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Levy receives doctorate degree


 President Levy Mwanawasa has been bestowed with an honorary doctorate degree in law by the Harding University of the United States of America.

This is in recognition for his outstanding performance as a lawyer over the past years.

The presentation of the doctorate was given to the president at the Benson auditorium of the university.

Dr. Mwanawasa who has been attending the 62nd session of the United Nations in New York, was visibly overjoyed when David Burks, president of the University presented him with the doctorate.

In accepting the award, Dr. Mwanawasa said he will dedicate the degree to Zambian boys and girls still struggling to find their rightful position in society.

Dr. Mwanawasa said as a young boy, he never thought of pursuing law as a career but was inspired by a Mr. Jack Dare a renowned lawyer who had visited his school and gave an inspiring lecture about law.

He said since that lecture, he developed a special interest in law and worked hard to ensure his dreams of becoming a lawyer in life materialised.

He said before he met Mr. Dare, he had thought of becoming a pilot, teacher or even locomotive driver, but all these plans were pushed by the way side later in life.

Dr. Mwanawasa said career success always come with great responsibility not only to one’s family but to society at large and that it was for this reason that he had since his university days , endeavoured to make positive contribution to his country, Zambia.

Dr. Mwanawasa who ran through his early days as a young lawyer said he had for a long time been provoked by situations around him to do something for society as things usually go wrong as people decide not to do anything about them.

“During my years of practice, many of my clients were mostly those fighting for their fundamental human rights, a fact that was very dangerous during this time of Zambia’s history. People were being detained for expressing themselves. And for or not associating with certain individuals, friends and relatives,” Dr. Mwanawasa said.

He said people were detained on flimsy reasons and that he could not withstand the injustice that prevailed then.

He said what was more disturbing was the fact that people who were wrongly detained could not be compensated in any way.

Dr. Mwanawasa told the audience present at the ceremony that liberal politics in Zambia were outlawed and business was closely controlled thereby making both politics and very dangerous grounds to venture into as the country was steadily moving to communism.

He said following the wind of change which swept through the country in 1991, there was a change of Government which ushered in the MMD into power and he served as vice president.

He said as a lawyer, he was not happy that even the leadership of his party was not conforming to the needs of the people as some tenets of corruption started appearing, a thing which did not please him and thereby leading to his consequent resignation as vice president.

Dr. Mwanawasa said he felt challenged when he was elected as republican president in 2001 as he thought he now had an opportunity to tackle certain things he could not do as vice president.

The president said as a result of the fight against corruption, good governance has returned to Zambia but he was quick to say that good governance alone was not enough if it did not help to improve the livelihood of the people.

In this regard, the president said the country has been able to improve the economic growth and that 6.2 percent growth was achieved in the past five years for the first time in Zambia’s history.

Dr. Mwanawasa who paid glowing tribute to the Harding University for the excellent work they are doing at Namianga High School in Southern Province also wished the university success in their quest to establish a university at Namianga.

He said his Government’s aim was to establish Zambia as a centre of excellence in education in the Southern African region.

The President was accompanied by his wife Maureen, Minister of Education, Professor Geoffrey Lungwangwa, Health Minister Brian Chituwo, Agriculture Minister Ben Kapita and Minister of Justice George Kunda.

Other senior officials at hand to witness the ceremony were Zambia’s Ambassador to the United States, Dr. Inonge Mbikusita Lewanika, Secretary to the Cabinet Dr. Joshua Kanganja and Foreign Affairs Permanent Secretary Tens Kapoma.


  1. Funny, it’s only African leaders who are conferred Honorary PHD’s. Think about it, there have been Great American Presidents, including Clinton and Reagan, but none of the many American Universities have conferred an Honorary PHD on any of them. An Africa leader will be in office, or is it power, for one term and the next thing, the same American Universities will be in line to confer a DOCTOR somebody. Why don’t they do the same for their leaders? This, in my view, is more out of ridicule than appreciation.

  2. Has LPM been conferred the Honourary PHD for running a country with UNEMPLOYMENT levels of more than 70%?I agree with #1 that this is simply to ridicule DR LPM.

  3. The last chap to have been made a Doc is now facin real Docs and actually pleading to have his passport released. Doctorate yakupimisha? Twanya mwisho fwebo!

  4. Dr. Levy deserves it because he has been recognized not as president of Zambia but as a lawyer who practiced before he was president. Chiliba got his honors from University of Malawi. Where did KK got his?Unza i assume. There many honors that are confered to distinguished people in a particular field because of their conribution to that cause. Levy is one of the best lawyers Zambia has ever produced. He is State Cousel, and has experience in international law because he served on the Hague. Come on Bloggers and fellow Zambian give credit where it is due.

  5. #1,#2 Point of correction.Clinton has more than 3 hornourary PHD, Both bush Sr,Bush Jr and Reagan have honourary PHDs even Rumsfied has a honourary PHD. Mandela has more than 10 PHDs but he has refused to be called Dr Mandela. The same applies to US presidents. They choose not to be called Dr. LPM also can choose not to be called Dr and stick to SC. Ramsfield was also bestorde upon him the SIR title by the qeen but he has refuesed to be called Sir Ramsfield. The reason why you find these african leaders more especially Zambians rush to change their letters heads to reflect Dr is a question of low self esteem. If you have archived greatness in life, your name would mean or carry more degnity or weight than the Dr. I will give you an example Whether you call him Kaunda or Dr kaunda its of no consequesnce. The man has archieve prominance. These honours are more pronounced in Z because its designed to prop up the reciepeints image.

  6. Doc. Levy SC and other African leaders who are honoured in the same way should ask themselves, why only African leaders?

  7. #5 Te ma jealous but the whole concept is not worth it when soon as you leave plot 1 your Pride is near drained and it becomes a burden. Get what am drivin at?

  8. African leaders tend to use their honorary degrees in their tittles. Western leaders also have honorary degrees but they dont bother to change their tittle to Dr something.

  9. Clinton was a professor of Law (Uni of Arkansas)before he joined politics, Condy Rice was also a professor at some prestigious uni before politics.None of these are called Proff in public life, makes you wonder why we have Prof Luo and others in Z

  10. Mwilasabaila fye. If you are old enough you know under what conditions LPM defended Christon Tembo and Jack Shamwana. In kaunda era defending a coup plotter was tantamount to being an accomplice. If the basis for the Phd is the work he did as a lawyer then its well deserved and long over due. If FTJs Phd is about his work as a trade unionist no one would dispute that. So let us be objective and learn to isolate issues. Every person has stenghts and weeknesses. As human beings we tend to forcus more on the negatives than positives, which is unfortunate. Whether you like him or not LPM was one of the best lawyers Zambia has ever produced. He may not be the best president or he may be a tribalist or a nepotist. But during the 80s and 90s he was the best lawyer in Zambia. If this PHD is about the work he did then, he deserves it.

  11. I have been seeing the 75% unemployment issue in Zambia on this blog for some time, thought i can add my view. Quoting 75% as an isolated figure and looking at it from the short term point of view, obviously does not make sense to any analytical being. If you wanted to add meaning to it you have to show the transition aspect. For example if you wanted to be nasty to levy you can say it was 65% during KK time in 1980, Levy has pushed it to 75. on the flip side if you wanted to give him accolades you could say it was 90% during kafupis time, levy has managed to reduce it. point is 75% alone does not make a complete picture, and is therefore meaningless to quote in isolation…..

  12. Hey in the 80s though we did not have an effective independent media to report on such issues as inflation or unemployment. The UE index was below 20% after 1986 the index rose to about 35% but was controlled by huge subsidies in agric and a booming mining industry. This changed drastically by the removal of subsidies, Compunded by academic fiscal policies employed by FTJ governemnt and the colapse of the agriculutural sector,by 1994 we where at about 85% un employement and that figure has been well over 75% for the last 10 years. CSO reported a month ago that UE index was at over 75%. This figure is not a media speculation, but a fact figure released by CSO with an error magine of +-3%.

  13. Typically Zambian. The PhD mentality: Pull Him Down. Kudos to LPM. However, be humble and do not go brandishing the title anyhow. My former chancellor here at the University of the Witwatersrand has 7 honorary degrees to his name.

    With all my comments on this blog, surely everyone must think i’m pro-government? HAHAHAHAH I’m in the boat! Viva PF! Amaka!

  14. It is very sad that most of you satiric humorists have completely given-up to incorrigible hatred and unhelpful envy over anything not involving you. That kind of mind, character and thinking depicts a dangerous damned agency of fascism you serve. It leaves you damned racketeers of moral defeat unable to see that your hatred is witchcraft in action eating you faster than you know.

    What is wrong for a Veteran Senior professional State Counsel to be recognized for his professional services? Levy Mwanawasa as a professional attorney has years of legal services to this nation presiding over extremely difficulty cases under difficulty political and social circumstances.

    You have not even looked through the Zambian High Court Registrar to enumerate the cases he has handled. This is a Zambian who has a trail of rising from a humble background to prominence and prosperity through hard work and self conduct and yet all your cowardly preoccupation behind screens is Pull Him Down.

    Dr. Roger Chongwe is a successful practicing internationally acclaimed Constitutional lawyer with an honorary Doctorate Degree for more than 20 years yet nothing wrong. But when Levy is conferred such a recognition over his achievement and professional career, you resign to your incorrigible witchcraft of words. That behavior and envy is primitive and your immediate danger to place in a dynamic world of civility. Reform or worsen in worthlessness.

    I say Bravo Mwanawasa and Bravo Zambia!

  15. If ba levy is so good at law why is the man trying to manipulate the constitutional making process? Guys let us not give blind loyalty. If ba levy earned the doc status through academic work then I will give him the respect but not political docs that can be taken away the minute he becomes anti western. The cases of the 80s were simple, any one would have won those cases. After all Dr. KK was just a teacher by profession and perhaps good for liberation struggles for southern africa. We want to see a people driven constitution for the people by the people not just MMD politicians that is when we are going to say ba levy is a good lawyer not what he is trying to do right now by forcing everyone to go along with his MMD driven NCC agenda.

  16. What are we now going to refer to Sangwa who has managed to out think Lawyer wama Lawyers and his GANG?Is he now Prof.SANGWA?Let`s cut this crap and leave these titles to ‘pounder’ generals.

  17. Whether you like this or not. For me, the people that deserve honoring with such degrees or titles are the many people suffering in Zambia.Secondly, the freedom fighters deserve more acclaim than someone who has earned a living being a lawyer.How many people today have sacrificed to make Zambia what it is? We do not need to be active in politics to be honored. What about all the poverty, lack of opportunities, and downright shameless greed of these leaders, that we have endured, don’t we deserve some honor.You know for sure that it will be automatic that this guy will want to be addressed as Dr.If anything, i would support this idea if it was conferred on VJ. Whether he did drugs or not, who among you is clean?VJ has done more for this country than LPM.

  18. #29 that is a classic my friend, ati VJ has rigged more elections than anybody else so he deserves to be called what Doctor VJ or Prof VJ?

  19. Hey!..#28, Brother Kitwe City Council, (KCC) you seem to be doing fine on the blog but you are directing all you energies on wrong focii. VJ is now spent and he is resting his bones at his farm. So let the Old man rest.

  20. Congrats Mr President you deserve it .May The LORD bless you, and keep you .The LORD make his face shine upon you, and be gracious unto you .The LORD lift up his countenance upon you, and give thee peace. May The Lord lead you in every decision you make for mother Zambia.

    Amen Amen Amen

    Number 6:25-27

  21. #33 Brother Kedrick Tembo.Don`t forget to pray for LPM to return the land he grabbed from UNZA and that he stops shielding corrupt individuals within his inner circle and also ceases to practise TRIBALISM and Nepotism.Remember that the LORD doesn`t condone hypocrisy and also despises using his name in vain but always exposes what is done in secret.

  22. Kedrick think before you put LPM in your prayers, Does he look, listern or care for the most poorest brothers and sisters throughout zed? the ans is NO. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. If levy fears the lord, wisdom will be upon him to give zambians the constitution that is going to be driven by zeds.The lord has heard the cries of the less able to defend themselves and he will act accordingly.let cadres and politicians enjoy but the Lord will answeer the cries of the poor.

  23. It took my late friend a decade and half to earn a Phd after leaving high school.16 years of demonstrated academic excellence,16 years as a monk,16 years mu Gulf.Let us study for these degrees gentlemen.My friend would die again if he woke up to find that Phds are now given freely.

  24. You Zambian you are so funny and also just wanting to be politically correct without being morally correct.Ask youselves which of the correctness are you promoting or do you stand for? The man has served and defended his country and he deserve to be honored. He cant solve all the economical and social problems of Zambia but you have seen that he has tried to manage govt with integrity. He has some flaws and strengths just like any other leader.The Kwacha is going stronger, Inflation is tumbling,more invetiments coming, no more third term debates. The constitution is not just like a simple document one can mess around with. Let the man finish his tenure and then one of you or your uncle Sata, might be president but he might be too old to fill the office by 2011. Congrats Dr.LPM.!!!

  25. The Man deerves it you pipo.
    It just depends on the way he will prefer to be addressed.After all,He is an Educated Guy.
    He did not graduate from The Institute Of democratic studies near Rcards No.
    We are so good at commenting negatively.
    Lets just give Caesar what belongs to him and Jesus likewise.
    God bless Zambia

  26. Since Jozi and Socrates have been contributing positively, I Prof. Chibwe honour them with a PhD Hence from now on wards they will be called DR JOZI AND DR SOCRATES. You gart to be kidding me!!!. Anyways # 38 what kwacha are you talking about which is growing stronger is it Malawian or Zambian? Because in Zambia 80% of our people sleep on empty stomachs each day? You should understand that the USA is trying to monopolize Africa there is nothing like hard working here my friend. # 7 if Clinton and Jr and Snr Bush got their PhD in USA am happy for their hard work of improving education systems whilst in power and its their country so what do you expect. Mwanawasa should not even use the Dr. title, it will be a disgrace to us. These African leaders are trying to decolonize their minds but i don’t see it working. If they really want let them upgrade their universities first. It will be good one day to see CBU honoring an American president sorry its closed but maybe UNZA.

  27. Prof Chibwe you are very intelligent from the way you articulate issues tell them.Oh oh oh mama elyo lwanya dr chuchu!!!!!!!!! now lets wait for dr mpombo and dr kalyalya.CBU should bestore Hilary clinton the PHD when she comes to power in two yrs time lets work towards that zedians

  28. Yesterday, I wrote, ‘Congrats to Levy for receiving his doctorate from Harding university. We hope that Levy will not just feel comfortable being called Dr Mwanawasa (as ZNBC has started calling him)and get relaxed from fulfilling his vision to lift the living standard of the poor who’re special on God’s heart. Let him & his team work hard & make sure that every Zambian has at least bread and butter (i.e. nshima or food) on the table each day & not going to bed on an empty stomach. KK promised every Zambian child an egg for breakfast. We need every Zambian child to have three decent meals meals each day. Only then will the nation really rejoice when politicians & economists talk about economic figures. It’s good too that Harding wants to set establish a uni at Namiyanga where they are actively involved. God bless the three big mission churches in Southern provinces who’re setting up unis . We need other mission churches to do the same in other provinces to help GRZ. More unis… needed

  29. LAZ ‘ditches’ Oasis

    THE Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) has dissociated itself from the Oasis Forum’s stance of boycotting the National Constitution Conference (NCC) and has instead resolved to submit names of members to represent the association.

    LAZ becomes the first member of the Oasis Forum to resolve separately to participate in the constitution-making process under the NCC.

    LAZ president, Elijah Banda, announced the resolution after an extra-ordinary general meeting held at Mulungushi International Conference Centre in Lusaka yesterday.

    According to sources in the meeting, about 72 members voted in favour of LAZ participating in the process while 39 were against.

    The NCC is expected to either recommend or adopt the new constitution before presentation to Parliament for enactment within 12 months of the commencement of the NCC sitting.

    “At the extra-ordinary general meeting conducted in an open and transparent manner to consider the association’s position on whether to participate in the National Constitution Conference or not, the membership voted in favour of the association’s participation,” Mr Banda said.

    He said consequently, LAZ would be communicating to Secretary to the Cabinet, Joshua Kanganja, names of the association’s nominees.

    “The council wishes to restate the position that LAZ still remains a constituent member of the Oasis Forum and that the association will soon be meeting with the Oasis Forum members to explain the position the association has taken,” Mr Banda said.

    The Oasis Forum is composed of the Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia, Non-Governmental Organisations Coordinating Council, Zambia Episcopal Conference, the Council of Churches in Zambia and LAZ.

    And JERRY MUNTHALI reports that UNIP has advised the Oasis Forum and other stakeholders who have boycotted the NCC to learn lessons from the party’s boycott of the 1996 elections.

    In an interview in Lusaka yesterday, UNIP vice-president, Njekwa Anamela, said the move would not, in any way, benefit the country’s constitution review process.

    “Let them come to us: we are ready to tell them the consequences of boycotting,” Mr Anamela said
    He said boycotting the NCC would not help the nation to come up with a good constitution because their concerns would not be addressed, as they would not be represented at the Conference.

    Mr Anamela said UNIP learnt great lessons from its boycott of the 1996 elections and was using this knowledge wisely in the constitution review process.
    “The other side of the coin must be appreciated.

    The history of constitutional development in Zambia is the one that has been achieved by consensus building,” he said.

    Mr Anamela encouraged Zambians to take advantage of the NCC and make positive contributions to come up with a good constitution for the people.

    He said the NCC projected a national character and that its composition looked inclusive because key stakeholders would be involved in the constitution review process.

    “There may be some apprehensions, but the NCC is a step forward and its framework will allow all stakeholders to participate freely in the constitution review process. There is no delegate who will be imposed by Government or the President,” Mr Anamela said.

  30. SAGE, i`m disappointed with the past and present crop political leaders in Zambia.For forty three years,these guys have failed to come up with a constitution that will be fully supported and accepted by the Zambian people.Every president comes with his constitution.Kaunda with his Mvunga constitution,Chiluba with his Mwanakatwe and now Dr Mwanawasa with his Mung`omba constitution. Can we put an end to this nonsense.The next thing will hear is Sata with his Nsanda constitution.

    The US is over 200years old yet they have the shortest constitution in the whole world, with only 7 Articles and 27 Amendments.It shows how mature their political leadership has been. I had so much confidence in the State Consul, Dr Mwanawasa but i am getting disappointed now.Him being a Lawyer should understand that a good constitution should have a consensus of the people.Adopting the constitution by just a handful of people is a waste of public resources.It will not stand a test of time.

  31. Doni (44),
    No constitution could stand the test of time. Do you really understand the implicit of “standing test of time” in legal terms? No constitution has stood the test of time in the history of this world. Your views on the US constitution are reflective of basic knowledge thus far you hold including but on the US political and constitutional history. Take time to comprehensively study the US constitutional law and reforms with a willing and open mind to learn. Don’t speak on the basis of assumptions as “assumption is the lowest form of knowledge”.

    The US constitution has never been the best. That Constitution has since taken a lot of major amendments on key clauses and bills of rights. Look through constitutional suits in the Supreme US court and tell me how many clauses have been struck down in opinions by learned presiding Justices? Do you how many were the original bill of rights and how many have been spared since?

    Also do you know that an American is politically passive hence bad laws left to exist for Generations with many amendments in the 60s and 80s only? Give Americans a health economy; they have nothing to do with the “real politicking” politics of every day in Washington. Their constitution has not stood the test of time.

  32. #48 Thank you for exhibiting your ignorance on this forum.Where did you study your US Constitutional law? I am sure you are one of these guys who are comfortable with honarary degrees.I urge you to go and claim a refund, if at all you hold any qualification because your arguments lack substance.

  33. Have we bothered to find out why the CHONA,MVUNGA and MWANAKATWE Constitutional reviews failed to fulfill their intended purpose?Why are we always taken for a ride and allow leaders to deny us what we rightfully deserve?This flawed and extreemly expensive MMD engineered constitution is simply going to add to the list of constitutional reviews that have unfortunately ended in trepidation or basically been a futile exercise.When are we ever going to have a people driven constitution?

  34. It is always going to be a challenge to come up with a constitution that will get a consensors thats above 75% because of many factors that keeps haunting our country.Topping the list will be education,poverty,and mistrust among each other and greed.We can blame the politician for all these but the pipo at large also share in the blaim because our politician are not like pipo from somewhere they are part of the all big picture.Some of them we turn them into monister after we give them power some of them take advantange of the power.For Levys degree he deserves it and must be congratulated.Levy did not earn prominecy by becoming prez he was known for standing up when it was difficult to do so.Unless you have a short memory. Had it not been Levy maybe we could have not moved to multy party.It was him who offerd to represent everyone if they were arrested in MMD before it become a party

  35. Answer to #34/#35 The Word of God Is clear on the issue of praying and blessing all men and those in authority and that include you #34 / #35 and yes I do pray The wisdom of God to be With The President.
    May The Lord grant peace and the wisdom from above.

    1 Timothy 2:1-3 KJV
    I exhort therefore, that, first of all, supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks, be made for all men;
    For kings, and for all that are in authority; that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty.
    For this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Saviour;
    God bless and guide #34 / #35

    Ame Amen Amen

  36. Doni (49),
    Instead of chickening out and soiling the challenge with epithets, show me which national Constitution has stood the test of time in human history.Show your intellectual rigor on the term test of time in constitutional law without ambiguity.

  37. #49

    I have not studied US constitutional law but I will tell you a few things I know about the US constitution and why I think it is not the best example to show regarding having a constitution that stands the test of time.

    The USA constitution was founded by free masons like george washingston, the first US president. He was one of those people that came up with lines like “freedom for all men” when at the time the US constitution was written, he had a few hundard slaves that he was selling to plantations in the USA and the caribbean islands.

    For you to understand what I’m trying to put across, you need to do some extensive research on free masons or nights templars as the were known in europe before the fled to the USA to set up what we now know as the USA. GW Bush is litterally changing everything those masons wrote back in the 16th or 17th century because the agenda of the free masons of today is to set up a one world govt which is also referred to as the new world order.

  38. With the above information in mind, I still believe that we can come up with a constitution that representations the needs and aspirations of all Zambians and it does not have to be based on any other constitution from around the world. However, for this to happen we need to have committed people that have no fratenal links to draw up a constitution for the people by the people. I personally don’t think lawyers are the best people to come up with such a document because most of them have fratenal links. I’m sure even Prez LPM must belong to at least one ‘fratenal socieity’. One publicly known free mason is one Nixion Banda currently head of the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC). When prez LPM appointed this free mason as head of the ACC it just showed how much the new world order has penetrated even Zambian politics. It also showed the links between the prez and the free masons, now this is very very bad development for Zambian politics! Research on it and you will know what I’m saying!

  39. Pragmatist and Doni, your arguments might be to do with semantics. Obviously people want a constitution that will stand the test of time…but this does not mean such a constitution will be perfect, it will still need amendments from time to time, it cant be that rigid. Its the framework if you like, that has to stand the test of time….

  40. Zambians,

    I was searching for information about why Levy was honoured and what kind of ‘UNZA’ this Harding University is. I thought this university will have the time to announce to the world via their website if they have one why they chose to honour Levy. I found nothing.

    For those of you that are away ZNBC and every cadre have started calling Levy Dr. something SC. I guess we have to get used to this tittle.

    Keep the Zambian spirit going where ever you are.

    About statistics, 75% unemployement as a figure is bad in any way you want to look at. You do not need to qualify the figure. To a numbers per cent it tell you that more than half of the country men and women consume without producing, don’t pay taxes and hence are a burden to the 25% in employment. the figures spells horror to those with the money or planning to survive in such a harsh economy as Zambia.


  41. #58 if the 75% got to where it is because of plunder by Chiluba, where is the money going now? if he is not plundering, then it would have reduced by now. soon we have to strip him of his immunity and find out.

  42. Mwanawasa has been rcognised for his contribution to Law society and even in Zed ni Zii maniingi kaili enze uchosa bagayii akabagwilila KK pa transitional period. i see no harm in honour LPM. Point of correction to #s 1n that African leaders are honoured because they are lay men who were not educated to university level but were able to fight injustices and take on global economies at the time. look at folks like KK and his shoot? They had idealologies based on the politics of the day ie Cold war? The one sus degree is that of FTJ the Political Engineering of Pluunder from wherever. So lets just accept credit where it is due. One lov still but yalizanda still more pa Zed nothing to talk about.

    Wadada still- Ras Zongo

  43. Dr Chuchu L P Muwelewele SC got his doctorate through VJ’s engineering 2001 elections, nothing else becoz without him being a presdo of zed he was not going get that doctorate. If he worked hard in the case of Tembo and them why did it take so long the so called uni in SA to give the doctorate? why did they not give that time? dubious doctoring u have chuchu boy!

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