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Fertiliser firm’s licence suspended by ECZ

Economy Fertiliser firm's licence suspended by ECZ

The Enviromental Council of Zambia (ECZ), has suspended the enviromental licences for the Zambian fertilizers limited factory on mukwa road and charged the company K32million for a number of offences under the enviromental protection and pollution control act cap 204 of the laws of Zambia.

In a statement released to ZANIS in Lusaka today ECZ public relations officer Justin Mukosa said the suspension follows the illegal discharge of effluent to the open enviroment and failure to comply with licence conditions for storage of chemecials at the factory.

Mr. Mukosa noted that the inspection findings reviewed that the fertilizer company has no sample program for soil and garound water on site to monitor ground water and soil contamination as the company is required to submit monitoring samplling data to ECZ on a semi-annual basis.

He further noted that the factory does not dispose off waste bags used for ferilizer storage in line with the pestcides and toxic substances regulations.

Mr Mukosa said there was inadquate waste containment and no waste separation is practiced on site for waste paper, foodstuffs and fertilizer containers contrary to decision letter conditions

Mr. Mukosa noted that the inspectors further found that most fertilizers were not stored in a secure dry area and records maintained of stocks as per decision and that the chicken manure is stored in an uncovered area hence exposing it to rainfall resulting in uncontrolled run off

He said ECZ has since directed the company to suspend all operations at the Mukwa road factory with immediate effect and embark on a clean up of all the contaminated areas.

Mr. Mukosa added that the ECZ has further directed the company to immediately devise measures of waste disposal to stop the indiscriminate waste disposal at the factory and also prepare and submit an environmental management plan to the environmental counciil for review.

The ECZ public relations officer has warned that failure for Zambian Fertilsers Company to abide by the directives will necessitate legal action against the company.


  1. u are rite. they failed to protect the BGRIMM victims in chambeshi, KCM victims in chingola and now Mopani in muf town.
    i think ba ECZ and some govt officials balalyamo commission mu ma companies aya so they cant close them.

  2. Typical of ECZ to target indigenous local companies for closure whilst sparing the bigger minning companies (Investor owned)!. Surely it would be more lucrative for ECZ & the economy, healthier for the environment and serve as a powerful reminder to everyone if ECZ made an example of the mining companies. Yet again, we have a fertiliser company closed at the time farmers need them most, leading to more starvation next year.ECZs poor planning and it all smells of corruption.When will Africa learn

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