Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Chambeshi workers strike in day 2


The 500 striking workers at Chambishi Copper Smelter say they will not resume work until their demands are met.

The workers are demanding better salaries and other entitlements which include mealie meal, transport and holiday allowances.

A ZNBC news team that visited the smelter, found workers outside the plant, chanting slogans.

The striking workers also blocked the road leading to the main gate of the plant.

They also barred officials from the Kitwe labour office from entering the plant accusing them of receiving bribes from the management at the plant.

Police in full riot gear have been deployed.



  1. Civil Servants should learn how things get done? you do not sit and negotiate with a bunch of greedy men and women (politicians)! miners keep up the spirit. The principle is simple,” work hard and demand respect.”

  2. Where is the new broom minister of labour? We only hear of the labour officers when there is trouble, they are not pro active, no wonder the workers said they are bribed. But really it should not be surprising, this government bends backwards,acrobatic style, for “investors” and cares little for the toiling zambians.

  3. Number 3# keep in mind that best policies are enacted when you consult with the people that are going to be affected? not everyone’s economy is doing well (micro)?

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