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Inonge’s bid for the AU top post gains momentum

Headlines Inonge's bid for the AU top post gains momentum

Zambia’s bid for the African Union position of chairperson is gaining momentum with President Levy Mwanawasa requesting his Djibouti counterpart to support Zambia’s candidate, Dr Inonge Mbikusita Lewanika.

President Mwanawasa in a message delivered for him by Zambia’s Ambassador to Ethiopia and the AU, Patrick Sinyinza, has requested Djibouti President Ismael Omar Guelleh to support the Zambian candidature for the AU top post.

Ambassador Sinyinza who is in Djibouti as President Mwanawasa’s Special Envoy, said the two countries enjoy excellent relations hence President Mwanawasa’s request for support.

He said Dr. Inonge Mbikusita Lewanika who is Zambia ‘s current ambassador to the United States has vast experience and is a staunch advocate of the AU and NEPAD ideals.

President Guelleh in response, said he appreciated the gesture from President Mwanawasa and that his request to support the Zambian candidate for the AU top post was well received.

President Guelleh also hailed the warm relations between Zambia and Djibouti.

He said his country was anxiously waiting to receive President Mwanawasa on a state visit after the AU summit scheduled to take place in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia this month end.

The Zambian government has stepped up the campaign for the election of Dr Inonge Mbikusita Lewanika for the position of AU chairperson.

Recently, first republican president,Dr Kenneth Kaunda, as President Mwanawasa’s special envoy visited Ethiopia, Eygpt, Algeria and Libya where Dr Inonge Mbikusita Lewanika’s bid for the AU post of chairperson was well received.

The SADC region is also behind the Zambian candidate with Swaziland having withdrawn its candidate for the same post and declaring its support for Dr. Inonge Mbikusita Lewanika.


  1. If her bid fails at the AU, does she become one of Levy’s recommendations to succeed him? And if she wins in that scenario and assummes the republican presideny what does that mean for the always contentious Barotseland clause in the pre independence agreement? Remember the current support she is getting and rightfully so.

  2. I personally don’t think she is the best candidate that Zambia can produce for such a task. To begin with, she was handpicked by the President therefore she is not the people’s choice, she is just levy mwanawasa’s personal choice. She also just happens to come from a group that likes tribal politics, how would she be able to solve the countless tribal politics across Africa if she can’t solve the tribal politics in Western Province where she comes from?

  3. Also getting KK to accompany her on her North African campaign trail was a total waste of state resources. The wasted money could have been used to help flood victims and the change could have been used to finish the mongu – kalabo road!

  4. Anonymous, school me – how do we, the Zambian people, choose a candidate for the AU? Through an election? referendum?That will even be more waste of resources. I am also not aware that there is tribal politics in Western province much more so than other provinces.Her trip was before the flooding, and the DMMU under the Office of the Vice President is ably taking care of that, while there is a line for that road under capital projects in the Budget…I really cannot follow your flawed logic.

  5. 3-4 ANONYMOUS

    I have told you several times to spend time with books that is the only way you can illuminate the dark recceses of your brain. You are talking from the top of your head on issues beyond your understanding. You are still reeking of breast milk and may be can do better contributing on sports and fashion.

  6. What if she fails at AU post, can she make a good president for Zed.I have heard about her for sometime but nothing stands out from my memoirs of her.What do you think guys, Is Zed ready for a female pres?

  7. Ba Miyoba

    This lady once contested for state Presidency under Agenda for Zambia party. She holds holds three degrees at under graduate has masters and PHD. Her Father Godwin Mbikusita Lewanika was one of the most educated Zambians of the Pre INdepence era and was the first President of ANC and later become the Litunga. She is an internationally respected figure.

  8. Go girl, if u fail definite you have my vote for next presdo of zed! Afterrole you better qualified than chuchu’ madamu.

  9. Citizen,

    Your point being .. ? She capable right.If she is capable, Is Zed ready what you think guys? Lets take our cultural situation unlike the western.Can Zed vote a woman as pres? And education aside, as we have seen its just an ingredient e.g. Bob the neighbor, etc.I just feel we need a drastic change for Zed to move into gear 3 (development).If we re-cycle we go back to gear 1 again.

  10. #11 My pont ba Miyoba is that this lady apart from the right education, exposure,and public service experience she is ripe to be considered for the Presidency of this country. She is not a chancer like some self cclaimed candidates. She had once offered herself as a PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE. She is honest and pricipled having left MMD Chiluba Goverment a few years after it come to power because of corruption and went to join National party.After the demise of National party she formed

  11. Agenda for Zambia and was elected President. She hs served as Minister, Member of Parliament,headed an NGO,worked in Interntional organisations, lectured, done reserch and presented papers,has worked with the grassroots. She has organised a group of an organisation in America called friends of Zambia with emphasis on Investment in Zambia by Americans. She currently Zambia’s Ambassador to he United States of America. Bo Inonge is ripe to President of ZAMBIA

  12. Bane, I think Inonge is overrated, I have not seen anything significant she has achieved aprt form a chain of CV postings due to her initial leverage. Most cases all her achievemnet are on silver platter. She is just a privileged individual with no creativity or Originality. I rate Nawakwi or Masebo ahead of her for Presidency among women. And on the AU position I would consider people like Siteke Mwale.
    Don’t be surprised if she does not win. It is Like Kalu over Mulonga at COSAFA,

  13. 15 Ba HK

    I have great respect for your opinions and postings. On Dr Siteke Mwale I agree with you that he would have been a better candidate than Inonge for the AU position but I am sure he did not come forward to offer his candidature. But when compared to Nawakwi and Masebo Bo Inonge can hold her own compared to the other two. She may not have the Charisma and flamboyance of Masebo or the Brazeness and zest of Nawakwi but brings maturity and stability with her.

  14. The issue regarding the Barotse clause in the independence deal is real and deserves attention in the event Inonge becomes a serious player in the Levy succession battle.The lozi leadership as well as intellectual cadre bring this up at every opportune time esp around elections. Sakwiba sikotas group most recently did that.Now , we know that Inonge is Mbikusitas daughter, and the Litunga inked that agreement.Do you think she will abscond her tribal obligations?

  15. it is a pity that zambians find it very dificult to support their locals.these poeple who have been coming to represrent zambia as special represtatives have very humble back ground.we are entitled to have prefered candidates for the presidence of zambia but to compare DR INONGE LEWANIKA, with the likes of masebo and nawakwi is like saying a tangy drink is better than pure fruit juice.it is very difficulty to sell a husband snatcher to the electorate and bring the likes of masebo to plot one can

  16. be a prolonged rule of the likes of chuchu.DR lewanika should be supported,she is brave not arrogant and of a sober charecter,i dont think she can betray the zambian by restoring the barotse agreement though she is at liberty to improve the chiefs incentives further for the benefit of all.
    for now DR INONGE should concentrate on the AU job,she deserves to be republican president but focus is paramount now.

  17. The question that many people want to know is, what has she done for Zambia? Like HK posted Bo Inonge is just overrated. The Agenda for Zambia party was nothing but a family party that is why when she run for President, nobody voted for her except her relatives in mongu. Using her father’s achievements as justification to choose her for leadership is just not going to cut it, she has to prove herself just like everyone else and right now there is no proof that she is a capable leader.

  18. What Afica needs right now are solution based leaders not tribal dynastic family leaders. Analyst (5) posted that there was nothing wrong with KK accompanying her on her North African trip because the trip took place before the floods. Right now more and more villagers are flooded therefore all resources are needed including those that have been wasted on KK’s trip with bo Inonge. It is also very likely that a good part of the Mongu – kalabo road will be washed away- Anonymous(3&4) was right.

  19. It seems that someone has a soft spot for members of the Lewanika family. Surely the net should be cast wider so that other people can benefit as well. I have nothing against Inonge but like other people have said she is being overrated and also over-favoured. I also doubt that she is presidential material. MMD should field her if they want the PF or the UPND to scoop the republican presidency. She will certainly win in Western Province and nowhere else.May be rigging will help her to win.

  20. Why did Levy not appoint her Foreign Minister prior to her bid for the AU post? The Eventual winner of the post Jean Ping had been Minister of Foreign affairs of his country for 10 years, President of the 59th session of the UN General Assembly, a career UN official with UNESCO and has a Ph.D in Economics. I think Levy was playing games, i.e pretending to support her candidature when he knew African countries in West, North, east and Central Africa would ultimately choose the Deputy Prime Minister of Gabon. President Mwanawasa was not sincere with Bo Inonge

  21. I also agree with the sentiment that the mbikusita Lewanika family is being favored by Levy & his family tree. Her brother Akashambawa was Chairman of the National Economic Advisory Council and is now a Commissioner on the Anti Corruption Commission. Her other brother Wamundila is a Permanent Secretary and she is Ambassaodr to the USA. Are other Zambians not qualified to be floated for international positions?
    I also recall that in 2003 Levy proposed Dr. Kasuka Mutukwa, a cousin I bleive of Bo Inonge for the position of Vice-Chairperson of African Union Commission. In 2008, another westerner, Bo Inonge was proposed for the Chairpersonship of the AU Commission. Are Zambians with internati

  22. mama Inoge u really deserve the position at hand now
    and even more i was a kid when u were a close freind of my father kwesi frans back then in abidjan.
    and we all proud of u now.
    keep on florishing in all your doings.
    [email protected]

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