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Stolen copper cathodes worth millions of kwacha recovered in Nakonde


TAZARA police in Nakonde have arrested three people and recovered copper cathodes worth millions of kwacha which were stolen from a goods train which was going to the port city of Dar-es-salaam in Tanzania last week.

Among the arrested persons are two Nakonde residents.

Nakonde District Commissioner Edwin Sinyinza confirmed the arrest of the trio and
the  recovery of copper cathodes weighing seven  tonnes.

Mr Sinyinza said RAZARA police officers under the command of their officer-in-charge
Chief Inspector Katongo  managed to recover all the copper cathodes which had been

The DC said 40 sheets of copper cathodes were recovered between Kapwila and Mwenzo
Tazara railway station with the help of the Community Crime Prevention Unit (CCPU).

Four other sheets  were recovered in the Tanzanian border town of Tunduma following
the intervention of TAZARA police deputy commandant Binwell Chimfwembe.

Mr Sinyinza commended TAZARA police for tacting swiftly to recover the stolen items.

“I wish to commend our gallant police officers at TAZARA police station for moving
in quickly to arrest the suspects and recover copper cathodes worth hundreds of
millions of kwacha,” Sinyinza said.

“We need officers who are vigilant and patriotic in curbing cross border crime”

The DC added that there was need to deal firmly with people bent on working against
the country’s booming economy through such thefts.

The three arrested men are detained at Nakonde police station and will appear in
court soon.



    GOVERNMENT says it is opposed to the Oasis Forum taking the lead in the constitution-making process because it does not represent the views of all Zambians.Chief Government spokesperson, Mike Mulongoti, also said the forum was just a non-governmental organisation which could not form a government.“This constitution is going to be operationalised by a political party, and this is regardless of which political party will be in Government,” he said.Mr Mulongoti, who is also Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services was speaking in Lusaka yesterday at a discussion organised by the Media Institute for Southern Africa.He urged Zambians to trust Parliament in the enactment of a new constitution.“Some people are saying that they cannot trust Parliament to amend some of the less contentious issues.This really surprises me because these MPs were elected into office by the same people,” he said. Mr Mulongoti said the first roadmaps for both Government and the Oasis Forum were framed in a way that the constitution would be adopted through a constituent assembly (CA).He however said Government later realised that the CA route would take longer and was more costly.Mr Mulongoti said it was realised that following the CA route would entail taking away legislative powers vested in parliament as enshrined in Article 62 of the constitution, in order to give the CA final authority to adopt the constitution.He said as a result, the summit of party presidents that met under the auspices of the Zambia Centre for Inter-party Dialogue, decided to do away with the CA for a constitutional conference that would not have legislative powers.And Mr Mulongoti cautioned Zambians to be careful when talking about a constitution that would stand the test of time.“When we say the constitution should stand the test of time, a test of time for whom? The constitution should not be in a curved rock,” he said.

  2. The Oasis Forum has been overtaken by vultures who dream they have representative powers to usurp everything from those we gave the mandate in the General 2006. They should go political if they believe they have the popularity to contest power. Let us progress without them. Zambia doesn’t owe them anything the way they owe their sponsors hoping to destabilize our peace for natural resources. We the focused Zambians are collectively the vanguard of our tranquility and not those mercenaries in civil society coats of betrayal driven by their spirits of materialism.

  3. There goes the plunderers / thieves. I guess this not their 1st time of doing such a thing. They done it before and were successful. Such thievings are complex. You can be surprised to see the mastermind of such thieving.

  4. As long as Mad Muwelewele Devil (MMD) is in govt, pludering/thieving will not end, because the Chuchu govt was ascended to power with pludering resources and thieving the votes in both 2001 and 2006.

  5. Ba AM(4), whilst taking a sip of cold water please reflect on the corruption fight records of LPM,KK and FTJ !!LPM has done more than any of the other two.With LPM in power you can even comment on on-going cases involving high profile people….during FTJ’s time who was ever in trouble over corruption ?? LPM is far from perfect but credit him for starting the ball rolling.

    Maybe we should petition the setting up of a corruption court. this special court must conclude cases within 3 months. this will make sure the prosecution are thorough in their investigations and justice will not be delayed as is the case now.If the DPP keeps losing cases every 3 months it is easy to see his/her incompetence and he/she can be replaced.Dragging people through the courts for years is very unfair to both the tax payer and the accused!!
    any comments?

  6. The Original Pundit #5. You’re in pointing out you’re right in putting things straight for AM #5. Indeed LPM cannot be compared to a pygmy from deep forest of Kasai. But I disagree on Super Ken a man of the people. On the other hand LPM has brought sanity to our nation. You never know the thug behind the stealing of copper. Full investigations need to be done on the above headline.

  7. The Original Pundit (5),

    As alarming as the mismanagement of public funds reports surface, the LPM administration deserves our collective support in fostering the Zero tolerance vision on corruption and mismanagement of resources. The man has plausibly shown his, resolve, character and sacrifice against these vices. Considering where our country is coming from. LPM has put in motion a sense of public accountability and transparency never seen before in Zambia. It’s a battle that will not be fully realized by his regime but an issue of continuous improvements at hand for Generations to come. For our emerging political enthusiasts, even the mighty UNIP regime like fallen angel was a casualty of disproportionate Grafti and such bureaucratic cover ups beyond relevancy of enumeration in blogs. From quasi Government institutions to line ministries the unfortunate plunders took life time marks in the Government black book of blackmail at the hands of KK. Check with the justice ministry for facts unless Chiluba destroyed it after 1991. Inclusion into the Black book meant never ever to get employed or benefit from any public run tenders. Among the UNIP wastage is the now declassified report for public consumption involving the US $20,000,000 unsanctioned funds KK gave Milton Obote to repel the unwon war ( KK himself has now revealed it). Such wastage then could not come out into public domains under those regimes unless the source was lining up for martyrdom. Under Chiluba, citing Corruption was treasonous if not subject to assassination. The late Lucy Sichone, Fred M’membe and his Post team including KK and Roger Chongwe all took the Chiluba attempt on their lives for querying who was selling our Copper and Cobalt in Belgium in the isolation of our London based ZCCM holding then. But under Levy, all the data ni vili mbwe-mbwe-mbwe-mbwe. Nichoka wekha ( freely accessible). Folks, I am not saying LPM has been a saint, but that he has charted a path of unwavering transparency in line with Good Governance diktat. No whistle blowers have ever taken the rather of Government machinery. In this regards, LPM is on the right track but what we all need to do is contribute towards the capacity building for safe guards. All of us have contributable roles to make towards a better Zambia within our areas of expertise. FYI, from early this year, I have been in advisory talks with some MOF Technocrats to curb the protracting mismanagement by urgently investing in an efficient Government wide Internal Control system. This is a system that is coming with real time Prevention, detection and corrective mechanism. That will enhance the zero tolerance wastage considering all Government Revenue, purchase; expenditure and HR cycles will be sufficiently operating on real time basis. The Ghost workers and their housing allowances draining millions won’t be there, false and inflated payment vouchers for tenders and supplies will be sources of red flags. Glad to see that early this month all controlling officers converged for a two day information session at Mulungushi Conference Centre. So imagine if all Zambians amicably start sharing their experiences to respective sectors of our country, what would stop us emerging from this trough of poverty and trepidation?

  8. #5 Your ideal of setting up a special corruption court and giving it a timeframe sound good, this is why the nation needs to go for CA so that Zedian pipo’s ideal can incorporated in our new constitution.

  9. So if your area of expertise is Mining, Energy, IT, Agriculture, Urban planning or Engineering just access respective sector Heads for a supportive tête-à-tête that will enhance prosperity to motherland. Our prosperity in the Diaspora is incomplete if the majority of our people at home are in abyss of poverty. Insults and Diatribes are no panacea to our economic calculus at hand. It’s the Brain and positive thinking combined with resolve that write off poverty in Zambia.

  10. Pragmatist! You sound to be an intellect. We need such practical ideas in Zed. At least you guys haven’t forgotten your motherland. The other jerks have have forgotten their homeland. Keep coming to this blog.
    Voluter! You must be an English Teacher. Construction of words in good English phrases in not an issue on the blog. You got to read between lines. For the rest of bloggers. Learn to disagree with each other. Not everyone thinks like u

  11. I think bukabolala bwacilaaaaaamo, ha ha ha. Please esheni ukubachaja ngamabattries yamuma shanty compounds.

  12. I would ask Pragmatist, Original Pundit to tell me something. Most of the cases of corruption in courts today were committed under FTJ. Do we know if there’s more corruption going on now which will only surface for prosecution after 2011? Independent sources such as TIZ, and even anecdotal reports e.g. 36 billion theft, Min Lands, Prisons, etc., all suggest that corruption has not declined, despite the open talk about it of course.

    I’m yet to see any evidence at all of prevention, detection and correction of fraud under the financial management and accountability project at MOF.

  13. Francis (13),
    Yes my brother the anti Corruption drive has not spared those found wanting even from this administration. DEC, ACC and such investigative wings are in full throttle engaged on suspects among them are those in the misappropriation of the ZK 36 billion before the courts. Some public service officers have been fired and being pursued by the investigative wings among them are the Rt Rev.Gladys Nyirongo, Mumbuwa, Mteteka Sichone, Lt General Singogo and others.I am sure you must have seen ZRA taking a new face with our fellow Zambian profession disengaged from a lucrative international job in Netherlands to fill its top job.A lot of people are corrupt such that it has been too difficult for the administration to find clean people to fill in strategic positions.If you believe you have no dirty linen go for the many opportunities of helping move the country forward.

  14. #7, I have never seen a person who enjoys writing like yourself. Firstly I can tell from your expressions that you miss Zambia a lot and rely mostly on information from the archives to champion you well rehearsed phrases.
    Personally I don’t think Chuchu has made progress in the fight of corruption and rule of law and will never do so because he is very much involved and doesnot deserve any credits. If this man stuck to what he professed during his ascension to power, I would have given him a pat on the back, but what has prevailed is 270 degrees divergence from his initial promise. Nepotism is his daily bread. We have 4 high profile cases (FTJ,Sakala,Musonda,Kashiwa) that have wasted a lot of money, but at the point of delivery where services to the people matter, the system is very corrupt. How do you justify this man’s rule of law when he enjoys shielding criminals in the likes of Kashiwa Bulaya, a person who willfully and knowingly bought fake ARVs and fed them to innocent people? Simon Miti? VJ? All those mentioned in Auditors report? A clean system will automatically disqualify such persons even before the populace cry out. There has been more stealing in chuchu’s time than before? K3trillion goes un accounted for at Central board of Health??? To you pragfimofimo it is good governance? Had Chuchu been in Japan, even this air we are breathing ,he would have been the one pumping it, this time he could have been history, thank God Zambians are peace loving .

    Look at the electoral process which is a more classic example where elections of prominent ministers have had to be annulled. These are not civil servants but his men from MMD and what does this tell you about corruption vices? Do you know how much money has been thrown into this dungeon which could have saved millions from poverty?
    Stop day dreaming and be practical.If I were an appointing authority I would not appoint you for lack of confidentiality or is it personal praises you want to stress, that you are putting up systems with MOF senior personnel? Did you even know that the world bank was positioned at MOF to streamline the purchasing systems at Health, Education and defence to no avail? So now you ba Pragfimomo you have even failed to set up budgetary control system at your home,you are always in OD, how dare you talk of setting up one in govt? You are a big joke
    Do you know how much savings were made from debt cancellations? A sane and caring govt would have invested that money in productive sectors to help grow the economy, but all you do with your elder brother is sing about FTJ , do your mathematics($7.2bn -$500m) that was the physical benefits that could have been put to good use in long term but none of these have reached the common man on the street. We can only address poverty if we create wealth. We won’t have another round of debt cancellation.” Because no one takes them to task,checks and balances are not there because weak opposition and having illiterate MPs ,a stupid minister was busy asking for more debt cancellations from non paris club members, is this normal? This included a country which is ravaged by war? Mulibe inzelu imwe Bantu ka?
    Capital flight is rampant and benefits from cant be felt because of our foolish leaders.
    That is why people want a credible constitution.
    The way forward, is to make lean the bloated civil servants and put up incentives to attract the right mix of talents including you pragfimomo(English teacher) that is the only way those reforms you are talking about will bring out the required benefits, minus that it’s a total lost battle.Today there is no professionalism stating from chuchu to the sweeper. Anna Chifungulo is the only competent and law abiding civil servant we have in this country the rest including your brother chuchu are hopeless and not fit for purpose.
    Try to read what is contained in the CRC draft on ww .crc.org.zm since you enjoying archived info.So stop bragging that chuchu has done anything he is the worst leader Zambia has ever produced through a corrupt system.Tell him that if you live in a glass house , don’t throw stones,we await the outcome of 10 th August.In Ndola Chuchu will kiss dust with his MMD come 2011, this I can assure you.

  15. Sunday, May 21, 2006
    Levy warns against elections corruption
    PRESIDENT Mwanawasa has sternly warned political parties, including the MMD against manipulating the electorates as the country nears the tripartite general elections.
    Zambia News and Information Services reports that Mr Mwanawasa also urged political parties to ensure that the electorates are not influenced to supporting and electing candidates who were prone to using underhand methods or corrupt practices in their campaigns.
    The caution was made on Friday night during an anti-corruption sensitisation night organised by the National Movement Against Corruption (NAMAC) at Intercontinental Hotel in Lusaka.
    In a speech read on his behalf by Ministry of Home Affairs Deputy Minister, Justin Chilufya, Mr Mwanawasa said political party leaders should refrain from corrupt methods of campaigning so that the elections were free and fair.
    He said for democracy to be seen to be working, all aspiring candidates must ensure that they conducted their campaigns in a fair and corrupt-free manner.
    Mr Mwanawasa also said that corruption was perpetuating poverty in the country by taking away resources from public welfare to private and personal interests.
    The President noted that without corrupt persons in society, Zambia would have more and better roads, better schools, more jobs, lower cost of essential commodities and reliable medical facilities.
    “It is corruption that has frustrated plans to build enough decent shelter for our people, corruption has taken away what we need in order to have decent lives, the same corruption has robbed the country her sanity,” he said.
    At the same function, NAMAC Lusaka Province chairperson, Esther Kakompe, said corruption was a complex problem and he called for concerted efforts to restore sanity to the nation.
    Mrs Kakompe said that NAMAC would soon carry a door-to-door anti-corruption sensitisation campaign in the communities in order to empower the electorates with corruption-free atmosphere during the forthcoming elections.
    She, however, expressed concern that since the President declared zero-tolerance on corruption in 2002, community participation has been that of spectators as the scourge keeps growing.
    “We must keep fighting at all costs because corruption kills us quietly, it steals our national financial resources and it breeds poverty and more suffering among the people of Zambians,” she said. – ZANIS

  16. #7 from the articel above#16 if this so called ‘Rule of law’ was practical we expected stiff punishments to people like Mabenga,Gaston,Banda etc but things just go like water in a calm stream,Shamuna chuchu , shame, nayaku stock take insange nawasuka iwe pragfimomo,AM keep watching him incase he writes in Chinese or Punjabi

  17. I have always said, fighting corruption shouldn’t be selective and based on who is who.Fighting corruption is like fighting gorilla warfare. You need commitment and passion towards a balanced outcome. Pragfimofimo will not accept my view becoz once we contructively critise the govt on issues of national importance, he calls us names. Thank you God Levy has set the precedent of removing immunity and so what may 2011 there will be the same kind of things. Trillion missing how? Levy should share the blame on this matter whether you supporters you like or not.Secondly, the elections are always fraudulent in many cases in favour of the ruling govt.so how can you fight corruption when your house is corrupt? The court rules vehicles to be given back to the govt MMD refuses. is this not the act of defianceagainst the rule of law. The result in this case have weaken judicial system zed has ever had. No wonder we are having cases in Uk in steady of zed.shame upon the govt

  18. #11 Who are you calling jerks? Just because you haven’t made to anywhere doesn’t mean we are not contributing. Being out here in the diaspora enables some of us to look after our relatives there and our money makes a difference to the economy something we were not able to do there so don’t be a jerk!

  19. #11 Who are you calling jerks? Just because you haven’t made it to leave Zed doesn’t mean we are not contributing. Being out here in the diaspora enables some of us to look after our relatives there and our money makes a difference to the economy something we were not able to do there so don’t be a jerk!

  20. Yes, Bakamba ba DoubleKu #17 – tell this man Pragmatist that ur chuchu has also being shielding crimicals like the Mabenge and Katele Kalumba of this world in his party and that his ascension to power is questionable. Iwe Ba Pragamtist dont just hero worship for nothing, here at home we doent anything to appreciate this govt, you afar u dont know or feel what is happening here at home. Come back and see the cry of suffering majority of the pipo. In Misisi compound near Kafue roundabout, there is no police post and every morning an average of three pipo are pick dead. Yet this compound is just a stone throw from town centre. Do u Pragamtist expect pipo hero worship or appreciate ur Chuchu and his govt when they are leaving in that kind of situation.

  21. #21 AM look at their double faced theories, Findlay defiles someone and is told to stay away, Katele, Mabenga whose cases are real are left to trot cairo road freely and continue to enjoy govt resources, how do you fight corruption like that? Its utter nonsense to say the least.AM tufwile twaboma ifikoti ababantu baya sana no mu cila wa mfubu(hippo)

  22. ‘Sustain debt cancellation savings’
    ONE of Zambia’s challenges is to sustain the gains that have accrued from the cancellation of debt, says the Standard Bank Group of South Africa.

    Standard bank notes that restraining domestic borrowing and strengthening of debt management capacity are crucial to maintaining macroeconomic stability and private sector growth.

    According to the bank’s mid year gauge on Zambia, for the country to achieve Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), higher growth was required in agriculture and labour intensive sectors.

    It adds that the current expansion in commercial farming and relocation of farmers from other countries was expected to contribute to an expanding agriculture sector that will create spin-offs in other sectors.

    ” Zambia has the difficult task of reconciling fiscal restraint with the implementation of poverty reducing programmes that will facilitate achievement of MDGs,” notes the bank.

    Standard bank indicates that although the economic recovery has gone some way towards raising household incomes, poverty is still extensive due to prolonged low growth in agricultural sector and limited employment.

    The bank however notes that the recent gain in the Kwacha was not without drawbacks.

    Imports value added tax collection came in below projections on account of the strong Kwacha and Government estimates lost over US$ 200 million from this source of tax revenue.

    The bank further cites mining as another tax revenue that had been affected by the strong Kwacha.

    Standard bank notes that the downward revision of fiscal revenue projections for fiscal year 2005/7 comes soon after Finance minister, Ngandu Magnate revealed the Fifth National Development plan with an aggregate financing gap of about US $ 1.5 billion over the 2006 to 2011 implementation period.

    The bank however adds that debt cancellation has changed Zambia’s macroeconomic profile with sharp declines in Government’s external debt that has enabled her to pay off some of domestic debt.

  23. Iwe Pragfimomo, see this article and prpound on what I told you #15, where are you?Have you been deported or something?

  24. Belgium to cancel $5m debt

    BELGIUM intends to cancel about US$5 million Zambia owes to relieve the country of her external debt burden.

    And President Mwanawasa has commended Belgium for the gesture of granting Zambia such a significant debt relief service that will go a long way in reducing the level of the country’s indebtedness.

    Mr Mwanawasa said this in a statement issued in Lusaka yesterday by his special assistant for press and public relations, John Musukuma.

    “I take this opportunity to thank Belgium for its intention to grant Zambia a debt relief of US$5million which will further reduce Zambia’s debt burden,” Mr Mwanawasa said.

    President Mwanawasa has also sent a congratulatory message to King Albert II of Belgium on the occasion of his ascension to the throne of King Leopold I.

    He said: “Zambia and Belgium have continued to enjoy warm and long-standing relations both at bilateral and multilateral levels.”

    And Mr Mwanawasa has sent messages of condolences to first President, Dr Kenneth Kaunda, on the untimely death of his grandson, Zunda Banda, in Harare, Zimbabwe, recently.

    The President said he learnt about the death of Zunda, son of James and Musata, with a deep sense of shock.

    “On behalf of the government, the people of Zambia and indeed my own behalf, please accept our deepest sympathies on this tragic loss,” he said.

    He implored Dr Kaunda to accept his deepest and heartfelt condolences as he endured going through a sad and difficult time.

    Mr Mwanawasa said a loss of a youthful life like that of Zunda was devastating.

    Meanwhile, President Mwanawasa has extended his stay in Livingstone by two days on a working holiday following the conclusion of the Fifth Zambia International Business Advisory Council (ZIBAC) conference held in the tourist capital from Sunday to Tuesday this week.

    Cabinet ministers, senior Government officials, private sector representatives, international business executives and other cooperating partners took part in the deliberations of the conference that was chaired by Lord Simon Cairns.

    The ZIBAC conference is an annual event initiated by President Mwanawasa in September 2003 with the aim of facilitating public-private sector dialogue on policy issues and how to enhance private sector contribution to economic development.

  25. Is everyone posting in this tread in Zambia? Your English is amazingly good. I had no idea that English was so well spoken in the middle of Africa.

  26. Who is the real thief? The oppressed native man tryung to put the law in his own hands to defend his well being and children or the corporate man with paper? I guess all need paper to steal then the courts will be free of such cases.

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