Boy 14 wrestles with a crocodile


 By Tovin  Ngombe

A 14 year old boy is battling for his life at Maamba hospital when he survived after wrestling with a crocodile in Sinazongwe district. Speaking at the bed side in Maamba Hospital the boy’s uncle Robby Sikabele said the reptile broke the boys arm, bite him in the chest, and bruised his collar bone.   He explained that the incident happened on Wednesday when the boy went to head the cattle with his friends across Lulwengwe stream near Maamba coal mine. 

 Mr. Sikabele named the boy as Obbrein Siankwede of Siakalonzo village who is in grade three at Maamba Community School.The boy who was able to utter some words said the crocodile clobbered him as he was crossing the stream, it swallowed his right arm and tried to dip him into the water but he resisted.Siankwede said he inserted his left arm into the crocodile’s mouth and abandoned him but as he tried to cross to the shore it followed him but the friends threw stones on it and it left him.“I felt as though it was plucking my eyes, but I resisted, I also bite it with my teeth, and it released me after I disturbed it.” Siankwede said. The boy’s uncle Sikabele said he would be referred to Choma Hospital for medication on Friday.Last week the boy’s father Partrick Mabole broke his jaws when he collided with another cyclist and he is admitted in Choma hospital.And last month Headman Mwela also survived when a crocodile caught him along kanzize stream in Maamba Township Maamba Ward Councilor Peter Siavulwe said heavy rains being experienced in the district have increased crocodiles in most of the streams. Mr. Siavuulwe said people who have their fields across the streams feared to go and cultivate a situation which would increase hunger next year. He has called on the Zambia World Life Authority (ZAWA) to crop the reptiles which have become a menace to people’s lives.    



  1. That’s bravery. Get well soon. I guess the consultant surgeon (Dr Johnson) at Choma General Hospital will handle you quit well.


  2. This young man really showed a lot of bravery at his age. May the Almighty God shower him with blessings of quick recovery. Am also strongly appealing to ZAWA to urgently look into this matter before many lives are lost.



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