Saturday, April 20, 2024

Indeni Oil Refinery to be refurbished at US $65m


GOVERNMENT has set aside US$65 million to address the state of Indeni Oil Refinery in Ndola.

This came to light in Livingstone today when a participant at the just ended Fifth Zambia International Business Advisory Council (ZIBAC) Conference, Dyson Mweene, made a presentation on the status of the Energy Sector in the country.

Mr Mweene said Indeni Oil Refinery was constantly breaking down, hence the need to improve its mechanical state.

He said there was also need to look at the possibility of converting the Tanzania Zambia Authority (TAZAMA) pipeline to pump finished products instead of crude oil.

Mr Mweene further noted that Kafue Gorge and Itezhi tezhi hydro power stations would not attract investment if government did not reduce electricity tariffs.

He said there was need for government to adjust tarrifs in order to attract investment and to encourage private sector participation in the development of power generating plants.

And another participant, Justine Chinyanta, delivering resolutions on infrastructure, said there was need to increase road infrastructure, especially for the mines.

Mr Chinyanta also said there was need to modernize border posts such as Kasumbalesa and Nakonde border posts and to make them a one stop shop.


  1. – For $65m what will this money be used for ?
    – Who is looking at the delivery line that brings crude into INDENI ?
    – Who is looking at sourcing crude from cheaper sources ?
    – Who is looking at the security involved in piping finished product given the experience gained from Nigeria ?
    – Who is really thinking about some of these things ?
    – Who really cares anyway ?

  2. This may explain why our fuel price is the highest in Sub-Saharan Africa. We are paying for this injection of funds in an aging monopoly of an industry. Buchi Boy I dont think Cabbage has the capacity to explore your suggestions

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