Education Deputy Minister Lucy Changwe has challenged fellow members of parliament to go for voluntary counselling and testing (VCT), VCT.

Ms. Changwe disclosed that she was happy that she has gone for VCT and knows her HIV
status which is negative.

She said members of parliament should lead by example in the fight against HIV/AIDS
by going for VCT.

The Minister made the remarks when she officiated at the Teachers Health Day held
Naboye High school in Kafue yesterday.

on Saturday under the theme “Health Teacher for Quality Education”.

She noted with sadness that the Ministry of Education has not been spared from the
HIV/AIDS pandemic.

Ms Changwe challenged members of parliament, traditional leaders and civil society
to play an important role in mobilizing communities to take up preventive actions,
including fighting stigma.

She said there was need for action now before the disease wipes out the whole
nation. a

And speaking earlier,  Kafue District Education Standards Officer (DESO) Loveness
Mubisi commended the Ministry of Education for choosing Kafue to host the Teachers
Healthy Day whose theme is “Healthy Teachers for Quality Education”.

Mrs Mubisi said the theme was appropriate because a healthy teacher has a low
absenteeism rate from duty.

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  1. Ba Pelete(1), i’m sure you are also tired of HIV negative leaders encouraging others to go for testing.

    It would exciting to have an HIV cabinet minister (assuming we have one !!) championing VCT !!!


  2. In chililabombwe we need big infrastrure since there is plenty of space. There no way we can have just about 5 big building and yet is the town near the boarder.
    If the government can do something e.g building a shoping complex because shoprite is not here.if allow for investors to invest in chililabombwe.


  3. Why is it that teachers most head in terms improving their condition of service than health workers? Rember un healthy child can never concetrate in class or go to school. In short no one is important than the other, we compliment each other. May be the teachers are more head than the health workers because their union is more active than that of health workers.



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