East Road in Katete in Eastern province. This was when the vehicle in which they travelling in careered off the road and overturned at Chiwoko near the Zambia National Service camp. A ZANIS crew that rushed to the scene of the accident found one of the victims still trapped in the mangled vehicle. The deceased identified as Godfrey Choonya, a stores officer, died on the spot while Kachiza Banda, a driver, died upon reaching St. Francis mission hospital in Katete. Daniel Siwo, a Zamtel police officer and another passenger, are admitted to St. Francis hospital in Katete. A nurse who was on duty at St.Francis hospital said the condition of Mr Siwo and the other man was critical. The accident happened around 18.00 hours yesterday when the four were travelling from Lusaka to Chipata. According to an eye witness, the Zamtel driver was trying to avoid a head-on collision.

  12. #10 Bman read the book called AIDS and the doctors of Death by Allan Cantweler jr. MD then you will know the routes of aids.

  13. # 11. You may want to know that the reason why government money sits idle in banks is because somebody will only withdraw it when it gains interest. All that interest is the cream that will not be reported on. It is pocketed. Rev Pule did that before.

  14. #15. You are very right my brother. Those are the nice cars we are seeing being driven by ministers. They would rather keep the money in the bank and make you suffer so that at the end of the day, its only them who benefits. But what can we do other than just compalining?

  15. Niceto know that the people who do not need a salary eg the president, speaker, ministers and our beloved MPs who do nothing are getting a salary increment. I am still waiting for my late mother’s benefits and by the time I get it if I ever do it will be valueless. Even if the politicians are ignorant about everything its nice to know that they at least know about inflation as they seem to take it into consideration when they give themselves a salary increment. And now an ***** says we have to have a personal interview when we apply for a passport. Is he going to come to New Zealand to interview us before he gives us a passport. No wonder people are renouncing Zambian citizenship. Its easier to pick up the phone and get a passport here as they keep proper records.

  16. #16 Monk, your attitude of despair, of “what can we do other than just complain?” is the attitude we need to over come, there are many small & easy things that you can do, such as talking to your friends/relatives debate/discuss issues such as one highlighted above, this sensitises as well as educates everyone of what is going on, by debating you conscientize people to have a more informed opinion such that by the time we come to the next election pipo will hopefully differentiate between those that indeed talk of real substance, from those that just harp & seek cheap votes by temporary bribes through free alcohol & food.

  17. A 55-year-old sex worker Elina Mwanza who is living with HIV/AIDS has disclosed that she has slept with a 23-year-old young man and without a condom.

    Elina had earlier indicated to Tasintha officials that she had reformed but her daughter Mwanza said Elina was still being visited by men whom she now charges between K1,000 and K3,000.

    In an interview at her home in Lusaka’s Linda compound, Elina who is on a cocktail of life-saving HIV/AIDS drugs said she manages to hook young men because she makes herself look young.

    She said she was a master of disguise and could get any man.

    Elina said she had picked up a 23-year-old at Linda’s Munyaule Bar and slept with the young man, and in the morning after realising how old Elina was, he cried and rushed to the police station to report her.

    Elina said her ‘client’ was asked at the police station why he picked up an old woman.
    “The boy found me at Munyaule Bar. I was with him tight. The police asked me where I had gotten the boy bu

  18. A 55-year-old sex worker Elina Mwanza who is living with HIV/AIDS has disclosed that she has slept with a 23-year-old young man and without a condom.

    Elina had earlier indicated to Tasintha officials that she had reformed but her daughter Mwanza said Elina was still being visited by men whom she now charges between K1,000 and K3,000.

    In an interview at her home in Lusaka’s Linda compound, Elina who is on a cocktail of life-saving HIV/AIDS drugs said she manages to hook young men because she makes herself look young.

    She said she was a master of disguise and could get any man.

    Tasintha coordinators for Linda compound Patricia Phiri and Harriet Chongo say the situation in Linda is very desperate.

    Chongo says the population of Linda compound is 30,000 and because most of the girls do not finish school, they end up getting married at a very early age.

    “We have assessed this compound and there is a big problem. Government is not taking care of women. Prof Luo (Tasintha board chairperson) is doing a great job but she can’t do it alone, she is only looking at prostitution but there is a bigger problem there. Women need to be given support. Condoms won’t finish AIDS because most people don’t even wear them. One prostitute sleeps with seven men a day so imagine if you remove 10 women from the streets, you are saving 70 men,” she says.

    She says the lack of a clinic in Linda compound has made it very difficult for those on ARVs to get their medication.

    “They have to wake up at 04:00 hours in the morning and some have children on their backs and walk to Matero. At the clinic, they are given two appointments; one for the child and her so she has to walk two times in a week to the clinic.

    We have 50 reformed sex workers at the moment under our programme but we can do a lot if we had more support because these women can stop if they had something else to do,” she says.

    Phiri says women are suffering where the old women have to go and look firewood.

    “They can’t even afford to buy charcoal and are forced to go and get firewood. Most of these reformed women are willing to change. When you look at Alice, she was a drunkard when we met her but now she is changing. She also had a lot of scars on her face but she has changed now,” she says.

    She says the member of parliament Henry Mtonga is trying to do something.
    “He is very committed and he should be supported by government,” she says.

    Phiri says Prof Luo should be commended for her effort because people were changing.
    “Linda had the highest prevalence rate of HIV at one time and we need an HIV centre where people can easily access ARVs instead of walking long distances,” she says.

  19. ALthough Bill Clinton ignored Zambia when he was a sitting president, it is good to hear that he is in the country to check on charity projet(s). Let us appreciate his visit and also take him to Vic Falls which I think visitors to our country should visit. We Zambians should also visit Vic Falls. It is a beutiful place to see. As for those who are advocating that we should have an interview to get passports, they just want to collect bribes from the people. In the past, foreign Indians and other strangers have been known to go into a passport office and after 30 minutes, they were able to get their passports while true Zambians would wait for ages with no help. There’s therefore no need for interviews. What is needed is for those in Zambia to take their forms with their identity cards (i.e. NRC or passports) and be verified at the passport office counters and not in closed offices.


    Lusaka, July 21: Malaysian investors will be engaged to develop the first economic zone in the Zambian capital, Lusaka. Commerce Minister, Felix Mutati said government has already acquired 200 hectares of land south of Lusaka where the zone will be situated. Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC) reports that Mutati said resources have also been made available to conduct feasibility studies at the site, before the onset of rains.The minister was speaking when he met a team of Malaysian investors and representatives from Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA) at his office.Malaysian investors’ representative Ahmed Tajuddin said Zambia has diverse investment opportunities. Tajuddin who is also Kulim Technology Park Corporation group Chief Executive Officer said the two countries can further explore their investment opportunities.

  21. #20 Kayata ni ma dizz yabwanji where you cant see properly? If that is how the face looks in todays Post news paper, the youngman must just blame himself, the chi face is awful to attract anyone.Too bad for the boy and see how corrupt our cops are they are even asking for coca cola from this evil woman, a murderer,had it been abroad she would have been charged with wilfully and knowingly transmitting the HIV/AIDS, but there you go she was left to go free to continue with her evil ways.This is absolutely disgusting.

  22. Unlike women, a man can decide whether to use a Condom or not. The boy was foolish enough never to have used a Condom. He’s himself a blame. The old lady was on duty. She already knows her status and her goal is make money. Poverty and HIV/AIDS.

  23. Would such a policy be necessary to Zambia?


    Military training is to be made compulsory for all Ugandans. The ruling Party the National Resistance Movement Secretary General Amama Mbabazi said that anyone who failed to undertake the training would be punished. The decision was adopted at a five-day party retreat, where leaders participated in military drills and learnt to handle AK-47 rifles. The NRM seized power in 1986 and won multi-party elections last year. President Yoweri Museveni only retired from the army in 2004, to meet a legal requirement which bars serving soldiers from being active members of a political party. The NRM has been talking about introducing national military service for the past decade. Mr. Mbabazi said the military training school would open branches across the country to reach more Ugandans.


    1. Ba Joze says:
    #30 Mbozi has points that can not be discarded by any normal person and they are well backed with facts.
    Zambia has so far undertaken four Constitution Reviews beginning with the Mainza
    Chona Commission of 1972, the Mvunga Commission of 1990, the Mwanakatwe Commission of 1993 and the Mungomba Constitution Review of 2003. In all these efforts, the question of constitutional legitimacy has been a critical issue of which in some other terms according to RUFQUA, the pipo in power are now using the rule of fixing “to fix or to be fixed” (cold play band has a marvellous song called I’ll fix you)
    In Zimbabwe, Mugabe’s government has amended the constitution adopted at independence 17 times and all those times they only suit Mugabe.
    The late Kapwepwe said to the pipo of Zambia and I quote “Africa Twasebana”(shame upon Africans) when KK introduced one party system in Zambia. In 1981, the senior citizen Alias Chipimo was detained by KK when he said and I quote “until they receive a bullet in the head that’s when they will cease to be African leaders”
    1. Pragmatist says:
    Ewe Joze (9),
    First be aware it’s an issue of public knowledge that your so called “RUFQUA” is a Satanists covenant manuscript no normal person with independence of mind would ever take pride in citing anything from it. Secondly, your Elias Chipimo senior now in Mpolokoso is and has been a mentally challenged tribalist throughout history.He is a failing model of hatred against tribe. He was my fellow Teacher at Chizongwe in Chipata together with the late Col. Patrick Kafumukache in our early independence days. I left him there for my Global career before his insanity found him in jail though very different to his decent son Elias Jr. So, your pride in his bullet shot madness has no place in civilization. Just take it in peace if you so want it to end your life. Personally I have no heart for violence talk. I am a progressive citizen aware that those who pride in violence of bullets, they will be taken by the same bullets in a matter of time. Thirdly, Mbozi’s rhetoric has no legal or moral platform to be valid under any political dispensation of the civilized.
    July 16, 2007 @ 6:06 pm

    1. Ba Joze says:
    #12 ci Veteran you have now ganged up with your fellow ***** (Pragmatist) thinking that the 42% votes chuchu got represents the entire Zambia. It’s that rubbish thing (current constitution) he has put hands on made him to be what he is? If we had to go for 50+1% we would have a capable leader with a vision for Zed, who preaches love and do what he says and not chuchu who has favourites (untouchables). Iwe ci Veteran you asked stupid questions that can not even asked by grade 1, forinstance “Does recommendation mean consensus vote?” If I may ask you iwe ci Veteran what comes first? Who recommends? But in your ci MMD govt there is always a twist at the end of the story coz of the rule of fixing they are using to protect their pockets.
    On Elias Chipimo Sr there don’t make any shit of noise that is if you have not read the book “A night without a President” by Sikota Wina and relate the remarks made by Chipimo and if you are really a normal chap you will agree me that there was no need for KK to compete with frogs during elections. KK was wamuyaya that’s when Chipimo made a living ststement “until they receive a bullet in the head that’s when they will cease to be African leaders.” In those days the same kind of oppression of pipo were spearheaded by Kamuzu Banda, Moi, Mabuto, Sheu Shangali of Nigeria just to name a few African Leaders. So what was wrong with his statement?
    RUFQUA is not a bible or any thing to do with religious. It differentiates *****s like you ci Veteran from normal pipo, men from boys, and girls from women. It has a lot of quotes that can make you grow up and stop ukusata (talking from memory recall)
    July 16, 2007 @ 9:38 pm
    1. Pragmatist says:
    Ewe Joze,
    I acknowledge seeing your insult laden post though it has taken a day for me to remark. Cardinal to say, I am sorry am a pragmatist I don’t share your challenged route of insults. I value diversity and use brain power to bring home my views. Don’t expect me to sink low to your level of insolence. You remind me of the Sugos stuck with their absurd thinking impossible to fit in any public responsibilities but in hopeless demonstrations and stone throwing. I wonder what kind of public platform you would ever be condoned to share. It takes years of smart broad based yet clean, dignified Global connections and preparation to put in place sustainable political and financial infrastructures tailored to mount momentum, create the desired divide and win presidential elections. Insults and cowardly acts you resort to when challenged have no mileage on winners’ scorecards. Its either you change or stay stuck with your tea making vocation. With much sadness I sympathize with your indoctrination into your satanic verses- RUFQUA. Hope you act redemptive and transition yourself into a prudent blogger worth learning some thing from. Your satanic covenant based on that RUFQUA aside, there could be some reasonable things to learn from you if and only if you redeemed soul. So far your fit is Willie Nsanda and Sata. Hope next time I visit this blog, I will find smart and mind stimulating contributions from your end. Peace.
    July 17, 2007 @ 4:46 pm
    1. Ba Joze says:
    #8 Pragmatist;
    You hypocrite, you showered me with insults and yet you still regard those as not insults, you insulted Snr Chipimo from head to toes and still regard those as not insults? Do you really know what an insult is? My vocabulary has not niche of insults nor at any time insulted Pragmatist. All I said was the truth that you are really an *****. That’s not an insult but a fact.
    Your loose tongue has jigged the limits by referring the book of RUFQUA as satanic verves. Do you know that the author of “Satanic Verves” Samuel Rashid life is still at stake and living in hiding for 17 years up to date? Try to be a conscious man when talking about sensitive issues and never let pride swallow you. Mwaice Pragmatist, you must stop chancing TIME.
    RUFQUA has good quotes on time,
    Too slow for those who wait,
    Too swift for those who fear,
    Too long for those who grieve,
    Too short for those who rejoice,
    But for those who love time is Eternity.
    1. Kanswe says:
    Joze is a disgrace to all of us. Slowly he is killing the forum to the gutter level of trolling not befitting intellectuals.To him any disagreement is a point of insults. I find him to be mentally challenged and of limited capabilities to rebuttal issues using the brain power
    1. Ba Joze says:
    #29 Koswe
    Koswe, if you are bored with your life just go and hung and let pipo with sober minds continue contributing positively on this blog. If your father is a MMD cadre bootlicking chuchu to feed you then back off me and mind your business. Koswe, I sincerely find you to be a Chainama case that needs to be strained to bed for the behaviour you are now portraying. It all shows that you are a chap who has grudge against me for I am openly against most of MMD govt policies in which you are you father dwell for your existence. Grow up and mind your own business. Nobody will silence me and I will continue opposing your father’s party that has no vision. It’s absurd for you and Pandit, your fellow shushushu to have ganged up and breath victory on the war that was not yet started. I urge you to read the between the line on the comment passed by Bauze, then the bells will toll in your melted cheese brain. For your own info, am who am and I will remain the same. I beg you to shut your rotten mouth on RUFQUA. You *****! Like your fellow idol. Koswe, every on this blog knows the MMD gang of Pragmatist, Veteran, Pundit and yourself koswe are shushushuz. Swallow your pride Koswe as you are yet to hear more me on your party.
    # 28 Pundit,
    I have respect for you but your arbitration leaves room to wonder on your calibre of restraint. How you define the word insult? You claim to be a learned chap right? I’m ascertain on your restricted psyche that gyrates within your four plain spheres of your brain causing folly in you. The battle was over but the war is yet to be fought.
    July 18, 2007 @ 6:51 pm
    1. Pragmatist says:
    Joze Peace
    أفغانستان‏’‏ الذي كرس حيزا هاما من مناقشاته لتحديد الطرق المثلي لإصلاح النظام القضائي الأفغاني وتدريب وتأهيل الشرطة والعاملين في الأجهزة القضائية من أجل تعزيز ثقة المواطن الأفغاني بقدرة حكومته وتوسيع سلطة هذه الحكومة لتشمل كافة أقاليم البلاد‏.‏ وقد شارك في المؤتمر العديد من الشخصيات السياسيه الدوليه في مقدمتهم بان كي مون الامين العام للامم المتحدة والرئيس الافغاني حامد كرزاي والسكرتير العام لحلف شمال الأطلسي‏’‏ الناتو‏’‏ ياب دي هوب شيفر ومفوضة العلاقات الخارجية في الاتحاد الأوروبي بنيتا فيريرو فالدنر والمندوب الامريكي الدائم في الأمم المتحده زالماي خليل زاد ومساعد وزير الخارجية الأمريكية لشئون آسيا رتشارد بوتشر ومن الدوله المضيفة رومانو برودي رئيس الوزراء ونائبه ماسيمو داليما وزير الخارجية بالإضافة إلي وفود‏26‏ دوله‏.‏ وكان من الطبيعي ان تتحول المناقشات واللقاءات التي دارت علي هامش المؤتمر إلي هجوم حاد علي قوات حلف شمال الأطلسي‏’‏ ايساف‏’‏ والتي ما زالت تعاني من صعوبات كبيرة في ضبط الوضع الأمني في أفغانستان بسبب مصرع المئات من الافغان المدنيين جراء الغارات التي تشنها قوات الناتو وخاصه في جنوب البلاد بالاضافة الي عجزها عن ملاحقة عناصر حركة طالبان المستمرة في نشاطها العسكري في مختلف أنحاء البلاد‏.‏
    1. Chapi says:
    The guy that locks the doors at Chainama hospital is on strike and that`s why you see even riff ruffs such as #33 PRAGMATIST are on the loose and able to contribute such junk on this blog.
    1. Kuku says:
    #21 Pragmatist ena apepa lilya ibange lyaku lamba land near Teka farm ukwafwila balunshi, inga adobola he sees everyone as light skinned(Arab, Asian,chinese) and starts writing in tongues,the wife has just confirmed that actually BaJoze was lucky he used arabic sometimes he writes Chinese and Bangali when he wants to insult someone.The man is evil M’kulupe,he needs serious deliverance especially that his Canadian visa is about to expire.
    July 20, 2007 @ 5:35 pm

  25. #23 Kuku, I think the most saddening part is that the people who are supposed to protect us are the most ignorant law-enforcers in this world.All the Police Officers could ask for was a bottle of coca-cola. Even if it is poverty,and when such is reported in the media,Mulongoti comes up and says the Media should get facts. I’m wondering what Mike will says about such.
    #24 Gluco,a woman is equally responsible for her actions too,ignorance is no defence. One woman in England who was on rampage infecting Men with the virus was jailed.Her main target were black men, because she believed that she must have gotten the virus from them.

  26. HIV bigamist jailed for infections
    A bigamist from South Africa who admitted infecting his lover with HIV has been jailed for six years.
    Kouassi Michel Adaye, 40, who pleaded guilty on Friday, came to Britain five years ago, claiming asylum.
    Although he had a wife in South Africa, he married a 57-year-old Liverpool woman in January last year.
    He had also started a relationship with a 48-year-old woman – also from Merseyside – knowing he was probably HIV positive, Liverpool Crown Court heard.
    The woman contracted the virus after sleeping with Adaye.
    Judge David Lynch, who recommended that Adaye should be deported after serving his sentence, told him he was a danger to women and that his behaviour was “despicable”.
    “You pleaded guilty on the basis you were reckless and did not intend to inflict this harm. It is recklessness of the highest possible degree,” he said.
    The court was told Adaye had been warned he was a potential carrier of the virus.
    Judge Lynch said: “But you went on and had unprotected sexual intercourse with this lady and you knew it was highly likely, if not certain, that you were HIV positive.”
    He added: “I cannot imagine a greater degree of grievous bodily harm than infecting a person with a virus of this nature.”
    ‘Single parent’
    According to prosecutor John McDermott QC, Adaye’s South African wife informed him in April 2002 that she was infected with HIV.
    Adaye, of Wynnstay Street, Toxteth, pleaded guilty to bigamy and inflicting unlawful and malicious bodily harm on his victim.
    At an earlier hearing he had also pleaded guilty to 20 charges of deception.
    These included using a false passport, a false driving licence, and procuring a false national insurance number.
    Adaye also illegally claimed more than £12,000 in benefits falsely claiming he was a single parent caring for two children in a cramped flat without electricity.
    And despite not being allowed to work while his asylum bid was being processed, he held down three jobs.

  27. Italian police name HIV-positive prostitute
    Civil rights groups in Italy have expressed outrage at the decision to name a prostitute accused of intentionally transmitting HIV.
    Police issued a photograph of the 49-year-old woman who is said to have had unprotected sex with more than 5,000 men since contracting the fatal virus.
    Italian newspapers on Sunday named her as Giuseppina Barbieri and gave details of an advice line for men worried they might have become infected.
    Since then, more than 3,000 calls have been received
    Some newspapers said Ms Barbieri, who is now in hospital, continued working as a prostitute to avenge her own infection with HIV two years ago.
    She worked mainly on the streets in the north eastern town of Ravenna. But some reports said she taken part in orgies and other sex parties.
    Police defended the step of publishing details, saying it was essential to ensure no more lives were put at risk.
    They made an appeal for people who think they might have had sex with Ms Barbieri to take an HIV test.
    While most of the callers to the advice line were men, some women called fearing they could have contracted the virus during group sex involving the prostitute.
    Some Aids workers pointed out the relatively low proportion of men who become infected with HIV even when they have unprotected sex with an infected women.
    They accused the media of acting hysterically and irresponsibly.
    The head of gay rights group Arcigay, Franco Grillini, said: “It’s wrong to talk about a ‘plague-spreader’ in relation to Aids, because it’s everyone’s duty to prevent the infectious diseases, including prostitute’s clients who must use and demand condoms.”
    Police learned Ms Barbieri was HIV-positive when they arrested her pimp last month.
    They found a book detailing around 100 clients and the medication she was taking in the apartment they shared.
    Ms Barbieri may now be charged with an offence of intentionally causing bodily harm.
    Whatever the outcome, the case will fuel the arguments over how to treat those who deliberately pass on HIV.
    In Britain, the government last week said it would create a new offence specifically to cover such cases, while in Cyprus a woman recently saw her former lover jailed for 18 months for giving her the virus.
    But in Italy, at least one newspaper claimed part of Ms Barbieri’s appeal to her large number of clients was the fact she was prepared to have sex without a condom.

  28. #27 iwe ci chatter box whats that you’ve posted on the blog? Pa menso nga ba customer bobe balya pa first page ya sunday post.

  29. I can see sanity gradually being restored after the spam from the so called Chatter Box (27) and his imaginary battles. My message to such framers and their terrorist communication is simply unscripted, “I am above your subnormal thinking by capacity and skills”. If you want, sufficiently just challenge me in debates bordering on the Zambian destiny. I respect legally binding free flow of opinions and ideas in consistence with the Zambian constitution per universal freedom of speech chatter. Thus, will never be a party to any mechanism of inhibiting logic anywhere. Instead, I stand to sufficiently rebuttal propagated inaccuracies emotionally driven or other wise. I will forever use my God given talent and brainpower in independent analysis. I may occasionally browse through blogs, but mainly contribute my views on Mondays only due other value adding commitments a pattern framers have failed to establish. Now, personal to the chap impersonating my ID, “you are free to share the Pragmatist ID”. But be advised like my IP, am too safe to be messed up by your helpless sick mind. Not even your erased Arabic terror correspondence insinuating as coming from my secured IP is anything to succeed soiling me. Instead, you have proved unsophisticatedly vulnerable and desperate without self remorse for your apostate acts. I am a Global Citizen miles away from sweet home yet realistically too difficulty to be dressed some illegal acts by overzealous laymen out of your pervasively controlled mind type. I have just seen one article saying I must be a so called shushushu because in all my contributions, I have never vilified GRZ but maintained a path of silent Diplomacy. That is too childish; Smart debaters think over issues at hand and never believe in solving a problem by demonizing a person first before reaching out for a mutually lasting solution. Certainly, the misgivings of smart and self collected people always take defined routes while the weak and their Group think umbrage typical of truants resort to insults and baseless umbrage. To be dressed as a shushushu for my principles does not bother or endanger me. FYI, I personally have a lot of respect for those patriotic men and women of valor for their selflessness, steadfastness and strict discipline found on unwavering national loyalty. Had it not been for age, I could even have joined them in view of my absolutely outstanding background very cheap to verify. In summary, be advised that the powers for self destruction are all in our respective hands as individuals. Pursue your ways and you will squarely yield the fruits of that route. Hope to see you along the threads here intellectually engaged in national based issues than helpless diatribes. Peace

  30. Bill Clinton is doing a tremendous job! he ‘s actually doing what our zambian politicians simply talk about. I wish his foundation well and God bless his soul! way to go Bill……..!

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