The statistics are shocking 8 out of 10 women are wearing the wrong bra .Yes, you are most likely wearing the wrong bra this minute! A bra can be a woman’s “best” friend. A good fitting bra will accentuate the body silhouette under clothes.

Signs of a wrong bra

* Falling straps.
* The bra creates a “ double bubble” effect.
* A band that rides high in the back across shoulder blades.
* A bra that looks lumpy under clothes Underwires that push or poke your skin.
* A bra that leaves marks on the skin.

Find your fit

Measurement 1.

Full bust. Measure the full bust circumference. The tape should be held horizontal, flat on your back and your arms should be down .Do not let the tape droop in the back and do not pull the tape tight. Jot this number down. E.g. 38 inches

Measurement 2 (band/bra size)

Under bust Measure around the rib cage. The tape should not be tight. Jot this number down. Add 5 inches to this measurement. If the number is an odd number add 1 to make it even.

Measurement 3 (cup size – projection of breasts from chest wall)

Difference between Full bust and band size


1 INCH ~ 2.5cm


Step 1

Band size – 31 inches add 5 = 36 inches


Full bust – 39 inches

Step 3

39 – 36 = 3 inches difference cup size

Bra size is 36 C

Now that you’ve bought the correct bra, how do you take care of it.

* ALTERNATE BRAS -Your body gives off heat and that makes the lycra in the bra to stretch. The lycra needs 24 hours to cool off. So wearing your bra for more than one day in a row will cause it to deteriorate faster. Alternating bras everyday will make them last longer.
* WASH – It is best to handwash your bra daily to lengthen its life and remove all the dirt and oil that accumulated in it during the day.
* FABRIC– A fabric blend is often your best choice.

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  1. Bravo Lusaka Times

    I wish to compliment LT on these hygiene issues with regard to our ladies’ bras. I ma most of our ladies do not know their bra sizes and this will help them choose the right size and also keep them clean at all times. In future show photos, even for dammies, comparing a nice fitting bra and vice versa.


  2. Further, introduce a men’s corner as well. This should address issues like how men need to keep themselves clean and on top of things in so far as hygiene is concerned. Briefly, you would find that most men don’t bother buying nice socks, pants etc, such smaller items and these really important things for a man. Please be gender sensitive/equity.


  3. #1 you are very right, men are the most problematic when it comes to hygiene.Body odours are another chalker block.


  4. My wife asked me to buy her bras last week. It was quite an experience when I walked into the lingerie store, having memorised her bra size: 36C; The gals who work there were very helpful and very pretty – I intend to go there again!


  5. Good stuff, what about another talk about good fitting women’s pants. That will be interesting, can you imagine the strings nowadays going between the battocks in the name of fashon.


  6. Analyst (No. 5) Hahaha! Did you the girls at the bra shop are prety and you intend to go there again? I hope your next trip will be solely for the purpose of buying your wife a bra.


  7. It`s not only bras even underpants most of us do not know the right size of our underwear as well.muuuuuuuuuu


  8. Naturally mwalibelela imibinde! How on earth do you expect to know the size of your bras and undies when your ancestors run around stark naked? Makes one wonder why zedian kaponyas make so much noise when they see a womans tanga above the hipster or gorgeous legs protruding through a skirt.


  9. Very bad situation in our country and a big shame to find that some do not even know the size of their pair of trouse. I , afew weeks ago, sat behind a young lady in the mini-bus as we were going for work. Half of her battocks were outside with a so called G-string right between them. Her battocks look son terrible anyway..I really wish she knew how bad they are. I was iriteted the whole way through.Wish our women knew that in mostcases men never appreciate cheap ladies!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just dress well.



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