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CELTEL Subcribers cry foul

General News CELTEL Subcribers cry foul

CELTEL subscribers in Lusaka have demanded an explanation from CELTEL management for what they termed as ‘failure’ to communicate to their beloved ones, friends and relatives.

The subscribers said they could not communicate or send Short Messaging Services (SMSs) from 01-00 hours and onwards.

The irate subscribers today stormed ZANIS Offices in Lusaka to register their profound displeasure, saying CELTEL has allegedly disowned its clientele.

One affected CELTEL subscriber, Gearbox Banda wondered why the mobile service provider could ‘shun’ its customers on an important festival like New Year.

Banda said he has failed to communicate or send an SMS to inform his relative in the village in Lundazi in the Eastern Province of the death of his father who died at the University Teaching Hospital (UTH) last night at 23:25 hours.

Another CELTEL Subscriber, Gwilizani Phiri said he also failed to communicate with his uncle in Luwingu in the Northern Province to inform him about his sister who is seriously sick at Chawama Clinic.

The subscribers wondered way other subscribers from other mobile service providers like MTN and Cell ‘Z’ could freely communicate when they at CELTEL failed.

The irate CELTEL subscribers have threatened to ‘ditch’ CELTEL in preference to other mobile service providers like MTN and Cell ‘Z’.

By press time, CELTEL network was proving difficulty to go through.

And efforts to get a comment from CELTEL Public Relations Office proved futile as there was a serious congestion at the CELTEL network.


  1. Ba Celtel balitumpa! This is the 3rd year running now. They’ve played the fool every new year’s day. Remember, also, what they did to us on Oct 24th 2003? They actually just take us for granted coz of our docility. And sadly, our government just aint concerned. The guys are reaping millions of dollars off us. Lyonse kutubepati we’ve upgraded our system to wat wat, ifyabufi. Please, if there’s anyone on lusakatimes from celtel muchinje!

  2. Oh, and happy new year 2 y’all!!! Wishing you God’s grace thru and thru, prosperity and many more hours of blogging!

  3. OH are these real names Gearbox and Gwilizani
    Then I think this was Just sabotage by some Bemba CHAPSh

    I Know that celltel took us for a ride again because I failed several times to send a newyear message to my relatives at mid night.

    Enjoy the rest of the year……..

  4. Citizen, these are are Chipata boys ..these names are real. I hear that even the latest words like Talktime, Cellphone, Email and Internet have made it into the Chipata boys database of names. Don’t be suprised if you hear of Talktime Phiri or Internet Mwanza

  5. At least we dont have to give the same name to more than one person like you bembas do. Mulenga is the father, the same is the mother, also the son and daughter all in one house. Luck of names or what?

  6. I dont have the latest figures, but as at 2006, of the 1.7 million subscribers, Celtel had 76% share. So they can afford to take you for a ride. Truth is, you created the monster! Y’all know that MTN and Cell Z has flat rates to call any network and cheaper too, Celtel does not have to do this because they are the big boys. No amount of yapping will change them. Let even 100,000 subscribers move to other networks, you will see how they will start improving their services.Talk is cheap, just move

  7. Mwebantu, i hear we also have names like ‘Anus Phiri’ who reside in kitwe and Condom banda from mufulira, awe mwandini aba ama guyz!!

  8. NDITU,no worries my friend.. its better to be called AIRPORT BANDA than Mulenga Mulenga which one is the sir name here!

  9. Celtel strategy is, keep everyone within the network by making it expensive to call outside the network. It has worked very well. For Cell Z and MTN, who cannot afford such luxury, to survive, they have had to introduce flat rates to call other networks. I find this relatively cheaper, even the international rates for the 2 smaller networks are cheaper. Gearbox lives in Lusaka which has all 3 networks. He could have simply got a Cell Z or MTN line – it only costs K5,000 or thereabout!

  10. Hey.. This is an issue of demand and supply. Celtel for now has the lead and they will continue to improve at their own time.
    All we hear from the CEO of the other network..is how he is going to put fibre blah blah blah and cant take advantages of these dissatisfied customers…

  11. Talking about Celtel there advertising has now started causing visual pollution. Where ever you go especially in Lusaka it is red splashed on walls, corners, tuntethemba, cars, kiosks, schools, round abouts, billboards, signposts and trees. Natural sceneray has been overshadowed some authority must regulate this.
    In SAN Francisco there is regulation which controls outdoor advertising. Can someone take a leaf and control celltal.One day we shall wake up and find the very roads we drive on red.

  12. Happy 2008 bonse muno!!!
    I urge celtel subscribers not to cry foul, especially literate customers. We all know that celtel is the most expensive mobile phone network in Zambia. Their promotions are fake and are just a way of further stealing from their customers. Patriots, CELL-Z is the cheapest and most reliable patriotic network. MTN is also better than celtel but you wonder why people cling to the network they dont like. DONT complain please.

  13. I’m happily subscribed to Cell-z & MTN. On 1st Jan 2008, I spoke to every friend on these two networks but could not access those of my beloved friends on celtell because either they were all “OUTSIDE COVERAGE AREA” or “HAD THEIR PHONES SWITCHED OFF”!!

    very SAD.

  14. The Communications Authority (CA) is a statutory body established by an Act of Parliament through Telecommunications Act No. 23 of 1994. The Authority was established in July 1994.

    Its jurisdiction covers the telecommunications industry, including licensing and use of the radio frequency spectrum in the broadcasting industry for both radio and TV transmission.

    The CA is responsible for regulating the provision of telecommunications services and products. Its specific functions include:

  15. § Issuing licences and promoting competition amongst providers of Telecommunications services and products;
    § Promoting the interests of consumers and other users of ICT services and products;
    § Ensuring that Zambia benefits from investment made in this sector.

  16. The CA is fast asleep. This Celtel nonsense has been around for some time now. The CA need to flex its muscle and hit Celtel were it will hurt the most -the pocket! by imposing a hefty penalties. We all know that Celtel Network is overloaded one wonders what the CA inspectors and Controllers do about this. Until Subscribers begin to vote with their feet by moving to other networks, Celtel will continue to pay lip service to service assurance.

  17. Consumers must bear in mind that as long as they remain passive, they will be exploited. They must not be afraid to complain to CA.

  18. Why eat Mulembwe ma Flauzi when there is T-Bone?
    Use Cell Z bane.
    And just as #14 & 15, The LEX said, i too didnt have trouble calling anyone except those on Mwanawasa’s network – Celtel

  19. start taking signatures from people who have experienced disatifaction with the so-called celtel.Protest and go to other network providers,you will see a lot of results.Atleast there are reliable options.Happy New year!!! and be wise to switch your service

  20. HAI PIPO,WE ALL ANGRY,but they never stop no matter how we complain so just cool down n go to MTN their bussines will run down.missing my best friend ever AMEERA love u friend.

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