Govt constitutes All Africa Games Committee


Government has constituted a technical committee to
spearhead preparations for the All Africa Games to be hosted by Zambia in 2011.

The committee led by Sports, Youth and Child Development Permanent Secretary Bob Samakai, has since identified four learning institutions to be sports villages during the event.

The institutions include Evelyn Hone College of Applied Arts and Commerce, the National Resources Development College (NRDC), the University of Zambia (UNZA) and David Kaunda Technical High School.

Speaking to Journalists after a conducted inspection tour of the UNZA’s Great East
Road campus, Samakai said the institutions would be used to accommodate the expected thousands of international athletes and officials.

Samakai added that some of the sports villages would also be used as training areas for the international athletes.

He said the ultra modern stadium under construction in Ndola would be the venue for all football matches while other games like athletics, basketball, rugby and handball would be held at the Independence Stadium and the National Olympics Complex, off Kabwe road.

He explained that the ultra modern stadium in Ndola would have an estimated sitting capacity of 45, 000.

During today’s tour of the university campus, the technical committee visited some student hostels such as the International Hostel commonly known as ‘the ruins’ and October hostels.

After visiting the hostels, the Permanent Secretary said the University
and other institutions were going to benefit from government plan to turn them in to sports villages.

He said rehabilitations work and construction works would be carried out at all institutions identified as sports villages.

The Permanent Secretary was accompanied by other senior officials who included his Director for Child Affairs John Zulu, ,National Sports Development Council of Zambia (NSDZ) Acting General Secretary Benson Kapaya and National Olympics Committee of Zambia ( NOCZ) Treasurer Kephas Sanga.

Dean of Students Hector Chibobola and his team were also part of the entourage.

Chibobola commended overnment for the visit saying the gesture was a guarantee of
improved standards at the university.


  1. Looks like things are happening on this site. Hopefully we get rid of those low level bloggers who like insulting. Anyway, back to the topic. I thought the govt was going to build another ultra modern sports infrastructure in Lusaka. Looks like the Chinese stadium in Ndola will be the only real thing in Zambia. What happened to plans to build stadiums in Lusaka and Livingstone. Was that just political talk? And using students hostels to host the athletes. I don’t know about that ..

  2. #1 Students hostels can be used as sport village there is no problem. The worrying is the absence of the modern stadoum. You cannot host an international event at independence staduim. Most events are track and field hence the importance of the stadium.

  3. Ultra modern what? Its all dreams. When last did we have a leadership that can plan implement and evaluate. Its all cheap talk calm the masses. We are being mis-ruled.

    Our leadership is too petty and we can not go anywhere with a petty leadership.

  4. This is a joke. Just some weeks ago, someone in govt was saying that we dont have facilities because we have not hosted major events, but now we have the oppotunity and we still want to use the same old facilities??? I don’t understand this. These people are supposed to build sports complexes and hostels and not use learning institutions. This is lack of planning from our leaders, failing to take up opportunities. And it clear the 3 stadia which were to be built for the world Cup in SA was just

  5. nothing but Zambian politics. Full of promises with little or no delievery. Shame on you GRZ. Yes shame on you because you are so visionaryless. I just wish someone could hear this cry from my heart for my beloved country. Even FTJ, corrupt as you say he is tried to do something when we hosted the OAU summit. Now we have the millennium village and a new modern hall at MICC.

  6. Raw deal everywhere. The Chinese built a 60000 seater ultra modern stadium in Tanzania and the best Zambia can get from the Chinese infestors is a 45000 seater. Why do we always get RAW DEALS? The builders of Arcades built a very modern muiltstorey shopping complex in Namibian but the best Zambia can get is Arcades. Shame on you……

  7. We Zambians have stagnated in infrastructure development for the past 17 years. Our Political leadership has no incling of what legacy they wish to leave behind in terms of public infrastructure development. So many missed opportunities and yet no lessons learnt. Here again we have govt talking about using institutions of learning as sports villages for the 2011 games! Shouldn’t govt be mobilising public and private sector funds to build/manage new sports and hotel facilities? Shame indeed!!

  8. At the rate at which things are happening we risk being stripped of an opportunity to host this event. This is a rare opportunity for us to host this 2011 as it is good for our infracture. But the problem is there is more talking than action by politicians. GRZ build two more stadia as promised, in L/stone and Lusaka and upgrade Independence stadium to acceptable standards. L/stone is a tourist capital and hence a stadium there. Visiting sportsmen/women will be tourists and will leave behind $$$

  9. It will be a shame to watch the African games in those ruined infrastrcture. The whole world will be watch and to show the them how unprepared and ill equipped we are will be a shame to all zambians and an insult too. Someo of us who are outside Zambia would have been our moment of pride to show our friends our beautiful country but it seems there will be no beauty to show off.

  10. # 6,7,8 &9 +10 Be informed there is nothing wrong in using hostels as village hostels. Ask sportsmen who have travelled will tell you the same. Dont just condemn the problem here is lack of a modern stadium definately this will lead striping off this chance. We have a problem here because most pipo have failed to understand the sport industry. Just look at the composition og the organising committee I cant trace anyone from the association how do expect things to work.

  11. Why rush to host the event when we do not have the capacity and infrastructure? Is GRZ going to renovate the structures to meet the required standards within 3 years? I hope it won’t be like in 1988 when we promised to host the AFCON finals and we only achieved to raze down Dag stadium. Let us wait and see.

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    • Hello. I am Kenny in TZ. Can you please send me the song Kabotolo ni K30. I will appreciate. Its long time I heard it.

  13. Bane best we can do is to accept that we have no capacity to host any meaningfull event,just look @ the SADC event 4 starters,let us save ourselves 4rm further embarassment.Dont just look @ Football,wat about basketball courts,tennis courts,swiming pools i mean the list z endless

  14. Iwe Ka Ba Joze, what is wrong with you. You need help I had hoped that you change. When pipo start talking about serious issues you bring your lose things. Serious Ba Joze you are becoming a problem. Gentlmen ignore this boy no response to his msgs from now. LT start deleting his msgs immediately.

  15. Easy whoever you are, it seems you have not travelled enough or you dont watch tv to see what kind of infrastructure our friends have. We are supposed to be moving forward not backwards. Unza, DK and NRDC were used during ICASA conference some years ago and even in 2011 we expect to use the same facilities? What a shame? Do you know the word development? GRZ has no excuse for putting up infrastructure. When they are reporting about stolen, missing or misused monies by govt officials its always

  16. #19 Uncle P Iam apartriotic Zambian who is very critic about things. I dont work for anyone Iam talking from the reality point of view. When say hostels are used as sports villages in other countries then I know what Iam talking about. All we need is a modern stadia with modern facilities and this is what the OC dont understand. Look not long th e sport minister commented that the build of sport infrastructure will only start next year because the GRZ didnt budget for this projects yet they went

  17. ctd.. on campaigning to host the games.There is alot to be done what the PS is talking about is just part of the iceberg. Statements dont help especially if they are political.

  18. #17 Easy,I have no issues with ur scoundrel postings and let pipo judge your calibre of ur level of thinking which leaves room for no doubt that your brain needs panel beating at Chinama together with Chuchu ur sick mate.Mwaice easy, u are not a prefect here on this blog to tell pipo want to do.So just go to hell and hang.

    Zed will not host AAG coz of lack of foresight full sport.

  19. On accommodation what the nation needs to is to improve those which are available and build some if its possible. I was just asking myself where will sport displine like swimming take place?

  20. This is my email addrz

    [email protected] (NB*there _ between ba and joze)

    for those who need songs wire me, I will attatch two or three songs to u.Enjoy your day and plz ignore Easy comments, he’s a patient from ward 47 chainama.

  21. The following are displines that held at the AAG include 2007 Algeria: Athletics
    Table Tennis
    Paralympic sports:
    Three disciplines, Baseball, Softball and Field hockey were dropped by the hosts, becos are played

  22. the host algeria in 2007. Hockey was held in Kenya at the same time. Water Polo was not competed at because lack of teams. So Uncle P dont doubt me I know what Iam talking about.

  23. # 25 Ba Joze I didnt mean to hart you I know reality pains. Pilz reason because you always bring your on rubbish when we are supposed to discuss serios here. I know you dont like critism that is why you will be a leader. I dont want to be a prefect here but we should face facts sometimes its good. Grow mwaice. I will tell KUKU to drow you from the league because you are showing incompetence and childish manners.

  24. The only time Zambia won over 20 medals at the Pan African Games was in 1965. 4 Gold, 4 Silver and 22 Bronze. So what is the target in 2011?

  25. Easy we don’t have facilities to accomodate sportsmen and women, officials, pressmen and woman. Those learning institutions should be left alone. The owners are strugling to mantain them and govt and OC wont even pay the price should any damages be made to in facilities. You listing all those displines proves nothing to me. You can just copy and paste from some site.

  26. #33 Uncle P, so what do you want. We dont have an olympics village like in USA, so we have to rely on the facilities we have and add on. Yes these institutions are struggling but you should know this is a chance to upgrade them since Kaunda built them. Uncle P you are out of touch. Now I tell you Zimbabwe host the AAG in 1995 and the athletes and officials were accomodated at the University of Zimbabwe. In 2003 Nigeria did the same why shouldnt we do the same. Give credit and supportwhere itsdue

  27. Which athlete will appreciate to sleep on those bankers at DK? Do you know why Hone is closed? have you seen those ablutions? I know you are not in Zed, but if you have the chance to get back home, you go visit Hone and you will understand why those students demostrated. Be informed brother. Don’t be like Mulongoti and Mpombo.

  28. # Ba Joze you want to draw me in your conservation I have all these music myself and I know where to get them online. I can easily download them. Dont forget my a frick in this area and well informed of activities back home.

  29. #35 ba Uncle P, I dont need to be in Zed to what is taking place there. Are sure the GRZ would accomodate athletes on such standards. Improvements must be done before the games. I would understand you if you said why is GRZ not doing it now for the students. Such arguements make sense, instead of comparing to backing dogs in the back yard.My dear we are fighting for the same course go to Chibolya and see how pipo are living. If that is not enough visit Ngombe or Msisi compounds. I grow up Zed.

  30. # Uncle P that list I send is show what we require because always the administrators are talking of football. AAG is not soccer but all those other events. Athletics alone has more than 50 displines.

  31. Iwe Easy its not a chance for learning institutions, its a chance for the govt to sports organisations to put up infrastructure. So that in future they can host even bigger events. Kaunda built mulungushi village, Chiluba built millennium Village, today Chuchu can host SADC without worrying about accomodation. What is Chuchu going to leave behind? Lagecy my bro.

  32. There is no excuse for not putting up infrastructure this time arround. How do other African countries manage? Are we so damn? No. We only lack leaders with vision or leaders with misplaced priorities.

  33. Bane its just admit that we have no capacity to host any meaningfull international event.4 starters look @ the recent SADC which a lizard disrupted.
    Dont jst look @ soccer,wat about basketball courts,tennis courts,swiming pools the list z endless.

  34. #42 Wanzelu
    It can be possible if only AAG will be hosted on CB were infrastructures are still there and need some renovations.I said this coz during the time of ZCCM in the 80s interdivision games for ZCCM used to be held with without difficults in Chingola, Muf, Luanshya, Kitwe and Bankcroaft but if we let Lusaka to host AGG then everything will be a flop.Anyway, that’s the pay back of selling icipinda kuli ba mwinsa.Up to now mama Mokola stadium is just a song on govt lips.

  35. #42Wanzelu your reasoning is justifiable but baice believe in yourselves instead of being negative. Some of you you fail to lift your faces if this time we manage to host the AAG2011.Yes time is flying we started 21 years. Some of us were still youths by then. Just look at the constitution issue you accumulate trillions just by talking. The constitution has been atopc since colonial era

  36. Thank you System Administrator for the new rules. I can now return to blogging after a self imposed moratorium to protest unbridled slinging of insults & senseless comments on the blog. Well done and keep it up. If our economic & political managers responded to national issues the way you have done; Zambia would be a better place. It is a collection of individual efforts such as this that helps to build a nation.On sport; like most things in Zambia long term strategic planning is just not there

  37. Ward chairmen are town planners and are busy transforming what colonialists left of towns into massive slums. Mineral royalties are an issue and we are buy quarrelling amongst ourselves whilst the mining companies reap off. There is no tangible empowerment of zambians after privatisation. CEE act is designed to enrich retired politician after they have made their money in politics.Primary school get renamed as Basic/high schools and craft colleges get renamed as universities. Sheer Panic NO PLAN

  38. Ward chairmen are now town planners & are busy transforming what colonialists left of towns into massive slums. Mineral royalties are an issue & politicians are busy quarrelling whilst the mining companies reap off. There is no tangible empowerment of zambians after privatisation. CEE act is designed to enrich retired politician after they have made their money in politics.Primary school get renamed as Basic/high schools and craft colleges get renamed as universities. Sheer Panic NO PLANNING

    Good to see that Konkola Copper Mines has decided to shortlist 30 local manufacturers to supply the mining firm with spares and other consumables is a demonstratively positive development for the economy.KCM has shown what should be the ideal symbiotic relationship between enterprise and the environment it operates in.

  40. A number of local suppliers have been supplying various requisites to the mines for a while now. However, in this case, the number of local suppliers involved, the type of products and the fact that KCM has come up with such an arrangement formally, makes it an important milestone, in the effort to support local manufacturing.

  41. Forward and backward linkages in an economy are the basis upon which a sustained growth course can be charted. While employment and wages are the primary gains that can be envisaged from a given enterprise, there is an obvious limitation. Formal employment can only be offered to a limited number of people at any given time. This could even be adjusted downwards depending on circumstances.

  42. Economic linkages that involve utilization of skills and exploitation of local resources have far much wider benefits. The exploitation of natural resources alone demands employment of labour and machinery.The process of actual manufacture of the goods calls for additional employment of people, while support activities like packaging and transportation translate into work or business opportunities, bringing other additional players in the cycle.

  43. A larger multiplier effect is attained because of the increased indirect beneficiaries which this widened cycle brings into play.It is on such basis that the pursuit of development and poverty alleviation through improved income distribution can be achieved.

  44. The example shown by KCM is one that in its variation could be replicated by various corporates doing business in Zambia.The refrain in the past has been that local suppliers and manufacturers have not been up to scratch in meeting the volumes, let alone the standards, to supply firms that have international status.

  45. This is undoubtedly true, technically speaking. However, as is in every situation where hurdles are encountered, there are always ways to surmount such obstacles.One way would be to offer some of the local suppliers scaled down ranges of goods to be supplied at reduced volumes. They would then have to graduate slowly as they build up capacities.

  46. On the part of the suppliers themselves they could pool resources to enable them set up bigger manufacturing bases to achieve volumes.Linkages of this nature have the potential to generate thousands of jobs as artisanal craftsmen and skilled technicians build up into strong and bigger entities.

  47. Ba Joze,i also need some zed muzik(oldies for that matter)especially something from P K Chishala and Mulemena boyz,the 2011 AAG will be a success if only we start the preparations now,and we can make use of the dilapidated sports structures on the copperbelt and lusaka to renovate them and possibly build a couple,no need to pesmistic country men…

  48. Admin,

    I hope we will not see insults again. Some of us get sick and protest with contempt against any form of punditry that pleasures in insults rather than intellectual discourse.Talk of business, politics and international relations, you have our share of time.Insults would never realize anything in any cause political, economic or otherwise.I hope those that insult will realize that the more they have been doing it, the worser their illusions and the more smart people have been in money.

  49. Investor, just refer us where you got the inform then we read it. Can make some points towards the topic above instead of talking of KCM. Here we are talking of AAG 2011 and AAOC. My dear sport freinds is the composition of the AAOC okay or we need pipo with knowledge about the sport. Look someone is talk of accomodation as priority instead venues. Where will athletes run especially track and field with Sythnetic fibre and electronical time machines. We are in the 21century I believe those who..

  50. ctd. Admin know about this. Afterall you have to get well organised because athletes need to be in one place. AAG is not like soccer its composed of so many different sports events like POLO.

  51. Socrates (Sage #60),

    Jose ndaseniko?, Jose ndaseniko?, Jose ndaseniko? That request is very worrying.Jose ndaseniko?

  52. Its sad that the end is this disgraceful.Sata is indeed in transit. The lungs have failed to resist years of smoke deposits. His hair is running out,skin getting dehydrated daily and self control has been but all lost.

  53. The evil virus has taken the toll and his toilet is now anywhere: in the car, office, and bed. Meanwhile it is rumored his concubine Joyce Nonde though a carrier too feels she should be the heir to the through. Guy Scott, Winter Kabimba, Given Lubinda, Mumbi,Willie Nsanda, Kambwili, Chishimba,Henry Mtonga and Machungwa are hoping to take over. Camps are building up. Guy Scott has Shenton (the Gay Mwembeshi MP)’s support.

  54. We take it or leave it, this is another Mazoka mess. Now they are appealing for Donations to hold a convention in unforseable year maybe on the Grave of Sata. Has Chiluba and Chungu our core sponsors been over squeezed by the MMD mafias leaving us this bankrupt? Poor African politics have kept a one party system.Sadly MMD has become a defacto party again.Zambia has slided to the mono-politics with the rest barking in hopeless.

  55. Take it or leave it, this is another Mazoka crisis at hand. Now they are appealing for Donations to hold a convention in unforseable year maybe on the Grave of Sata. Has Chiluba and Chungu our core sponsors been over squeezed by the MMD leaving us this bankrupt? Poor african politics have kept a one party system.Sadly MMD has become a defacto party again.Zambia has slided to the mono-politics with the rest barking in hopeless.

  56. Fellow Zed pipo. Allow me to prpose an absurd but achievable proposal for the success of the 2011 AAG. Home base kindly organise a web page where we can apend signatures to have new infrasture for the games and submit to parliament for approval. These are some of the things MPs should be tasked with for the benfit and growth of public participation in national affairs. Whatever the outcome it will enlighten the masses on the issue of voting wisely. Lets stand up and be counted.

  57. Editor, by your own standard i would have thought postings 67, and possible 68&69 are rubbish and are a work of these handicaps we’re trying to eliminate.

  58. Francis (71),
    Do “you” have parameters or standards in articles that other don’t know? Does it bother you if i express my party concern? Who told you that others appreciate what you deposit on blogs? You are proving to be a “petty tyrant” after destroying diversity in discourse. Why don’t you come up with your own blog? Do you really think you could mechanize every personality in public domain? Do you think i come here to serve your interest you MMD cadre or UNIP vigilantee?

  59. #71 Francis what we have been asking LT to do is stop impersonations. We are not asking for sensorship or editorial oversite. If you find someones postings anoying dont just respond. The premis upon which all blogs are founded is freedom of speech.without fear. People should be allowed to be political. I for one dont support the idea of one dude deciding what is moraly acceptable and whats not. Of ocurse there are extemes that cant be encouraged. the silent police of ignoring em works.

  60. Socrates,
    We are all in the learning cave of life. Your counsel is timely. Inhibiting free speech which does not create a present and immediate danger to individuals,the state or institutions is very dangerous. Francis is in the diaspora i expect him to read the free speech, obscenity and media acts of constitutional laws universally. Worst of all his assumption is the lowest form of knowledge. A sense liberization of thoughts in public domain will ideally prepare him for public office in future

  61. I fail to fathom how Sata and the ” gugugumu percieved” PF succession wrangles connect to the AAG2011.It appears gumugumu is a PF zealot unhappy with Sata’s leadership. My advice is to gumugumu is that he can make more of an impact by adressing his insults/concerns to PF members, cadres and central committee. Boring/distracting others with rumours of adultery and AIDS in PF while they debate AAG20011 wont help.

  62. Potential PF cadres plz confirm if you managed to get ndyoko ya muzka ya zyakale zyapamutima.Meanwhile naya mukunua ku Lubuto na Kuku.

  63. Very surprising that most of you bloggers on this site are just critics. Give ideas to what the govt must do to achieve the intended goal. Don’t just yoyo yap-yap with no solution to the said problem.

  64. #77 what exactly do you mean by diaspora? Am NOT in diaspora, by the conventional definition of the term. And I didnt follow your points in the last 2 sentences.

  65. I used to be recommended this blog by means of my cousin. I’m no longer sure whether or not this submit is written through him as no one else understand such distinctive about my difficulty. You are incredible! Thank you!

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