Bottom road to bring economic growth to Sinazongwe


The Chairperson for Road Development Agency (RDA) Walusiku Lisulo has said the construction of the K16.1 billion Bottom road in Sinazongwe district would boost economic activities in the area. Mr. Lisulo said when a team of RDA officers from Lusaka and Livingstone toured the construction of the road that the valley people would improve their agriculture production of cotton, cattle raring, goats, and pigs. “The farmers will be able to get inputs on time, this road will be improve people’s life style, the contractor is already on site, and need support of everyone,” Mr Lisulo said. The Chairperson urged the Road Construction Company (RCC) the contractor working on the road to higher proper equipment to avoid the failure to finish the work on time. Mr. Lisulo said he would not want the contractor to make similar mistakes he noticed on Mulobezi road in Southern province where the same company’s hired equipment was constantly on breakdown.Sinazongwe District Commissioner Laiven Apuleni said the Valley people’s persistent appeals to have the road be improved would be addressed. Mr. Apuleni noted that the completion of the road would improve tourism activities in the area.RDA Acting and Chief Executive Officer Erasmus Chilundika urged the contractor to widen the road and improve on the drainage system. Mr. Chilundika said his entourage came at the right time when the road was at its worst to ensure that the best work was done.He explained that the construction of the Bottom road which is from Chaboboma in Gwembe district to Sinazeze in Sinazongwe district would be completed in June 2008. RCC Site Agent Edmond Chigwedere said 37 kilometres have already been graded and 10 percent of the 244 culverts have been done. Mr. Chigwedere said the company has difficulties in getting the pipes for culverts because the supplier was failing to meet the demand.He said in January 2008 the company would start gravelling the road.The entourage had difficulties to reach at the site where the contractor was doing the work because of the continuous heavy rains that has made the road to be slippery and one car got stuck in the mud.  It was only pulled out when the contractor’s truck came to pull it with the help of the villagers from Malima area.